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on February 15, 2005
After falling in love with "war of art" that came out in 01' i have been waiting for a new album from AHC. Finally the "feeding" is out. After a few listens it is brutal, intense, and has all the rawness of the first cd, but with a more mature sound to it. AHC is a force to be wreckened with in the metal world today, this is one of the first great! metal releases of 2005, and should be enjoyed by all of the headcharge fans and alot of new fans should jump on this diesel that is AHC. (stand out tracks are #1,3,8,11)
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on February 17, 2005
"THE FEEDING" is AHC's sophomore album... I gave this album a 5 because it is a very very solid album that's why it has 11 tracks... VERY HEAVY AND AT TIMES IT'S ALSO VERY MELODIC... so far this is the best album that I've heard in 2005... stand out tracks are: LOYALTY, PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE, DIRTY, COWARDS AND ALL OTHER TRACKS... THEY ARE ALL EXCELLENT!!!! This album is a must buy... to all who haven't heard about American Head Charge, you're missing A LOT! AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE RULES... \m/
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on June 17, 2005
Let's face it, this record is not as good as The War of Art. I was taken a bit aback when I listened to it - my first reaction was that of being painfully unmoved by the whole thing. I listened to it once or twice right when it came out and shelved it. I came back for listens sporadically, but each time I was only slightly more interested in it. It took until now, three or four months later, to really digest it and form an opinion about it.

It's not as bad as I had initially decided, for sure. There's some great songs on this album. "Loyalty" is a really good single that got my hopes up for this album. Most of the things I loved about War of Art are present in this song. Other songs that I've grown to love are "Dirty," "Fiend," "Walk Away," and "Take What I've Taken." My absolute favorite song on this album is "Ridicule": it stood out to me right away as something totally new for A.H.C. It's probably one of the most emotional songs they've written up until this point. There's a new, creepy, almost Mushroomhead-esque vibe to these songs, and I would have loved to hear more like them on the album.

Unfortunately, the other half of the album sees A.H.C. succumbing to many an aggro/nu metal cliche. The riffs are oftentimes mediocre. "Cowards" sounds like the whiney little sidekick of "Americ*nt Evolving Into Useless Psychic Garbage," and while it is novel for its punk energy, it gets old fast. "To Be Me" is decent, but also sounds a bit insincere, as if the band just wrote it to fulfill the lighters-in-the-air requirement. "Eratic" is simply a much less interesting version of "Loyalty." And even the song title "Leave Me Alone" is cringeworthy for it's nu metal cheesiness (the song is equally predictable.)

The industrial element found on The War of Art is sorely missed here, as I feel that was part of what gave American Head Charge their unique sound. Some songs shows them managing pretty well without the electronics, but others show the band coming dangerously close to conforming to the mediocre nu metal status quo. Luckily, even in these occasions, Martin's distinctive voice provides a sense of familiarity to hang on to.

Overall, not a bad album; by normal commercial metal standards it's excellent. But put up against other high-standard metal bands and especially American Head Charge's own fantastic debut album, The War of Art, I have no choice but to give it a 3.5 (rounded up to a 4.) I'll still listen to it and I'd recommend it as a purchase to people who like other aggro metal bands, but War of Art is clearly the superior album... be sure to get it as well if you have not heard it.
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on February 23, 2005
"The Feeding" was never going to live up to "The War Of Art". You have to buy this CD knowing that much. Most noticable is the lack of samples giving it less of a industrial feel. The loss of the keyboard player (Aaron Zilch) really hurt the depth of the music (loved the samples and effects in TWOA). The vocal effort is there on most every song but the beats and riffs are, for lack of a better word, 'blander' or more simplistic than the previous album.

Besides this, the album is still quite good and is a no-brainer for an AHC fan. You most likely have heard the single, "Loyalty". If you take a liking to that song, I would say that "The Feeding" is definatley a CD you want to pick up. I am giving it a 4 out 5 for the lack of depth/overall thickness [>samples] and it simply not being as good as "The War Of Art". Some standouts besides "Loyalty" are "Ridicule" (my fav.), "Cowards", "Pledge Allegiance", "Leave Me Alone", and "Dirty".

Like I said, a very good album and a nice follow up to their juggernaut debut album. BTW, do yourself a favor and dont listen to the idiots that simply review the album as a 'piece of sh*t' and go on to recommend some obscure underground death metal, garage band. Everyone has different tastes, respect that and buy what you want. \m/
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on August 27, 2011
American Head Charge are a much overlooked and underrated band, who never fully got as big as it seemed they were supposed to, and never lived up to their full potential. If you are a fan of the heavier and more tasteful bands to arise during the Nu Metal era, then American Head Charge are definitely a band you should investigate.

