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on May 11, 2003
The makers of Farscape, not afraid to take chances, truly had outdone themselves. Fresh after losing a beloved character (Zhaan) and gaining a new passenger aboard Moya (Jool), David Kemper and the writers keep the surprises coming. Like a boxer delivering a flurry of punches to a dazzed opponent, the viewer is constantly being rocked by pleasantly surprising (sometimes uncomfortable too) storylines.
Different Destinations: Has a bit of a Star Trek feel to it, as John, Areyn & Jool are visting a memorial, are somehow transported into the past. They find themselves in the time which the memorial was dedicated. In a small Peacekeeper settlement surrounded and out numbered by the Venek horde. Unsure how to get back and trying to help the beleagured settlement, their actions are changing past and present times.
A solid episode if not spectacular episode, though the performances are, as usual, quite good.
Eat Me: Crichton, D'Argo, Chianna, & Jool in their damaged transport pod are trying to return to Moya, find another Leviathon. Hoping to find the parts necessary to repair the pod they take a chance and land. What they find aboard is truly disturbing. A very good episode that is quite scary by Farscape standards, with an ending that is amusing, confusing and leaves you wondering where the hell are they gonna go with this idea?
Thanks For Sharing: Moya catches up with Talyn only to find him badly damaged from an attack by a Peacekeeper retrieval unit. Moya's crew goes to a nearby planet trying to obtain supplies to help heal Talyn's wounds. What they find is political intrigue and the identity of the Captain leading the retrieval unit after Talyn & Crais. Another suprise that leaves the viewer with several questions and anxiously awaiting for the answers. A solid episode that is the foundation, along with "Eat Me", for the rest of season 3.
Note: The last two episodes on this disc, the crew is seperated into two groups. One group stays aboard Moya while the other joins Crais aboard Talyn.
Green Eyed Monster: The first episode written by Ben Browder, starts with the gunship, Talyn, and it's crew of Crais, Areyn, and Crichton encontering a live Budong. For those not in the know, a Budong is sort of a giant space whale. Before they can react, Talyn is swallowed whole by this huge creature. Meanwhile, Rygel and Stark are in a transport pod heading to a rondezvous with Talyn. They only find the Budong, which Stark correctly surmised, has Talyn within it. The real meat of the story is the character development between Crais, John, Areyn - and yes - Talyn. Lani Tapu as Crais especially shines in this episode. One of the best episodes of the 3rd season.
Losing Time: A form of energy gets aboard Moya and finds refuge within the body of one of the crew. Shortly afterwards, another energy being comes and enters Pilot's body. This being informs the crew that one of them is being controlled by an energy rider, a criminal that must be stopped. The being within Pilot has been hunting it and asks for help in capturing it. This episode was the least remarkable one by Farscape standards, meaning well above average by normal TV standards.
In this review I tried not to give away the major surprises. To those unfamiliar with the show or haven't seen these episodes, I can only say that I heartily recommend you purchase this set and every other Farscape DVD. Its money well spent in anyones Sci-Fi DVD library.
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on May 25, 2003
Although it is not listed here on Amazon, or even on the back of the DVD case, on the episode "Green Eyed Monster" (the episode which star Ben Browder wrote) there is an audio commentary track with Ben Browder as well as the director of the episode Tony Tilse. Ben gives insights into his ideas behind the episode, as well as many behind-the-scenes hints about not only this episode but upcoming ones as well.
(The powers-that-be on the show were so impressed with Ben Browder's writing on this ep that he was asked to write another episode, which will be coming up in season 4, called "John Quixote")
I would buy this DVD without any extras, as this series is so fantastic. However, as I am something of a "commentary junkie", I wanted to pass on the info to the other Amazon customers.
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on June 3, 2003
3.1 and 3.2 are both quality boxes and the show seems to be pulling me in again (like the first season did), with more "space scenes" and some darker episodes with more battles. The stories seem to be a little more cohesive this season as well with less holes. There were a few in season 2 along with a couple bores. Also, there are more edible stand-alone stories (especially in 3.2).
Kreis is becoming a good character, Scorpius got a little old (and confusing) though sometimes his character is interesting and complicated enough to draw me in. I'm not sure why, but the absence of Zhan may be a good thing. Aeryn is so effin hot, her straps carried the show for me at times, and the leather pants are Millimeters lower this season. yeehaw.
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on July 19, 2003
I have yet to find an episode of Farscape that I don't enjoy. There are some really great ones, but all of them are good.
I recommend Farscape to everyone!
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on May 26, 2003
One of the big attractions of the Farscape series has been the imaginative plots and the off-beat characters. But it seems that TV Sci-Fi is always destined to follow the failings of that Grand Mother of Them ALL (Star Trek) which only lasted a few seasons, let us not forget. The series is descending into shoot-em-ups, stuff that's been done (being swallowed up by a cave-like monster - now what movie did I see that in?), and sadomasichism (Eat Me is revolting).
In the 'What Are They Thinking Of' department the award goes to substituting JOOL (a truly annoying character that can get vaporized at any time as far as I am concerned - she rates in there with Jar-Jar) for ZHAAN (a wonderful creation who balanced off the craziness of the others and kept the series from what it is heading for now ).
Will they never learn? I am not surprised to hear that the series is headed for cancellation. From now on I'll rent it out of curiosity, but I'm probably not going to watch it more than once. My advice: If you're not sure, rent it first from Netflix.
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