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418 of 433 people found the following review helpful
on November 18, 2010
I am aware of how silly my punches may look, I'm a poet first and fighter second!

Awesome punch tracking.
Great workout.
Tons of customizables.
Lag-free online gameplay.

Terrible head tracking.
Finicky dirty moves.
Tough to keep your feet planted.
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66 of 71 people found the following review helpful
on December 8, 2010
I have never before seen a game so unfairly reviewed by major pro reviewers like IGN and Gamespot. It seems that some very realistic games are outgrowing those sites in that when they require real skill the reviewer is lost and takes it out on the game with an undeserved poor review. This game is amazing. True 1:1 control and so much of a learning curve that you really feel like you are in full control and rewarded for improvement. Totally ignore the pathetic reviews of sites and listen to the real reviews here and by other users.
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89 of 99 people found the following review helpful
Got a chance to play it quite a bit and have to say the hype doesn't do the game justice. So at first I felt it was kind of slow and that I was seeing the impact that I felt I was dishing out. You have stats for your fighter and while you might be amazing in real life your character needs to improve. It's not that he won't move with you perfectly, because he will, it's the fact that his hits won't be measured as a perfect punch. So you have to boost Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Technique to get him up to your level and beyond. That's just the beginning however. You also have Chin which allows you to take more hits and Heart which helps you get back up if you have been mowed over. Only bad part is you really can't move your feet as you will be told during the tutorial. The rest of you is fine, but they have you rooted to that spot and probably to stop people from getting out of the cameras view. Custom soundtrack is supported so you can abuse people to your favorite fight songs.

Finally you have career mode and training facilities to improve your fighter. Career mode is like the one person stand alone to get you used to the ups and downs while earning yourself a little bit of cash along the way. The money is used on clothing, healing (since broken bones make for a weak fighter), and training facilities. Training includes things like the tutorial which gets updates from time to time, a spar which is just for practice and doesn't give you anything, the large punching bag, the small up high punching bag, an accuracy test, and an endurance match. The last four I mentioned give you upgrade points that you can spend on boosts which I named earlier. I tend to use either the large punching bag and/or the accuracy test since I'm better at those, but in all fairness did not try the endurance match.

Almost forgot some really important things. There is a gauge that measures how good or evil you are in a sense. Fighting using straight up boxing techniques makes you a good guy and shows you as being respectful. Fighting using the dirty moves and/or cheating (i.e. buying the download content to improve your fighter) lowers your respect. Not sure what respect does yet, but my guess is increases the price of items such as shoes, jewelry, tattoos, and other clothing while also warning other players online this guy might have paid money to improve his stats. Improved stats does not equal ability since you still have to be able to move and punch with precision. No stat is going to make up for really horrible skills.

I also recommend a well lit room for the camera as you will not be able to use the head sync if the room is kind of dark. Trust me it's a lot better to be able to bob than holding the X button which makes fighting a pain.

As far as multi-player is concerned I have not yet tried it and not sure if I can even do so online yet. I can tell you the features include spectator, tournaments and betting. Betting also gives a percentage to the winner. If the person you bet on has won a lot of fights and therefore those who had bet on him previously won a lot of money, you get a percentage boost for that. You also get a percentage boost for betting on winners multiple times.

Now this brings me to the trophies. You want them and badly. Trophies offer stat boosts and unique abilities that cannot be gained by any other means. These include stamina speed rate up, easy dizzy and/or stun/stagger break, easier to stun/stagger or dizzy the opponent and many other skills that will greatly improve your character in later battles and I'm sure for online fights as well.

The disappointing side is the lack of options in character customization. I did not see any long hair styles and on top of that for females who play you cannot be a woman. I'm surprised since there are definitely some woman out there who are pretty beast and you wouldn't want to mess with them. I guess they don't want guys beating up on woman since it could create all sorts of unwanted issues, but for women who play the game it's going to feel a little off I'm sure.

