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17. Fate Accompli TV-NR CC

On the morning of his Juilliard audition in New York, Ephram meets Madison (recurring guest star SARAH LANCASTER) for coffee and becomes distraught when she tells him that she was pregnant with their child. This devastating revelation causes Ephram to make decisions that will alter the course of his life.

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April 18, 2005

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Fate Accompli

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Season 3
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    1. For Every Action... World-renowned neurosurgeon and single father to preteen Delia and teenage Ephram, Dr. Andrew Brown, came to Everwood, Colorado, to start over. He runs a free clinic with Edna Harper as his nurse and office manager. His Colleague, Edna's son, Dr. Harold Abbott, forbade his wife, Rose, and teenage kids, Amy and Bright, from having anything to do with the Browns.

    TV-NR 44min September 13, 2004
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    2. ...There is a Reaction At her father's suggestion, a heartbroken Amy is determined to make the most of her senior year in the wake of Ephram returning from New York and telling her that piano has to be his number one priority. Dr. Brown contemplates telling Ephram about the pregnancy of Ephram's former girlfriend.

    TV-NR 44min September 20, 2004
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    3. Staking Claim Ephram regrets promising Nina that he would watch over Hannah (recurring guest star SARAH DREW) at school, especially when Hannah's constant presence interferes with his time alone with Amy. Amy befriends Hannah out of pity, but she soon finds Hannah so refreshing that a real friendship develops.

    TV-NR 44min September 27, 2004
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    4. The Birds & the Batteries Andy is uncertain about what to do when Delia naïvely stumbles upon Nina's sex toy and starts asking questions. Meanwhile, Ephram attempts to write Amy a love letter to show her the extent of his feelings; Amy undertakes a mission to make her new best friend, Hannah (recurring guest star SARAH DREW), popular; and when Dr. Abbott and Rose question Bright's euphoria over being selected Employee of the Month, they decide it's time for some parental intervention.

    TV-NR 44min October 4, 2004
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    5. Sacrifice Dr. Brown is embarrassed after he picks a fight with Everwood's "patron saint," Amanda Hayes (recurring guest star ANNE HECHE - "Birth," "Ally McBeal"), who, unbeknown to Dr. Brown, has been caring for her profoundly disabled husband for the past five years.

    TV-NR 44min October 11, 2004
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    6. Shoot the Moon Dr. Brown worries that Ephram is beginning to question himself and his chances of getting into Juilliard after he applies to a college in Colorado as a backup plan. Similarly, Dr. Abbott has concerns of his own when Amy informs him that she's not applying to the school they always dreamed of her attending, Princeton, because it would take her too far away from Ephram.

    TV-NR 44min October 25, 2004
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    7. Best Laid Plans When Jake (recurring guest star SCOTT WOLF) secretly informs Dr. Brown that Ephram came to him for an STD (sexually transmitted disease) test, Dr. Brown and Dr. Abbott decide the best plan of action is to convince Ephram and Amy to abstain from sex. After Ephram realizes it's no coincidence that he and Amy both had a serious discussion with their fathers on the same day and informs her of his suspicions, Amy feels betrayed that Ephram didn't tell her about the test beforehand.

    TV-NR 44min November 1, 2004
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    8. The Tipping Point Struggling to select the music program for his Juilliard audition tape, Ephram seeks guidance from his music teacher and mentor, Will Cleveland (recurring guest star JAMES EARL JONES), but Ephram faces losing one of the most important relationships in his life after he hurts Will's feelings.

    TV-NR 44min November 15, 2004
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    9. The Reflex Ephram and Amy decide they're ready for sexual intimacy in their relationship and make romantic plans to meet at the Abbotts' cabin, but the enormity of the situation proves too much for the couple to handle.

    TV-NR 44min November 22, 2004
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    10. Need to Know Realizing that his feelings for Amanda (recurring guest star ANNE HECHE) are only growing stronger, despite his best efforts to maintain a platonic friendship, Dr. Brown decides it is best to refer her husband's case to Dr. Abbott.

    TV-NR 44min November 29, 2004
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    11. Complex Guilt Following Amanda's (recurring guest star ANNE HECHE) decision to send her husband to a world-renowned treatment facility, Dr. Brown is rushed to the hospital after he collapses in front of Dr. Abbott as a result of the stress and guilt he has been feeling over his affair with Amanda.

    TV-NR 44min January 17, 2005
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    12. Giving Up the Girl When Jake's (recurring guest star SCOTT WOLF) girlfriend from Los Angeles arrives in Everwood unexpectedly, Nina comes to his rescue with a sympathetic shoulder to lean on--and the possibility of more. Meanwhile, Dr. Abbott and Rose worry about Amy after she becomes determined to audition for a rigorous ballet program in Denver.

    TV-NR 44min January 24, 2005
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    13. The Perfect Day Dr. Brown faces the repercussions of his affair with Amanda (recurring guest star ANNE HECHE) when Nina accidentally discovers them together and questions Dr. Brown's integrity. Meanwhile, Ephram and Amy convince a reluctant Hannah (recurring guest star SARAH DREW) to skip school for the day, and the three of them take Bright along for the ride.

