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on February 14, 2014

Based on the reviews I have read here on I elected to order the Brand New Fashion Us Waterproof Hooded Ripstop Wet Festival Rain Poncho Black. Now the wait is on and hopefully it will arrive prior to my departure to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. I pray it is everything people have claimed as my previous purchase of another brand (Leighton Unisex Adult Poncho) was unsuccessful and had to be returned due to defect. You may see review here:

I will express my experience to share with you once product is in hand . . . in the meantime thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the Brand New Fashion Us Waterproof Hooded Ripstop Wet Festival Rain Poncho Black.


I was beginning to believe all ponchos were created equal and designed to fail. However, today I received my new poncho from Ireland within six days. YES! Shipping was swift, not the long wait I was prepared for based on reviews here. This poncho is very well fabricated, nice tape seal stitching and waterproof lining. I selected elegant black as it goes literally with everything. It does have some weight to it but this poncho should last for years -- no mistake here -- the poncho is that well made. The poncho feels and looks substantial, six snaps on each side, three grommets on each side with tie-outs, and a tie-out for the hood when using as a lean-tent.

This poncho is a multi-purpose item: Poncho, Lean-Tent, Tarp, Bevy, and Emergency Blanket. Should you order more than one you have the ability to snap multiple ponchos together to increase its surface area. A couple could snap a set together, hold hands and stroll along. I'm six foot and the poncho falls well below my knees. This should cover me and my backpack with no problem at all. The hood is good size with room to wear a hat underneath. Since I wear prescription eye-gear the over hang should keep my lenses dry as well.

When cinching the hood around you face your vision is unobstructed. I wear a large in men's hats, there is an ample opening for one's head to pass through. I have not had an opportunity to test poncho in the rain yet but have no reason to believe it won't meet expectations. I tried poncho on indoors, it is roomy one could sit down and stay dry all over.

The tie-outs appear functional and durable but feel like shoe-laces. This is not a negative.

Fashion Us Waterproof Hooded Ripstop Wet Festival Rain Poncho Black is a MUST BUY! I would gladly buy another or give as gifts. Backpackers, Bug-Out-Bags, Campers, Hunters, Preppers etc. Perfect for a wet emergency!


I prefer to close my reviews with a "THANK YOU" because I do appreciate you investing your precious time in reading my material. We live in a complex complicated world where time is at a premium. I do pray you found this review like my others informative and helpful in aiding your next purchasing decision. Your comments are always welcome and I make every attempt to reply to comments as time permits. Again "THANK YOU" for this opportunity to aid you in spending your hard earned money wisely.

I am not employed or receive any compensation by the manufacture or any organization promoting this product or additional hardware. I purchased or received as a gift my product like anyone else, sharing my myriad thoughts and experience with you. Whether it is five (5) stars or five (5) eggs I rarely give the maximum as there is always room for improvement; whether or not it is true, I believe manufactures work harder to achieve that maximum rating.

I hereby extend to you a plethora of blessing of good health and welling being. Bless you all.

2014 Copyrighted by Dr. Gary Drury D.D.
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on October 24, 2012
This item was expensive, but worth every penny.It did take a while to get here, but the quality is so great, also worth it. Comes with plenty of draw strings and cord, and the material itself is very durable (ripstop is the same construction style used in military uniforms, its a reinforced weave that makes the fabric tough to rip or tear) and has a rubberized sort of interior to provide really excellent rain protection. I'm 5' 11" and its fits me perfectly, maybe a little large, but its truly a very one-size-fits all design, in a good way. The advantages of a poncho are too many to list, but if you want something small and lightweight for hiking or travel this is perfect. It won't fail on you, and tucks right away into a little waterproof pouch that's included. It will fit over backpacks and heavy clothing, its all around perfect. WORTH THE PRICE AND WAIT TIME!
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on June 7, 2013
So I read all the stuff about long waits. Maybe the vendor got the message. Mine took less than a week, and even if it had taken a month, it would have been worth the wait.

