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on August 4, 2013
Pros: adequately sharp, individually wrapped, nice included blade disposal mechanism
Cons: do not live up to hype which is somewhat unrealistic

I use these blades with a Merkur 180 long handled razor and have an enjoyable shaving experience every morning. However, I wanted to try to provide a balanced personal perspective on these blades because I see a lot of reviewers providing what sounds to me like a lot of hype. People are attributing godlike powers of hair removal to little pieces of steel. There are reviewers on here saying these blades changed their lives.

I bought these blades because I have a tough beard and need a sharp blade to avoid cutting myself -- sounds like a paradox, but the sharper the blade, the easier it is to shave carefully, with minimal force, and therefore with a minimum of cuts.

These blades are sharp. I work in a fairly professional office with a bunch of bigwigs wandering the halls feeling important, so I need a clean, professional looking shave every morning. I get that with these blades. But they do not reduce my beard to sub-molecular thickness after a single pass, which I've seen claimed by some reviewers on here. In the interest of full disclosure I will say that I do not have as extensive a "pre-shave" routine as some.

I don't use a carefully strategized sequence of oils, creams, and other products to prepare my beard for the moment of actual shaving. What I do is soften up my beard with a hot shower and then some time with a steaming hot wash cloth, then apply shaving soap with a standard badger brush. Then I shave. I don't use all those other products because, while I truly enjoy the ritual and process of shaving, there's a limit to how much time I want to spend on it: it's a balance between how much time I want to spend on myself to feel a little more manly and civilized, and the time available between the alarm and getting out the door for work.

What I want in a blade is to enable me to spend the amount of time I'm prepared to spend, while still giving me a nice shaving experience. Do these blades do that? Yes they do, with some caveats.

I perform a standard 3 pass shave (with the grain, across, and against) and, as I said, get a close, professional looking shave every morning. I find that I don't get the skin-close level of the shave until on the 3rd pass, which I do against the grain. On days where I don't have any meetings I can get away with quitting after the 2nd pass. I would not go into the office after just the first pass, as the beard is only reduced to slightly below the five o'clock shadow level.

I occasionally cut myself in areas where my beard seems especially tough and the grain pattern makes it difficult to get. I put a new blade in on Mondays and I never cut myself on Monday - the sharper the blade, the easier it is to shave well and carefully. I find I am more likely to get cuts as the week goes on. I will probably have to start going through 2 blades a week. That obviously doubles the cost per time for me. While I am concerned with the cost, I think that 2 blades per week is still within the realm of the reasonable.

I hope this personal perspective will be useful in helping some of you make a decision. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these blades but wanted to give a balanced view of what you can expect.
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on July 13, 2014
Feather seems to have a cult of followers who'd like you to believe that shaving with the blade requires the unlocking of some secret of the ancient world. It has been my experience, that these are very good, sharp, double edge razor blades.
I used them for the first time without having to meditate under a bodhi tree, or snatch a pebble from my master's hand...and I managed to complete a two pass shave without having to use my bath towel as a tourniquet. I did not approach the shave any differently. There was no special extra focus, or steadying of a nervous hands. I simply shaved in the same manner that I would shave when using a personna, voskhod, gillette yellow, or astra.
These are very good blades. They are sharper than most and can chew you up if you use an aggressive razor. But, they are nothing to be intimidated by. If you aren't cutting yourself with your Derby or Merkur blade, then you probably won't cut yourself with these. All that you have to do is exercise the same, rational, prudent amount of caution that one would while holding any razor honed metal up their throat.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 26, 2009
It seems to be universally agreed by Double Edge blade shavers that these blades are sharper than Dr. House's scalpel or wit. I'm guessing the name "Feather" refers to the amount of pressure required to erase everything beyond the plane of your cheeks if you get a little reckless, including your nose and cheekbones. But I say that in a good way because if used gently and only after your second cup of coffee for alertness and concentration, you WILL get the closest and best shave of your life. Longevity is excellent also, remaining laser sharp even after 5 to 7 shaves if you care to use each one that long. Each beard and shaver's preferences are unique, so you might want to just buy a single 5 pack to give them a spin. Personally, I have no reason to try any other blade. They cost a little more that other alternatives, but like most things, you usually get what you pay for. As a former Gillette Fusion user before rediscovering double edge shaving, this shave cost less than 1/4 the price, shaves much closer, lasts longer, and if used correctly seems to leave your skin smoother and softer.
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on January 31, 2012
First let me say that if you were like me, you are eager but afraid to try these blades out. I am not going to get into whether or not these are the sharpest blades around that is sort of a given, nobody seems to contest that, the good and bad reviews alike.

I would like to begin reviewing this item by saying, "if you are sampling blades to find the one that gives the most comfortable shave, I do believe you need to try these." I would wait however (if you are new to DE shaving) until you have practiced with a few others first (where you rarely nick yourself). You really should have your technique down for ANY of the really sharp blades. I have read many of the reviews on these blades both positive and negative, the negatives made me hesitate for a bit before trying them, it was actually the overwhelming number of positive reviews that finally got me to make the attempt.

