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Far Cry - PC
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on May 28, 2004
I'm having great fun with this game despite running it on a mediocre system that can't run the game in full graphical flourish. I have a 2.0Ghz P4, 512Mb RAM and an ATI 9800 (the base model, not Pro or XT) card with 128Mb RAM. So it's decent but hardly cutting edge.
Despite the fact that of the eight customizable graphics settings, I have set four to "medium" and four to "low", the graphics are simply the best I've ever seen, on any game at any time. The sky looks absolutely real, the water has noticeable depth and shimmer, and the foliage is lush and crisp. The character models are great -- muscles bulge, clothing wrinkles, and blood sprays in a most vivid fasion. This game alone makes me want to shell out a few thousand for a bleeding-edge system.
The game play is quite solid first-person shooter fare. There are no huge breakthroughs, though there are nice details like a stamina meter for running and holding your breath. The weapons selection is nice -- enough variety to keep you interested but not so broad that there is much overlap. The voice acting is a model of over-the-top action cheesiness, and the bad guys shout their lines with such enthusiastic machismo that you have to laugh. Fun stuff.
The only gripe I have at this point is weak online play. Much of this is no doubt to my location in Asia, which leads to some horrible ping. But it seems I am not alone in thinking the multiplayer needs a bit of tweaking. I guess there is a patch coming out in June that will hopefully resolve some of these issues.
Bottom line: Top-notch job on graphics and setting inject fresh life into the FPS genre. Well worth it, even if your system has to make compromises.
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Where to start, where to start? Well, first let me tell you that I am a huge FPS (first-person shooter) fan, whether it's mindless fragfests like Serious Sam or stealth-oriented action like Deus Ex or the Thief series. I've been waiting for the "next big thing" in FPS for quite some time, namely Half-Life 2, but I think the next big thing has arrived sooner than expected, and its name is Far Cry.
Let me get this out of the way before I go on: Unless your PC is is a stud monster with preferably 2.5 - 3.0 GHz processing speed, lots of RAM (1,000+), and a gaudy video card (Radeon 9800), you won't get the full effect from this game. Still, even on a mid-range system with graphics toned down to medium, you will be absolutely blown away. I know I was, and still am.
Using the supercool Crytek engine, Ubisoft has created a game that features sensational graphics, terrific AI, decent plot, and unusual locales, namely the Caribbean. Where this game stands out is its graphics engine, which lets you see for miles and offers an unparalleled setting ever seen in a computer game. But be warned: don't expect to just walk into huts on the sand and start blasting away at mercenaries. These guys are good, calling for cover and flanking you every chance they get. You'll have to think about how you're going to approach each mission, and even then, you'll be required to make quick adjustments, thanks to the assault jeep that just showed up right behind you or the gunship that is raining missles from the sky. No two missions are alike, as the AI learns as they go, adjusting to your moves and reacting accordingly. Terrific stuff.
The voices are a little over-the-top, which absolutely fits this very over-the-top game. The standard "mad scientist creates some monsters from human DNA" plot is a bit trite, but the presentation of the entire game makes up for it, with engaging cut scenes and terrific direction to your next objective. Overall, though, sounds lend a distinct feel to the game, as the birds chirp when you're outside on the island and waves lap against the shore, or your pinned underneath a palm tree with a chopper armed to the teeth sending death from above, the whup-whup-whup filling your ears as the world goes black.
Real-world weapons are at your disposal four at a time, and they do the job very nicely. Crouching and arming yourself with an MP90 in the islands has never been so much fun. And you can drive many, if not all, of the vehicles in the game, including jeeps, assault trucks, gunboats, and even hangliders, which is a nice change of pace from the usual duck-cover-shoot tasks involved with each mission.
Each mission is very well defined, but by no means is this game linear. You can get to the endpoint any way you want. If you want to take the whole guerilla army on headfirst, go right ahead. If you want to sneak around and shoot them from underneath the huts, you can do that too. Ubisoft has put the entire game in your hands, and it makes for some truly exciting, innovative gameplay. Some people will have a problem with the difficulty level and overall problems with getting it running at decent speed on a minimally equipped system, but look past this. Also, the auto-save system is a little annoying (no quick saves), forcing you to go through the same mission until you get it right and it reaches the next auto-save point.
Not since Half Life has a game been so immersive, so unique, and so rewarding in its gameplay. Far Cry presents PC gamers with a tough challenge that shouldn't be missed.
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on October 12, 2004
I recently purchased a new Dell 9100 laptop (2.8 ghz, 512MB RAM, 128MB ATI graphics card) and planned on waiting for HL2 as my first game for the new PC. Finally, I broke down and decided to try FarCry. Now I'm not sure if I'll bother with HL2!

