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AeraMax 300 Air Purifier with Large Room Allergy and Asthma 4-Stage Purification
Size: 300 square feetChange
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Size: 300 square feetVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
A bit of background about me before I launch into my review. I've been suffering from allergies for about 15 years or since moving to the East Coast (Washington D.C. area) and now in the Midwest. My allergies tend to be seasonal with peak symptoms in the spring and fall. I have tried pretty much everything you can think of including using over the counter drugs (Zyrtec, Allegra, Claratin and others) to using a Neti-pot, and even going to an allergist and receiving specially formulated shots. My home is even outfitted with a hepa-filtration system along with the traditional air and electrostatic filtration.

So when given the opportunity to try out a new product claiming help filter out allergens I jumped at the opportunity.

I've had the Fellows AeraMax 300 in my home for about 20-days and use it daily.


Setting up the AeraMax is extremely easy. The unit comes fully assembled in the box and only needs to be removed from the packaging. The filters are individually wrapped in plastic already inside the unit and require unwrapping before first use. There is a small pamphlet inside the packaging with brief information on using the AeraMax. Other than that it's as simple as plugging in the unit you're set.


Using the AeraMax is quite easy. After turning on the unit the default setting is auto-mode which according to the instructions samples the air quality in your environment and automatically adjusts the fan speed accordingly. You can manually adjust the fan speed and remove the AeraMax from auto-mode. The front-facing control panel features backlit touch sensitive keys. The fan will indicate the quality of your environment air by adjusting the backlit color from blue (good quality) to amber (low-quality) and finally red (polluted air). In auto mode the fan will adjust based on the results of the sampling so an amber or red LED would result in a higher fan speed.

Initially I tended to adjust the fan myself but I've taken to leaving the fan in auto mode and letting it adjust accordingly overnight.

I have noticed during my use that the AeraMax tends to ramp up (detect air pollutants) more frequently when my air conditioner comes on. This makes sense as this is when dust and associated pollutants are likely kicked up. I am using the AeraMax in my master-bedroom in a room slightly larger than the 300 sq. ft. this unit is meant to operate in ideally.

The AeraMax uses two filters - a carbon filter and a hepa filter. Both are consumables requiring periodic change out. The carbon filter is recommended replaced every 3-months and the hepa filter annually. The carbon filter (model 9324201) comes in a four-pack for about $10 and the hepa-filter (model 9287201) is about $50 here on Amazon.


As I stated earlier, I'm used to having pretty miserable times during spring and fall even while actively taking OTC medication and my prescription allergy regimen. The AeraMax has most definitely helped me through the fall period. I run the AeraMax in my master-bedroom all night and wake up without my usual congestion or coughing fits. Obviously the AeraMax isn't to be solely credited with that. Some days are worse than others but I have noted a noticeable difference in how I feel and the severity of my allergies.


(+) Helps this long-time allergy sufferer through the night. I tend to sleep better because I'm not waking up sneezing or coughing and thus feel better throughout my day.
(+) Attractive design and form including the backlit led touchkeys
(+) Relatively inexpensive filters
(+) The fan diffuser is adjustable up and down


(-) The backlit keys (blue LEDs) are quite bright and do not have any type of adjustment setting. I had to place my AeraMax in a corner, tucked next to a nightstand facing away from my bed because of their brightness.
(-) The fan can be quiet noisy when it ramps up speed.


Based on my positive experience with the filtration capabilities of the AeraMax 300 I'm willing to overlook some minor gripes and recommend this product!
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Size: 300 square feetVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We live on one floor of a house in New York City, which is a constant assault on the senses. We hear, even feel, and unfortunately smell just about everything that goes on in our neighborhood. This air purifier is one great source of relief.

Our first impression upon receiving this item was that it seemed bulky compared to the models we saw in stores, and that it essentially was a circulation unit with a filter like you might have in your air conditioning ducts in a house. But after actually using it, my wife and I realized it's a very high capacity air purifier with a lot of great features that we really love.

For starters, it doesn't just filter air. It also sends out ions, which for us, coming from Japan, is an essential function which justifies the higher price tag. Negative ions are only created in nature by flowing water, and those of us who are used to products which have this feature definitely appreciate it. It simply makes the air fresher in addition to cleaner.

The automatic sensor function is our other favorite feature. It automatically senses anything from smoke, to sweat, to your neighbor's cooking. Our neighbor uses a lot of spices in their seemingly nightly frying of fish, and we were suprised at how this filter removes the smell almost entirely. It also senses when I come home from hours of cycling, stinking of sweat. We are suprised at how well it detects odors and eliminates them.

But silence is probably the most surprising thing about it. It couldn't possibly be any quieter. It makes us think there must be some model of air conditioner which is as quiet as this unit is.