I have to say there is a reason for the number of reviews on these blades. They are amazing!!! I have never had a smoother shave, not just in how it cuts but how the blade glides over the skin. If it wasn't for the fact that I could hear the blade cutting hair I couldn't tell that blade was actually shaving (in some areas). I believe that I have pretty good shaving technique and I have yet to suffer a nick with this blade (knock on wood). Even the slight mole on my neck, which I have resigned to just get nicked when I shave has come through unscathed. My face feels great, minimal to no burn (I will admit the minimal burn is from where I have shaved against the grain on my neck which I don't even dare to do with other blades. This is now my go to blade. My search for my best blade has ended here. Of course everyone's best blade may be different I do believe this is a blade to try.

I also feel it is necessary to say that many of the negative reviews address different issues, that may or may not apply to every user.

1. Price. While in relation to other DE blades feathers are indeed costlier, in relation to Cartridges, they are incredibly inexpensive. I just saw a pack of 8 fusion cartridges at a popular discount retail chain for about $28. My feeling on this is just a matter of priority. If you are looking for the best shave possible, this may be the blade for you. Keep in mind, some of the reviewers who discuss the price of the blade will often brag how they can get another brand blade to last 3 weeks or more. I think that speaks for itself, I have never had any blade that was good for more than a week, and pushing it at that.

2. Butchering the face while shaving. Like I mentioned earlier in the review, you really need to have your DE shaving technique down for any really sharp blades. To much pressure or a bad angle and I can see these blades doing some damage. On the other hand I find really sharp blades to be very forgiving, because they require no pressure, they will cut the hair, all you must do is guide. Also remember that different razors may have different cutting angles, guards/combs etc, and trying a new razor with a new blade may mean relearning your shaving angles. Shave preparation is also very important in getting a clean, close comfortable shave so please keep that in mind as well. It is also possible (as with any brand) that you have just gotten a bad blade. So if you find the shave unbearable try again later with a new blade and see if it is the same.

Here is a list of what I am using at the time of this review.

1. The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, for All Skin Types, 2 fl oz (60 ml) (I find this oil to be a bit thick, and am currently just using it up)
2. Edwin Jagger Natural Hydrating Pre-shave Lotion
3. Taylor of Old Bond Street Lemon - Lime Shaving Cream Jar, 5.3-Ounce
4. Edwin Jagger De89bl Double Edge Safety Razor Chrome Plated
5. Bloc Osma Natural Alum Block
6. Edwin Jagger 99.9% Natural Moisturising Aftershave Lotion - Sea Buckthorn, 3.4-Ounce
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on March 31, 2013
i have used all kinds of blades: blue birds, gillette 7o'clock, 7 o'clock black, feather blacks, astra, derby, merkur, bic, whatever you can think of, but these blade; they take the cake. I have never used blades quite like these. Although you reap the full rewards of a great shave with practice, and flawless technique, which does take time, once you get your hands on these blades your search for the best blade ends. these are it, the best blades on the market....hands down. will never waste my money on anything else. super close shave even with 2 passes, WTG and XTG. no tugging, no pulling, no irritation, no burn; just a smooth BSS shave. if you are questioning trying them, just ask yourself 2 questions:

1) Is my technique and form to the point where i have almost NO nicks? (if yes)
2) Do i want the closest shave possible? (if yes)...

buy these blades. Enough said. i just bought 2x100ct of these.
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on May 30, 2013
TL;DR — I wish I could give 3.5 stars. These are the sharpest blades around, yet they don't provide the best shave in my experience. Wilkinson Sword Classic is in the same class but provides a far better shave for less money. Astra SP Platinum is a good medium-sharp blade for cheap. That said, with good technique you can avoid nicks using Feather blades.

Here is my review of the blades I've tried. There are a lot of sampler packs on Amazon, but after doing some research I chose to order around 30 each of just a few different blades to try, avoiding all of the lesser-quality "filler". I'll compare here and there to Mach-3 blades since that's what I previously used before switching to electric, and now this.

First off, Derby is what came with my razor. These you can practically rake across your face any way you see fit. They aren't very sharp, on par with a Mach-3 that's been used a few times. Shaving requires more strokes which leads to more irritation, especially on the neck. That said, I'd say these are a good blade if you're super worried about cutting yourself, because it's practically impossible. But even beginners might want to look elsewhere as these blades kind of ruin the "shaving experience". Don't be disappointed if you just bought this razor and have only tried these blades! Keep reading...