Initial thoughts upon playing:

I was relieved to find crate-breaking (half-life) was not required. Also, players are limited to four weapons. I love that aspect as it makes me think. I want a game that makes me think. Finally, there is something VERY COOL about sneaking through a jungle and hiding in the thickets.

What's good:

I'm playing the game on the medium skill set and this seems to work well for this experienced gamer. There is a realistic setting that will make for fun replayability. The cut scenes, so far, are well done. Vehicles CAN BE DRIVEN AND REACT LIKE REAL VEHICLES. For example (here is a hint), I was sitting in a buggy, just off the road and an enemy buggy was coming around the bend. I gunned the motor and jumped out. The vehicle's momentum kept it going and the two vehicles crashed and blew up. Game physics; guy dies on a grassy slope and he slides to the bottom. I've pushed a few dead bodies off of a path to cover my tracks (ok, I didn't need to but it added to the realism for me). Enemy AI is good. AND THE NUMBER ONE BEST PART OF PLAYING IS - very little linear gameplay. I can walk around the islands, swim from one island to another, drive a boat, buggy, almost anywhere I please. If I don't want to storm the main gate then I can look to other routes or just tan on the beach.

What's bad:

Had one instance of a machine-gun sound sticking and had to restart that area. Not that big of a deal. I had to re-bind a lot of the controls to more logical bindings but at least I had that option. Length of time for sprinting could be longer. There was an instance in which I was being flanked from both sides and my only option was to RUN! Then again, it's more realistic to sprint, turn and lay down a few shots, and sprint some more. Dying, dying is bad. Getting ammo supplies is easy enough but I'm still looking for a spare bottle of suntan lotion.

What's really cool to me:

I was driving a boat that I had captured and motored past a school of tropical fish that were swimming around. Very cool. Also, you can look over a valley or out to sea and see boat docks, enemy soldiers walking around, etc. without poly-count issues. Shoot the water and it splashes, that's cool. Real is good.

If you are on the edge in your decision, make the jump. FarCry makes you think, it makes you work, and it makes time for you to stop and admire the ocean view.
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on February 6, 2005
Hello, i think this might be my first review, not sure maybe i've done one ages ago lol.

Ok, I am an avid 1st person shooter fan, love the genre and have played anything and everyhting in it pretty much, with the latest being medal of honor PA [i liked it] and chronicles of riddick [suprisingly a masterpeice of the genre]

anyways, for this review i will basically compare the big 3 of 2004 which i think most will agree were FC, DOOM3 and HL2.

Firstly, all three games are excellent, I have a powerful rig and can experience them all at 1280x1024 with all settings set to maximum, this allows me to tell it how it is [in my opinion at least].

okay first up the graphics:

I actually think Far Cry has the best graphics. i base this on the sheer size of the environments, they are staggering and the detail is incredible. I think far cry also has the best water and also i think it has the best use of shadows etc cast by lighting. [this will probably draw critisicm as most would consider doom3 best, but honestly i was more impressed with watching the shadow interplay in a room from a light bouncing around in farcry than in doom3, which was so dark it sort of covered up its greatness in this regard.

As for the character models, far cry is probably at the bottom of this heap, but not by much, HL2 has the excellent facial features and doom 3 has the H R Gigerish take on demons, bt far cry's bad guys still look exceptional and the 'fat boys' will definitely put fear into any gamer :)

all three games have some basic texture here and there, so this is not such a big deal. but i would have to say that HL2 probably seemed to display basic textures the most for some reason, somethings just looked quite cheap.


