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on July 16, 2003
Ned Dougherty's Fast Lane to Heaven, is an incredible tale of one man's transformation after his near death experience. Similar to Betty Eadie's and Dannion Brinkley's vivid recalls of their NDEs, Dougherty is also able to recall with vivid clarity his journey and all that was shown to him.
Dougherty was living the hedonistic, fast lane of life, with homes in both The Hamptons, and West Palm Beach, driving expensive cars, having many expensive toys, and operating two thriving nightclubs. Alcohol was his admitted drug of choice, and cocaine use was intermittently part of his lifestyle, as were meaningless relationships with meaningless beautiful women.
After suffering an apparent heart attack, Dougherty realized that he was no longer "in his body", and was met by a former friend who "died" in Vietnam. Dougherty recalls in stunning detail his life review, future life events, future world events, including the 9-11 attacks on New York and Washington, his meetings with The Lady of The Light, God, and other spiritual beings. Because Dougherty's life's mission is not yet completed on earth, he is told he must go back.
Needless to say, Dougherty's life is forever transformed after his heavenly encounters, and amazingly, the doctors could not find anything physically wrong with him - all of his medical tests were normal. Yet Dougherty knew that he had died, but all of the doctors could not find anything indicating a heart attack.
As foretold to Dougherty, he indeed turned his life around, and is no longer living a hedonistic, fast lifestyle, but a more spiritual, contemplative one, which includes hospice volunteering, as well as forming his Angels of Mercy organization which provides miracles to those in need. He is still visited by The Lady of The Light and his devotion and faith in God has deepened greatly.
I found this book truly amazing, and I have read all the NDE books that I can, and this account is one of the best. His honesty and admittances of his former lifestyle helped to portray him as he truly was/is. He was not portrayed as someone without any flaws, or perfect. I am sure that all readers can relate to his imperfections in one way or another. The reader can only "try" to relate to his struggles and difficulties in "trying" to live an earthly existence, after seeing and experiencing all that he had with his celestial encounters. Synchronistic encounters reaffirmed to Dougherty that all that happened did indeed happen. Events shown to him that would occur in his life happened not according to Dougherty's "trying" to make them happen, but instead they happened according to God's plan.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in NDEs. There is a most startling message in the book from Archangel Michael that was given to Dougherty, that is worth reading several times over. Indeed, a wake-up message for us all.
This book is just another confirmation to us all that there is nothing to fear in dying, that we all are constantly guided and loved, and that we only have to ask for help from above. There is so much more to life than "toys" or material possessions and Dougherty proves that point very well.
This book's message is incredibly timely for what we are living though now and thank you Ned Dougherty for sharing your wonderful incredible experiences for us all.
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on May 22, 2005
I wholehearted agree with the other earlier review shown here.

The author says about his account:

"I would usually awake before dawn and immediately begin to write. The writing seemed to come to me automatically--totally by inspiration."

"The financial and banking institutions will collapse due in large part to the failure of the insurance companies as a result of the natural disasters. The United States will be thrown into political, economic, and social chaos."

"The United States government will fail to meet its financial obligations as a result of its staggering national debt and will collapse. As a result of the destruction of U.S. military bases from natural disasters, the United States will lose its ability to wage war or defend itself, leaving the country vulnerable to invasion by foreign troops, particularly by China's 'army of two hundred million.'"

He also talks about a pole shift, earthquakes, eruptions, tidal waves that will bring geophysical and geopolitical changes.

He was also told, "None of these events in the future need to take place if mankind begins to recognize and work with God's plan."

The author left New York and now lives in the mountains of Pennsylvania. He encourages prayer and meditation.

"The future of the world rests in our hands. The right choice is obvious. If each and every individual aspires to lead a life of love of God, self, and neighbor, collectively mankind has the ability to determine the future of the world and to choose our destiny as a civilization."
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on June 12, 2011
In this autobiographical history centering around a near-death experience of Ned Dougherty's that occurred in 1984, he recounts details of the experience; its effects on him; and details of the messages that he received while on the Other Side and in the years since he has returned to life. Among his published list of prophecies was one that described in a general way the attack of 9/11 a few months before it actually occurred. Others of his prophecies, like the world-wide disturbances in the weather and seismic events, have also come true. If you're interested in his prophecies, see this book and his End-Times Daily web site.

