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on March 29, 2011
The short version of this review? Femme Fatale (especially the Deluxe Edition) is simply Britney Spears' best album to date. It's everything a Britney fan could ask for. And for those who aren't fans, they will most likely become fans if they like catchy electro dance music.

Now for the (very) long version. Femme Fatale is an electro-pop masterpiece that melds pop, techno, and even dubstep together. Every song has fantastic production, creative lyrics, and a star quality that only Britney can pull off. This album is one you will want to listen to whenever and wherever, in the car, at the club, at home, at parties. Britney really put her heart and soul into this album, and it shows through her vocal performance throughout the album as well. Yes, there is a fair amount of production and editing that goes on, but as far as the energy in her vocals (which is something autotune cannot induce),she really has put her best foot forward to make tantalizing dance music.

Is Femme Fatale better than Blackout? That is up for you to judge. Femme Fatale is definitely sex-driven, just like Blackout. Every song on this album is different and unique sounding, but there are definitely a lot of similarities to Blackout. Femme Fatale is more like the Blackout 2.0, it's definitely far from the sound of Circus.

"Till The World Ends" and "Hold It Against Me" are the singles so far for this album. "Hold It Against Me" is a fantastic song that has a thrusting beat, and the double-entendre is very clever. The album begins with the high-energy "Till The World Ends", written by Ke$ha. It's an amazing dance anthem complete with chants of "woah oh oh oh ohhh" and the vocals are fierce and catchy. These two songs are already an amazing start to the album.

The next song is a mid-tempo breakup sex jam called "Inside Out". This is probably one of Britney's best mid-tempos and the lyrics are instantly catchy. We heard dubstep influences in "Hold It Against Me", and "Inside Out" is no exception, it takes the influence to the next level. Next "I Wanna Go" kicks in, and this song is pure fire. The song features some clever whistling, and classic Britney stuttering "I I wanna go go all the way way". This is definitely a highlight of the album, and you won't be able to get it out of your head.

The album stays uptempo with the bubbly "How I Roll", which is one of the album's most unique songs. Produced by Bloodshy & Avant, Britney sings some jazzy vocals over electronic bubble pops and a beat made out of her own panting. It's a weird description, but the R&B/Techno-vibe song is very fun and Britney owns it. My favorite lyrics are "I wanna go downtown where my posse's at, because I got nine lives like a kitty cat". Also, she pulls an "If U Seek Amy" with the lyrics of "You can be my thug tonight", but it really sounds like "You can be my f**k tonight" (which after many listens, I am convinced it's the real lyric).

"(Drop Dead) Beautiful [Featuring Sabi]" has an infectious beat and chorus, featuring a new female rapper named Sabi. The beat is so sick, and Britney delivers some sassy lines. The song is definitely great with some lyrics that make me chuckle, but Sabi's part is just kind of generic and overly auto-tuned. Next is "Seal It With A Kiss", probably the most hardcore dubstep song on the album, with a hard breakdown in the middle of the song. This song is another one of my favorites as Britney declares her secret love for someone at a party. It also has an identifiable "Oooo Oooo Ooo" throughout that makes it fun.

Will.I.Am features in "Big Fat Bass" (pronounced base, mind you) which is one of those tracks that has to grow on you, some will like it, others won't. It's basically a Black Eyed Peas song made just for Britney, as the lyrics are pretty straightforward. She coos in her lower register "I can be your treble baby, you can be my bass" and she says this over and over until the point where "treble" sounds more like "trouble". The beat on this song is very good, it swells and includes some flourishing piano in it. Will.I.Am's rap is nothing special either, but I have to give him credit for the practically flawless production. This "Womanizer" like song is also the longest on the album, clocking in at 4:45.

At this point, you are halfway through the album (or more than halfway if you just have the standard edition) and you would expect things to get boring right? Well that's where you're wrong; the last half of the album is just as exciting as the first. The track "Trouble For Me" is a R&B influenced track with a dirty electro beat molded into it. It's here where Britney's vocals sound the most confident and fierce. She sings about a lover who is trouble for her, but a party must-have for everyone else. This song has a great bridge too, and keeps bumpin' till the inevitable end of the song.

"Trip To Your Heart" is an effervescent, gorgeous, ballad style electro song. It reminds me of "Heaven On Earth" from Blackout, and a little bit of "Breathe On Me" from In The Zone. Britney's vocals sound soft and pretty here almost like "Everytime" from In The Zone. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful "Spread my wings out into the dark, I'll fly away on a trip to your heart / Break these chains that keep us apart, I'll fly away on a trip to your heart".