Tough call. Doom3 probably wins here as its sound was extrememly rich and crisp. when you heard demon spawn coming, it's definitely brown trousers time lol. and the trigens from Far Cry for that matter.All three have excellent sound though and gave the appropriate jitters from onscreen sound affects. HL2 is the least musically scored by far, which i actually found refreshing and welcome, although i must say i found background music in both doom3 and far cry to be appropriate enough, it never seemed out of place or too jarring or forced.


All three games have very solid gameplay. but are quite different in the way you can go about getting from A to B. Doom3 is definitely the most contained, - a nice way of saying it is an extremely linear corridor crawler in tight confines. you will not be seeing any large vista's in this game :) but what it does it does very well.

Far cry is the absolute opposite, this game has you quite often tackling huge island chains in any fashion you desire, there are no 'spawn' points for enemies and the game does not have a sense of 'cheating' you like other games in the genre can. the options are vast for how to deal with opponents and with how intelligent your adversaries are in this game that is a good thing, as you will probably have to experiment a few times to proceed. the game is very open-ended in this regard and this is a good thing.

HL2 is in between the 2 aforementioned games in this way, it has relatively large environs for fighting in, more urban based obviosuly, and some more coastal/highway bits. Bigger than doom3 definitely, but fall short of the scope of Far Cry's levels for sheer size and approach. HL2 is also the most scripted of the three, but unlike some games [medal of honor PA and call of duty UO im looking at you] the scripting is implememted well and wont have you getting stuck unsure of what you have to do to proceed, what scripted event you have to trigger.

i should also mention that the enemy AI in HL2 is highly overated, they are smarter than doom3 by a mile, but nowhere near the enemy AI in far cry.

okay ill finish up by talking about each games 'feel':

Doom3: this game is scary. as an aural/visual package for scares it deleivers bigtime....or does it?? once you realise that crossing certain thresholds etc activates demons spawning in behin you all the time or that picking up a health pack will trigger this it becomes a little less scary. and the way a demon will stay perfectly still till you appoach the 'magic line' that activates his attack instead of actually interacting in his environemt dampens the affect.

but doom3 suprised me with how much narrative this game has! coming from iD i was very impressed with how fleshed out the mars installation was, it was convincing.

Half life 2 has an excellent feel and i personally think the best for atmosphere. it has such a rich world with an eerie, creepy alien world domination angle that you cant help but be drawn in.

the fact that after i finished the game i was eager to see what other players speculations were on the meanings of things that happened in this game is testament to how sucked in i was. the story is not too fleshed out, a bit murky really, but i found i liked this alot, it makes it very intriguing with so many questions left unanswered...others have not liked this at all however.

Far cry: ok, i found this game to be the scariest of all 3 to play, even though its story is pretty cheesy in ways. BUT that comes with a slight disclaimer. undoubtedly the trigens made me jump 2 meters at times, as all the enemies AI is absolutely top knotch. but the main reason you were soooooo edgy playing this game was because of its quite flawed save system. the geography activated save feature is quite suck-ass to be honest. it makes this game far more difficult than it already is.

I initially played this game on my last computer, which although perfomred admirably, was not up to the task at all really. and thus i was further annoyed when i kept dying owing to frame freezing in gunfights stemming from perfomrance issues. BUT the fact that i stuck with it and finished it on that computer is testament to how compelling it is.

SO thats it, phew, lengthy i know but i did compare all three games after all :)

if i had to pick an overall winner it would be far cry, followed veeery closely by HL2 [which i enjoyed more in other ways] and Doom3 brings up the rear [polished product no doubt, but was lacking that certain 'something']

