Customer Reviews: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon [Download]
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Let's be honest, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon sounded a bit too good to be true when it was first announced (seems fitting it was announced on April Fool's, right?). Luckily, that isn't the case. Blood Dragon is downright awesome, and it's one of the best stand alone games I've played since Minerva's Den. Why? Well, it's pretty simple. It's basically the dream 80's action film in a video game form. Part Tron, part Terminator, and part Robocop, this balls to wall action game deftly mixes the the best of 80's action films with all out with explosive game play. Let me just say that, if you have any passing interest in 80's action films, you need to play this game.

First off, while Blood Dragon essentially Far Cry 3 regarding game play, everything else is completely different. Honestly, it's the whole 80's inspiration that drove me to purchase this, and they did NOT disappoint. The basic plot revolves around Sergeant Rex "Power" Colt, who's on a mission to destroy a rogue robot army in a futuristic dystopia in 2007. He's aiming to get the chick, cause a lot of deaths and destruction, and of course, save the world from a robot apocalypse. Along the way, there are cyborgs, cheesy 80's one-liners, laser-spewing dragons, and a world that is basically an orgy of neon lights and brilliant, colorful landscapes, brought up to uncomfortable levels of rave. Oh, and they have Michael Biehn (of Aliens/Terminator fame) playing the lead role.

It's the style, and the fact that they hold NOTHING back, is why this tongue in cheek, but still genuine, love for the 80's works. It's a wild game, evoking every awesome 80's action film brought up to the most grandiose levels of sheer awesomeness. It's wild and it doesn't hold anything back. The visuals are stunning, as the game is awash with brilliant neon colors, designed in conjunction with terrific art direction that brings to mind the type of fantastic world I've dreamed about since I was watching the said 80's films. The music itself rounds out the packaging, effortlessly mixing futuristic techno with the of 80's action films such as Terminator and Robocop.

Game play wise, Blood Dragon plays pretty much identical to Far Cry 3. The only really major change is that, instead of skill trees, it's basically just a more predetermined smaller set of skills (weapons are handled differently as well, but it doesn't deviate from the original game all that much). If you played the third game, there is little you need to know about the game play. The mechanics are identical, and in truth, Blood Dragon is pretty much identical to Far Cry 3, only re-skinned to match the all out 80's wackiness. Honestly though, that's not really a pejorative; the game's style is just so wild that it proves aesthetics can provide a totally different experience. Besides, it's DLC, so what do you expect? Bottom line, if you liked Far Cry 3's game play, you will like Blood Dragon as a game without question.

Enough talk. Check out the bloody thing as of right now. Blood Dragon is definitely a surprise this year, but it's a welcome one. Far Cry 3 was definitely one of the best FPS games I've ever played, so a completely wild spin-off was more than welcome. Not too much to say here, but if you like Far Cry 3, or have nostalgia for awesome 80's action flicks, than check out Blood Dragon now. You won't regret it!
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on May 6, 2013
Like most people, I thought the announcement for this downloadable content was literally an April Fool's joke. Luckily, it was not. What do you get for $14.99? Oh, positively one of the best, if not THE best Stand alone DLC experience you can buy right now. Ubisoft Montreal have somehow combined the humorous nostalgia of 1980s action movies with their current Far Cry engine; to create an experience that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger wish he was young once again. To top off the look and feel, Michael Beihn (known for Aliens, The Terminator, Navy Seals) even offers his gruff voice to portray Rex Power Colt, the Mark IV Cyber Commando you control to thwart the evil schemes of your previous commanding officer. The adventure is full of one liners, crazy action situations, and just plain over the top stupidity that you can't help but love and laugh at. Even the soundtrack provided by electronic band, Power Glove, fits with Blood Dragon's look providing familiar yet needed sound queues for every situation. Although the in game cut-scenes are not what you call "current generation," they do however provide a wonderful ode to old school story telling for video games from the 80s. If you don't laugh at the Terminator or Predator references within the first 5 minutes, you must not have a funny bone within you...or you are too young to understand.

The cons:
*For PC, you have to use Ubisoft's version of DRM game management, UPlay, no matter if you are already using Steam or Origin. It's a minor inconvenience, but you can simply set it to go into offline mode after you install and register Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.
*PC default controls seem off to me like Far Cry 3's did. The game feels more comfortable using an XB360 controller, even though my aim suffers this way. It's either hit or miss here.
*The game's length is considerably shorter than Far Cry 3's single player gameplay. There are no multiplayer modes within it. So if this upsets you, what were you expecting? Wait till it's cheaper if this offends you.
*Some additional objectives/side quests can get repetitive and lack variety, but somehow are still fun to do. The downside is there are no skill trees like Far Cry 3 had to coincide with your XP gain. Skills are automatically unlocked per level. Also there is no crafting. So in order to obtain weapon upgrades, you have to complete these additional missions and spend money to customize your weapons.
*The Island's look is either hit or miss. People will either complain that it's too dark, or it fits perfectly as a "neon hot pink" Tron styled environment.
*The game is pretty damn easy. Fun, but way too easy. Play on Hard for a boost in challenge.

