Customer Reviews: Fifteen (Cleary Reissue)
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on February 24, 2001
I first read this book when I was only 11, and at the time, I had never read a romance book before. I absolutely loved it! The book is about a 15-year-old girl who meets a guy named Stan who is cute, responsible, has a great smile, and can drive! She is thrilled when he asks her out on a date, and the rest of the book goes from there. I am 14 now, and have read this book 8 times! I think part of the reason I love it so much is because it is very realistic and I can completely relate to Jane. Her thoughts and worries are often like my own. Plus, romance novels always effect me, because dating and guys are a part of a teen girl's life, and I am a teen girl. This book does not have sex or heavy kissing in it, which was quite refreshing since all of the teen novels these days contain that. That was nice because it showed there was a much more important aspect to Jane and Stan's relationship than sex (plus, at their age, they are WAY too young to be doing that anyway). If you are a teen girl, you will be able to relate to this book, especially if you have had a first date. The experience is scary, thrilling, joyful- so many emotions. The book shows this, through the lovable character Jane. So you will be able to relate! Plus, I fell in love with Stan and you will too! Besides being good-looking, he is courteous, kind, respectful, polite, funny, and responsible- every girl's dream. Also, it was quite interesting for me to read this because the book was set in the 1950s, so I got a glance at what life was like back then. All of the girls wore dresses all the time and did different things for fun. You will be so curious to know the ending. I know I was! I recommend it to anyone over the age of 10. This is truly my all-time favorite book! If you haven't read Fifteen, honestly, you are missing out on a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful experience! Please do yourself a favor and read it! :)
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on March 9, 2002
I was so happy when I saw that preteen girls are still reading this book! I didn't think it could still be as sweet, as heartwarming, as absolutely perfect in this modern day of bras at 8 and significant others at 12.
"Fifteen" was my hope when I was a gawky preteen girl, positive that I would never have a date in my life. So thinks Jane Purdy, our heroine, a nice, ordinary (in her eyes) babysitter who gets good grades and has a reasonable enough life--except at 15, she has yet to date, yet to be kissed, yet to unlock the mysteries of just what one is supposed to do on a date!
Along comes just about the most popular boy in the entire class, Stan, who not only asks her out, but who TAKES her out. Jane is excited beyond belief, but so nervous, she is sure she has flubbed her chances of every seening Stan--or any boy--again. I could relate completely when I was a preteen, and even now, Jane's anguish rings so true!
I won't give away the ending, but suffice to say that it is absolutely perfect. If there is a young girl in your life, buy her this book. She might make noises about "old-fashioned" and "in YOUR day..." but I'll bet she reads it--and loves it.
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on December 16, 2000
"Fifteen" takes us back to 1959 - back when milk was delivered to your door and dogs ate horse meat and girls didn't call boys on the phone. Babysitter Jane Purdy resolves that "Today, I will meet a boy."

And, by golly, she DOES! Stan Crandall, doggie meat delivery boy, strolls into her life as she's having a nightmarish time babysitting an eight-year-old monster (actually, I know kids like that one -- not much has changed since the fifties).

How many 16-year-old boys today can date a girl for months without even asking for a kiss? How many 16-year-old boys today (or 30-year-old men, for that matter) are gentlemen enough to wait for the young lady to be seated before sitting down himself? Stan is perfect. And after some miscommunication and misunderstandings, they finally connect. And it's absolutely beautiful. A "must read" for all romantics, ESPECIALLY the hopeless ones.
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on October 18, 2000
I read this book when I was in the third grade, and it made a huge and lasting impression on me. Even though "Fifteen" was written in the 1950's, its themes of a girl longing for romance and feeling awkward about herself are timeless and relatable issues today. Some reviewers have commented that the book is too dated for teens because it doesn't deal with such current subjects as sexual pressures, etc. In my case, however, "Fifteen" defined perfect love. And since I read it when I was so young, I spent my teens waiting for someone who was as worthy of my affections, a guy as worthy as Stan was for Jane. I would recommend this book to girls under the age of 12 in hopes that it will give them an alternate view of what real romance is all about.
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on March 20, 2000
This book is a story of the humorous adventures of a nice normal girl who wants to be someone with more sparkle. It takes a normal boy, some crazy mishaps, blunders & time to realize she's perfect just being herself. My mother read this book as I child. I've read this book more times that I can count. We have shared this book & the story it holds. I hope to someday share it with my daughter. I would recommend this book to any woman - mother or daughter - who has ever tried to impress a man by pretending she was someone other than herself. Mothers - if you read this book as a teen, do your daughter a favor and share this great book with her -- she will thank you for it. If you didn't read it then, start now!
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on January 31, 2001
I really liked this book a lot. And I would recommend this book to any girl around the age of 15. I read the book by Beverly Cleary called Fifteen. The story started out when Jane Purdy, a fifteen year old girl who never gets asked out on dates except by George a boy who is to short, has to baby-sit Sandra Norton the worst little girl. While she was there she met a boy named Stan. She thought she would never see him again but one day the phone rang and it was him! He asks her out on a date. She goes out with him again and again but then the trouble starts and Jane gets nervous.
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on February 9, 2001
I think I first picked up this book when I was about 13 (a very long time ago!) and I most recently read it several months ago! I've lent my very dog-eared copy to my nieces and my own daughter through the years and it holds a special place on my "keeper" shelf with all my other "hard-core" romance favorites! This book is listed for 9-12 year olds but I think adults would love it just as much, just for the pure simplicity and beauty of it's story. Jane and Stan's story might have been written in 1959, but the trials and tribulations of young love are, at heart, not changed over 40 years later. The doubts and angst that Jane feels about her feelings for Stan are very much evident in girls today. Stan is the kind of boy I'd wish for my own 16 year old!
I would truly recommend this book for any woman of any age who wants to read a sweet romance that is a effective and relavent today as it was when it was written 4 decades ago.
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on June 4, 2004
I read this book in the 70's. I loved reading young adult fiction set in the 50's and 60's - life seemed a lot simpler and more innocent then. Jane is the heroine of "Fifteen" - and most young girls entering adolescence would be able to relate to her fears, embarrassments (such as the cat seemingly deliberately licking his bottom in front of company), and her hopes of requited teen-age love, or at least "going steady". To me, a realistic look at one ordinary girl's summer experience.
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on January 31, 1999
OK, so other reviewers here have trashed this book and called it old-fashioned. Well, it is old-fashioned but it certainly does not deserve to be trashed! You just have to know what you're reading when you read it, its the story of a girl's experiences growing up in the 50's, nobody ever said it was modern, and it obviously isn't. It is however, a very entertaining, very well written book which I couldn't put down. Cleary had me on the edge of my seat wondering how things were going to work out for Jane, and I enjoyed the whole book immensely. I recommend it for pure escapisim and a curious look at how things used to be if you were fifteen forty years ago.
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on January 19, 2000
A young girl, in the 1950's, is becoming interested in boys and what she thinks and does to attract a special boy to herself. Great perspective on the United States's changing cultural moves. It is a humorous historical story, with black and white illustrations. Recommended for parents, teachers and students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels.
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