"Gasoline" picks the pace back up with addicting and clever lyrics like "Spark and it's like gasoline / I start pumping like a machine / My heart only runs on supreme / So hot / Give me your gasoline". The standard length album comes to an end with the incredible "Criminal" which is another ballad like electro song. The song features a cool flute, and Britney sings about loving a bad boy. The song's lyrics make you to wonder if she is talking about her ex: Kevin Federline. Either way, this is a pretty and entertaining song that ends the standard album on a good note.

The bonus tracks bring the deluxe album back to party mode with the electric, addictive "Up `N Down". This song is so good and dirty with an amazing bridge, and this song definitely should have been included on the standard edition track listing. "Selfish" is equally amazing, with classic Britney pronunciation of the word "selfish", which sounds more like "seyylfesh".
My favorite lyrics from the chorus are "Boom boom baby, pick you up in my Mercedes".

"He About To Lose Me" has guitars that remind me of P!nk song, and features Britney's most raw vocals. That is until you get to the chorus, which doesn't sound anything like her. Still, this song is catchy and emotional, probably the only other song not talking about sex. Then the last song is a complete oddball (but really a hidden gem) song, it's a rock/pop song called "Don't Keep Me Waiting" which doesn't fit the electro sound of the rest of the album. What's great about this song is how unique it is, I don't think I can remember the last time Britney sang a rock song. The vocals are very confident and I can totally imagine her rocking out while recording it.

As far as the title, her involvement, and concept goes, I would say all these songs fit the concept in a sort of effortless way. Britney doesn't need to try hard to be seductive with her music, she just is seductive with her music. Would it be safe to say she is a femme fatale? Definitely. Seven albums in to her career and she can still captivate us with her image, style and vocal presence. The very fact that Britney didn't write even one song on this album just proves how she easily makes ANY song that she is willing to record her own, and she does it with her undeniable spirit and a voice more unique than any other pop artist on the scene. She doesn't need to be a fantastic songwriter to make amazing music that is exclusively all her own, and neither did some of the greats like Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley. Even the contemporaries of today don't write much of their own music, take Rihanna's Loud for example. Britney has a had a lot of creative involvement throughout the years, whether it be coming up with a music video idea, choosing album pictures, or co-writing some of her biggest hits ("Me Against The Music" and "Everytime"). I would hope that seven albums into her career that we would stop questioning her talent, voice, creative drive, and rather be accepting of it. The best thing Britney has done for a decade now is sing, dance, and deliver fantastic pop music. If anything, Britney has earned her Ph.D in the art of seduction via music.

Overall Femme Fatale is an amazing record, Britney's best if I dare say so. Or at the very least a flawless equal match to the magnificent Blackout. It has all types of songs, and really nothing on it disappoints me. The vocals are amazing (she experiments every part of her range, from the high notes in "Trip To Your Heart" to the lows of "Big Fat Bass"), the production is consistently flawless, the beats and lyrics are top-notch, and the album stands alone as a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, dance record. This album is where Britney is completely in her zone; giving her fans the best music she's ever made. This album is far better than anything the other Pop divas of today (Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Beyonce, Rihanna) have put out in the past year or so. Only Britney can pull an album like this off anyways. I would very highly recommend this album to any and all Britney fans, but also to anyone who is looking for amazing, feel-good, dance, avant-garde, pop music. I am so proud of and thankful to Britney and her producers for making this album; it really is a pop masterpiece for 2011.

Rating: 5/5 Stars or an A+
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on December 13, 2012
Britney Spears' first album into the decade of 2010 showcased a revamped, updated electro-pop sound that catapulted her back into the spotlight; 3 top 5 singles came as a result from it including the #1 smash hit 'Hold It Against Me' and the #3 single 'Till The World Ends', which was accompanied by a massively popular music video. However its commercial success was no surprise even before its release in 2011, given the fact that the album was produced by a hoard of untouchable hit-makers, most notoriously Max Martin, Dr. Luke & Shellback.

The reality of the album's musical content is however less prestigious; while saturating the music with dubstep breaks, techno synths, pervasive melodine, eq filters and massive compression makes for an undeniably trendy output, one can't help but wonder how is it that Britney Spears' style and persona fit into this at all. The lyrical content smooths the transition, since Britney has always been undeniably sexual, but her passionless singing is hardly convincing at all, for which she comes off as rather washed up instead of punchy and seductive; not to mention the fact that any life out of her vocals is sucked out by the melodine.