hope i helped!
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Superb graphics are just the frosting on the cake with this refreshingly well done shooter. Not since Half Life has a game includes as detailed or immersive an environment. From the get go, you are thrown right into the mix. The nuances are impressive: everything is laden with gorgeous textures, there are myriad small touches (a shark hanging from a fishing pier, schools of tropical fish swimming through the water, copies of "Evil Science" magazine lying on a desk in the lab).
The levels are expansive to say the least. The game keeps coming and coming, and just when you think you've reached the end of the game, there's more. The setting does not get repititous, either - there is a well-balanced mix of gorgeous indoor and outdoor locations. There is dense, lush jungle filled to the brim with trees, bushes, grass, flowers... everything you'd expect to be in a jungle, really. Merc camps set in abandoned WWII japanese bunkers, rusted tank wrecks and aircraft frames, an old skeleton in an Imperial officer's uniform - even a beached shipwreck are all throw in just for eye candy. The lighting and environmental effects are easily comparable to anything in the bootleg Doom 3 E3 demo, including moving light sources, UV/Bump/Reflection Mapped characters/objects/levels, and internal and external cast shadows. In one sequence, I was lit from behind by a spotlight and saw my shadow being cast on steam I was about to walk through in a hallway. In many ways this game may exceed Doom 3's standard (although we'll see when the full version is released), especially with Far Cry's unprecedentedly flawless transistions between interior and exterior locations.
And there's little linearity in the design here, either. Although some of the interior locations lead themselves to naturally channeling you in a certain direction I found there was almost always a different way to reach my objective, and sometimes as many as six or seven. The game requires a diverse mix of tactics to beat your opponent, from head on attacks to stealthy stalking.
Others have given the AI high marks; let me elaborate on just how cool this AI is: Enemies call for backup on the radio or use smoke signals, use flanking maneuvers, encircle you, and even sometimes run away in fear if you surprise them. Enemies hear you, look for you, and use nightvision or other optics to find you. They use and shoot from cover and concealment. They are probably the best and most realistic AI I have seen in a shooter.
I ambushed two mercenaries among a group of around ten who were coming around the nook I was hidden in. After dispatching them, two mercs lined up on either side of the door. One of them yelled, "Go!" to the other one, and then they bum rushed me with guns blazing. I managed to kill them first but only just, getting gravely wounded in the process. One of the remaining mercs then said, "Keep him occupied, I'll go for help" and shots start plinking off the corners of the nook. I heard a lot of movement, and then silence for several minutes. Maybe the troops might have wandered off? But, no... they set up a sniper on a far ledge to cover the door, and the rest of the team formed a semicircle around the entrance just to take me out as I emerged. And this was not a scripted sequence.
One of the cooler features of the gameplay is being equipped with a pair of high-tech, long-range-microphone-equipped binoculars. Not only are they invaluable for finding your enemies, much of the exposition in the game is delivered through the conversations of your enemies as you peer at and listen to them through the binoculars. Not only do you get important information about the story, but the mercs seem to have a life of their own. I almost laughed myself out of my chair when I caught a pair of the mercs bitching to each other about the heat and having to pull guard duty.
As others have mentioned, the major drawback is that you're going to need a high performance system to run this game. The game can also be glitchy at times, and a few crashes sent me tumbling back to the desktop; the lack of an in-game save made this troublesome because often times the automatic "checkpoint" type saves were a little far apart. Speaking of, a few of the savepoints happened right before a cut scene or before a long trip to a challenging area. I was occassionally frustrated by making it through a major concentration of enemies, getting close to my next objective (taking some fifteen to twenty minutes) and then getting killed within steps of the next save point by the last bad guy, forcing me to do it all over again.
The bottom line, however, is: The plus sides of this game far, far outweigh the few trouble spots. I have not had this much fun playing a game since, well, Half Life. This game equals that title's detail and depth, with none of the "puzzle artificiality factor" (annoying jumping puzzles or the requirement to keep criss-crossing the same level over and over again to pull switches or press buttons). Its biggest strength is as a shooter though, and has more going for it there than anything out right now. I recommend it highly.
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VINE VOICEon March 12, 2004
Just a friendly warning to all CDR/CDRW/DVDR/DVDRW drive owners. UBI Soft as a "feature" on their PC software that prevents installation from any drive with write capacity. Why they feel that will slow down a game cracker, and why they don't mind blowing off an entire segment of the market, is entirely beyond me, but that's not the point here. Call UBI Soft tech support BEFORE buying this or any other PC game from them, and check to make sure whether or not you will be able to install. Software (such as Chessmaster 9000, to grab a random UBI product as an example) doesn't come with a warning on the box (in "some" cases, they claim -- I haven't found a single box that does), nor is there a warning on the Amazon product pages (short of reviews like this). One could speculate that they're perfectly happy to let people buy their software knowing some won't be able to install it, but I'll leave their motivation to give no warning to consumers to your imagination.