All in all this is an amazing game and at less than average dollar value. It offers more than pretty much any boxing title out, but in fairness they only paid for one big representative versus a huge cast of sportsman faces that would sue daily if they didn't make a certain amount of money for the use of their likeness. As far as the Playstation Move controls are concerned those are really good as well. It matches everything you do. For those of you who know eastern martial arts the turning punch motion won't increase the damage in the game, but is still useful. Boxers can easily show off as well. Great buy, a lot of fun, and a push to keep you at it with the stat system. All the fury of a real fight with the lack of a real hospital bill.
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24 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on November 17, 2010
I review a lot of games that can be used for fitness and exercise. Very rarely has a game provided such an intense workout that just after a few minutes of playing with it, I'm covered with perspiration and my muscles feel tighter. It happened with this one.

It takes a while for you to get started with this game. When you pop the disc into your PS3, you need to wait a few minutes while the game data installs. You're instantly introduced to "Duke", your virtual trainer who looks like he's been in a couple fights himself in his day (the graphics are so detailed it's hard to tell if he's a real person or a computer-generated image).

You start out by entering your weight, height, and age. Your BMI is calculated for you.

You can then choose a look for your fighter. You select from a variety of faces, beards, hair colors, and hair styles. Chances are you can get someone approximating your look.

In the next step, you divide 60 "ability points" into various categories: strength, speed, stamina, chin (your charater's ability to take a punch), heart (your character's resolve in staying up despite taking a beating), and technique. In the course of the game, you can win more "ability points" to further strengthen your character.

In the next step, you calibrate your Move controllers (you need two of them). The process is a bit more involved than usual. You need to center yourself in the camera, stretch your arms straight out, and then move your remotes back and forth. You can also take a picture of the background without you in it to enable head tracking, which will supposedly track your head movements just like a Kinect (I couldn't get it to work on mine, possibly because I had objects in the background).

Duke will go on to tell you how to play the game. You'll need to keep your feet in place when boxing. You press the Move button and flick the controller to dodge and jump.

You'll also learn how to read the various elements in the game which represent your character's well-being. There's a health meter and a stamina meter, neither of which you want to run out. There's also a rage meter, which goes up each time you get hit and adds fuel for "dirty moves". A diagram of a skeleton will tell you if any part of your fighter is injured and needs to be patched up.

Once you finished the tutorial, you'll see four menu options:

Events: Takes you through different fights of increasing difficulty. With each fight, you'll earn money, reputation points, and new moves.

Training: Will let you re-do the tutorial or take new tutorials on sparring, heavy bag, speed bag, target practice, and endurance sparring.

Fitness: Shows you how many calories you burn while playing.

Fighter: Lets you adjust your character's appearance, assign new "ability points" you earn, heal from injuries, and apply "boosters" which you earn during your fights. You can also download cheats online (which, of course, come at an extra price).

As for the actual fighting, it is by far the best fight experience I've had in a video game. Your onscreen character reflect your motions almost perfectly--and even mimics hooks, jabs, and uppercuts pretty well. It does take a little while to get used to fighting on a two-dimensional screen--it's hard to gauge depth and so often you may be swinging and missing at your opponent (the game does work with 3D, so I suppose with a 3D television this issue would be solved). You can also switch camera angles, which helps. Other than that, it's a remarkable simulation of actual fighting.

After each fight, you can view the calories you burned as well as statistics (punches thrown, punches connected, "dirty moves", and punch accuracy). You can even view a video replay of your fight.

Like I said, after about 5 rounds I was breathing hard and felt my muscles tight. What's great is that I didn't want to stop--I just wanted to keep pounding the tar out of my opponents. I have a feeling that of all the games I have to get in shape, this is going to be the one I go back to most often. This is motion gaming to the extreme, and a great title which showcases the capabilities of the Move.
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23 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on November 20, 2010
I was waiting for this game for a long time, but I was a bit concerned that reviews for this game from various websites were not that positive. But I bought it anyways, and boy I am glad I did!! I lost 5 lbs in about a week playing this game, and the best part is that it was a fun process, and I keep wanting to play despite my sore arms!!!

