"JPEG+RAW" setting gives 2 .raf files, no .jpg.

[Update] Must choose one format or the other; to get both, have to export paired .rafs to PC, then convert there.

FastStone and Irfanview (free) are good for conversions, as is supplied Silkypix software. PS E11, despite some clunkiness, works fine with .raf RAW.
[UPDATED] asked by SeaWalnut on March 27, 2013
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I bought and returned this camera for much the same reasons. Also, though it says that it has a viewfinder it is just a mini screen that causes problems for those wearing vision correction. The capacity for following and responding rapidly to animals or birds is poor.
The RAW files were hard to open with photoshop. I loved the idea of the 700mm lens but functional and set-up glitches made me send it back.
Petra Larsen answered on March 28, 2013

That's strange... I just did it with my camera, and selected the option "RAW+JPEG" from the RAW menu (under SET), and when I checked in the camera, I had a pair of files with the same name but different extensions (one JPG and one RAF). Now, opening the RAF files is a different matter, since I use Linux...
-rw-r--r-- 1 daniel users 924191 Mar 29 15:40 DSCF2334.JPG
-rw-r--r-- 1 daniel users 25437456 Mar 29 15:40 DSCF2334.RAF
Daniel Baboiu answered on March 29, 2013
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