Bottom Line: At first glance or a demo, you might think this isn't a very sophisticated appliance, but you would be wrong. It functions far better than expected, and if you have been using spray air fresheners in your home until now you might want to try doing away with them and trying one of these instead.
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Size: 300 square feetVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The fellows company makes several models of air purifiers, a few of which fall under the AeraMax title.
The AeraMax 100 purifies 100sf, the 200 purifies 200sf, and the 300 accordingly.

This AeraMax 300 resides in a 14x20 foot bedroom which is nearly 300 ft.
This is my first air purifier.

Packaging and instruction, Initial Visual Impression:

The 300 came packaged securely with no damage. Fearing that it might look cheap and hideous like some plastic fans I have seen, I was happy to see that it was rather on the sleek looking side, appearing to be good quality, and wouldn't be too intrusive looking in the room.
This unit came with the quick user guide which request that you go online to their website to see the full users manual. This does not bother me as it does some other reviewers of the smaller models. I'm all for saving trees, and it doesn't bother me to go online and look the full manual up. When I went to the website the manual for the 300 is not listed as yet, and I assumed that because the model is so new that perhaps they do not have it posted yet but will eventually. I looked at the manual for the 200 and watched the videos, assuming the AeraMax models have similar guidelines. The two units are similar in operation and it was easy for me to figure out the operation of the 300 without the actual manual.
The instructions are fairly straightforward. Turn the machine on from a switch in the back. You can choose automatic mode or you can adjust the fan from low speed to high speed manually and turn Auto off. I found that I prefer to use this machine on automatic.

The AeraMax comes nearly ready to plug in other than the quick removal of plastic which surrounds the filters. There are two filters. One of the filters is the charcoal filter which needs to replaced about every three months, and the other accordion like filter I believe needs to be replaced about once a year. The charcoal filter faces the front of the purifier and the other filter sits back behind it. Supposedly these replacement filters are easy to order online.

When I first tested we had our attic fan on and the windows open. I set the purifier on automatic. With the attic fan on and the windows open the fan remained on low with the blue light indicator showing in the automatic setting. At first the indicator light was blinking for about 10 minutes or so and I thought I needed to select something but found out that this is standard while the machine calculates the air quality. The flashing stopped and the purifier remained on low fan with blue quality indicator on. This told me that the air that the attic fan was pulling through the windows must be pretty clean. We had had a lot of rain lately so perhaps this had something to do with it.
I then closed the windows and turned the attic fan off. I closed the door in our bedroom.
The fan remained on low for about 30 minutes or so and then fan shot up to high with the impurity indicator switching from blue(clean) to amber (not as clean) and then to red (pollution..) with the fan jumping up to high. The fan stayed on high for about 45 minutes or so, then the color slowly changed from red to Amber with the fan adjusting itself accordingly, then back down to blue with the fan adjusting itself to low. After that I fell asleep and in the morning the 300 was on low fan with blue indicator light.
I have done this attic fan/open window test several times. The AeraMax has moved up to amber now and then but not that often so I guess right now our outside air quality is pretty good. When I turn off the attic fan and shut the window the purifier goes up to amber then red much more often than it does with the windows open/attic fan.

White Noise:
I am a big White Noise fan so I love to hear the fan even on high. No complaints there. It reminds me of sitting in an airplane and lulls me right to sleep. I like it in the bedroom and it wouldn't bother me in another room in the house. That's just me. I also have a bit of Tinnitus and it really helps me forget about that. I recommend this kind of White Noise for those of you with crickets chirping in your me.

Air Flow:
The air intake vents are on the left and right side of this unit in front of where the filters sit, ... not in the back, so if you wanted to place it up against a wall it would not affect the air flow.
On the high setting it can really blow a lot of air out, and the air grates are adjustable so that you can aim the air. I don't know about you but a stuffy room really gets to me whether it's Summer or Winter, so I welcome the strong airflow of this unit.

The only thing that I have to complain about the Fellowes AeraMax 300 is the fact that the panel lights cannot be turned off at night. For many customers this may be a deal breaker. In my opinion there should be a button that allows for this feature. Once a person goes to bed they are not going to want to fiddle with the controls, so I do not understand why there is not an option to turn the lights off.

All in all I am very pleased with this air purifier. It appears to be of high quality, and is not unattractive. Not gorgeous, but not bad. It works well. I would purchase again, but I hope that Fellowes will consider adding the option to turn the lights off at night!