Their second album `The Feeding,' came out in 2005, four years after their debut album `The War Of Art,' and featured the tracks `Loyalty,' and `Cowards,' both of which had music videos at the time.

While The Feeding could not fully live up to its predecessor in terms of power, impact and memorable songwriting; it did surpass it in other areas such as clarity, focus and was much more succinct than The War Of Art, as well as having a better production job.

Standout tracks include the astounding single `Loyalty,' which is one of the band's greatest moments, as well as `Pledge Allegiance,' `Dirty,' and `Take What I've Taken,' all of which are fine examples of the band's industrial tinged mixture of ferocity and melody.

On The Feeding, the band's influences were less audibly on their sleeves, and you can't so much pick out individual bits that sound like Ministry, early Deftones or whoever, the band have more thoroughly developed their own style and refined the formula they started years before.

While `The Feeding,' may have come a little too late at the tale end of a dying scene, it is still a superb album to listen to that on its own merits deserves to be thought of more favourably than just as the final album from a band that missed its window.

If you like American Head Charge, pick up a copy without hesitation, the album is a real grower. Now with the band finally reunited and creating new music, this is an excellent and overlooked record to revisit.
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on April 25, 2005
I first saw these guys on tour with Mudvayne, and immediately knew they were gonna be big. The concert was on Saturday, so I missed the Headbanger's Ball video. I bought the CD, and I gotta say, I loved it. I made sure to watch HBB the next weekend, and (after wading through all the crap that airs on that show) saw it. I seriously enjoyed the CD and the band. Unfortunately, after Bryan's death, the I was unsure of the band's future.

However, American Head Charge reassured us with promises to continue making music in Bryan's honor. I look forward to the future of AHC, and reccomend that you purchase this CD, or at least the groundbreaking War Of Art.

I was torn here, giving this a rating. I reluctanty went with four, because I have seriously high standards for music. Amazon should really try out a 1-10 scale, it would probably be a lot more accurate in depicting a user's review.
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on September 23, 2009
This is a great record, its not "Trepenation" or "War Of Art" because its not supposed to be and you wouldn't have a true 'AHC collection without it. BUT! DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM NEW BECAUSE NITRUS RECORDS HAS NOT PAYED THE BAND A DIME FOR THIS MUSIC!!!
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on April 20, 2005
AHC'S guitarist was found dead today, here in Charleston, SC before their scheduled show.He really contributed to AHC's music and will be sorely missed by the hard rock music community.Condolences to the guys in American Head Charge and their families.Get the CD and help the guys!
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on February 28, 2005
Nope, they returned, and they still kick ass. You don't have to just like "nu-metal" to enjoy this CD. If you like artists such as Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall (a.k.a. "The New Wave Of American Heavy Metal"), you will enjoy this CD. The artwork makes New Found Glory's artwork for "Catalyst" look like garbage. This could creep children out! Hide this from your children. They'll think that this is some kind of children's record (I felt the same way with the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "One Hot Minute". It looked friendly for children, since it had a cut girl playing the piano.).

Anyways, I could tell this CD was something worth listening to two months before it was released. I saw the video for "Cowards" on Headbanger's Ball, and when I subscribed to iTunes, I bought this song. This is more brutal than "The War Of Art". Two months later, I listen to a sample of "Cowards" on iTunes when "The Feeding" came out. The album version has backing vocals on it! Anyways, I bought "Loyalty" (the first single), and this song didn't let me down. It's no "Cowards", but it's for the fans who enjoyed the 2001 single "Just So You Know".

Buy this album. If you think this is the return of "nu-metal", think again.
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on February 5, 2006
It may have taken them four years, but American Head Charge have finally returned with a new album. And, contrary to what some others are saying on this site, "The Feeding" is a good sophomore effort. Granted, the vocalist (Martin) sings more this time around, so this album is less brutal, intense, and in-your-face and more industrial than 2001's "The War of Art," but this change isn't for the worse. In fact, it makes this disc more unique than their debut. And the album, as a unit, is exciting and heavy enough to make up for some songs (like "Fiend") that sort of sag. The album begins with possibly the hardest song on the record, the distorted "Loyalty" has pounding, churning riffs; track three, "Dirty," which has staccato vocals and lurching guitars, is probably the catchiest song on here. Other highlights are the heavy yet melodic songs "Ridicule" and "To Be Me," the hooky, stutter-stepping riffs on "Leave Me Alone," and the single, "Cowards," which is very speedy and almost Ministry-esque. If you love American Head Charge's first disc, "The Feeding" may take some time to grow on you, but you should still pick it up. And it may only be forty-one minutes long, but, all in all, it's a worthy follow-up.
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