You have to have a right expectation though. Although the control does give you an excellent 1-to-1 representation most of the time, sometime it does get out of whack (but you can quickly readjust during the game by pressing "o" button). Aside from some basic punches (straight, upper cut, hooks...etc)and easy special moves, other advanced moves are hard to pull off especially if you haven't built enough character attributes. Also the game is simple and straightforward - keep training to get stronger and beating up various opponents. No fancy storyline or breathtaking graphics...etc

But if you just want to workout sweating & getting your heart pumping while having lots of fun (assuming you don't mind this type of violence), I highly recommend this game!!

Update (12/11/2010) - It's been about one month since I started playing this game. I beat all the opponents, but replaying them is still super fun, and now I have added this as a part of my daily workout routines. I was never this disciplined and persistent with workout until I started playing this game because of the fun factor. It guaranteed to make me push the envelop because you really don't want to get beaten up in the game and you will fight for your life without realizing how exhausted you are until the fight it over! As a result, about 20 min into the game (5 or 6 fights), I am soaked with sweat completely exhausted, and then hit the shower, a nice way to conclude a workout. Now I am 8 lbs lighter (from 193 to 185 lbs)than I was a month ago, and with this pace, I am sure i will shed a few lbs more. Online play is super fun, but it's tough, and you need to be well prepared through practice. Oh, they released a patch that makes the fighter semi-transparent, which is a highly welcomed feature. It helps you see the opponent punches better, which helps you fight more strategically. Also, there are several different viewing angles, and once in a while, you play in a different angle, and it will give you a completely different feel for the game, which is very refreshing. I really hope they make a sequel with other scenes (maybe more bright settings this time?) and stronger and smarter fighter with various styles. Also, it might be even more fun if it adds some elements of arcade and humor as this version is very dark and serious. I will gladly pay $60 for it.
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37 of 43 people found the following review helpful
on November 11, 2010
The reviews that say "when you do hit your targeted spot, it doesn't hit hard enough to do good damage" Thats because YOUR not hitting hard enough buddy. This is real 1:1 and I'm a kickboxer. Only my hardest punches do good damage. Maybe they made it TOO realistic, but if your tired or don't know how to punch, your punches aren't going to hit hard.

About pushing the move button and tilting the right controller to move; Any boxer knows while your chasing an opponent, your main entrance hit / "stick and move hit" is a jab (which only requires 1 controller). When the enemy wants to go toe to toe, unleash both hands and rain the pain.

I saw a review on youtube with an asian host and 1 fat white guy and 1 buff/heavy white guy (who obviously has fight experience) doing split screen. It's obvious that YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO THROW A PROPER PUNCH BEFORE YOU GET THE GAME or else it will be frustrating because you are 'sissy' punching.

Yes the in game calibration sucks. I mean, I just did a 2 point calibration 5 seconds ago before the fight started... why is my left hand going way off? Oh well.. an in game calibration fixes it quick and its good for the rest of the fight.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on November 14, 2010
I almost didn't buy this game because of the bad reviews. But thanks to the reviews here in Amazon and I'm happy to take it home. Anyways, as to the game, The fight: will probably be rank as one of the greatest fitness game ever. So, if you want to get in shape, this game will do the trick. Thanks again guys, this was the most fun workout I had for years. See you all online!
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on November 28, 2010
I don't typically write reviews, but I wanted to give this game some credit as critics were giving it pretty bad ratings. I think the critics wanted a game where they could just flick their wrist from the couch like Wii boxing. This is fine for little kids, but I think adults want a game that requires a little more skill. This game allows for body movement, blocking with your hands, and requires you to actually throw full punches to KO your opponent. The tracking is dead on (1:1) with no lag. This results in some serious calorie burn (which the game tracks) and fun!
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on November 11, 2010
If you're looking for a good workout, this game is it! I can't believe I was winded and sweaty after two fights. I only played about 30 minutes and I have no complain about the accuracy of punches and moves. I did jabs, hooks, uppercuts, etc, even tummy blows too. LOL. I was having too much fun plummeting my opponents. I have to throw real punches to be affective. My character did exactly what I did, but I noticed some of my punches didn't register. The reason could be my character hasn't level up enough to throw punches like Manny Pacquiao. Training modes help improve my attributes (strength, speed, stamina, etc). I know is too premature to write a review, so I'll stop here. My first impression is....WOW! This is fun giving someone black eyes without consequences. I wish I had this game when I was a kid, this game would prepare me to defend myself from a bully. j/k
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
I'm over 60 and still compete in senior MMA competitions. I've fought pro and semi pro for over 40 years. Without reservations, this is one of the best training sims anywhere if you love fighting sports. I have read dozens of very negative reviews about this game, and with a little research, have figured out the four biggest problems:

1. You MUST calibrate in game, and be sure that your camera is exactly where you need it for both head and body shots.

2. You have to know how to throw a punch! If you put too much shoulder throw into your punches like an amateur, astonishingly, this game realizes it! Punching with real life, last second power bursts take a lot of energy, but are just as effective as they are in a real fignt, and you'll get plenty of wins. Punch THROUGH the face or body of your opponent, not TO or AT it, and you'll find an amazing difference. If you're fighting me online, please ignore this advice. Follow through really helps with registered power!

3. I'm convinced this game was designed for near daylight. Incandescent, and especially those energy saving little twisted neon things don't cut it for head motion. Open the drapes, and you'll find head tracking works great. Without this feature, the game loses a lot of its realism.

4. The online experience isn't very well developed at this time, but hopefully will be after the holidays. One warning-- even if you know you can beat a lot of online opponents with your skill, you MUST realize that it is only half your skill that matters online-- the other half is character experience and features, which have to be earned, won and bought in home practice. Don't give up by going online too soon and then not understanding why lesser fighters are kicking your butt-- they have more advanced fighter qualities. I'm sure cheats will surface in a few months, but for now, stick to building your character before you venture online. That said, the online side of this is incredibly fun. I'm guessing this will be hard to find once folks find out about that.

Please realize this is NOT like a character gaming experience, although the career engine and other features are very robust. To be very honest, this is basically a workout game that, with competition, makes you forget the cardio side long enough to really sweat! If you think of it in the same vein as aerobics, you'll love it, and not expect a lot of deep story lines and intrigue. Bosses are great fun-- a throwback to my era of tough endings! Cheat Hint: to beat bosses, assume they each have a "weakness."

Warning to parents with younger kids: my grandkids can't punch hard enough or correctly enough to use this, and unless they are tall, the camera angle of the MOVE in general may be too high and steep to pick up the full range of their motion. Also, kids love to move around, and if you do the rope a dope shuffle with this game, it will stop tracking your hits. Your feet have to stay glued to the floor with this one, so don't waste your money if it is for too young kids (under 5 or 6, depending on height)! Remember also, there are numerous "special" movements of the move controllers that have to be learned, like jumping, ducking, bobbing and weaving, etc. The balance of light in the room has to be right, or one of the controllers or head tracking will be disabled, which makes it a much tougher fight, because the system doesn't "see" you move your head, and you have to duck with buttons and controller flicks, dropping your guard.

Remember also, when you first get a controller, you need to "sync" it to the console by plugging it into the USB and pressing the playstation (on) button. Holding the trigger down and swiping up, down, right and left enables menus, otherwise you'll be switching back and forth between wireless and move controllers. Also, don't forget that you need the little bluetooth broadcast chip in the usb to pick up the wireless signals, from the move controllers, or the nav controller. If the screen says to use the (i) button for input, and you notice there is no (i) button on the move controller, what they mean is to hold the trigger down and swish continually to the right or left to increase or decrease the parameter (weight, difficulty level, age, etc.). Other than very young kids who won't get the subtleties of jab and duck, five stars, one of the most fun and realistic workouts on any of the big 3 (ps3, wii and Kinetic).
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