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on July 6, 2003
When I first saw this movie I was touched. I was also fifteen and pregnant. It helped me to understand how my life would be turned upside down and still turn out alright. I got to look at all points of view. How tina felt and how her mother had to struggle to try to keep her family togteher. I would recomend this movie to any body. Fahter or mother.
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on July 19, 2005
I enjoyed this movie, I remember watching it on Lifetime when I was in high school and I was glad I could find it on DVD.
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on January 26, 2005
My mum loves these true story DVDs, which you can buy dirt cheap in many places, but I only watched it because it starred Kirsten Dunst, plus it was something I could review on here. The film jumps pretty quickly from the morning sickness in the early months, to the full-blown big bump with days/weeks to go. It's also a very short TV movie, 87 minutes, but feels a lot longer.

Kirsten Dunst plays the spoilt brat who sleeps with her boyfriend (who you can tell right away that he's just after getting into her pants), and proceeds to tell him that she doesn't want him to tell her he loves her if he doesn't. I'm sorry, but many guys will say that just to get you into bed - I'm not talking from experience here though. I thought Kirsten played the role very well, although the labour scenes were a bit OTT, but aren't they always in these type of films? She makes the adult (although she's only 15, and very immature I found) decision of not giving the baby up for adoption or abortion.

There are also some outright lies in this TV movie, but I think it's more to scare the viewing audience than anything else. Some of the characters discuss how many women die in childbirth and mention that it's 20%. And nowhere in the show are they ever corrected (it's more like 0.8%).

To make this film better, it should have been extended, and showed how Tina got on after giving birth, rather than seeing her leaving hospital all smiley. She plays a character that would shout, scream & walk out on her baby to be with her friends more than be affectionate towards it. However, it is a good movie, and thankfully, I've passed that stage, to have unprotected sex, with a guy looking like that!
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on March 29, 2002
I think this movie is great for teens cause I am 15 to and I was thinking about having a baby until I watched this movie and relized I was not ready. To take a big responsibilty. My friend who watched it had a different theroy. She is the same age as me and now going through a pregnancy just so she can have someone to love. I would like to thank the director for making this movie its really made me stop and think before I react.
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on June 3, 2003
First of all,I think the other reviews are wrong, because this movie isnt just about "Kirsten Dunst", its deals with her whole family in the movie. It's a great movie about a girl who is 15 and she gets pregnant by a boy who leaves her and she ends up going to a school for young pregnant girls, and then she has it all on her own without her boyfriend. It's a great movie but its only for Mothers and girl teens, because they can learn from the movie if a mothers young daughter ever gets pregnant early. yes, Kirsten does give a great performance but its not just about her,the mother in the movie goes through a lot too. Great movie for a mother daughter to sit down and watch together!!
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on July 3, 2003
This movie touched on the epidemic of teenage pregnancy. It was realistic and let the viewers know how teenage pregnany not only effects the individual pregnant, but also how it effects the entire family. It was very heart felt, and did not sugar coat an issue that has become quite relevant over the past couple of years.
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on June 22, 2007
This movie is okay overall and I've watched it several times on TV. But it's nothing new as far as the whole stereotypical "teen girl gets pregnant" movie. They show Tina (Kirsten's character) in the opening sequence about to do it with her boyfriend and she says, "Don't tell me you love me if you don't mean it." Not surprisingly he didn't reply. But it's sad that she went ahead and slept with him anyway. It shows how desperate young girls are to feel like a boy likes them, let alone loves them. It's realistic in portraying teen girls' vulnerability and also poor decision making! To make matters more dramatic, Tina's parents are separated and her younger sister and brother have their own issues because of that. So add a teen pregnancy and you've got a Lifetime movie du jour.

I think teens should watch it - if you can get past the cheesy music and predictable, overly done scenes with Tina's "rebel without a cause" boyfriend. It's predictable but worth watching. But I think they should have showed Tina's life AFTER she had the baby, too. Sure babies are all cute when you bring them home from the hospital but showing Tina as a teen Mom may have packed more of a punch for teen girls who still think that having a baby around is a breeze.
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on January 21, 2004
I know its like an educational film to say no to sex for teenagers, but I really thought this movie was well done! Realistic and sad. Glad I watched it in health class. I didn't want to ever end up like Tina. She was just too young to go have a baby.
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on February 16, 2004
Actually, I enjoyed the movie, and I loved Kirsten Dunst in it. I didn't think it was a low-budget film at all. I thought it was well-done and simple enough for anyone to follow. The message to teenage mothers is quite clear, and I think that should be the main focus of the film. It just seem all too common when young females get pregnant they expect their boyfriends (or potential husbands) to stick by them, and the girls believe everything the guy tells them. Being a single mother of 2, I already know the game. It is always mama's baby, daddy's mabye.
I just wish that society would put less emphasis on concealing the truth about sex, which is advertised everywhere, and put more emphasis on telling the truth about it along with other things. Sex education in the school system would be a great start, but parents shouldn't leave everything up to the teachers either. I find a lot of parents are against sex education because they feel that it would encourage their children to "do it." We can't always watch over our kids and/or make decisions for them. Parents can only guide their children. How can we get our children to make the right decision if we don't educate them about the things that they will encounter such as sex, drugs, and other harsh realities in the world. I don't think sex education would encourage children to engage in sexual behavior. I think that it would, if it ever came down to it, encourage our children to make wise decisions about sex. For example, condomn and birth control use. Or, even better, abstinance (sp?). I think that misinforming or not informing our children about sex leads to risky sexual behavoir.
Even though I didn't start having children until I was 20, I feel what the teenage mothers go through. It is hard enough being a single parent, but I think single teenage parents have it the hardest. Some of them can't obtain financial means because they are too young to work. The teenage mothers who are of legal age that can find employment often work at low-paying jobs with very little opportunities for advancement. It is not just teenage mothers who have a hard time. It is also single mothers from across all socioeconomical and ethical backgrounds. In today's world, it is so hard to find a decent job without the education and/or experience. I am glad that I am one of the lucky ones because I have my mother to help me. I am a senior in college now, and I am about to graduate. I can't say it is a common story. Sure, there are probably plenty of single mothers who went to college and graduated, but I run into so many single mothers that don't, and they want to complete their degree. I don't want to end up as a statistic, and I want to prove to others that it can be done. I also don't want my kids to follow in my footsteps, so I am going to educate them about sex and it's consequenses. I want to let them know that they do have a choice in the world, and I hope other parents do the same. We must educate our children.
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on March 23, 2006
This movie is a top quality Lifetime movie. Kirsten Dunst shows some early signs of her acting abilities, but it is really Park Overall's performance that steals the movie. She is classic as Evie Spengler. She shows a believeable amount of touhness (especially the scene with Teena's boyfriend on the front porch).

If you like LIfetime movies and the incomparable Park Overall, then this one is for you!!
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