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on May 23, 2013
Ahhh, Father's Day...where to begin? The violence. The butt rape. Revenge. Demons. Strippers with chainsaws. Maple syrup. Tasty berries. A sexy priest. A gay prostitute. Did I mention the stripper with the chainsaw?

Father's Day is a wild, violent, sometimes trippy, sometimes old-school, always fun little flick best viewed at night (the film even opens with a commercial telling you you're watching it late at night, a midnight movie so to speak) and with a group of friends who are ready to laugh.

Boy watches father raped and killed, gets eye cut out, grows up, wants revenge, kills wrong person, goes to prison, 10 years later is let out, seeks peace in the woods. That's only the first 5 minutes! What happens next will please fans of other Troma releases, as well as fans of "Hobo With A Shotgun" and "Planet Terror", two other films that are a little more well-known but equally as good.

The film gets even crazier when our group of heroes go to hell, literally.

Good for a few laughs and some over-the-top gore/nudity. Movie: 4/5 stars.

The blu-ray has good video quality, considering the source material was made to look like an old movie much like "Hobo With A Shotgun" and "Planet Terror". Some scenes have a lot of detail to them, while others don't. Video: 4/5 stars.

Audio is okay at best. I wasn't particularly blown away, but it serves the "feel" of the movie well. Audio: 3/5 stars.

There aren't any extras on this one-disk blu-ray edition, though I've heard other editions of the movie come with more disks and some extra content. I own this version, the single disk blu-ray, with only a theatrical trailer. Extras of single-disk blu-ray: 0/5 stars.

Overall: 4/5 stars. I don't find this film as memorable as some of the other crazy films I've mentioned, especially "Planet Terror", but its still good and provides some fun entertainment for fans of this genre. Video is good, Audio is okay. Rent it if you're not sure. Buy it if you enjoy other films in this genre.

Rating: Not Rated, likely NC-17. Language is comical, Nudity is raw and Sexual content tends to be very mature. The violence is over-the-top and extreme, but some of it can be shocking (genital mutilation, for example) and some of the violence mixes in with sexual content, making it possibly uncomfortable for some viewers. Ages 18 and up.
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on November 26, 2014
There is a father serial killer on the loose. The killer also sodomizes the victim as well as removing their manhood with his teeth. This type of killing has happened before. Ahab (Adam Brooks) whose father was killed by this man, Chris Fuchman (Mackenzie Murdock) is summoned to help go after him by a blind priest (Kevin Anderson). He is aided by a lousy Priest (Matthew Kennedy); a Billy Idol looking Twink (Conor Sweeney); and his sister (Amy Groening). Twink is both his name and occupation.

This is a Troma style film. It is a spoof on grindhouse films and perhaps even spoofs Troma films which are spoofs themselves. The dialogue is campy and laughable. The film is on the sacrilegious side of the spectrum.

The film has names such as "Sleazy Mary" who runs the "Low Life Club" a strip joint where Ahab teams up with his sister. My has she grown. I enjoyed the silly dialogue, even the discussion of the metaphor that wasn't a metaphor.

Perv guide: F-bomb, sex, male rape, ample nudity including male full frontal which may or may not be real. I would guess this film would have less appeal than "Toxic Avenger" but more appeal than "Blood Sucking Freaks."

2 Disc combo pack $3.99 at Mountain Movies
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on February 25, 2014
That's right I said it. The best damn film of the year and the most fun you'll have watching a movie. For each friend you add to the room when viewing the fun factor goes up 10x. Sit back and enjoy the ride, but never call a man a tree.
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on August 21, 2012
This film is definitely not for everyone - it's insane from start to finish. At times it seems like a horror flick before it becomes a Grindhouse styled action flick before it becomes a wild trip to hell. Full of violence and depravity, it's cult classic material.

