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on March 18, 2011
Fated--another new twist in the Vampire world. I would define it as alpha male (extreme), heavy on the sex (big plus), and entertaining, minus a few irritants.

I'd have to agree with the Publishers Weekly comment: "Zanetti bolsters this rather absurd setup with steamy scenes." That being said, the book was a definite 3 1/2 stars but not a five. Now I didn't struggle with the premise of a fated sexual attraction between the two, that I believe was well played. The big stick in the craw that haunted me for the first half of the book was how Cara caved to the attraction so quickly, and I only struggled with it because she has a daughter to consider. One example: who--paranormal romance or not--is going to make out with their kidnapper minutes into the kidnapping and with her daughter within plain view. Yeah sure, Talen assures Cara that her daughter can't see and that he's there to help, but it was still a WTH moment. And why was it necessary that she remain separated from her daughter for five weeks? If Talen's off raiding, why couldn't Dage just fly up and retrieve Cara so she could join Janie? And yes, I know those who disagree with my review will say because then we lose the bonding time between Talen and Cara. However, we really didn't get a lot of touching, two-strangers-getting-to-know-one-another moments. Their relationship or "mating" is forced from the gate, and it feels that way.

On the plus side, Zanetti has created some intriguing characters and history. The Kayrs family sucked me right in--lots of big, bad vamps to develop there (Yum! Liking Con and Dage). I thoroughly enjoyed how the brothers had taken to their new niece. Those scenes were endearing--more so then some of the scenes between Cara and Talen. In all honesty, I was more interested in the secondary characters then Cara and Talen. Ultimately, I think Zanetti has HUGE potential with this intriguing paranormal world she's created, I just struggled with this particular plot.
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on November 14, 2011
Taken from her home - for her own safety, of course - in the middle of the night by the sexy stranger Talen, Cara and her young daughter find themselves thrust into a secret world of vampires and other mythical beings.

I wanted to like this book. I really did. But man, it was a bumpy ride. I read much of it with a furrowed brow. It just didn't make sense, and I don't mean the supernatural stuff. The characters' reactions, why they went certain places and stayed there for certain amounts of time, every step of the way the thing was just nonsensical. Take, for example, the very first scene. A stranger breaks into Cara's home and forcibly takes her and her small daughter, puts her daughter in his car, and then proceeds to kiss the daylights out of her. What does Cara do? She gets so hot she forgets everything, including the fact that her frightened child is locked in the car. I don't care how sexy the man is, no mom is going to do that, or no decent mom anyway. This is exactly the kind of thing that happens again and again in this book: nonsensical crap.

It doesn't help that the characters aren't very likable, either. Talen is an overbearing jerk, and he and Cara have an uncomfortable, unpleasant relationship where the reader is constantly jerked around: he's amused by her spunk, he's infuriated by it. She doesn't trust him and tries to get away, she "knows in her heart" he would never hurt her, rinse, repeat. He's domineering, she fights against it but is ultimately turned on ridiculously much by his dominance. I got darn tired of hearing how sopping wet she gets from his dominance. The hero telling the heroine to run before chasing her around the house is not my idea of foreplay.

Another problem is that a lot of stuff is introduced in this story but none of it is fleshed out. There's a lot going on in this secret world, but it's all thrown haphazardly at the reader. Zanetti has some interesting ideas to set her vampire world apart but she doesn't do them justice.

As for the writing itself, it's frequently clumsy, sometimes in a way reminiscent of people whose first language isn't English ("his hands clamping bruises into her hips"? "powerful white lights set hard into the stone ceiling"?) but I think Zanetti just hasn't honed her skills enough yet. Her enthusiasm is evident from the first page to the last, but she has a long way to go before she can produce a decent book. I do see potential here though, and with supporting characters that are more likable than the main ones, I think I will give the second in this series a try if my library gets it.