To be completely honest, after sleeping with this purifier for a couple of weeks now, I have found the blue lights that will not shut off are really disturbing my sleep! Everything else about the unit is a+ however this one issue is a BIG issue. (I hope the Fellowes folks pay attention...)
If you are not planning on having this in your bedroom then it won't matter to you.
For a child that loves a night light,...perfect!
NOT for me! I want my room completely black, and when it is not I tend to awaken often and therefore end up losing sleep. If I can't come up with a way to cover the BRIGHT blue lights, I will have to move the Fellowes out of the bedroom.

What a shame as otherwise this is a quality purifier that does a good job!
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VINE VOICEon September 12, 2013
Size: 100 square feetVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Fellowes AeraMax 100 Air Purifier is a good little air filter/purifier. I don't like to rate these things without trying them for at least a whole month, so I can report on their long-term usefulness and air quality effectiveness. I am pleased to say that this unit does a very good job of cleaning the air in a room more than 3 times the size it is rated for. There isn't much more to say about an air cleaning unit other than the details, so, here are the pros and cons:

-it saves floor space by being tall and sleek
-it is quiet (a little too quiet for me, actually, I like my air purifiers to double as white noise generators)
-it has an automatic air sampling mode (that's what the "AeraMax" does) and will adjust fan speed accordingly
-You can turn OFF their ionization field (which is great, because ionization fields I cannot turn off, are a deal breaker for me, I don't trust that technology)
-it has a built-in carry handle
-the filters fit snugly in the unit, and don't get dislodged when carrying it around the house.

-It doesn't come with the full manual, you have to download it from their website. For a unit that costs over fifty dollars (in this case triple that), that is INEXCUSABLE!
-the controls are "touch" controls. I HATE touch controls on anything but a phone or tablet!
-The LED lights for the interface are way too bright to be used in a bedroom at night, and cannot be dimmed or turned off.
-The included ionization field is ON by default, and unless you download the manual, you probably won't figure out that to turn it OFF you hold down the button/touch field for the ionization field for 5 seconds until it beeps (you can turn it on again the same way

Overall, the core job it is supposed to do (clean the air) it does very well. I have tried it in a bedroom overnight in place of our current one, and it worked fine. I have tried it out in the main rooms of the house, and I have tried it in specific situations to clear the air (such as after cooking Italian food, Chinese food, etc.), and it performed fine. It is a good little unit.

4 stars :)
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VINE VOICEon November 11, 2013
Size: 300 square feetVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We are loving this air purifier so much! We live in a 900 square foot apartment with 3 cats, so we have a lot of dust, hair and litter box odor floating around. We have been on the lookout for a good air purifier for a while now (we already have 2 smaller ones that do not do much good) so I am extremely grateful to have the chance to give this one a try.

Setup was really easy. Pretty much just take it out of the box and plug it in.

It is really quiet which is a plus for us. There is an indicator light on the front of the purifier that let's you know when it has picked up some particles, which makes me feel like it's doing it's job.

Our apartment is so much more pleasant since we've had the air purifier. It has eliminated the smell of the litter box odor entirely and has made the air cleaner and fresher. One of our cats loves to sit on the back of a chair right in the flow of the vent to catch all the fresh air.

The HEPA filters do seem to run a little expensive (while the carbon filters are pretty affordable), but they only need to be replaced once a year, and to me it is worth it for the health benefits and the peace of mind of not breathing in a bunch of pollutants.
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Size: 200 square feetVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I live in an old house and have two indoor dogs. My air isn't as fresh as I'd like, so I depend on air purifiers to help out. I have purchased two different air purifiers in the past, which both work great. One is extremely loud, the other is perfect. Still, I needed another for another room, so I jumped at the chance to try this one out.

What I love:
*Extremely Quiet
*Very Efficient
*Sleek Design
*Compact Size

What I don't love:
*Bright blue lights
*Silver panels on sides

I love the way the Fellowes air purifier works. It does a fantastic job cleaning the air. I put it in my bedroom, and I can't help but notice how clean and fresh the air seems. The air doesn't seem stale, and I can't tell there are dogs in the room when I wake up in the morning. My nose is very sensitive to odors when I sleep, and I will wake up if something isn't right. I am able to sleep all night with the Fellowes in my room. I can breath better and my lungs feel better.

The Fellowes air purifier is extremely quiet. You can hardly tell it's on, and it doesn't interfere with other sounds in the room. I also have a Honeywell air purifier that works great and has incredible number of 5 star reviews for how well it cleans the air. However, it is so loud that you can't hear anything else in the room when it's on. My Winix air purifier is a very quite machine, even quieter than the Fellowes, and it also works great. The Fellowes machine is a little smaller than the Winix, and I appreciate the compact size.

The air purifier will sense odors in the room and increase the fan speed to clean it quickly. My Winix machine also does this, but my Honewell does not. It's a helpful feature to have in any air purifier.