The movie, in my opinion, was great, but this set is even better. It's presented beautifully, has four discs, includes the music from the movie, the Blu-ray, the DVD, and special features. If you're a fan of this film, this is definitively the version you want to own.
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on June 29, 2013
The guys who made this are clearly insane. Violent, weird, and funny, this is everything you want in 90 minutes of escapism. Highly recommended!!!
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on January 12, 2013
I love Astron-6, they have an amazing amount of talent and are a force to be reckoned with in terms of up and coming horror film greats - but when I heard that it included the soundtrack and was supposed to included a making of Documentary - I was disappointed to find out the the soundtrack wasn't that awesome 80's synth soundtrack but a cheesy rock band only accompaniment. I am glad to have this in my collection, it was well done and well packaged - but I would of loved to see the making of Documentary and wish the soundtrack included here, was the actual soundtrack and not a few rock band songs. Still support Astron-6, these guys need to keep making movies!
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on January 10, 2014
A film that is both shocking and genuinely hilarious at the same time seems to be a rarity nowadays. I won't waste my breath recapping the story and main characters as other reviewers have undoubtedly done that. It does drag a bit in the middle though. I unfortunately bought the DVD but this is one film I may have to invest in a Blu-Ray version of also.
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on March 25, 2013
This is without one of the best movies of the year, very original and imaginative Grindhouse style horror movie from Troma films!! If you love the current trend of modern 80s looking Grindhouse style movies then this is a MUST have in your collection, the story is great and is filled to the top with action and violence and very gory and bloody scenes of death and depraved torture and rape. This is Tromas best in years, its low budget but great fun in every way, good cast, good dialogue which at some times has some very funny humour, the story has a very unusual twist near the end just when you think its over its not, the very final scene is hilarious. The open credit sequence is very stylish and looks awesome and the whole movie score is very retro horror, this movie oozes so much cool, its trashy but utterly brilliant and must be seen. There are no features which is a crying shame!! If you want to get the ultimate version of this movie get the import U.S version as it has the bluray version and tons of special features plus being troma its region free and has awesome packaging and is limited to 5000.
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on March 16, 2013
One would be wrong to assume this is some sort of sequel to Troma's Mother's Day, even more wrong to assume that it's as heinously terrible as some of the no-budget clunkers this company has recently been known to put out. That being said, this movie was actually written and directed by Canadian film troupe Astron-6, and not Lloyd Kaufman, so the first things you might notice are the above-average production quality and slightly better acting.