UBI Soft's tech support has said that this "feature" extends to *all* of their PC titles. So fair warning, particularly to folks with laptops where DVD/CDRW drives came standard, ask before you buy. Perhaps if enough people have a problem with this flawed policy, UBI will smarten up. "Flawed" because limiting installs to drives without write capacity isn't going to slow a determined game cracker/pirate down, it's only going to prevent normal consumers from being able to install the game. Worse, they don't find out until they've opened the package and tried to install, which in some cases is enough to prevent a return and refund from the seller.
I'm certain this game deserves more than 1 star, and suspect it will see some good reviews from people who are able to install, but I can't give it more than a single. That's a commentary on UBI Soft and their "feature", not about the game itself.
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on July 15, 2004
First of all, Far Cry is that perfect game, complete, beautiful state-of-the-art graphics, gameplay that is indestructible, and a plot that delivers. Rated M, for intense violence? Parents, it is bloody, some scenes you see dead guys, but all that can be taken away with a simple click. You a stuck on an island chain, with only a man on a phone to tell you what to do. The island is massive and open ended, letting you plan your attacks with either go-in-and-blow-up or secretly-infiltrate. I found the enemies incredibly smart, planning their attacks against you. However, here is a weak spot: it is TOO HARD! My only gripe about it was getting so mad at this game and breaking my headphones (because my father complained it was too loud) This game was not intended for inexperienced gamers: I barely got through it myself. A FPS veteran will find himself mad beyond belief because of it. Easy mode all the way is what I suggest. Vehicles play another important role: you use them all the time. They are needed significantly to wipe out enemies, and are land-sea-and-air vehicles. Fun, fun, fun. The story is great, but I will not reveal anything at all for your sake. Value? Is it worth it's price? I bought it for forty dollars, which is a good price for a new game. It's totally worth the experience. Far Cry will satisfy till the end, and don't worry: it's looooooooong! And after you beat it, you can mess with Cryengine Sandbox, which is for creating levels, mods, editing levels. So to wrap it up, it's a amazing experience that shouldn't be missed.
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on April 7, 2004
I just finished the full version of Far Cry, and have to say is WOW! No other game out there has held me so tight to a storyline since....Half-Life, and this one rivals it.
The graphics are intense and intricate all at the same time. The lighting is phenomenal, especially when shoothing at hanging lights. They swing and act like a real light source should! No other game out there has this level of detail, yet. The AI is pretty intense also, they work together and can surprise you nicely. The use of vehicle and mounted weapons is very nice.
One problem that I did have was the instillation of the game. It would not load beyond the 3rd disc, and this is evidently one of the problems being found. Very Frustrating! I ended up having to copy the CD's onto my hard drive and install them from there, which to my surprise, worked very nice. So, I did have quite a few headaches getting it installed, but trust me it was well worth it!
Also, the game is beautiful! Yes, I said beautiful, the landscapes, the structures, and the characters themselves. All this, and it ran nicely on a mid/low level system. Imagine that, a product that is awesome and it runs with low requirements. Whoa! Who could thought that it could happen!
(My System: AMD Athalon 1 GHz, 512 RAM, Radeon 9500 128mb, and Sound Blaster Audigy.)
The multiplayer is pretty good. Not the best I have played, but still fun. Nice use of vehicles and character classes.
All in all, I was very surprised by this game. It literally came out of nowhere. There was little press until release time. This game evidently came from Europe, and I hope is scares the US makers into working on their own products a little better.
And, yes it is a hard game. It is not meant to be one that you can just cruise through. It is meant to push you and drag you through the storyline. Also, there is a way to save your progress between save points. Check out the Far Cry website forums for it.
Hope this review helps someone in choosing this game. I know that I am pushing all my friends to try it and am going to be giving it as gifts.
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on August 22, 2006
Even though there are several good reviews already here, and this game is already a couple of years old, I still feel compelled to put my two cents in about my favorite game. I've played a number of other first person shooters, but no other game comes even close. In fact, I have trouble playing other FPS's now because they lack so many of the things that make Far Cry exceptional. This game is definitely not for everyone though. If you are more interested in shoot-em-up alien games like Doom, or story-driven puzzle solving shooters like Half Life, then you may not like Far Cry. If, however, you are like me, and prefer strategic, calculated shooters without too much fluff, then Far Cry is definitely the game for you.