The 4 or 5 songs that were composed and produced by the aforementioned producers are undoubtedly the most enjoyable ones, where the melodies of a nice Max Martin composition are decent regardless of Spears' commitment to them. The one exception I could point out would be the book-ending 'Criminal', which its thematic about a girl blindly in love with an outlaw, which unknowingly sucks her into the negativity of his lifestyle, is a theme in which there is a tangible connection to Britney's own previous love life, where the faint tone of her delivery is convincing to the helpless, gritty exposition of the subject matter. Other than that, the album is as hype and glossy as her hitmaker producers like it to be, where her own charisma is absent, and her as an artist comes second.
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on August 16, 2015
I'm a Britney fan, and I was surprised by how much I liked this album. I have virtually nothing negative to say about it. First off, it has far more tracks than any other albums of hers (16). There is only one track I don't care for ("Criminal"), but the awesomeness other 15 tracks easily makes up for its shortcomings. Sandwiched in the middle of the three songs everyone's heard ("Till The World Ends," "Hold It Against Me" and "I Wanna Go") is the gem "Inside Out," which is the best breakup-sex song ever made ("Sittin' in the mirror gettin' pretty / Gotta look my best if we're gonna break up"). The lyrics, tone and theme of the songs on this album are the most mature of any of her albums to date, as borne out by tracks like "Trouble for Me," about that person you're aware is no good for you but that you also know you won't say no to, and "He About to Lose Me," about being out without your significant other and having conflicted feelings about being tempted by someone else. The songs convey authentic emotions, and adult listeners will be able to identify with the lyrics' themes. Some critics complained that she doesn't write her own songs, but neither did Three Dog Night. There were also complaints that the album is heavily produced, which is true. But if you are looking for a solid hour of high-quality dance-pop music, "Femme Fatale" is it.
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on February 18, 2015
PURE BRITTANY!! If you like Brittany Spears, you will LOVE this CD - you can dance to almost every song on the CD. You can practically FEEL her energetic pop/rock charm as she belts out "Work it, Work it!", and all the other songs on the CD. On most CD's I buy there is usually at least one song I don't like and always skip over. Not with this Brittany Femme Fatale CD - every song on the CD makes me want to sing and dance. Worth the $$ if you like Brittany "rock it on!" You go, B_ _ _ _!
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on April 3, 2014
This CD is awesome! My old one scratched and it would no longer play so I bought this one as a replacement. I NEVER buy CDs, so you know it has to be good if I bought another one. This CD pumps me up even on my bad days!
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on June 9, 2016
FEMME FATALE is full of bops and classic 2011 pop songs. The songs are not generic -- they are unapologetically Britney, and are all much better than Britney's latest album, Britney Jean. This is well worth the buy. I suggest buying the physical CD to put in your car, because it is one of those CDs that you will listen to from first track to last track.

1. TILL THE WORLD ENDS: (5/5) Most highly successful singles are generic and get tiring after a while. However, actually does a good job on this song and Britney's vocals are really good here. This is a great opener and should have been the lead single.
2. HOLD IT AGAINST ME: (5/5) Britney's latest #1 single, and first this decade, "Hold It Against Me", is an extraordinary track that mixes current pop and dubstep/EDM in a great way that will unapologetically be stuck in your head. For a long time. This is a key track on the CD.
3. INSIDE OUT: (5/5) "Inside Out", although not as personal as other tracks, is a beautiful track talking about a failing relationship -- that may still have feelings. This is a great way to follow up a key track on Femme Fatale -- as another key track.
4. I WANNA GO: (4.5/5) "I Wanna Go" is Britney's third hit in just the matter of four songs -- making the THIRD top 10 from the album. It is a great traveling song, along with the rest of the CD.
5. HOW I ROLL: (5/5) "How I Roll" is a bit different than Britney's usual sound. Vocalizing can be heard in the background while Britney sings "Burn it all down / Need to buy another round / Till they light up in the sound of the speaker". The most influential part of the track is the way Britney says "speak–er" -- as a robotic voice takes over in the middle of the word. Britney shows some of British Britney in this track as well.
6. (DROP DEAD) BEAUTIFUL FEATURING SABI: (5/5) "Beautiful" is the first time that Britney invited another singer on her CD since In the Zone, which only marks the third time ever at the time. Sabi, who recently appeared in Cobra Starship's single "You Make Me Feel..." fits right in on "Beautiful" in both background vocals and her solo part -- "Boy, boy / Look at me / I know you wanna touch / But it ain't for free / I don't need your money / I just want your [...]"
7. SEAL IT WITH A KISS: (5/5) made a very risky move putting this amount of EDM into a Britney Spears track -- but it payed off (unlike tracks on her following album). "Seal It With a Kiss" is a very addictive song that I always found to come back to.
8. BIG FAT BASS FEATURING WILL.I.AM: (3/5) "Big Fat Bass" feauting is probably my least favorite song on Femme Fatale. The EDM and piano does not work well on this track, however Britney's vocal effects highlight the song and make it a good dance track.
9. TROUBLE FOR ME: (4/5) "Trouble For Me" is a unique song that reminds me vaguely of Britney's previous effort, Circus. However, adds a little too much vocal effect to work on this song for it to live up to the rest of the CD. I do like the song though, and you should give it a listen.
10. TRIP TO YOUR HEART: (5/5) This track is an interesting way to make a love track, but it works. The beat is like the rest of Femme Fatale, but Britney's vocals are very different than the rest of the CD.
11. GASOLINE: (5/5) Used in Britney's fragrance commercial, "Gasoline" is a fan favorite from Femme Fatale. It makes usual references and smiles of gasoline and the different types compared to... well -- listen to the track. You'll figure it out.
12. CRIMINAL: (5/5) As Britney's last single from Femme Fatale, "Criminal" charted at #55 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Criminal" is the only real ballad from Femme Fatale. It was chosen as the last single by a Facebook poll. Unique!

