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on May 11, 2010
Feliway Comfort Zone diffusers are great for reducing stress in cats. They help prevent aggression and urine marking in the home. But, they are really expensive- $15-18 per monthly refill. I had the brilliant idea to use a $5 appliance timer (electric socket timer from Home Depot) to reduce the amount of Feliway dispensed by the Diffuser. To ensure the Diffuser is releasing product frequently, I use a timer that allows for 15 minute intervals and set it to supply electricity 1/3 of the time (ie on for 15 minutes off for 30 minutes). The timer makes the product last 3 times as long so it pays for itself in less than a month. Feel free to experiment with the timing. Perhaps you can get away with having it on for just 15-30 minutes 3 times a day, it will depend on your cat's level of stress. I would start with it being on 1/2 of the time and gradually decrease the time as kitty feels better. I hope this tip will help people to keep their beloved kitties and help kitties heal from the issues that lead them to tinkle in the house. Please repost this tip on any animal related sites.

Here is a similar timer to mine but this one only allows for 30 minute intervals, which may be just fine. 59366 Lamp and Appliance Timer with 3-Prong Outlet, Repeats Daily
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on August 6, 2009
I have 2 crazy boys. To protect their identities, I usually refer to them as "Thing 1" and "Thing 2." If you are familliar with the Dr. Seuss characters, you have an idea of the chaos they can create. They are morning people, I am not. They do cannonballs off the tall dresser onto my sleeping body... I swear I've heard them snicker. One of them even sharpens his claws on the wall. He's stripped it down to the sheetrock in 2 places! The other is a natural putter... he has a soft swing which he uses to knock water bottles off any and every surface.

This stuff is Zen in a bottle for cats and their people. They sleep when the lights are off now. They play nice with each other, purr and turn upside down when they see me coming. I feel I can repair the walls and they will stay that way. I've given up bottled water but they leave my heavy mugs alone.

If you have problem kids (furry ones) try this. It works well in a 250+ sq ft closed room. Not sure how well it will work in a large room with air flow.

If you are at your wits' end, this could be your feline intervention.
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on May 16, 2006
To the Feliway product description information above, I would also add, "Aids in calming cats...who manage stressful chronic health conditions."

My 4yr. old neutered male cat manages several chronic health conditions, which at times create seemingly unrelated behavioral issues, when flare ups occur that jangle his nerves. When his IBD is not well controlled, my otherwise angelic cat becomes stressed out & does deadly things - chewing through power cords, consuming inedible objects, eating plants untouched for years, climbing to & jumping/falling from extremely high places aggravating his arthritis, & more. When he's not feeling well, acting-out is his way of externalizing his bad nerves & telling me, "I don't feel well, help me".

So I bought a Feliway Diffuser for him for his birthday a few weeks ago, & the change in my cat's behavior was noticeable within the first few hours after plugging it in. Initially, I noticed a personality change - sort of a mellowing effect, reflecting a more leveled out & increased general sense of well-being. I see less lethargy, & more interest in social interaction, his environment, & play. It's a subtle overall field effect, but his happiness & joy somehow seem happier. I've noticed I've had an easier time with giving him his regular medications & brushing his teeth. It's a synthetic feline facial pheromone, but I call it "the airborne feline prozac"... And without putting more chemicals into his system that don't belong in the body, & their problematic side effects. My cat seems to appreciate the general change in the overall atmosphere of his home, & occasionally, he even sleeps underneath the diffuser.

The benefits my cat experiences also pass on to me - because if he is less stressed & upset, & doing fewer life threatening things in reaction to his nerves - then I'm less stressed out as well. I'd rather buy him Feliway, than spend money on veterinary visits & additional medication to deal with new problems he creates when he's stressed. And there have been a lot of them.

Feliway contains an odorless oil by human standards, & it does not upset my cat's severe asthma or allergies, nor my own more moderate conditions. In fact, I am wondering that if he's less stressed out psychologically - & in turn physiologically - if there might even be less asthma & less digestive upset due to a reduction in the cycle of internalized stress. And if it improves his overall quality of life, I'd much rather buy him peace instead of more doctors...

