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A brash young NYC detective Mike Reilly teams with ambitious Department of Health researcher Terry Huston to uncover the cause behind four violent and inexplicable deaths.

Stephen Dorff, Natasha Mc Elhone
1 hour 42 minutes

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Fear Dot Com

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Genres Thriller, Horror
Director William Malone
Starring Stephen Dorff, Natasha Mc Elhone
Supporting actors Stephen Rea, Udo Kier, Amelia Curtis, Jeffrey Combs, Nigel Terry, Gesine Cukrowski, Michael Sarrazin, Jana Güttgemanns, Anna Thalbach, Siobhan Flynn, Evie Garratt, Lex Kreps, Joan McBride, Isabelle Van Waes, Derek Kueter, Elizabeth McKechnie, Arnita Swanson, Gordon Peters
Studio Warner Bros.
MPAA rating R (Restricted)
Captions and subtitles English Details
Rental rights 24 hour viewing period. Details
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Customer Reviews

I guess the film is somewhat enjoyable on that level but this is not really a movie.
Fear Dot Com had a very simple plot,that could of made a scary flick,but the writer put in so many twists and turns it got too hard to follow what was going on.
Samuel Henry Barnes
The movie was not scary, made little sense, and just overall.... I cant see how any movie this bad could make anything but a horrible dvd.
Christopher A. Nichols

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful By Mark Twain on February 13, 2003
Format: DVD
"Before you die, you see the ring." Oh wait, wrong movie...Who could blame me for confusing the two films? They have extremely similar plots. In this one, no one sees the ring, but they do de 48 hours after logging onto the website feardotcom.com--why not just fear.com is beyond me, maybe cause the site already existed? Anyway, it is up to tough detective Mike Reilly (Stephen Dorff, who is always pleasant to watch) and Department of Health Associate Terry Huston (Natasha NcElhone, who is very beautiful and deserves a great movie) to research these mysterious deaths. The only way to find out what happened is to enter the site itself...pretty spooky huh??? Not really, and although not as scary or spooky as its far superior follower, feardotcom does deliver a few chills, and edge-of-the-seat suspense. Too bad its intriguing plot is never fully explored, and ended up disappointing. The set-up was quite intriguing, but the final result was one big mess. It is unfortunate because the film had incredible potential to go above the standard Hollywood "frightfest," but it does not succeed. There is no big pay-off and no logical explanation, confusing us more in the end than we were in the beginning. It falls apart from one too many ideas and plot holes you could -- and do -- get lost in. Overall there is some enjoyment and great visuals, but the screenplay needed a re-write.
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15 of 17 people found the following review helpful By Jeffrey Leach HALL OF FAME on April 15, 2004
Format: DVD
The only fear in "Feardotcom" is the fear you will have wondering if you can survive watching this clunker. Directed by William Malone (who made the lousy remake of "House on Haunted Hill"), "Feardotcom" is a horror film so loaded with clichés; so weighed down with bad acting, a confusing script, plodding pacing, and continuity errors in the thousands that surviving the experience says something important about your mental and physical fortitude. If you do come out the other side unscathed, as I did, the most you will get out of the experience is the realization that you are a complete dunderhead for sticking with it when instinct told you to turn it off five minutes after the film started. It kills me to write such an acidic review of Malone's monstrosity only because actor Stephen Rea co-stars in it. Rea, if you aren't familiar with his acting, usually turns in excellent performances. His role as a conflicted yet sensitive forensics expert in the HBO drama "Citizen X" was one of the best acting gigs in the 1990s. Rea also starred in the critically acclaimed "The Crying Game." What he is doing in this boat anchor is a question for the ages. Maybe he needed the money. Maybe he owed a friend a favor. Maybe he went completely insane. Whatever the case, he should have passed on "Feardotcom." The damage to his career may well be irreparable.
I never felt as though I caught on to the plot in this film. Perhaps I am a lazy viewer who gets a little crabby when a movie doesn't reveal everything to me in an easy to understand way. Nah, that can't be it. If so, why would I watch films like "Fando & Lis" and "Begotten"? Challenging films don't usually bore me.
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful By Stephanie Craddock on October 31, 2002
Wow! What a sense of deja-vu ! Was it just me or did the ghostly little girl bouncing the ball seem to be Carol Ann, lifted right out of the POLTERGEIST series? It put me in such a mood for the same sort of movie as those, that I eneed up disappointed, even though I never was a huge fan of POLTERGEIST and its sequels or their particular sub-genre of horror. Yes, FEAR DOT COM delivers even less than those. This film is muddled, sometimes resembling a supernatural shockfest, sometimes a detective story, and sometimes a cyber-thriller. And those disparate elements adhere together to make a coherent whole poorly if at all. I ended up not knowing for sure just what happened in this story or just how the title web site inexorably drew its victims into their fate. What's more, it didn't make me care that much. It's not like I missed anything I'd want to view the movie again to decipher -- just that there couldn't be anything there possibly un-confounded enough to hang in for and try to take in. It seems a worthy cast is wasted herein. I particularly hoped to see Natascha McElhone do more. I remembered her mainly from THE TRUMAN SHOW, in which she was a likable character one would want to see have a role in the story's outcome, only to see the movie treat her as a throw-away character as if we weren't supposed to care about her. But she gives us little more to care about in FEAR DOT COM, nor does any of the rest of the cast. The most memorable character herein remains the eerie little one bearing an uncanny resemblance to Carol Ann or a clone thereof, lurking through this movie's confusion. But there's virtually no light for her to lead anyone into this time.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful By Pavla V. on September 24, 2003
Format: DVD
While I adore Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, I should preface this review by warning you that I'm not the biggest fan of horror movies, so it's possible there are connoisseurs who can appreciate Feardotcom on levels I cannot. Possible, but not probable, judging by the vast ocean of negative feedback the theatrical release received.
My partner wanted to see this film and talked me into seeing it. The preview didn't look all that bad, the title amused me, and Stephen Rea happened to be in it, the talented star of The Crying Game. How bad could it be?
Astonishingly bad is the answer, and not in an "oh, but I love bad movies" kind of way. This is a monotonous, dull, confusing trainwreck of a film with nothing to redeem it but the occasional atmospheric camera shot. The plot has something to do with a website that contains a subliminal advertisement which triggers hallucinations of a little girl bouncing a ball. Somehow, these hallucinations lead to the characters' deaths, which didn't happen quickly enough for my liking, as none of them were particularly interesting. Even Stephen Rea fails to generate any real sense of emotion, momentum or (heavens forbid) danger, despite playing as macabre a villain as any in recent memory.
After apologizing for dragging me to it, my partner proceeded to kill the rest of our evening by fuming about what a terrible waste of film it was, and how shamelessly it ripped off The Ring, Poltergeist, Seven, etc. I can safely say I've had better evenings.
Derivative, rambling and incoherent, Feardotcom tries to be genuinely frightening, but succeeds only at being unpleasant. Not recommended.
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