Customer Reviews: Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown
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I was somewhat conflicted when I read the story of this hero. Having read many of the books published about Navy SEALs, one thing stands out, they all have an extreme focus on the end goal and make choices that move them closer to that goal. Adam Brown made some bad choices that had to be overcome. While any journey to wear a SEAL Trident takes a monumental effort, Adams journey is even more incredible with all the stumbling blocks he encountered.

Fearless is the obvious title for this book. Adam Brown became fearless by his deep belief in God, his wife, his family, and his team. You have to respect a person that would rather die than let down his team. That dedication shows when on the road to Kandahar their Humvee hit another vehicle and flipped multiple times. Adam severed the fingers of his right hand and they were hanging on with skin and tendons, but he completely disregarded that injury and went to work saving his teammate that had his leg crushed in the accident. Only when the Corpsman had his friend stabilized did he allow someone to tend to his injuries.

This book pays tribute to this hero. The author spoke with his childhood friends and family and in the first 80 pages outlined the story of a fun-loving kid. He was a kid who liked to push himself and loved dangerous feats, like jumping off of bridges into the river. He excelled at everything he attempted, and was on the path to do anything he wanted, when he made some bad choices and started using drugs. I have seen first-hand the damage that drugs like crack can do, so this story is even more amazing that he reached the top tier of the Navy SEALs while having to overcome the constant call of his crack addiction. While I did not like the person he was during his dark time with drugs, I did find myself pulling for him to succeed.

SEAL Team Six is the "best of the best" and a place where you have to be in the top 1% of a group that is already in the top 1% of the planet. You have to perform at incredibly high levels that most people, with fully functioning bodies and minds cannot achieve. Adam severed the fingers of his right hand, his shooting hand. He was injured in a training accident and lost sight in his right eye, his dominant shooting eye. He caved in his shinbone, had back problems, arthritis, walked around in constant pain all while fighting the urge to smoke crack, yet he still managed to overcome these issues, any one of which would disqualify a normal man, yet he still forged on.

Adam went to Sniper school, a school with a very high attrition rate, because only the best graduate from this incredibly tough school. Now many SEALs complete Sniper school, but Adam had to relearn how to shoot using his left hand and his left eye. That is unheard of.

All throughout this book you will be touched by Adam's generosity and his constant devotion to others. In Afghanistan he would never leave any checkpoint or observation post without helping fill sandbags or in some way fortifying the outpost. He would regularly give away his MREs to the local children and even organized his church to send kids sneakers when he realized that the local Afghan children had to wear open sandals during the harsh mountain winters. He was a man that always made the world a better place for others.

By the time I was halfway through this book I was increasingly saddened because I felt it unfair that a hero like Adam was going to die. But true to his character his life ended in a detailed battle where he never once stopped to think about himself, he just remained fearless while trying to protect and defend others.

His loyalty to his team was shown in their loyalty to him. When he was shot multiple times and badly wounded his teammates made heroic efforts to save him and get him to a hospital. Sadly, as we all know, he did not make it.

Adam touched a lot of people during his short life. He made a difference to many people. If a man is judged by the positive difference he makes in the lives of others, then Adam Brown truly is a hero.
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on May 22, 2012
FEARLESS: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown by author Eric Blehm is a most captivating and gripping story captured with emotion and detail. A hard book to put down, and even harder to read without shedding tears.

The Navy SEALS is one of the most elite military teams in the world. It's the envy of most boys, and have been the foundation of many fictional characters in novels. But there's no fiction in this book.

Christian, Warrior, Navy SEAL, and American HERO, Chief Adam Brown, in his final act of bravery, died trying to engage enemy fire away from his team who were pinned down and under heavy gunfire. In doing this, he saved the lives of his unit but paid the ultimate price. Chief Brown's team was able to eliminate all the combatants who were shooting at them.

The author introduces the reader to Adam prior to joining the military and describes how he was always an adventurous individual and daredevil - from jumping off bridges into lakes to jumping off roofs into trees, Adam was 'Fearless'.

Several months after Adam was killed serving his country, most of his unit also died when their Chinook was shot down in August 2011, in Afghanistan.

I commend the author on this well written book, and have prayed for Adam's wife, children and family. Blessings to all the men and women in uniform.
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Adam Brown's life ended in an isolated military clinic in the mountains of Afghanistan, his body riddled with AK-47 bullet holes from Taliban militia. However, Adam Brown's legacy lives on, described in his biography by author Eric Blehm. The book, Fearless, released today (May 22) is a moving account of the struggles, redemption, and sacrifice of Adam Brown.