The overall grindhouse style isn't too far off from Hobo With A Shotgun, or the early Troma Classics, like Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke 'Em High. An ex-priest goes on a vengeance-fueled journey to track down the infamous Father's Day Killer. Excessive violence, gross-out humor, and an over-the-top plot make this essential viewing for anyone who likes gritty and absurdly offensive low budget entertainment.
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on January 30, 2013
Holy moley! This film contains bad acting, cheap extreme gore effects, groan-inducing comedy and dime store stop-motion animation (which makes Brett Piper's work look like the late Ray Harryhausen), but I'll be damned if it all doesn't work as a whole to make a highly entertaining film, as long as you are not one to get easily queasy. Ten years ago, the eyepatch-wearing Ahab (Adam Brooks) was convicted of murdering an innocent man he thought was Chris Fuchman (pronounced "F***man"), a rapist and serial killer of fathers. Fuchman (Mackenzie Murdock) assaulted and murdered Ahab's father when he was just a kid and then sliced Ahab's right eye with a box cutter (all shown lovingly in close-up) and since then Ahab was on the search for the deadly serial killer. After being set-up for murder and sent to jail, Ahab does his time and is released from prison, where he goes into hiding at a cabin in the woods, collecting toxic berries (don't ask) and making maple syrup from trees that aren't maples (really, don't ask). Priest Father John Sullivan (Matthew Kennedy) finds Ahab and talks him into coming back to civilization. The assaulting and killing of fathers starts again as soon as he is released from prison, so Detective Stegel (Brent Neale, who talks and bears a resemblance to James Woods) thinks Ahab is responsible. The latest victim is the father of male prostitute/thief Twink (Conor Sweeney), who is assaulted in his posterior and then set on fire. Twink joins Ahab and Father Sullivan to try and bring Fuchman down, but first Ahab tries to talk his sister Chelsea (Amy Groening) into leaving the strip club she works at and live a normal life. Chelsea wants to join the trio in their pursuit of Fuchman (she has been tracking his progress over the years in a journal she keeps), but Ahab refuses. Fuchman tries to kidnap Chelsea after assaulting and killing Twink's best friend Walnut (Garrett Hnatiuk) by biting his manhood off (it seems Walnut got several girls pregnant, which technically makes him a father), but Ahab and his new-found friends foil it. Fuchman finally kidnaps Chelsea at the strip club, killing all the strippers (one has her head sliced in half with a chainsaw) and the patrons. Ahab nearly dies after giving chase in a car to save Chelsea (he is impaled on the tire iron he is carrying after falling off Fuchman's truck) and Twink and Father Sullivan crash their car. This leads to a night in the woods, where Twink and Father Sullivan eats some of Ahab's toxic berries and trip out (it's one of the film's funny highlights) and force feed Ahab some of the berries. The berries heal Ahab and they end up at Fuchman's hideout (after the film stops for a short fake commercial for a film to be shown later that day, which ends with a hilarious stinger), where they find Chelsea chained up and Fuchman on the run. Ahab kills Fuchman by shotgunning him in the groin, stomping on his head and throwing him off a dam wall, thereby ending the menace (there's a funny shot at the end of this scene that involves a train coming out of a tunnel). Do you really think it would be that easy? Father Sullivan finds a book under the murdered Father O'Flynn's (Kevin Anderson) bed, which details that the Fuchmanus is actually a demon reincarnated in Hell after incest between a brother and sister that produces an offspring. When Chelsea shows up at Ahab's motel room dressed scantily and coming on to him, Ahab gives in and has sex with his sister (cringe-worthy to say the least). Chelsea is now in Hell (see if you can spot the STAR WARS [1977] homage) and the trio decide to kill themselves so they can go to Hell and save her. Ahab and Twink end up in Hell, but Father Sullivan ends up in Heaven, where he puts a gun to his angel guide's (Falcon Van Der Baek) head and forces him to take him to God (played by Troma head Lloyd Kaufman, who released this film on home video). Father O'Flynn appears in God's office and forces him at gunpoint to send Father Sullivan to Hell (since Father O'Flynn is blind, he really doesn't know where to aim the gun, which leads to a bit of funny dialogue by Kaufman). What happens next is best for the viewers to discover, but I will say that the final stinger is funny as hell (look for THE DEER HUNTER [1978] reference). Directed and written (among many other duties behind the camera) by a Canadian group that call themselves "Astron-6", which includes stars Brooks, Sweeney and Kennedy, as well as Jeremy Gillespie (who has a bit part here and co-wrote most of the film's original music) and Steven Kostanski (who directed Astron-6's equally funny and low rent MANBORG - 2011), FATHER'S DAY was a surprise to me from the start. It contains everything I usually hate, including giving it that fake "grindhouse" look by inserting emulsion scratches, some out of fucus photography and hairs on the projector bulb, but this is a great way to spend 99 minutes if you just want a good, old-fashioned 70's or 80's-like gore film with a plot that is sometimes inventive and sometimes offensive. Nothing is left to the imagination, including the aforementioned manhood-biting, gunshots to the head, bodies torn in half and many other bloody bits. The comedy and acting are definitely hit-or miss, but that just adds to its charm. Troma founders Kaufman and Michael Herz produced the film and released it in a four disc limited edition Blu-Ray, 2 DVDs & a CD music soundtrack box set, with many extras (a Troma trademark), including a couple of Astron-6 short films and liner notes by acclaimed Canadian independent director Guy Maddin (THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD - 2003), who gets a "Thanks" during the end credits. This is way better than most of the crap that Troma releases and it gets my highest recommendation. Also starring Meredith Sweeney, Kyle Young, Zsuzsi, Billy Sadoo and Murray Davidson. A Troma Entertainment Blu-Ray/DVD Release. Unrated for all the right reasons, including copious nudity and an extremely uncomfortable scene where Fuchman injects his manhood with some unknown substance and then cuts it with a knife, rubbing the blood on Chelsea's face. NOTE: Astron 6 believed that Troma released the first release on Blu-Ray too early before the film was fully edited, so they released a new version when it was done. Some scenes in this review may now be different than what is now on-screen.
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