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on May 13, 2010
I'm an enthusiast about flashlights. I have been checking out stores and actually purchased several different types of battery powered lanterns. There are several things that I look for when considering a flashlight and lanterns. 1) Only those that use AA or AAA batteries are considered. Those two batteries are the cheapest and most readily available batteries. Plus, in an emergency, I do not want to be scrambling for different types of batteries (C, D, 9V, CR123, or any other type of specialized battery). 2) The design has to be shock resistant and waterproof. 3) The longest battery life in proportion to the output. I would like an efficient flashlight. 4) Best combination of durability in ratio to size and weight. I look for the lightest and most compact lights that are durable, which is especially important in headlamps and lanterns. This is a review of the Fenix Flashlight White Diffuser Wand that I use with my Fenix LD20 CREE XR-E Flashlight.

I rated the Fenix LD20 a 5.0 out of 5.0 in a previous review due to being extremely bright, having various brightness settings, a neutral white color temperature, a smooth and even beam, considerable throw, being one of the most efficient flashlights, having a rugged build, all of this in a extremely small design, and using AA batteries. I have also purchased the Fenix Headband for 18-22mm Flashlights, which pairs with the Fenix LD20 perfectly. I have also rated this accessory a 5.0 out of 5.0 as it was the most comfortable headband that I have tried, it is fully adjustable, the design is well thought out and durable, and it allows me to use the Fenix LD20 as a headlamp. Being able to use the Fenix LD20 with the diffuser as a lantern is one thing, but being able to use it hands free as a headlamp is very convenient.

I am extremely pleased with my purchase of the Fenix Flashlight White Diffuser Wand. 1) It allows me to turn the Fenix LD20 into a lantern that is bright, neutral white, that is more efficient than all of the other lanterns that I own, lightweight, compact, durable, and uses only 2 AA batteries. 2) The diffuser appears to be constructed well and is very rugged. It has handled drops very well. 3) It does diffuse light very evenly and it has exceeded my expectations. I was expecting lines and uneven spots, but did not observe any of those things. 4) The fit on the Fenix LD20 is snug and secure. This also exceeded my expectations as did not expect the diffuser to fit so well. 5) The Fenix LD20 with the diffuser makes such an impressive lantern, brighter than any of the electric lanterns out there. On Turbo, the Fenix LD20 with the diffuser will light up rooms. 6) The Fenix LD20 has multiple brightness settings, which makes it more versatile than any of the lanterns out there, which usually only have an off/on or high/low setting. Having a low setting that lasts 70 hours on 2 AA batteries is such an advantage.

One picky thing that may be brought to attention is that the Fenix LD20 does heat up when in use, more so when set on Turbo. The Fenix Diffuser does cover the head of the flashlight snugly, which means that heat will be trapped in the head. I have not experienced problems with this, but it is possible that this may cause overheating problems that have been noted by another reviewer.

Conclusion: Overall, the Fenix Flashlight White Diffuser Wand is another top quality accessory that matches extremely well with the Fenix LD20. Fenix continues to impress and I am very thankful for finding such well-thought, high quality products. I rate the Fenix Flashlight White Diffuser a 5.0 out of 5.0 and I am not able to think of anything that could be done to improve this accessory that turns the LD20 into a great lantern.
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on August 27, 2009
I bought this to go with my Fenix LD20 Q5 (which is awesome). Pretty straight-forward device. Just fits on snugly, doubles to protect the glass. I use it while camping in lieu of a traditional lantern, and it betters any electric lantern I've used. On the LD's low setting, this is great for reading. On high settings, I can play cards with a group, set up camp, or search a cave with ample ambient light. Totally worth five bucks. Now that I know how useful it is, and the minimal weight-gain, I'd have paid $20. Their price is very honest and this is a GREAT buy.
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on November 2, 2011
Watch VERY CLOSELY what you are ordering. There are two photos of the "Diffuser Tip" to select from. The one I purchased was higher priced and in the photo is shown to contain more than one tip (two larger ones and two smaller ones). The less expensive one shows only one tip. The white tip is what I was shopping for, but for $3 more, why not get the red one with it, right? DO NOT purchase from the picture of four tips, you aren't getting anything more (it is red color rather than white, but just one tip). The two star review should not be construed to reflect poorly on the product, only on the deceitful advertising. I know it is only $10, but if I knew it was only one tip, I could have gotten it cheaper from a different seller. The reason I paid more was because it showed it was the kit that contained multiple tips.
UPDATED 12/11/12 - I happened to notice that they have changed the product photos and as of this time, neither photo shows a multi-pack. This is how the product should have been shown all along. I'm essentially withdrawing my 'beef' with the item as of today.
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on February 28, 2010
It can cause your light to overheat and shut down for a while when used on high. While it isn't necessarily a defect of this product, the 'system' is a little flawed.
Other than that, it diffuses the light very well. Can be used as a tent lantern as others have noted.
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on April 22, 2010
I bought the Diffuser wand to go with my Fenix LD20. I mainly bought it because it was cheap, and I was toying with the idea of using it to direct fellow baggers into the grocery cart storage area as they were pushing carts back into the store. Well, I never actually got around to doing this because the boss said that I might scare off customers.