Adam Brown was a Navy SEAL operator serving in Afghanistan with the elite DEVGRU team, otherwise known as SEAL Team Six - the group that took out Osama bin Laden. Brown's journey to the top tier of military excellence is the story of a small-town American boy with a penchant for recklessness, an addiction to hard drugs, and a complete lack of fear.

Brown's life was changed when he met Jesus in a grimy Arkansas jail cell. His problems didn't disappear. But his sinful heart was changed, and his life would take a totally different direction.

Fearless chronicles the life of Adam Brown -- from humble birth to tragic death. The book tells the story of his wife's courage and persistant love. The book communicates the heroism of SEAL Team Six. The book conveys the pathos of war. Most importantly, Fearless shows how the love of Jesus can change a sinner's heart.

Thoughts on Fearless
- Eric Blehm writes a good biography. He may lack the polish of an Erik Larson (Garden of the Beasts), but his style is simple and compelling. The power of his writing is its research and accuracy. Blehm set out to write a straightforward biography, not a sensational bestseller.
- Adam Brown's life is an inspiration. Ever since I was a kid, I cherished dreams of joining the Marines or Navy SEALs, just to prove to myself that I was powerful and capable. I'm probably not going to be heading into BUDS training, but I appreciated reading about someone who did. Adam Brown was the best of the best (SEAL) of the best (DEVGRU), working against unbelievable opposition and overcoming incredible obstacles to get there.
Brown wasn't just a meathead and military machine. He was a compassionate humanitarian, a devoted husband and father, and a disciple of Jesus. I appreciated his acts of kindness toward the Afghan children, and his brave witnessing to hardened SEALs.
- I'm thankful for our military. While I am not a fan of the ra-ra-beat-em-up-kill-em-all-send-em-to-hell approach to our nation's defense, I do appreciate those who serve in the armed forces. I am especially thankful for those, like Adam Brown, who bring compassion and maturity to their task.
- Most importantly, I marvel at the grace of God. Eric Brown's life, just as it is with anyone who has been redeemed, is a testament to God's infinite love and kindness. I was encouraged to be a channel of this kindness to others, and a faithful witness of his gospel. There are Eric Browns all around us. They need Jesus, not our judgment. They need grace.

I encourage you to read Fearless for its dazzling display of God's grace, and its compelling story of sacrifice and courage.
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on May 22, 2012
Received an early copy of "Fearless" by Eric Blehm, and couldn't put it down. This is an amazing story, about an a man who overcame the impossible to be an elite member of SEAL Team VI. I am an avid reader, Clancy, Robinson, Flynn, etc, but Eric has done an incredible job, of showing the love, forgiveness, and devotion of the Brown family, that allowed Adam to become the man he was. I knew Adam as a kid, and later as a man, as well as his family, and if you read one book, besides the Bible all year, THIS IS THE ONE! It is an unvarnished, no holds barred account what it takes, and what one man overcame, to be an example for us all. My hats is off to Eric Blehm, and the Brown family- this book has changed my life, and I am a much better man for having read it. Eric, Kelley, Janice, Larry, Mandy, Shawn, and Nathan and Savannah, along with the lost members of Team VI, we salute you for an incredible story. Read this, read it again, get your kids, grandkids, friends, strangers even to follow suit. This is why this country is GREAT! Magnficent read.
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on May 22, 2012
Fearless, by Eric Blehm, is a moving and amazing true story. It chronicles the life of Adam Brown, a member of Seal Team SIX, from his youth, through his addiction to crack and a stay in jail, into his training as a Seal, and concluding with his death on a mission in Afghanistan . I don't quite know how to summarize this book. Adam was a fearless, determined kid who exhibited tremendous kindness towards others. After high school, he began making poor decisions that resulted in an almost overwhelming drug addiction that finally landed him in jail. While living at a rehab facility, Adam accepted Christ as his savior. Following rehab, Adam met his eventual wife, Kelley, and made the decision to become a Navy Seal. This is a very general description, but I can't do justice to the experiences portrayed in the book. Blehm interviewed a number of people who knew Adam, including his fellow Seals and commanding officers. A pretty complete picture of Adam Brown is presented, and he is a tremendous example of a man, husband, father, friend, and warrior. This is a fascinating story, but the last few chapters are hard to read, due to the emotional content, particularly for this father of young children.