I ordered a 100-pack of Astra SP Platinum (that's Astra Superior Premium Platinum, not the regular stainless) since it's under ten bucks at the time of this writing. These are great. Beginners, start here. They're sharp enough that you don't have to press the razor against your skin—which you shouldn't have to! You're supposed to let the weight of your razor do the work as you guide it along your face in short strokes. So naturally, these are sharper than Mach-3 blades, but if you do press a little, you probably won't nick yourself. I love these blades because for me, they're comfortable enough for everyday use and provide good, close shaves at a very inexpensive price. Easy on my neck with care. My go-to blade. Great for beginners and pros alike, and eligible for Subscribe & Save!

Wilkinson Sword Classic seem to be great blades for people who have their technique down pretty well. Compared to Astra SP Platinum, they are sharper. They provided the best shave of the lot, but I did nick myself here and there on my neck and below my chin the first time around. Do not push these blades against your skin. It doesn't take much mastery to use these, and they're worth working up to. Downside: more than twice the price of Astra SP Platinum. I'll keep some of these around for days when I want the closest shave possible, or I just feel like something different. If you're new to traditional shaving or think Mach-3 blades are sharp, maybe don't start here, but definitely try them out.

Feather "New Hi Stainless" Platinum Coated blades are exactly what the reviews say: sharp. My first shave I got a good amount of nicks, but my second I had almost none. I adapted well, and you have to; each brand is a little different and the best require good technique, but some are more forgiving than others. These are negligibly sharper than the Wilkinson Sword Classic but they aren't forgiving at all and I didn't achieve any better of a shave. They're incredibly sharp compared to a Mach-3 blade. At 2x the price of the aforementioned and more than 3x the price of Astra SP Platinum, I won't be keeping these on hand, but your mileage may vary. If you only want the sharpest blade around, this is it. Fun fact: these come ten to a pack instead of five.

In conclusion, I'm sticking with Astra SP Platinum for regular use and Wilkinson Sword Classic when I'm up for something sharper. I shave every other day, and either is priced reasonably enough that if I want, I can use each side of a blade just once for a fresh edge every shave. That's about a 100-pack every year, so do the maths on price. Of course, both brands last much longer than this if you're looking for even better value.
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on March 12, 2014
everyone warned about using this blade too soon in you DE blade experience. so i stayed away for a bit. bad idea. dont strugle and butcher with cheaper blades. go strait for the good one and youll save yourself alot of hassle and discomfort. i would compare it to learning to play guitar with a $60 wlamart special instead of a taylor. go for the taylor. youll be glad you did.
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on March 6, 2015
First of all, I bought such a large quantity, because I loved the quality of the feather razors I bought in the past. The blades would glide through the hair, and it was like cutting butter with a hot knife. I decided to get the 50 count package, so I wouldn't have to keep ordering more. Boy, do I regret that decision. Firstly, it took what seemed like a month to get to my house, and when it finally arrived, I was excited. They looked legit, no changes to the packaging. I commence to try them out.

First issue I notice. Usually blades are in the paper in kind of an oily substance. This was more like a glue. Very hard to remove from the paper without bending the blades.

Second issue. These blades are sharp, but not nearly sharp enough for shaving. Wilkinson swords cut better than these, and those blades suck. I've tried 13 of the 50 so far, and I have been keeping bad razor burn, and I have difficulty getting all my mustache and chin area hairs where the hair seems to be the most coarse. My neck has stayed an absolute mess since using these. I now have to skip shaving every other day, as the razor burn has become to painful to do it regularly.

I have excellent shaving technique, I use a brush, high quality shave soap, and I take a nice hot shower before each shave, but the blades just negate that. I don't know if all Feather brand blades have become this bad, or just the ones from this particular vendor. I recommend getting the single pack if you want to try them out.
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on May 16, 2014
I will preface my review by saying that shaving is very subjective, what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another, but there is a reason these are regarded as the premier blades on the market. They are simply the best. Do a quick online search and you will turn up pages of people singing the praises of these. I have tried lots of blades, including Astra, Bluebird, Derby, and numerous Gillettes, and the Feather blades are by far superior.

They are sharp. Like crazy, unbelievably sharp. I read that before I tried them and didn't quite believe the hype, but it is true. They take no effort to cut hair or skin, but you shouldn't be scared to use them if you grasp the concept that more pressure doesn't necessarily mean better shave. They are probably the most expensive of all the DE blades, but even at 32 cents a piece I can get a years worth of the finest shaving blades for around 30 bucks. Take that, Mach 3!
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on July 26, 2015
I had bought feathers before and I love them, spent $15 on 50 blades so that's 10 packs of feathers (they're double sided so it was 100) great deal rite!! Great for coarse hair and gets the job done everytime. The problem I had with this seller is I paid the same amount and got less. I got 5 packs and exactly 25 blades. I did get 50 blades but technically an individual blade is double sided and the seller was counting both sides as an individual. I always use these blades so I know the quality is A1 but the quantity is garbage. 1 pack is 5 blades not 10!!! Get your money's worth and find a seller who's true to their advertising
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