This is a waterproof (rubberized on the inside) poncho. Best materials I've ever owned in a garment like this. The side snaps are dual purpose and steel (or brass painted black). The hood is terrific. Fairly tight around the neck for me (good thing), but what's best is the hood's cut. The front of the hood overhangs my forehead by 3 inches or so. I wear glasses (or safety goggles for the chores I needed this for) and the hood provides great buffer and protection. Fabric is also "rigid" enough so that the extra material doesn't flap down into your face. The length is a little disappointing - hits my knees square on. I'm 6'5" with a pretty long torso, so this might not be as big of an issue for most. I think I read somewhere that this didn't have arm holes. Nonsense. Just unsnap one of the snaps or slip your arm through the top opening at each side. I don't think I'll be using it as an impromptu tent or ground cover, but for those needing that feature, the grommets are heavy duty and the lead cords provided look like they will do the trick.

This is a great poncho and I'm thrilled with my purchase. Would recommend enthustiastically to friends and familly.
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on November 13, 2012
I got this to replace my good poncho that recently ripped, as it was 15 yrs old, I figured it was time.

I like this one much better since it is more comfortable and wears better.

As others have stated it takes awhile, is pricey, and is well worth the wait and money.
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on September 21, 2013
I've only had it since July but it is quite tough. Serious downpours and it is not afraid of mud. I actually like the snaps, keeps it from ripping and you can ventilate, make the arm holes bigger. The strings are a great feature but I would remove them. I think they were thinking of a survival tarp application which would work, there are eyelets where you see the string (the string is not cordage or hiking boot laces though, more like round sneaker shoelace), in the right weather (or wrong) this could be your groundsheet and/or tarp, or "tent". But I never saw any mention of that in reviews or descriptions, but the intent was obvious. It's the eyelets. I've also biked in it, works great to ignore a wet seat (anywhere) because you can tuck it under. But pull the strings then take them with you backpacking. Probably bumming if one of those strings gets caught in a spoke. I'm 5 starring because I think it will last quite awhile.
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on May 6, 2016
Bought this poncho for a trip to Florida. I'm fairly big (6'4", 285 pounds) and I've got a long torso, so finding a poncho that fits is difficult. Most of the "one size fits all" ponchos seem to think the entire population is 5'6" tall and weighs 100 pounds. As things turned out, it didn't rain enough in Florida to need it, but I used it last week in New Orleans.

Width is good. I have a big head, and I can put the poncho on without taking my glasses off. Length is what I expected. It keeps me dry down to about mid-thigh. It would be nice if it had some extra length in the back to accommodate a backpack, but it's still OK.

I haven't been in a situation where I needed to whip up a lean-to, but with the ties and eyelets, it would probably do the job.

It packs easily into the enclosed bag & doesn't take up much room when packed.

Based on everything I've described so far, this would be a 4-star review. However,...


The nylon leaks at the stitches. This is to be expected: if you pierce something that is waterproof, it will no longer be waterproof. I did not experience any leaking at the hood as other reviewers mentioned. However, the poncho has two short webbed straps sown to the inside of the poncho where your chest would be. The webbed straps provide attachment points for a drawstring (see photo). I'm not sure what the purpose of this was, but they didn't seal the spot where this was sewn on. When you're in heavy rain, the threads piercing the poncho act like wicks drawing the water in. On my first use, the straps became water-logged and started dripping inside the poncho. So, your back and sides are dry, your rear is dry, and your upper thighs are dry, but your chest will be soaked.

My last poncho (which didn't fit as well) was sealed at all the seams, and it definitely kept me dry. I think the "waterproof" in the description is referring to the material it is made out of, not the poncho itself.