Lastly, I just have to add: how many times in one book can an author use the words spicy/spiced and pine, usually together?! Definitely an editorial fail. Using the same description for the hero's scent repeatedly is no good, and the fact that it brings to mind Pine-Sol is even worse.
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on April 25, 2011
Drats! I have to wait until October for the next book. I couldn't put Fated down. I enjoyed everything about this story even though I am not all that wowy about the male alpha thing. It sure helped that I liked the leads, Cara and Talen and I especially enjoyed the relationship that 4 year old Janie had with the vamp family and how she could turn them all to mush. Very enjoyable and looking forward to more from this gifted author.
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on January 3, 2012
I was greatly disappointed in this book. I was disappointed with Cara. She says "no" but her body wets her pants all of the time. Come on! In the beginning, when Talen storms in and gets Cara and daughter and has them in the car, he kisses her and she basically falls apart to the point of forgetting that she is being kidnapped and her child is in the car. As far as Talen, I wanted to like his character but he was too forceful. When a girl says "no", he should respect that. One minute Cara is showing some spunk on this situation she finds herself in and then the next, she almost falls to her knees in need of him. I liked the story on Ms. Zanetti's version of Vampires....a little different and this is not what turned me off on this book. That part had appeal. It was the character of Talen and his forcefulness and "yes you are" attitude. The last straw was when he was "punishing her for something she did" by way of sex and just when she was ready to have an organizm, he told her she could only have one when he said she could. Grrrrr. I would have kicked his rump out of my bed and went on without him! I'm sorry, but what was this author thinking. It seemed that the story was centered around sex and the author then tried to put a storyline around it. It also ranked with me that the author made we females seem weak at the knees at a good body no matter how we feel about the situation of what happened to us. It did not seem like she had much respect for the female sex. If anyone wishes to read a good vampire romance series then try D.B. Reynolds American Vampire series. They are fantastic and hard to put down.
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on April 5, 2013
I just couldn't do it. I made it about 1/3 of the way through, and then returned it for a refund. The story could have had potential, but the relationship was ridiculous. First of all, I have no problem with stories that have questionable things in them, if it benefits the story. I'm not a feminist, or a prude, or against violence (as long as it is not superfluous) so that is not where this review comes from. I just don't get a woman being turned on when told that she will be mated, married, sexed whether she likes it, or wants it, or not.

This woman, Cara, and her daughter are basically kidnapped out of their homes by strangers. And the whole time, the woman is planning her escape, trying to figure out how to get away. Which is reasonable--she is just supposed to believe that they are the good guys because they say so? But then, the lead man, Talen, tells her that she is his mate, and that they will be married and mated by the days end. She is adamantly opposed to this, but that doesn't matter to him. She doesn't get a choice. Most women, I think, would be either terrified or pissed off at that prospect. Not Cara--she is still turned on by him. Even while reaching for a knife to protect herself from him, she is turned on. He is telling her that she will have sex with him, telling her she doesn't have a choice. It's very controlling behavior. And even after they have sex, she is looking for a way to escape.

An example--He doesn't tell her that when they have sex, she will be branded on her hip with his hand print. Then when she is mad about that and calls him an SOB (rightfully so), he pulls the car over, forces her on to his lap, and tells (forces) her to apologize. What? She should apologize? Then she immediately gets all contrite and sentimental. Huh? It just doesn't make sense.

The final scene that caused me to give up, Cara, still very much human, decided to knowingly go into a trap with a woman shifter. they don't try to get help, don't wait for help, nothing. They KNOW it is a trap, that they are trying to catch her, and that she is still a weak MORTAL going against vampites, and they go anyway. Big surprise that they get caught by the bad guys. Even in a bad B movie, that would have been too much to believe.
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on May 16, 2011
I had the misfortune of reading this miserable excuse for a story. Talon a weak alpha male kidnaps the dumb female. For some reason they have a sudden make out session before he throws her in the car. Forcing her to marry him with no solid reason was just the begining of it. He spent the rest of the story taking over her mind and will reminding her she no longer has a say over her own body. It seemed his only goal was to break her in any way possible. Any time a problem would arise her answer was to talk about it later. Later never came. I guess Zanetti could not answer her own questions or really create a plot so sex was the only escape route. Waste of time and money. Please spare your self from reading such a mindless story.
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on October 2, 2012
I was told numerous times that the main character, Cara, is intelligent, and yet she failed to use her intelligence when it mattered most. Immortals with superhuman strength and sophisticated tracking abilities are after her, and yet she constantly thinks she can take care of herself and her daughter. Every time she is presented with more evidence that she can not keep herself safe, she ignores it and is either plotting to put herself in danger or running headlong into it. Even when her daughter, who is able to see the future, confirms that they are in danger, Cara refuses to see what is best for her child. Her stubbornness was not courage, it was not strength, it was stupidity and I cannot tolerate a stupid heroine. Even the minor character, Katie, was weak and easily conquered in a fight and her and Cara's impetuousness resulted in the death of someone they decided to rescue. Half way through, I gave this book up. Looking for a smart, clever read with strong, intelligent female characters? Go elsewhere. Looking for affirmation that women are stupid, weak and must have men around to constantly save them, then this is your book.
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on April 21, 2012
WOW! I hardly know where to start because their are so many great things about this book. First let me say Talen Is a Pure Alpha Male. I was in love with him in the first few pages.