I highly recommend this encouraging story of redemption and courage, and the saving power of Christ. A warning though, that there is a little bit of "salty" language due to the nature of the men interviewed. It is never inappropriate, but it is in there.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from WaterBrook Multnomah's Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.
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on May 22, 2012
I was interested in this book because I like to read about the military. And I was in the US Navy years ago. I was not prepared for what I read.

This autobiography (which I don't tend towards reading) was a beautiful example of both military pride and God's love. Adam's story is filled with defeat, humiliation, huge success, and abundant love.

The story of a true child of God that we all want to be. I will not spoil the story by stating specifics (you really need to read it), but Adam's life started "normal", swerved to the "unacceptable", progressed through "astounding", and ended up in "Glory".

This very human, American story is not written in typical autobiographical format. It is not boring. It is easy reading, more like a novel format, or like watching a movie on the pages :) It is written very well. Real. Emotional. Funny. Understanding. It will grab you, shake you up a bit, and then encourage and inspire you to be a better person.

If you like true life as well as military stories, this is the book for you. Eric Blehm (author) did a superior job expressing the honest, authentic life of a true hero.

Adam Brown: child of God, husband, father, son, US Navy Seal, friend and HERO. Thank you for your service and humanity. I can't wait to meet you on the other side.

Heart felt "Thank You's" and prayers to Adam Brown's family and friends for allowing his story to be told.

5 stars is not enough. Read it to see why.

*This book was provided at no cost for review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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on June 10, 2012
I'm sitting here with tears still streaming down my face. I just finished a great book about a great man.
A man who was a "Tender Warrior" - a man of courage, valor, compassion and brave beyond all words. He gave his life for his country- for his family, his way of life and ours.
After reading this amazingly well-written book I feel like the loss was personal, and I guess in a way it is. The soldiers who fight for us really do fight for me and for you. We forget that, don't we?

Adam Brown was a man who conquered whatever he set out to accomplish "against all odds" time and again. He conquered drugs and crime, betrayal and his own flesh to become a man of uncompromising character and selfless determination. Adam was a humble hero. He loved as hard as he fought and he fought hard. He overcame his past, physical injuries and then serious limitations- time and again...

Eric Blehm tells Adams story in a manner that is rich in detail, honest, oh-so-honest, and riviting.
Adam Brown was a fearless Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator, but he shines in my heart still as a rugged, loving, Daddy who died wearing Batman underwear.
This book made me laugh, sob, and think- I know it changed me.
I didn't really think I would get into this book. I really ordered it for my husband. When it arrived I planned on reading it before him in order to get this review done, but he snapped it up first. He loves these kinds of books, and it's no wonder. He has become a similar kind of man. I thought of him at times throughout the book, the way he beat odds, refuses to give up, looks amazing in his uniform and uses his strength for others at work and then at home tenderly changes diapers on a drug baby because I'm tired and worn out, even though he might not have slept for 2 days straight. The world needs more men like these.