If this was a risk for Ubisoft to create Blood Dragon, I sincerely hope they take more like this. So far the 7 hours I played of Blood Dragon have been pure 80s bliss. After 4 hours of playing it, I immediately wanted to go watch the Terminator and Robocop for the 1000th time. It's such an awesome and hilarious ode to games and movies that I loved as a kid. So, if you don't own or have played any of Far Cry 3? No problem, once again, this is purely stand alone content(2.98 gigabytes big). Did you grow up, experience the 80s and that era's movies? Also, are you a fan of first person shooters particularly open world like what Far Cry and Crysis have to offer? Then what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and download this now! (queue in Ahnold) Come on! DOOO EEEETT DOO EEEET NOOOWW!!!
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on August 16, 2013
The Good: Fantastic music and art, wonderful sense of humor, Rex is an awesome character, dragons, the weapons

The Bad: Light on content, too much reskinned from Far Cry 3, short story, lame storyboard cut scenes

Blood Dragon is a beast all on its own. Forget everything you know about Far Cry. Blood Dragon uses Far Cry 3 as a base -- a building block to lay something seriously bad ass down. You play as a cyborg named Rex who is trying to stop a man named Sloan from taking over the world. Sounds cheesy, and it is, and that's the best part.

Right when you launch the game you will notice the awesome 80′s vibe. The loading screen looks like a VCR with a tracking bar down at the bottom. Funny little hints flash across the screen like "Sniper Rifles...close range weapons when you select the wrong gun." Once I saw stuff like this I knew I was in for a bad ass ride. The game is short on content, let me just get that out right now. You can beat the story in about 4 hours, but there are bases to take over like in Far Cry 3. You can use cyber hearts you rip from dead bodies to lure Blood Dragons into these bases, shoot the bad guys up yourself, or go all stealth. It's completely up to you. The dragons can hear you once you run or shoot, so stay low and use the hearts to lure them away. Other than that there are two side missions you can partake in, hostage rescues and hunting. Not exactly different from Far Cry 3, but enough to justify the small price tag.

There are only a few weapons in the whole game, but they are really awesome. The shotgun has a cool reload animation similar to The Terminator 2, and Rex rests the gun on his wrist. He pops the shells in by letting them fall into the chamber. You get a sniper rifle, a mini-gun, and an assault rifle as well as a pistol. There are various throwables, but they are all neat and you will use them all often. One thing I particularly liked was the attention to detail in the animations. When you heal he fixes his cyborg arm by welding it, fixing cables, pulling bullets out with his finger, and a few others. When you run he looks like the T-1000 with his hand completely straight and pumping his arms real fast. I just love the whole aesthetics of this game. The Tron looking art direction with neon reds and blues as well as the enemy design. It's a fun trip back to the past when my parents showed me all the cool 80′s action movies. The first scene you are in a helicopter mowing down enemies to Little Richards "Long Tall Sally" like in Predator. The awesome just never ends.

I also can't help but love the music. It's stuff straight from the 80′s and fits so well, I actually listen to the soundtrack outside the game. You can tell the team was pressed for time (they only got 6 months) because a lot of the Far Cry 3 stuff is just reskinned like the hang glider, the jeeps (the only vehicle in the game), the jet skis, and even the helicopters. There's not really much to do in the game, and once the story mode and all the bases are taken over, there's no reason to stay. You will see everything the game has to offer in about an hour, but the ending is just bad ass. You get to ride a dragon that curses and talks while shooting lasers from his eyes and mowing down everyone with a cannon. The story mode is highly entertaining, but I was disappointed with the low quality storyboard style cut scenes. They didn't do the game justice.

In the end, Blood Dragon is one of the best downloadable games this year and a completely pleasant surprise. Even if you don't like Far Cry, the 80′s vibe should bring many hardcore gamers along. It's light on content, the characters are average (except Rex), and the animations and art style are one-of-a-kind, there's no other game out there like it. I really hope there's a fully fledged sequel, even outside of the Far Cry 3 engine.
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on July 16, 2013
Take some bored but exceptional programmers, remove the constraints required for "political correctness", add multiple kegs of beer, turn them loose and you get this. You can see elements of Far Cry 3 here but that's where it ends. This is the game I would make if I had the talent. It doesn't take itself seriously and I love that. The voice commentary is hilarious. The main bad guy is a bumbling fool where things always mess up for him. And the melee attacks have to be seen to be believed. This game will appeal to adults who would like to see Tron merged with Duke Nukem merged with Far Cry 3. At the $15 download price, it's more than worth it if you don't offend too easily.
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on December 11, 2013
Simply put, this is the most fun game I have ever played. Thank you Ubisoft for taking a risk and making a non-mainstream game. You put a smile on my face for hours and hours!
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on September 2, 2013
Love this game so fun the bonus missions rock and the game play is amazing only downside is that it is short. I don't think ubisoft is planing on expansions or a full game off of this, if they did though that would be a game I would buy! all around i gave it a 4 star because of how short it was and that difficulty settings were not all that difficult even on the hardest settings
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on May 8, 2013
This game is fantastic. As long as you go in knowing what to expect you will not be disappointed. The AI soldiers are the glaring weak spot in the game and that my only negative. Everything else is like a trip through old VHS action movies that I loved as a kid. I found this more entertaining than farcry 3 where I lost interest quickly.
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on January 12, 2016
Good game if you have a major jones for FarCry and can't wait for Primal to come out and don't want to play yet another round of FC4. The game has some silly bits, but this is intentional. It's basically a spoof.
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on June 23, 2015
This game is crazy! In a great way. I'm a huge fan of 80s action/sci fi films. This thing is off the chain with references and the gameplay is awesome.

The neon lighting can get old after a while though and it does run only on Uplay but once you get in the game you will love it.
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on January 3, 2014
This game is a best game of 2013, funny, beautiful, intense, a real tribute of 80/90s culture.

Well, why not 5 stars? Simple, install this game is a nightmare, I spent two days for this, the launcher don't work and freeze my PC, need to instal another program from ubisot (yes, you need install more blotware for play a simple game) and .... No work too. I will not explain the whole process because is a true odyssey.

The game is perfect, but requires saint endurance for installation.

If you do not have a whole day to install this game, don't buy.
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