FEMME FATALE was commercially successful, trending on Twitter for days and debuting at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It's simply a fantastic album that will be stuck in your head for days. I strongly suggest buying it.

13. UP N' DOWN: (5/5) Originally planned for the original album and performed live, "Up n' Down" is a club banger at the time and is addictive. It starts a key part of the CD, if you have the deluxe CD!
14. HE ABOUT TO LOSE ME: (5/5) "He About to Lose Me" is the closest we have as a second ballad on Femme Fatale. It's, again -- about a failing relationship and is a very powerful song.
15. SELFISH: (5/5) This track is my favorite on the entire Femme Fatale CD, and would suggest the deluxe CD for this track alone. It's one of the best tracks on the album and the "oh, oh, oh, oh"'s will be stuck in your head throughout the next song.
16. DON'T KEEP ME WAITING: (5/5) As the closing track on the Femme Fatale US Deluxe CD, "Don't Keep Me Waiting" has slight rock influence and shows Britney's vocal talent in the chorus, with the rest of the track mainly focused on background vocals. "I'm going crazy, got me waiting / Come and take it from me". The bridge is a key part of the song, before you hear the chorus for the last time. British Britney also shows up during the bridge.
17. SCARY*: (5/5) Only released on limited versions of the album and in Japan, "Scary" was initially intended as the lead single from Femme Fatale, and was also performed live. It's one of the better tracks on the album. If you can find a version with "Scary" on it, I would suggest it!
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on September 5, 2012
I'm willing to admit it - I find quite a few of these songs catchy. I know Britney's music is not for everyone and isn't deep, moving, or terribly unique, but I do find it fun to listen to. There are a couple that still haven't grown on me (particularly "Criminal" and "Trip to Your Heart"), but the dance songs are dangerously addicting. I do wish there had been a bit less synthesizing, etc., but that does seem to be quite a trend in dance pop today. Overall, I enjoy listening to the album when the mood takes me.
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on March 7, 2013
Britney Spears 7th studio album, Femme Fatale, is a return to form after her lackluster 6th album, Circus. Where the latter was filled with mostly bland pop, this album is full of interesting and varied dubstep tracks, as well as four bonus tracks that include dubstep, rock, and R&B, although, lyrically, Circus is better.

The standout tracks are:
The lead track, Hold it Against Me, with its edgy verses, fluffy chorus, and industrial bridge.
Inside Out, a dubstep/R&B track about breakup sex.
Seal it With a Kiss, a dubstep track with a killer bassline and seductive vocals
He About to Lose Me, a bonus track, where we get to hear Britney sing without effects

Weak tracks:
Trouble For Me is the only that's bad and it's not even bad. Just mediocre compared to the rest of the songs.
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on March 4, 2014
Got this CD for my wife since she loves Britney and she loved it. I can't say i have enjoyed it while im in the car with her but she likes it and that's all that maters.

If you want to score some points with your wife or G/F order the CD
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on January 24, 2012
Simply put, Femme Fatale is the best dance/pop album I have ever heard. Coming from an over-50 person, that is quite a claim. I am not a Britney fan at all and will never buy her previous albums. But this collection has a special magic that I have not heard in pop music in years. It's indeed quirky and clever, but most of all it's melodic and complex. It certainly has its autotune effects, but it actually helped smooth her sometimes affected delivery. I have been playing Femme regularly for almost a year and am still dissecting harmonies hidden in its delicious chord progressions. "Inside Out" may be the best single of the lot. But don't skip over anything, they all work beautifully together. Britney really worked hard to make this her statement, and it shows. And to her credit, her singing is far better here then on previous albums... she's lighter, spacial and less groan-y.

Don't be afraid to listen, you may love it as much as I did.
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