The only things I don't like about this machine are in the exterior design. While I like the sleek, white body, I dislike the silver panels on the side. The blue indicator lights are very bright and I don't like the way they look. I wish they had included a little door or panel that could cover the indicators.

Fellowes includes a quick start guide that instructs us to remove the plastic cover from the filter before using the machine. The guide also includes a quick description of the indicator panel. They do not include a complete manual, but instruct us to visit their website to download a copy. That's common these days, and helps cut down on costs and paper waste so I don't mind.

The downloadable manual includes basic safety instructions, further details on the features, and maintenance instructions. It also provides the CADR, in case you need to know it to help you select the right air purifier for your home. This stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate.

The CADR listed for this model is
Smoke 126
Dust 129
Pollen 124

Overall, I think this is a fantastic air purifier. It's as good or better than my Winix, and it's definitely better than my Honeywell. I'm very pleased with this, and I'd like to buy another for my second bedroom.
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on December 11, 2013
When I received my 200 it was dead on arrival. Normally I would just bug Amazon and get them to replace it (I have never had any negative experience with Amazon's customer service) but since this was Black Friday - Cyber Monday time period I thought I would call Fellowes and see what advice they had. Their solution was to send me a new unit. The new replacement unit arrived in just a few days (and keep in mind my area just got slammed with Ice and Snow so some shipments have been delayed) thanks to Fellowes and UPS. So I give Fellowes customer service 5 Stars! The unit itself...just like all the other reviews, the unit works great. I have it running in a bed room that is 188 square feet. If anything negative happens, I'll do a follow up review.
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on December 11, 2013
I love this air purifier! I have a larger unit, a whirlpool - which I also am very happy with - but this unit does a great job. The air actually smelled fresh after being on overnight!

We have placed it on the mail level of the house in an open living room. If I am going to sit in that room and read or something quiet, I do turn it off because it makes a noise - but makes less noise than my larger Whirlpool unit. It's not a big deal for me, I basically run this unit overnight, and the one in the bedroom I run during the day.

The automatic cycle works very well. I couldn't be happier with this little unit's performance!
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on December 4, 2013
Bought two of these to use in my home. All of us have allergies to our pets and to pollen. My plan was to put these in the bedrooms so that we would have better quality sleep. Right out of the box we knew this wouldn't work - they are too loud. The first one we opened make a noticeable clicking sound that could be noticeably heard throughout the room. I figured it was a defective unit and opened the other one. It was even louder - the clicks could be heard in the next room over! Since these units were advertised as "whisper quiet" this wasn't acceptable. Both have been sent back. I did go to their site to download their manual and, according to their manual, a faint clicking sound is normal and a sign it is working. However there was no way we could have slept with even the quieter one in the room. They are simply too loud.
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Size: 200 square feetVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Ok if you want one that works and thats all you care about, mission accomplished.

If you are wanting a unit thats a little more refined and better build quality this may not be what you are looking for. Fist I do not dislike this unit. I have been using it for awhile now and it does what it is supposed to do.

I have a bunch of the big honeywell hepa filters and two other brands Winix and Fellows that I have in various rooms in the house. I have some furry creatures and my house must sit in a pollen farm.

This filter has all the bells and whistles of auto filtering and air quality sensors, but it has an annoying thing to me at least. On auto mode the fan will go up a little and down a little in two second intervals. Not loud mind you just enough to bug the snot out of some people. I guess I am some people cause I always hear it. Highhhhhh - Looowwwwwww, Highhhhhh - Looowwwwwww,Highhhhhh - Looowwwwwww

It has a nice size and the filter is ok, but not very large for the unit size. It is quieter than most of the filters and a good one for the bedroom. I have the Winix as well and they are great, but the replacement filters are a cost bite. The filter size of the Winix units are much larger than the fellows so they should last longer and handle more air for a larger room.

2. The build quality is plastic and has almost no weight so it slides around. LIGHTS it has LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know what it is with all these manufactures putting a light show on these filters. Dont they know at some point people tend to go to sleep and dont need the blazing blue light show. Very impressive lights indeed.

My other honewell units are the larger round ones and they are AWESOME but loud. I have the 50150 and the 50250 round Honeywell's that can move some air in large rooms, but for the most part they are not for quiet time ares, although some like them as white noise generators.

I would pass on this unit unless you can get a really good deal on it, and buy a Winix. I have the 5500 and for the last year has done well for me. It has LIGHTS too. Covered with black tape so I can sleep. Classy I know.

I have this one going in a bathroom that does not have a window and it takes care of any issues in there when guests have issues. It works fantastic for clearing out any problems of that sort in no time.
If it were a tad more afordable, and did not have the problem of blowing hi and low high and low on its own I would rate it a five star.
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