Among Ned's many bits of Other-Side knowledge to impart is the fact that the best weapon against the wars and catastrophes on earth is not guns but prayer. A prayer group of 20 people, he asserts, can turn back these crises.

Ned was "called" to a spiritual mission on earth and has been living it out since his return, but he spent years trying to understand his NDE and trying to implement his newly-adopted Mission to do good. He discovered and chose to visit a Roman Catholic Community run by the Montfort Missionaries in New York. There he happened to meet other people who had experienced NDEs. He has returned to the Roman Catholic religion of his boyhood and is a devout daily communicant. Ned Dougherty is involved in various good works, including promoting the sanctity of Life. His organization, Mission of Angels, has a priest spiritual director. He and a group of other persons who receive frequent messages from the Virgin Mary, the Heavenly Father, Jesus the Son, and the Archangel Michael now have a web site where they report the messages they receive. The contents of these messages seem similar to those received by other seers over the course of the Twentieth Century. These have tended to be dire warnings, but lately the messages on Ned's web site, like the messages of some recent prophets of various Christian denominations, are "looking up" in anticipation of good things to come.

In the years following upon his NDE, Ned received and gave information about his NDE to the one outstanding NDE group then known as IANDS, however, he seems now not to be strongly affiliated with that group.

He says he has tried to collect as much information as possible about NDEs, and he started his own publishing company by means of which he published his book and some other NDE books (advertised at the back of his book). One of these other books is by an author who promotes anthroposophy, an unorthodox religious view. Another is by an author who promotes the concept of spirit guides and a rather relativistic view of the afterlife in that he claims that people from various cultures or with various personal beliefs about the afterlife get the sort of afterlife they believe in. Dougherty continues to be interested in collecting every sort of NDE information, but these books do not appear on Dougherty's web site, which seems to be devoted exclusively to disseminating End-Times messages and prophecies, devotion to the Catholic Church, and up-to-date Catholic News. He seems to be sincere, practicing, and conservative within the context of the religion that he himself has embraced very devoutly.

It seemed to me that Ned has made a wholehearted effort to understand the meaning of his NDE and his numerous supernatural and "coincidental" experiences and that he still does not have a perfectly comprehensive explanation of all the mixed elements of NDEs and his experiences. In this lack of a perfect doctrine of NDEs, he is pretty much like a lot of us who seek to know more about the meaning of this intriguing but puzzling subject. Despite all the scientific studies and the great and inspiring books about them, it seems that there is not yet a totally cohesive and universally accepted explanation for all the questions and contradictions that they raise.
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on July 9, 2015
I think you will like it!

I gave 3 stars as he gives a lot of family history between him & his Dad --BUT-- he does that as its a critical part of his NDE & after effect of NDE & part of why he starts opening his eyes to how the NDE changed him (for the better). Understand that.

I wanted more NDE details (the female in me likes DETAILS DETAILS & more details!! Haha!)....BUT, I do not want to give you the impression he doesn't say much about it! HE DOES!!!!!

The most real NDE experience has to be told by the NDE'r THEIR way. I know that. I think he did a good job!

He was wealthy & lived for MATERIALISM & PLEASURE (GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS ... SEX) & SHOWING OFF (vanity/PRIDE) & some drugs like cocaine & Drank daily as an alcoholic...but he was never a druggie or coke-head...his experience is NOT from that!

He did NOT believe in God & was never interested in anything stopping him from doing life HIS WAY. Man with the most toys wins! He cannot believe HE - OF ALL PEOPLE! - changed & went from NO GOD LIVING to A LIVING CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD!!!!! HE DESIRED TO GET TO KNOW HIM. His former sins now just seemed blah to him. It even turned him OFF!!!! That proved to him how REAL his experience was. He remembers every detail, too!

He was told he was sent back with a mission & tried to find it and live it when he returned BUT heaven returned him "as is" per se. It took SEVERAL YEARS to even understand WHO & WHAT GOD is...& ALL THE VALUE CHANGE LIFE CHANGE THAT COMES WITH THAT!
Then, a few years later he gets kind of regular messages to share! He publishes them all on his website (yay!). ALL CONCERN AMERICA'S FUTURE & THE WORLD's. Some came true already!! (Spoiler: mankind is in for the earth to shake which tosses us into chaos - tsunamis etc. God wants us to CHANGE. Sin exists on earth, BUT, it's to a point now beyond the deluge! It's bad & He is going to cleanse it!!! Time to WAKE UP & change. Lose your sins & attachments that are not of God & get to know Gid, your loving Creator. He gave us free will.