    TV-NR 44min January 31, 2005
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    14. Since You've Been Gone Dr. Brown and Amanda (recurring guest star ANNE HECHE) decide that it's time to tell Delia and her friend Charlie (recurring guest star SHANE HABOUCHA) about their relationship before they hear about it elsewhere, but Charlie's emotional reaction makes them question what they're doing.

    TV-NR 44min February 7, 2005
  • from $1.99

    15. Surprise Just as they've become somewhat comfortable with their new relationship, Dr. Brown and Amanda (recurring guest star ANNE HECHE) receive word that Amanda's husband, John (recurring guest star JASON BEGHE), has experienced a miraculous breakthrough in his recovery.

    TV-NR 44min February 14, 2005
  • from $1.99

    16. A Mountain Town Feeling conflicted over the recent news about Madison and not willing to jeopardize Ephram's Juilliard audition, an angst-filled Amy tells Ephram that he should take his father to New York instead of her. In New York, Dr. Brown struggles with memories of his former life and the desire to tell Ephram the truth about Madison's (recurring guest star SARAH LANCASTER) pregnancy.

    TV-NR 44min February 21, 2005
  • from $1.99

    17. Fate Accompli On the morning of his Juilliard audition in New York, Ephram meets Madison (recurring guest star SARAH LANCASTER) for coffee and becomes distraught when she tells him that she was pregnant with their child. This devastating revelation causes Ephram to make decisions that will alter the course of his life.

    TV-NR 45min April 18, 2005
  • from $1.99

    18. Fallout After returning from New York feeling lost and confused and needing Amy for support, Ephram considers his options in the wake of his ex-girlfriend's life-altering revelation. Meanwhile, Dr. Brown is a little stunned after learning the extent of Nina's feelings for Jake (recurring guest star SCOTT WOLF). And, with a little encouragement from Bright, Hannah (recurring guest star SARAH DREW) goes on a date with a smitten Topher (recurring guest star LUKAS BEHNKEN).

    TV-NR 44min April 25, 2005
  • from $1.99

    19. Acceptance When Jake's (recurring guest star SCOTT WOLF) younger brother comes to visit and confides that he doesn't see a future for Jake and Nina, Jake seeks counsel from an unlikely source--Dr. Brown. Meanwhile, when Amy is accepted into Princeton, she assumes that her father was the one who secretly sent in her application. And Ephram and Amy make plans to spend an evening together, further confusing the status of their relationship.

    TV-NR 44min May 2, 2005
  • from $1.99

    20. He Who Hesitates To Dr. Brown's dismay, Ephram makes a bold move in an attempt to raise money for a plane ticket to Europe. Meanwhile, Nina can't understand why Dr. Brown has been acting strangely lately, whereas a more perceptive Delia straightforwardly asks her father whether he has feelings for Nina. And, unexpectedly, Bright becomes jealous when Hannah (recurring guest star SARAH DREW) goes to prom with Topher (recurring guest star LUKAS BEHNKEN).

    TV-NR 44min May 9, 2005
  • from $1.99

    21. Good to Go Feeling there is nothing to keep him in Everwood and desperately needing distance from his father, Ephram prepares to leave his family and friends for a new life in Europe. However, he questions his plans when Dr. Brown reveals the secret that Amy has been keeping from Ephram.

    TV-NR 44min May 16, 2005
  • from $1.99

    22. Where the Heart Is In the season finale, Dr. Brown discusses with Delia the possibility of leaving Everwood to accept a prestigious position with a Chicago hospital. Uncharacteristically upset over this news, Dr. Abbott gives Dr. Brown a reason to stay. Meanwhile, Jake (recurring guest star SCOTT WOLF) moves in with Nina, leaving Dr. Brown to question whether or not he should tell Nina about his feelings for her. And Bright finally admits to Hannah (recurring guest star SARAH DREW) that he cares for her.

    TV-NR 44min May 23, 2005

Product Details

Genres Drama
Director Perry Lang
Supporting actors Emily VanCamp, Debra Mooney, John Beasley, Vivien Cardone, Chris Pratt, Stephanie Niznik, Merrilyn Gann, Tom Amandes, Scott Wolf, Sarah Lancaster, Chris Penn, David Nieman, John Cottrell
Season year 2005
Network The CW
Executive Producer Greg Berlanti
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Format Amazon Instant Video (streaming online video and digital download)

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

54 of 55 people found the following review helpful By Robert Moore HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on September 7, 2009
Format: DVD
First, I have to point out that I'm reviewing Season Three of EVERWOOD. The other three reviews appear to be of Season Two. My only guess is that at some point Amazon had this listed as Season Two and changed it.

