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on July 11, 2012
We have four ceiling fixtures that hold four bulbs each, until now 25W incandescent 16.5 globes with a candelabra (E12) base. Each fixture has a glass cover. It seems like one of the four bulbs is always burned out in one of the four fixtures, so we spend a lot of time either replacing bulbs or living with low lighting levels. LEDs seemed the way to go. But which one?

I purchased three different types of LED lights to try out against each other and the incandescents. Both my wife and I liked this one best, hands-down. The Feit 16.5 globe with 150 Lumens of output has better light dispersion and color than a Philips torpedo-style bulb, and its light output is superior to a GE 16.5 globe LED. It's also less expensive than either of the other LEDs. At 3000K, the light color is whiter than the incandescents, whose softer color we like better. However, the Feit bulbs do not produce a glaring white, and we will get used to the whiter color over time. Assuming they last even half as long as indicated, we will save ourselves a lot of tedious bulb replacement. And, of course, LEDs are much cooler than incandescents, lowering our A/C costs during the summer.

I found this bulb by accident, using a site that aggregates information on bulbs. The site offers a choice of purchasing from Amazon or from Wal-Mart, and a couple of people commenting on the site noted that the Wal-Mart bulb was half the price of the Amazon bulb. I looked closely at the specifications for each. While they look almost identical, they are not. The bulb sold by Wal-Mart puts out about half the light (70 Lumens) as the one sold on Amazon. That might be good enough for some applications, the inside of a vanity for example, but it would not be enough for a ceiling fixture. In this case, you really are getting what you pay for - for half the price the Wal-Mart bulb puts out half the light.

Amazon could useful provide basic information on the light bulbs it sells, such as output (Lumens), color, voltage and base, so one does not have to magnify the photograph of the packaged item and try to read the fine print there.
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on August 8, 2012
We are trying these out to replace some 25 watt incandescent in a bathroom vanity. Like one of the other reviewers, it seems we always have a light or two that's out and needs to be replaced, so we are looking forward to these bulbs long lives. These LED lights appear just a touch cooler in color than their incandescent cousins, but it's not noticeable unless you are trying to compare the two. The LED is definitely a little brighter than the incandescent. Images are posted, but the pics do not do this bulb justice - the LED really is quite bright. The appearance of the bulb when it's off might take a little getting used to, but it probably won't be as strange once its not right next to an incandescent.
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on December 29, 2014
Excellent Lights! They produce an even light and you wouldn't know they were LEDs unless you looked directly at them.

The biggest benefit to this light, however, is that is is very nearly identical in size to the traditional incandescent lights. I have a fixture that for years, I had tried to upgrade with energy-efficient lights, but had never been able to due to the increased height of new bulbs. Well these bulbs fit perfectly!

Few Notes:
- I will admit that they are a timy bit bigger than my GE Incandescent bulb - maybe by a quarter inch. Some of this is due to an unusually large foot contact (the electrical contact at the bottom of the base)
- Note that this bulb is not dimmable.
- The outside clear "bulb" is plastic, not glass. However, glass is unnecessary in an LED bulb. The plastic is probably safer as well.
- This is an "instant-on" bulb. If you're used to incandescent, you won't notice any difference except in your power bill.
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on March 2, 2013
I uploaded a picture to show what I'll be talking about.

When I bought these lights I was concerned they wouldn't be bright enough for the room. Not only are they bright enough, but they don't have a dank yellow glow to them and they aren't so harsh on the eyes.
I still had one old light I plan on using until it's burnt out and I got a good side by side view of how the new lights look versus the old one.
These lights:
- Are white.
- Have a shadow at the base because that part of the light is solid (so as you'd expect).

The old light:
- Is painfully bright. I can look directly into these lights without it hurting my eyes, but the old ones I can't.This makes a difference for me since the way the lights are situated I have a direct view of them often.
- Has a dank yellow glow.

I placed them in a ceiling fan that has a decorative white piece around them. The yellow glow from the old light made it look almost like it was dirty. Right next to it, the new light looks shiny and like a pure white in comparison.