I live in a small 1 person unit, & 1 diffuser does seem to cover the entire place. I unplug ours when the window is open, & plug it back in when it's closed, while I sleep or am away, & any time I think he might benefit from it. The plastic bottle can be unscrewed from the plug-in unit & recapped to preserve it until your next use. This may help to extend the 6 week life span recommended in the packaging information, we'll find out. I would also add that the diffuser gets warm, but not hot to the touch, & certaintly not hot enough to burn a hand or singe a whisker or fur. I have handled the diffuser many times during use, & I have no fear of allowing my cat to be directly near it.

The only negative aspect of this product so far as I can determine is how much you'll want to kick yourself for waiting to buy it for long as you did... As a pet store employee recently told me, "It is one of the few behavior mod products for cats on the market that actually does work." While there is no substitute for building & maintaining a solid, trusting relationship with your pet - or for seeking competent veterinary care - Feliway does seem like it could be a great adjunct to it.

Feliway gets 2 Thumbs & Paws Up from kitty & me. =^..^=
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on November 13, 2006
I was at the end of my rope with my cat spraying everywhere. I plugged in this Feliway and he stopped the VERY NEXT DAY!! I have been using it for months now with no problem. Once, I let the liquid get very low and that day, he sprayed. You just have to be careful not to let it get way down to the bottom of the jar.

I would very highly recommend Feliway to anyone who is having problems with cat spraying.
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I have had wonderful luck with the Feliway refills that come in the pink boxes, but for some reason the wicks on these dry up on me after being plugged in just a week. At first I thought my diffuser was overheating to dry the wick, but I tried a new diffuser and it did the same thing. I cannot understand why only the blue box Feliway does this, but it does.

The ingredients come from France, and there are two different distributors for the pink and the blue boxes. Maybe it has something to do with how they are stored in the warehouses.
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on October 17, 2007
My understanding is that Feliway products emulate feline pheromones and, in essence, trick cats into believing their territory has already been marked, so they feel relaxed and are less likely to mark their territory themselves. We have indoor cats, one of which is very skittish with strangers, the other of which developed a habit of spraying after a recent move. All the Feliway products seem to work pretty well. When we use the spray before company comes over, the cats are noticeably more relaxed and outgoing. As is reasonable to expect, the plug-in diffusers take some time to work because (1) the air has to become saturated with the solution, and (2) it takes some time for cats to be reconditioned to a change in their environment. So the long-term effect occurs gradually, but now if we ever run-out of diffuser solution or remove the plug ins for more than a day or two we definitely notice a difference in the cats' anxiety levels, and the 'sprayer' (who we jokingly refer to as Sir Pees-A-Lot) is more likely to have an 'accident'. It helps to use these products in conjunction with using a cat-attract product in the litter box. My only complaint is that the diffuser refills are suppose to last ~6 weeks, and in our current apartment they last only about 4-4.5 weeks, which gets kind of expensive. We previously lived in a more humid climate, and they seemed to last longer there.
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on July 5, 2007
We started with Feliway at the recommendation of a vet to calm the aggressively playful behavior of a male kitten (abandoned at three weeks) that we introduced into a home with three 13-year-old female cats. It worked, and we continue to use use Feliway 3 1/2 years later - it's helped the cats cope through the introduction of two more stray female cats, the loss of two of the senior cats, and two moves. All indoor cats, we can see changes in their attitudes as each month comes to an end and it comes time to change the Feliway. And buying six-pack refills through Amazon makes it a less expensive habit than if we went elsewhere.
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on April 5, 2011
I have four older cats (all spayed and neutered as kittens), which we've moved with multiple times. Every time we move, spraying ensues. Inevitably, we get desperate, and buy these things (cause cat piss sucks and you'll try anything to make it stop). I have never seen any evidence that these help. I realize I'm going against the grain here, with hundreds of positive reviews, but I stand by my extensive experience with these things. I understand why people want them to work (man do I want them to work!), but they just didn't for me.

That being said, if I were you, and my cat was pissing on my stuff, I'd take a shot at these. I just thought someone should be the grain of salt.
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on December 26, 2006
I have three cats and two of them have not been getting along very well for the past year. I was at the end of my rope when a friend recommended this. Once I plugged this in the problems between them seemed to stop. They also seemed happier and less stressed. I was a little skeptical about this, but I highly recommend it.
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on April 6, 2008
Excellent product. The only thing that has controlled our cat's occasional penchant for urinating on our bed. When our initial diffuser refill was gone, we tried not using the Feliway for a while, but our boy soon convinced us to order another refill. We might still try not using it at times, but will always keep a spare on hand.
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