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on September 25, 2001
This has got to be the deal of the century, and not only that, these pans will last you almost that long! My mother has had a set for 35 years, and I've had mine for 5. Nearly indestructible, dishwasher safe, good performers on the stovetop, with stay-cool handles! They even look great after all those years!
Keep in mind that because they are mostly stainless steel, with an aluminum bottom, Farberware does not heat up quite as fast as, say, hard-anodized aluminum such as Calphalon, which gourmets prefer. Stainless steel is a poor heat conductor, while aluminum is good and copper is the best. On the plus side, you can't put Calphalon in the dishwasher and Calphalon does not have true stay-cool handles, like Farberware.
Anyway, how often do you buy a gift knowing that it will still be around 20, 30, 40 years from now? By the way, if the pot does have a problem, they come with a Lifetime Warranty.
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on March 20, 2003
Most of my cookware is Revere so my experience with Farberware is limited. With that in that mind I must say that this steamer fits a perfect niche in my collection. I hate hauling out my stock pots for pasta side dishes and my 2qt pots kept boiling over. This size is great and the roomy steamer instert will hold a medley of vegetables without a hitch. One problem though, my Revere handles have always stayed cool on my stove. I went to grab this pot and managed to burn both my hands. I have been spoiled by whatever Revere does with its handles so I just have to remember to use hot pads. The handles seem very durable and the pot itself is solid. If the handles stayed cool like my Revere Ware then this would have been a solid five stars.
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on February 18, 2013
I was very surprised and impressed by how heavy the bottom of this pan is. I didn't realize it would be clad bottomed. This helps out greatly for even heating. Overall very impressed with this little pan. Handles feel a little cheap tho.
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on March 24, 2012
It is almost 2 months since I bought this steamer. I have used it almost every day from the day I received it. Most vegetables can be steamed in 3 to 5 minutes. Beets take about 20 minutes( I like it soft, my husband prefers a little crunchy - that needs only 15 minutes of steaming). These days, I steam the vegetables in this cooker and then saute it for 2 to three minutes with the other ingredients already fried. Cooking seems to be much faster and the vegetables are definitely tastier now with their original color retained.

As some reviewers have mentioned, the pot base stained right after the first steaming. Even with immediate cleaning, the marks were lightly seen. The second time I used it, I added a thin slice of lime to the water in the pot (as I usually do for the pressure cooker). No stains! So water stains is not a problem at all. In fact, after use, the steamer looks as clean as before, even with a water rinse. But I do use dish soap for psychological reasons.

I had also read about the ears getting hot and making it difficult to hold the steamer basket while emptying the vegetables to another vessel. They do get hot but I found them very bearable hot. May be, my heat threshold is high. Over all, I love the functional part of this steamer most, not to forget the finish. The quality of steel seems to be good. To date, it still looks new and shiny. I find it the best value for money. Would strongly recommend this to any one looking for a steamer for a family of two/three (you could steam multiple times if needed for additional members).
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on September 24, 2002
This is another great Farberware product we purchased to help stock our son's first college apartment. He thought it was a pasta cooker, was a little disappointed (at first), that it was a 'small' steamer, what could you possibly cook in there ? Well, he is actually cooking/steaming fresh vegatables, and enjoying them. He has fallen in love with steamed potatoes!
The pot is actually small (3 quart) with about a 4 inch side, so it can also be used for servings of soup, pasta sause or that small batch of chilli. The steamer pot fits snuggly into the pot, with just the right size holes to allow the steam in, but not the product out. AND the lid fits tightly, allowing for a quick and fast steam cycle.
Overall, a great product, that is being used much more than originally thought that it would be used. Much more than just a vegatable steamer.
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on February 8, 2013
I had been using those cheap steamer trays that fall apart all my life and finally found this yesterday on Amazon.
I ordered this specifically for the steamer basket that is included.
There isn't a good picture of the steamer online so I uploaded my own customer image.
I ordered this yesterday and received it today using super saver shipping. I have already used it and it is exactly what I wanted to steam my carrots, broccoli, and red potatoes.
I am also pleasantly surprised by the thickness of the pan. Also, I'm happy the lid is not glass. I just think everything about it is awesome. Please see my uploaded customer images.
review image review image
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on March 31, 2012
At first glance this is a product that looks well made. Looking closely on the inside of the lower pot, I saw what looked like several heat stains on the bottom of the pot. I also noticed that one of the black handles was loose. The Steamer does the job very well but as I used it over time, I noticed that the heat stains (heat stains or whatever they were caused by) were getting more pronounced and more were appearing. It looks like the steel is peeling??? It's happening on the sides of the inside of the pot as well as the inside bottom. I did some searching about Farberware on line and found hundreds of product complaints about the failure of many products. Farberware is no longer produced in the USA... it's made in China. I can't understand how a brand that was known for its fine quality can watch its reputation erode from unbelievably bad manufacturing defects. I'm not going to list all the horror stories about handles falling off teapots filled with boiling water when lifted off the stove and other product disasters. Before you buy any Farberware products from anyone, I suggest that you do an online search about Farberware's current quality. I certainly would like to return the product to Farberware but there is no way to get satisfaction or repair or help... read for yourself.
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on January 3, 2015
As many of the other negative reviews have stated before, the handles are an issue. I thought it was just my use of a burner larger than the pot, but apparently I'm not alone in experiencing overheated handles and toxic fumes in the kitchen. My real issue with this specific product is the way that it seemingly went into self-destruct mode with less than a dozen uses. Around the 5th or 6th use, I noticed that the pan wobbled rather than sitting flush against my smooth top range. Immediately, I noticed a reduction in response time to the functional heating. After the food dish preparation, cleaning began and I noticed a slight discoloration of the metal around a swollen or blistered area roughly the size of a 50 cent piece on the underside near the manufacturer's seal. Upon closer inspection, I viewed what appeared to be a hairline fracture of the metal. Through the next several attempts to cook in the pot, heating times lengthened as the item would not sit flush with the stove top, thus reducing heat transfer. Additionally, the area turned dark black and the blister or delamination of the bottom continued to progress. Currently, The pot still holds water, but will not boil water after sitting on a burner set on high for more than 30 minutes. The only thing this product MIGHT be useful for is a blunt force object in the game of Clue or as a last resort for home defense. Please see attached photo.
review image
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on July 19, 2013
I used this 2-3 times a day for 5 months, so undoubtedly a lot, but still, the bottom pan slowly rusted away. First it became dark black, almost metallic purple, and then slowly the "stainless" steel layer vanished and was replaced with a black, burnt rusted bottom instead. Its a steam pan, so nothing EVER burned or even touched the bottom food wise, so I am a little confused at what happened here. I fear that I will have to throw this out now, who knows what chemicals are leaching into our food?
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on November 6, 2002
It's described as "stainless steel", but brand new, the bottom had marks that looked like hard water stains. I managed to get them out with vinegar and water, but it has been picking up stains ever since, including fingerprints on the outside, which soap and water won't remove, more hard water stains, and heavy marks at the water line. The pot has always been hand washed and dried.
Worse, the plastic handles melt and bubble, giving off that nauseating burning plastic smell. As a steamer, one would think it would be designed to withstand high heat. One handle came loose after a few uses. It is easily screwed back on, but I think it's just more evidence of shoddy workmanship.
Overall this is a very cheap pot in feel and construction. Pot is made in China. Perhaps there are quality control issues, and I just got a bad one, though I am guessing the handles are the same on all of them.
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