Anyways, the Diffuser wand works as described. It's handy for lighting a large area. Just to name a few examples, I use it when reading books at my desk, since I don't have a desk lamp for some reason... It also came in handy when I got a flat in the middle of the night when I was driving to my dad's house. I set the flashlight on the ground with this little wand on the end, and it lit up my entire workspace so I didn't have to hold it in my mouth to point at the area I was working on. It also came in handy when the lights went out and everyone was nagging at me and wanting me to point my flashlight at the area they were looking, so I just shut them all up and put on the diffuser wand. It lit the entire room very well so no one complained. The wand also seems to be durable. The plastic is much thicker than I thought it would be.

Great product!
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on April 26, 2011
This is a great attachment for my LD20, it does a great job of diffusing the light. It's like having a light bulb in your hand. I use it when I go camping for the tent or screen tent when we're having dinner when it's dark out. I highly recommend if you have a LD or PD fenix flashlight and go camping.

Follow-up: after using it now for a while, I've noticed when using it on my LD20 flashlight on full (180 lumens), the flashlight gets hot after about 10 minutes. Seriously hot, I was nervous it was going to explode. I think 180 lumens was generating a lot of heat and there was no way for the heat to escape the diffuser. If you buy this I recommend you use it on a lower setting if you want it on for an extended period of time, otherwise, limit the time on full lumens. Maybe Fenix can use another type of material on this diffuser to help the heat dissipate.
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on November 11, 2012
It does what it is supposed to. The only thing is it so resembles a s-x toy that my wife laughs at me. I am a bit concerned with explaining it to security if my bag is searched anywhere. Besides its phalic resemblance, it is a tool that does exactly what it should. It can light up a room evenly. This was so important during huricane Sandy where we lost power for 4 days.. I am sure it will work equally well in a tent..

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on March 23, 2013
I bought this to act as mini mobile lantern. It packs a nice strong glow when I put it on my Fenix LD20 180 Lumen LED Flashlight. Great light distribution.

I used it for cooking at night while camping. Worked great. I hung the flashlight by the lanyard with the diffuser, on a little post by my cooking station. When i say we were cooking, we had a lot of ingredients sitting around the table and this diffuser helped a ton. There were no dark areas around my cooking station so i could identify everything and cook very well in the dead of night. Then took it into my tent, hung it inside there while getting ready to hit the hay. Once again, it worked great.

I would highly recommend this as a replacement/switchout for a lantern that people usually bring. Your flashlight can duel as a lantern (with this diffuser) and it takes up much less space and a ton lighter (just a peice of plactic)...especially for you folks that backpack/hike into your camping grounds.

Finally, the diffuser is of good quality and fits nice and snug on my Fenix LD20. It fits snug enough that it cannot be shaken have to pull at it with some force to get the diffuser off which is a good thing.

Two thumbs up here
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on December 7, 2012
Got this for my Fenix LD20 (Great light by the way) and I love this attachment! Great area light when you put your Flashlight on High or Turbo. I love showing off my Flashlights and this makes it that much more fun, especially when your light has a strobe mode and you can suddenly turn a dull party into a RAVE PARTAY! But seriously this comes in handy and is a nice tool in the toolbox for light capabilities and is pretty solid and durable. Obviously it fits best on Fenix LD and PD models but I throw it on my 4Sevens lights as well, serves the same purpose for when my LD20 isn't on me. So overall a niffy tool to have and for under 10 bucks a great buy!
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on February 10, 2010
I bought this for my Fenix LD 20. I go backpacking and camping, so I've been looking for a solution for not lugging around some giant lantern with me. This combined with the LD20 is *the* solution.

- Diffuses light perfectly
- Still bright even when diffused
- Snugs right onto the top of the flashlight
- Lightweight, easy to carry and seems pretty durable
- Could be used as a position signaling device as well (traffic directing, omni-directional position locating, etc)

When you put it on your light and turn it on you'll feel like you've got a magic wand. With the LD 20 on 180lumens (highest setting) it hurts to look at this thing. With the diffuser off even looking at the LD 20's light cast onto a white wall or carpet is too strong to look at.
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