So, I'm going to have to waterproof a "Waterproof" poncho, which is disappointing.
review image
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on March 20, 2014
This is the best all around poncho I have found anywhere, worth the extra cost and shipping time (mine came in 2 weeks). Heavy duty ripstop outer with rubberized inner construction, and with attention to design details (hood design, snaps, grommets, reinforced edges). One perplexing issue. There is a drawstring? attached inside to the front of this poncho at waist height, quite possibly for tying around your waist for wind/sag control. The stitching used to attach this string was not seam sealed like the hood stitching, and could possibly leak. Possibly a manufacturing error/oversight? I'm not sure, but it isn't enough to remove a star. I will simply use some seam sealer and have the utmost confidence this poncho will do its job whether over me and my pack or as a shelter. Final note on size,this poncho fits both me at 6ft.(just below my knee caps, and 3in. above my wrists with arms fully extended) and my wife at 4ft. 11in. (just above her ankles with no trip hazard, and her hands protrude easily when arms are extended).
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on March 4, 2015
This was an expensive poncho, but I wanted something that was reusable. It said it would take a while to ship but I didn't mind since it's winter and I don't need it anytime soon. It ended up coming a few weeks ahead of time which was unexpected, but nice. The seller was very nice, sending emails and asking for feedback. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Upon getting the package I was surprised at how heavy it was. Really surprised actually and was disappointed because the lighter the better when making a BOB or camping. On the package it said it was .8 kilos which is about 1.76 pounds.

I opened the package and it was neatly folded in a bag with a drawstring on the top, perfect for stowing it in. Both are made of the same material with a very heavy liner on the inside to make them extra waterproof. This doesn't even compare to the cheap dollar store ponchos.

I tried the poncho on and I'm 5' 8". I read that people who were over 6' said this was a long poncho. I didn't have a problem with the length and think it's perfect since it came to just below my knee cap. If it's shorter that means it'd make a smaller shelter so I'd prefer it on the long side. My arms fit perfect and it was easy to pull my arms inside the poncho if I wanted to keep them dry. The openings are plenty big and it could do it one handed instead of trying to pull one arm in while holding the poncho with the other like you might do trying to get a sweatshirt off. The hood is plenty big with lots of overhang all around. It's a huge pet peeve of mine to have a small hood, they're worthless if it doesn't cover your head. Because there is so much overhang it's hard to look around, but I'd rather be dry then able to look around. There is also a drawstring in the hood just like your standard hoodie. I'm skinny at only 5' 8" tall and 135 lbs so the poncho was very large front to back on me, but that's good since it would fit over a backpack if I wanted to wear one. Even if you were a larger person I'm sure this poncho would work for you.

I then took the poncho off and unbuttoned it to see the size of the shelter it would make. For one person it would make a good shelter, but if another person had this poncho they could easily snap them together and make a very nice larger shelter. I imagine that could go on forever since there's snaps on either side of the poncho. I flipped the poncho over and saw the heavy liner inside that I mentioned earlier. There's also 2 loops inside that have a length of hoodie drawstring tied to them maybe a few feet?This could be used to wrap around your waist I'm assuming by the length and placement. Either way it was a pleasant surprise since it can double as another tie point when used as a shelter. All of the six eyelets on the poncho, all 4 corners and 1 on either side in the middle, have a foot of hoodie drawstring material tied to them which I will probably swap with longer 550 paracord. Don't get me wrong the drawstring would work fine but I'd prefer longer ones since you don't know where you might have to tie to. All the eyelets and snaps are heavy duty and the snaps are doublesided so the poncho could be flipped inside out if need be I guess? Either way it's very nice and makes snapping easier. On the inside around where the hood is stitched to the poncho there is tape over the seams to prevent water from coming through. Very impressive.

I've never written a review this long or even close to this long, but I was that impressed with this poncho. This will definitely make it into my BOB and I recommend this product to anyone. It's by far the best poncho I've ever seen and I'm thinking about buying another one just to have it even though I probably don't need it. It's that good. Hope this review helps
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on May 22, 2012
Took a while but it was worth the weight, its heavy duty strong comes in its own stuff sack and its the real deal. plenty of attachment points and it works and wears well. took a while as it came usps from Dublin Ireland.
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on January 25, 2016
I was very disappointed when I used this in a mild rainstorm on Halloween. It was very clear that the hood was not waterproof. I was pretty shocked, and thought I must be imagining things when my head started to get wet. I tested it later, and while the majority of the poncho was waterproof, the head and neck area would allow water through about the same as untreated nylon in a windbreaker. I may well have gotten a dud, but I'm not chancing it by purchasing the product again.
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