Maybe this will inspire you to wake up & change your life.

I am sick in bed, so this recommend is probably hard to read & messy & all that....apologies.
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on March 1, 2016
I've read several books lately about "life after death" experiences and this one is the best by far. Ned's description of his experience is so detailed and he had the where with all to ask questions! He came back with an extensive knowledge of the life beyond this world. A prophet-like knowledge. I can't loan my book to anyone because I've highlighted so much of it!
Books like this ensure me that there is life beyond this world and it makes me look forward to the day when I get called home.
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on July 6, 2009
I myself had a profound spiritual experience where I had the opportunity to decide to live or die and find out my life mission, which was simple and unremarkable but challenging, and I like Ned do what I can to live up to it. That was long ago and I'm drawn now to reading others stories.

I believe Mr. Doughterty experienced everything he writes about and that he is living in servitude to the directives he received during his near death experience, which is very admirable. He was raised Catholic and so his experience is heavily informed by the teachings of his youth, which is natural.

Unfortunately the book is not honestly represented: the near death experience is there yes, but ultimately is an instrument to prosthelytize Christian End of Times dogma to the reader.

So if you're not a Christian or the type of Christian that believes God is going to destroy those that don't believe in Jesus, the one true God, etc. with cataclysmic events, this will probably end with a sad thud.

God apparently has as many faces and favored groups as a dodecahedron. And isn't that part of what makes God great, that he relates to and favors all of us? The fundamentalists won't allow that though, others apparently must be punished for not believing like they do with a terrible End.

The story is interesting. I was very impressed with his incredible natural ability to get things done and make things happen. I take my hat off to all that he has done and what he intends.

So if this is your cup of tea, you'll enjoy it deeply. Otherwise, it will be another testament to the fear mongering we're so prone to as a species and that I pray we are able to overcome.
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on May 26, 2013
Fast Lane to Heaven is the very best book on NDE i have ever read. Ned was given a very special gift of both his life review and a glimpse into future events both personal and global. He had the honor of being in the presense of God, Lady of Lights and Archangel Michael. He used this gift to help other. Ned impressed the power of prayer in our lives and how important the destiny of the world is all of our responsibility. Please read this book because it will have a positive impact on your beliefs.
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on January 19, 2013
Even though this guy had practically no mother or father early on, he puts himself through school and learns how to make a quick buck in the fast lane. However his success doesn't stop him from self destruct..he dies and man does his life change...a complete 180!! Enjoyed his writing very much and thought this is one of the best written ones I've read in a long time. You need to read this to get a wonderful peak into heaven!
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on October 2, 2011
Fast Lane to Heaven is vague in its description of the Afterlife. The book is all about the author's life before and after the NDE. The NDE in itself is very brief and even his life review was vague. The author does not do a good job describing the light and the events he experienced. He is not to the point in his description. It might be because he is not a professional writer. I don't doubt the validity of his experience; I just wished he had the ability to describe it more clearly like Howard Storm did in his book "My descent into death" and Betty Eadie in "Embraced by the Light".
The book has a little religious bias, very oriented to the Catholic faith. This really does not disturb me even though I am not Catholic. I did like Sarah Lanelle Manet's book "There is no Death" and her book was bias and oriented to the Mormon faith; but still a great book and short to the point. Ned Dougherty could have written his entire NDE experience in about 75 pages as opposed to 264 pages of events in his life prior to or after to the NDE. Fast Lane to Heaven is more about the way he lived his life than the NDE experience. It would have been better if the author had stuck to the NDE like Sarah Manet anf Elaine Durham in their short book "I stand all Amazed" and "There is no Death"
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on March 24, 2014
I have read many near death experience books & had high hopes for this one, but a good chunk of the book bogs down with autobiographical details. A good editor might have been a big plus here. I couldn't read the entire book, found myself skipping over paragraphs waiting for something interesting to grab my eye.

The part about the actual NDE was good, & the enlightened beings making predictions for planet Earth's future if members of the global community don't pray--not pretty! There are NDE books out there that move along at an easier to read pace, but this is not one of them.
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