The Dark Protector series is about the Kayrs family, 5 brothers who are the Good Vampires and the Evil Vampires the Kurjans. They have lived in peace for a few centuries, but now the Kurjans want war again. Believe me they are going to be sorry. The Good Vampires kick their butts. Talen has found his mate Cara and she has a 4 yr old daughter Janie who you are going to fall in love with. The Kurjans want them for mates because of their physic abilities. Talen gets to them in the nick of time to rescue them. The hot sexy sparks that fly between Talen and Cara or sizzling. They grow to love and trust each other. When Talen say's Mine, That's exactly what he mean. He is pure sexy Alpha Male, Cara is a brilliant, brave beautiful scientist, who has no idea that vampires exist, but her 4yr. old daughter does!!! and is ready to go when Talen comes to rescue them.

This book was a welcome change to read, a paranormal romance that the female lead was not being viciously beaten up, abuse or nearly raped!! I wish other PR authors would follow R. Zanetti's lead. Cara our heroine in the story and Talens mate was almost captured several time by the Kurjan and once turned herself over too them to save her sister Emma who the Kurjans had kidnapped. It goes to show you authors can write a very very good 5 star Dark, Dangerous, Paranormal book without the more vicious attacks on women.

The Dark Protector series is unique The Kayrs and the good vampires attack they don't just wait to be attacked!! They go hard and fast after the Kurjan to destroy and kill them. All of the Hot Sexy Good Vampires are Pure Alpha Males and the women are beautiful smart and brave and intelligent. They represent females very will. You will fall in love with all the characters in this story, they are very well written. The story has a lot of depth and visualization. Reading it makes you fell like you are their in the story with them. I HIGHLY RECOMMMED THIS SERIES!!
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on April 20, 2012
From the beginning Janie puts her trust in Talen. It says a lot for our hero because in the process of enjoying romance we forget how important other qualities can be. Cara is very lucky with her hot sexy vampire who welcomes fatherhood with as much joy as he welcomes his mate. I am a fan, so please keep them coming Rebecca because I know I am not the only one to enjoy your story telling and easy flow of writing.
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on May 10, 2011
I am so thankful for Amazon for suggesting this book. I actually bought it for the Nook and the was thrilled with a first class roller coaster ride of vampire romance. The story is wonderfully multi-layered and impossible to do justice in a review. This is a first novel and I cannot believe how much I was enthralled with the story and invested in the world Zanetti creates. This is an incredibly hot romance by a great Alpha Male. If you don't like the alpha male with a heart of gold dominating a relationship, then Talen will annoy you. But I loved the idea of fate pairing a vampire with his special mate. Talen rescues Cara minutes before evil Kurjans. Kurjans who are also vampires but fit a more evil stereotypical pale, light sensitive, and monster-like character. It was this fight between good and evil that reminded me of the Black Daggar Brotherhood. I think fans of the BDB series will love Zanetti's world. Cara is targeted because she is an empath and her 4 year old daughter Janie is extremely mentally gifted. Vampires are only born and must be mated with human females who have psychic abilities. As soon as Talen touches Cara, a mating brand appears on his hand. He intends to mate and marry Cara for protection and believes it is fate. Cara is a strong personality and doesn't always give into Talen but must give in to the red hot passion between the two. There are many raids, captures, and escapes in this story that is all red hot romance and action. I was immediately grabbed by the story and couldn't put the book down.

There are also so many great characters introduced that will make great follow up or side stories. I can't wait for the next book about Cara's sister Emma and Talen's brother and King of the Realm, Dage. There is also a group of Cougar Shifters who are introduced. Cara becomes great friends with Katie, a lioness, who is destined to Jordan the leader of the pack and Talen's allies. I can't wait to read about both of these couples as well as the potenial stories for Talen's other brothers. I think Zanetti is a great undiscovered Gem and can't wait to see more out of this great series!!
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