I'm giving Season Three five stars even though I don't think it was quite as good as the previous two seasons. This could be a perception issue, but Season Three seemed to be slightly melodramatic, slightly more inclined to milk dire situations, a bit more inclined to do "very special episodes." I also found myself getting more irritated with characters than before. Ephram's meltdown after finding out about why Madison left town was hard to take at times. And while one of the appeals of the show was its willingness to present Andy Brown as a protagonist with feet of clay, in Season Three he simply makes too many bad decisions and involves himself in too many family crises of his own making.

Still, the show continued to be a superior family drama. While it bordered on soap opera at times, it usually corrected itself and kept the story moving in significant ways. Why doesn't this qualify as soap opera? The latter never really goes anywhere. One of the more important scholarly studies of the genre is entitled STORIES WITHOUT END. Each story arc in a way establishes a reset and season after season the characters simply waffle around, never really going anywhere significant. There is a certain arbitrariness to anything that happens to any of the characters and a sense that just about anything could happen to any of them, and that any soap opera character is capable of changes that in real life would be incompatible with the rest of their life history. But in EVERWOOD only certain behaviors are open to Andy or Harold or Amy or Ephram.
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24 of 28 people found the following review helpful By G. Hansen on July 2, 2009
Format: DVD
Everwood Season 2, Is FANTASTIC...I've waited so long to see season 2 AND now I am waiting for season 3..it was worth the wait, it is a T.V. series that you should put on your list. It is Family friendly, full of the right amount of drama, suspense and the BEST characters. The life appealing drama has wit and tears, it has exactly what so many of us face in daily living, if not us, than people we know. Again, totally worth it, quality is great, adventure, family humor, sincereity and believable characters.
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21 of 25 people found the following review helpful By Eve Wood on August 17, 2009
Format: DVD
Season 2 is what first got my husband and I hooked. We then watched 3 and 4 as they aired and bought the season 1 DVD. And we do actually think Season 1 is the best - we've watched the whole season proabably four times all the way through. But season two is good, and introduces the Madison character which is key to the rest of the show. Also gives Bright's character a chance to develop. There is just about nothing worth watching on TV these days, and we miss Everwood so much! Gossip Girl and 90210, etc. are just trash. No soul at all. Friday Night Lights is excellent, and a good fill-in while waiting for Everwood DVDs to come out. I can't recommend Everwood enough. It is one of a kind.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful By Reconnecting To My Childhood on February 17, 2010
Format: DVD
The action was fans demanding the remaining seasons on DVD. The reaction is the continuing release of this series. The complete third season has been announced as a 6 disc set being released on June 15th, 2010. This year continues to be good to fans who have waited a while for their favorite shows to make it to DVD, Daria has been announced as has old favorite sitcom Family Matters. Now Everwood, which suffered poor sales on it's first season release and took a long time to release it's second season only to do so with music changes, is releasing it's third of four seasons in the same style it released it's second. This set will contain the following 22 episodes:

1 For Every Action...
2 ...There is a Reaction
3 Staking Claim
4 The Birds and the Batteries
5 Sacrifice
6 Shoot the Moon
7 Best Laid Plans
8 The Tipping Point
9 The Reflex
10 Need to Know
11 Complex Guilt
12 Giving Up the Girl
13 The Perfect Day
14 Since You've Been Gone
15 Surprise
16 A Moment in Manhattan
17 Fate Accomplis
18 Fallout
19 Acceptance
20 He Who Hesitates
21 Oh the Places You'll Go
22 Where the Heart Is

Video is in widescreen and Audio is English Stereo. Subtitle in French and Spanish.

This set will definitely have music changes like the second season set did. The only special features you can expect are a blooper/gag reel and some deleted/unaired scenes. At this point I think fans are just happy to be able to own the episodes though.

I used to watch this show each week while in high school and look forward to having the chance to watch it again, this time all at once.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful By MJ Lanich on March 11, 2010
Format: DVD
First off, I hate the phrase "family drama" largely because it has such a negative connotation for many people. When you hear the words family drama, you immediately thing of a show that will always sugar coat things, and never venture into the darker areas of the human experience. There are some shows out there like that which may indeed deserve that title, but it gets thrown around far too often, and I think anything labeled as a family drama can keep people who would otherwise like it, from actually giving it a chance. So basically, I don't think of Everwood as a "family drama".

One of the things that seperates Everwood from so many other so-called teen dramas/soaps is that it never really conforms to the standards by which those shows are made. The word I think of most is grounded. Everything from the dialogue which sounds believable, to the characters who usually behave and react as their character should, to ultimately the plotlines which actually sound like they could happen. Imagine that.

Personally, Season three of Everwood is one of my favorite seasons of the show. Emphram and Amy began their long-awaited romance. Smith and Van Camp really do top-notch work here. They have always done so, but this season was really a high water mark for them. You really started to get the sense that this relationship is just one of those truly fated pairings. They will always be in each other's lives.

One of the other things I love about Everwood is the character arcs. These arcs are not just for that particular season, but are part of the tapestry of their entire journey over four seasons on this show. Each season is a mini arc which is part of a larger arc for each character. Bright Abbot for instance is a character who has changed so much.
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