So what makes Far Cry unique? On a large scale, the graphics, level design, and balance come to mind. I still have not seen a game with better overall graphics. The levels are huge and open-ended, giving you the freedom to plan your approach. This gives the game plenty of replayability - there are numerous effective strategies for each level - as well as enabling each individual player to use his or her own style. The game is hard, and it uses a checkpoint system, so there is little margin for error. Normally I'd like the option to quicksave, but in Far Cry the checkpoint system works very well. A quicksave system would ruin the open-endedness of the game. On the more difficult levels, exposing yourself to enemy fire spells rapid death. The game is as close to realistic in this regard as any I've seen. Even on the easiest level, however, Far Cry is no walk in the park. The AI is smart, and uses strategy. It doesn't just rush you blindly, unless the odds are in its favor. The first level is anything but a tutorial, and the action starts quickly. The game is long, but contrary to what another reviewer said, I have never found it to be repetitive, and I've replayed it twice. The levels are distinct, and each has its unique challenges.

This brings us to the gameplay - what separates Far Cry from every other shooter on the market. In may opinion, Far Cry is perfect in this aspect of the game. First of all, vehicles play an important role in the game. Unlike in many games, if you see something, you can use it. There are multiple boats, trucks, a hang-glider - even a forklift - and each has its place and its benefits. Then there is the weapons system. All of the guns in Far Cry are useful, and well balanced. You can carry four weapons, which again, to me, is the perfect number. Just enough to add variety, but not so many as to make the game totally unrealistic or so few that it becomes annoying. This brings me to the controls. This area is where Far Cry beats out every other FPS, in my opinion. You come equipped with binoculars, which track your enemies, and are essential component of gameplay. You have a stealth meter so you know when enemies are becoming aware of your movements. Instead of just always running, you will find yourself stealthily crouching to avoid enemies. And last, but definitely not least, you can crawl. I have no idea why this isn't implemented in more games. Crawling provides you with the most stealth, and steadies your aim considerably. Since there are only a few places in the game where you can run in with guns blazing and expect to stay alive, crawling is vital to your survival. You can lean and fire at the same time. I have also never seen these two combined in a game - I think all games should have this feature.

So, in conclusion, this is by far my favorite shooter, and if you like any of the same kinds of things I do, then you should buy this game immediately. Its only weakness is that it requires a fairly good system to run smoothly, and does have a number of large patches. If you like exploring beautiful environments, spending time planning your approach, and making full use of your range of controls on a regular basis, then I highly recommend this game. It is intricate and very challenging. Just writing this review makes me look forward to playing it a fourth time.
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on January 3, 2005
I have to say, being a nerd, going to a nerd school, and having all nerd friends, ive seen, played, and bought ALOT of games. I have enjoyed some of the recent titles, such as HL2 and Doom 3. But i have to say, none of them are as good as this.

I purchased this game recently, and i am very VERY happy with it. Not only are the graphics and scenery 100% incredible, but the gameplay is so non-linear (Free/not in a straight line/ uncontrolled), but the AI is far more intellegent in this game than any other game ive played. More than once ive seen them duck, call for reinforcements, and pull the alarm.

Now, to adress a few complaints against this game. First off, Someone said that they had to empty a clip into an enemy to kill them. This means, in general, that they dont know where to shoot. You have body armor, so dont you think the AI would too? jeez... Second, some complain that this is too hard. This really depends on the person who plays it, the Easy setting for Farcry is easy enough for anyone... Unless you just suck. Now, ive also seen a complaint about how "boring" the game is... WTF. Farcry is one of the most intense, realistic, heart stopping, and, in general kick ass forms of gameplay i have experienced in a long long time. Now, the most frequent complaint i have seen is about the fact that there is no quicksave. GET OVER IT. I dont know about you, but i learn from my mistakes. If you get killed, try something new the next time, and you'll be on the next level soon enough.

The only complaint i have, though minor, is about the cutscenes/plot. I mean... come on... it can't be that hard to synchronize the peoples lips with their voices... but i suppose that doesnt really matter =D. So, if youve been pondering whether or not to buy this game, do it. If they were asking 80 for it, i'd buy it. I love this game.
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