You'll be able to see the differences clearly in the image I uploaded, so it'll be up to you to decide which you prefer. I like the new lights quite a bit.
review image
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on July 22, 2013
We have some fairly tacky ceiling mounted light fixtures in our entryway, which is the type of light you need to unscrew the fixture to replace the light bulbs. We found that traditional light bulbs had to be changed every month or so, given any one of the 4 bulbs would be going out at any given time. So, strictly to reduce the number of times we have to change lightbulbs we went with these lightbulbs. I think these bulbs look great in our fixture, and the fixture is clear glass so you can clearly see the shape of the bulb. The light they give off is definitely more white than the traditional bulbs we had in there before, but I personally see that as an improvement. The entry room is painted yellow anyway, so having a yellow-tinged light in there didn't make much sense. I think the room looks better with the whiter light, and we have not yet had to change a bulb over a year after they've been installed. For that reason alone they're worth the cost, but they look great as well!
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on December 30, 2012
I have a bunch of accent light fixtures that use this size bulb. They are outstanding replacements. Great amount of light and the color/warmth is just right in the hallways etc. where they are used. Changing most of my house to LED lighting has cut my electric bill about $50 a month!! Would have given 5 stars but one bulb failed after a month. For the price and the fact they are supposed to last for YEARS I have to ding the product for that. Not sure if there was a warranty. I just bought a new one and hoping they do last years as advertised.
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on May 26, 2015
The fixtures in one bathroom use these globe/candelabra bulbs.. six in total. The ones I had in there were 40W hogs, and they would blow frequently. Because of where the bathroom was, we routinely left one fixture on all night, to provide some light in the hallway for the kids to find their way. Multiply 120W of power over 12 hours, ~30 days/month... you can see why I was less than thrilled.

In comes these Feit 16.5 candelabra-base bulbs. I tried out one at first, because the fixture had very little clearance. The bulb was ever so slightly longer than the existing incandescents, but because these run so, so cool (i mean, they are plastic! and only slightly warm to the touch!) I was not worried that they only had 1-2mm of clearance. I outfitted the rest of the sockets with these, and am now thrilled to only be spending 6W of power instead of 120W for 12-hour stretches.
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on July 20, 2015
It is tough to find something in this range, price wise, and convenience wise. And you don't have too many choices if you go with traditional stores, unless you want to spend the next twenty years going up and down a ladder replacing your porch bulbs with cheap GE lighting. It took me awhile to pull the trigger on these, but I am glad I did.

First off, these won't win any beauty awards. They are rather homely looking, but once its lit up you can't see the odd yellow areas that hold the essence of lighting to make these unique LED lights. They fit right in, a bit of a tight fit, but it works. Lighting wise, do give off that bluish hue that some folks are not fond of, so know that going in. My wife hates that, but for the cost savings, and not having to be replacing these things constantly I can live it. Do not expect an explosion of bright white light either. They are bright, but LED bright, meaning they can seem a bit dim in comparison to traditional lighting. You adjust, and so will your wallet.

I will say, packaging wise, they hit a home run with these. They really do pack these quite nicely, the company that is, and they are super easy to remove from the packaging, and are even reusable for light bulbs this size. You will see what I mean. I think I like the packaging more then the lights! lol!!

Overall I am happy, and it is worth a 46.00 dollar investment for of these. You will pay more then that over your life time for regular bulbs. And in a couple of light bills I should have my money back.

Great buy!!!
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on November 18, 2014
These are great replacements for the old incandescent bulbs I had in an overhead fixture. They produce a nice, clean white light without any blue or yellow color at all, and the light is brighter than the 25W bulbs they replaced. And now, my four-bulb fixture is consuming only 8 watts instead of 100. I had one defective bulb (did not light), but Amazon promptly replaced it. Even though one was defective, I would still recommend these. Feit Electric seems to be one of the better manufacturers of LED bulbs.
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on August 7, 2012
We have two ceiling fixtures, each of which held two 25 Watt incandescent globe bulbs with candelabra base. Each fixture has a glass cover. I replaced all four bulbs with this type, and they look as good as before. Instant on with almost the same amount of light and color. Now instead of consuming 100 Watts, we only consume 8 Watts, that's more than 90% saving in energy and bills.
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