My husband read "Fearless" twice in a row before I got it, cried both times, and I know he was changed. Even in death Adam is mentoring men. Praise Jesus, who Adam Brown loved and served!
I think this should be required reading for highschool and college students. And housewives, plumbers, and anybody else alive. Seriously, there are not words for this book.
And you know something else, Adam Brown's wife was every bit the warrior he was. She amazed me just as much as he did. Kelley Brown is an American hero, no question.
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Love, strength, caring, fearlessness, faith, dedication, selflessness, these are all qualities that Adam Brown possessed. As a Navy Seal he epitomized the American warrior. Of the many stories that could be told of the Seals, his comrades invariably pointed to his story as the one they would like told. He was no saint. He would would be the first to admit he had his faults and his demons. Shortly out of high school, he became hooked on drugs, after he failed to find a direction for his life. He fell to the depths of lying to and stealing from his own family to support his habit. The turning point came when his parents realizing they could not help him, turned him in to the police. His mother was overcome as she and her husband watched him being handcuffed and taken to jail. Adam was crushed, but found remorse and the Lord while in jail. He resolved to beat the drugs and to once again become the type of person of whom his parents would be proud. It wasn't an easy road. He was helped by his new girl friend and future wife, Kelley. He determined to enlist in the Navy and become a Seal, the best the Navy had to offer. How could a man who admitted he was addicted to drugs turn his life around and become a Navy Seal? This book is the story of a man's struggle to overcome all odds. He started by devoting his life to faith in God, by not taking no for an answer, by not allowing others to tell him he could not get where he wanted to go. Adam Brown overcame obstacles that would stop most men dead in their tracks. At one point in training he lost the sight of his right eye in a training accident. Instead of giving up he trained himself to use the other eye to aim with, maintaining his marksmanship qualification. Later on a mission, the fingers of his right hand were crushed and nearly severed. He endured the pain of having his fingers reattached and when he found they would not work efficiently, he trained himself to shoot accurately with his left hand. He accomplished all of this with the support of his family, his teammates, and his faith in God. He seemed to be able to overcome any odds, until that night raid in Afghanistan on March 17, 2010. This is a very good book which recounts the life of a man who stood for all the best this country has to offer. He was selfless and brave. A man of faith and family. He was a man to look up to. His story, one that in these times truly needed to be told. The way he led his life was inspirational. A man any of us would be proud to know. This book was provided by the publishers for review.
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on August 3, 2012
I never served in the military myself, but I have great respect for those men & women that do. Even greater respect for those that have served in times past. Maybe it's because of the stories my father & uncles shared with me over the years. Stories from the Vietnam War, The Korean Conflict, and even back the WW II. I also love stories about those individuals that overcome impossible odds to live extremely successful lives. Not success in a worldly sense necessarily. But success all the same. Eric Blehm captures both of these in his book "Fearless."
"Fearless" tells the life story of Adam Brown. Adam was a small town boy with dreams like any other boy from the south. He was athletic, popular, and friendly to every one he ever met. Adam was the kid that everybody knew and liked. However, one poor choice as a young adult sent his life in a downward spiral. Before he knew it, Adam was addicted to crack and was destroying his life as well his relationships with those he loved and loved him. At his darkest moment, Adam's parents called the police to have him arrested...which as it turns out...began the process of turning his life around.
Through a series of events, Adam Brown met and gave his heart and life to Jesus. He met and married the love of his life. And he enlisted into the United States Navy. Adam has an attitude and desire that simply will not quit. Being in the Navy was not enough for Adam. His dream is to become a Navy Seal. The Navy Seals are the most elite of all special ops units. They are the best of the best. Training to become a Seal takes more than two years and only about 20% of all that sign up complete the training.
The story of Adams life continues to grow and evolve. He continues to struggle with and face his demons. Sometimes losing and giving in. But never giving up. It reminds me that even though the demons I face are different, they are still real and still present in my life. Adam's life gives me confidence to know that even though I give in sometimes in weak moments, I do not have to give up. I can continue to fight because I know that Christ is with me.
I was moved to tears as I finished the book. Reading of all the lives that Adam had touched. The lives that God had used Adam to influence. I never met Adam, but through "Fearless"I feel like I have. I definitely wish that I would have. I highly recommend "Fearless" to anyone who loves this great country, loves the Lord, or just simply loves a story of someone who makes a difference in others lives.
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on June 10, 2012
This is the second Navy SEALS biography I have read. Both books were great, but both were very different. This is a story of tragedy - triumph - tragedy. Adam Brown's life was not normal, by any stretch of the imagination.

The first part of the book shows his early life - A carefree loving kid with a lot of energy and bravery. From jumping off the roof of the house to protecting his siblings, he had a very strong character.

Then things changed. Becoming a drug addict, his life spun out of control. He became a thief, a bum, and a liar. Stealing from his parents and anyone else he came in contact with, he moved from jail, to rehab, then back into drugs again and again. He knew he had to do something with his life.

Even after turning to the Lord he still struggled with addiction. He learned that some people are addicted to crack cocaine after just one try. He then decides The Navy, especially the SEALS, was the place he needed to bring structure to his life.

A friend's dad helps him into the Navy despite his terrible police record. From there, he goes through some extremely hard training.

I don't want to give away the whole story. It is both a triumph and tragedy. It is one of the most emotional biographies I have read.

I consider this one of the best biographies I have read. You will not be able to put it down. Reading it makes me proud to be an American and especially proud of our troops.
Pray for our troops.

I recommend this book.

*This book was provided free by Waterbrook Multnomah for a fair review.
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