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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 18, 2013
Dirty Harry Collection

The good news is that you get all 4 Dirty Harry films on Blu in one collection. Each film is on its own separate Blu Ray disc. The odd thing here, and the first I've ever seen for BluRay disc collections is that there are only two pages which hold the discs. Each page holds 2 discs, one on top of the other. I do not think that this will damage the discs in any way but I would certainly rather have had one page/holder for each disc.

Dirty Harry...
VIDEO..A far cry from the poor masters of this film on Standard Def yet the transcode to Blu Ray still has some video issues. While the color grading has increased color resolution considerably, they have also crushed the blacks a great deal so that details in the many dark and shadowy areas are almost completely lost. Skin tones do vary from normal and natural to, in a couple of scenes, almost orange. In the opening scene which is a wide angle shot including the ocean, the grain in the water is quite obvious with almost a flicker to it and there is one short shot of a car's grill where stair stepping is observed as well. The video quality really does vary as I observed a couple of shots with thread noise and also a dark blotch which was either on the camera lens or on whichever master they converted to blu ray from. Mbps rate appeared to average in the high teens/low twenties. Despite all this, this remains the best looking video of Dirty Harry that I've seen.

AUDIO...The lossless Dolby True HD 5.1 is the surprising star of this film on blu ray with some very nice panning between the front and rear stages as well as some discreet channeling across the front stage. Not much LFE use but it does provide some ambience for the gunshots. All dialogue was easy to understand and far more transparent than any lossy audio codec. There was no need to adjust volume levels once they were set.

Magnum Force
VIDEO...After viewing Magnum Force on Blu Ray, it occurred to me that this will be the best we ever see of this series of Dirty Harry movies. Magnum Force on Blu Ray is definitely greatly improved over its previous versions in Standard Definition, yet, it is not without its faults. Colors are natural and consistent throughout the film with normal appearing skin tones. There is a fine film grain for the length of the movie but no artifacts or real dirt that I could see. Contrast has been greatly improved and the entire image cleaned up as compared to SD releases, though small detailing in hair, leaves and such appear somewhat smooth. This also can be attributed to a soft camera focus which only sharpens when there are facial closeups where details and pores are easily defined. The best transfer of Magnum Force I've seen.

AUDIO.. Dolby True HD 5.1 is the lossless audio codec used again which will always be superior to a lossy codec. Early in the film the audio reminded me of the old movie newsreels shown in the old movie houses. It sounded a touch tinny and distant. This cleared up and the audio then sounded fine to me with clear and transparent dialogue. The surrounds are used here and there during most of the film with some nice panning between the stages and a few discreet foley fx. However, the last half hour really brings your surround system to life with plenty of rear to front & and front to rear audio panning and a ton of discreet directionality being sent to your surrounds of the bullets flying and cars racing by. It really makes a great quality difference. There is not a whole lot of work for your LFE channel other than to supply a little low end ambience.

Exttras...An excellent half hour documentary on the moraility of the Dirty Harry movies, as well as the typical commentary, trailers and a few other worthy extra documentaries. I believe I have seen all of them on previous releases but can't specify where. They might have been included on the extras disc of the 35 films, 35 years Clint Eastwood Collection which was so horribly made in terms of movie quality.
All in all, Magnum Force, as a film held up and retains its aging legs.

The Enforcer..
VIDEO...Generally, the Enforcer retains the same color grading, the same look as its two predecessors. The film grain is less noticeable and I saw no artifacts or aliasing anywhere. I also noticed an improved contrast that is better than the previous two films in the 4 film collection and significantly better than any Standard Def version.
Despite improved contrast, focus tends to be soft which is typical of film rather than the ultra sharp contrast of movies shot in video. Mbps rate seemed to average in the mid twenties and the overall transfer is not bad at all. About 20 minutes in, as the bad guys break into the warehouse, the film stalled for several seconds before picking up again. I went back to the same spot to repeat this issue and it did occur again. About 15 seconds of more or less, unimportant scene was missed.

AUDIO...Again the audio is a lossless Dolby True HD 5.1 audio and the levels are just fine with a nice spread across the front stage of its music score. While there is some panning between the front and rear stages, do not expect a whole lot nor should you expect much discreet directionality. There is some but not a lot.

Extras...More of the same older, but still quality documentaries regarding violence in movies, a very short doc on Eastwood being involved in the production and several trailers.

Sudden Impact
VIDEO...Probably the cleanest transfer of the four with only a mild film grain, barely noticeable. Colors appear richer and there are more details within the darker areas. Mbps rate appears to be the lowest, averaging in the mid teens. I saw no artifacts or aliasing anywhere and contrast really is quite good. The soft focus of the other films remains here but is in no way distracting, nor does it take away from the film. Overall a nice transfer
and definitely better than previous standard definition releases.

AUDIO..Lossless Dolby True HD holds some nice directionality for all the surrounds when needed. The quieter foley fx, especially on beach scenes are nicely discreet according to the assigned channels without being distracting from the center dialogue or action. The sub is asked to do some ambient work though not often. All audio levels are as they should be.
Extras...One commentary and another documentary on the evolution of the Dirty Harry films. Again, I have seen these before.

This 2013 collection release is undoubtably a double dip by the company to gain purchase from those who do not already have these movies on Blu Ray as individual discs. If you have them already on Blu Ray, then this collection is not for you but should you only have the films on Standard Definition discs or collections than go ahead and spring for it. The transfers are not perfect but there is a good enough amount of improvement between the SD releases and these to encourage your purchase.

All my reviews focus only upon the quality of a film's transfer to blu ray. I do hope this review has been of some help to you.
Thanks for reading.
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on May 7, 2010
The "4 Film Favorites" series took on Dirty Harry in this set. There are five Dirty Harry films, but the last film ("The Dead Pool") is not really worth watching, so this is a great and economical way to experience the Dirty Harry films.

Dirty Harry: Whether taken as social commentary or just an entertaining action flick, this one is a blast. 4/5

Magnum Force: While not as strong as the first, this is a worthy successor, if a little long. 3.5/5

The Enforcer: This one is where the series begins to feel a little tired, but it does have many memorable bits, including the holdup scene in the beginning and Harry's first female partner on the force. 3/5

Sudden Impact: Clint Eastwood's only Dirty Harry film as director, this is an enjoyable entry in the series, featuring one of the series' most famous lines, "Go ahead, make my day." The actress who plays a female rape victim has always seemed a little weak to me, but it's still a good film. 3/5

I believe that each Dirty Harry film was weaker than the previous one, but the first four are worth watching. This collection has a great film and three good ones for an unbeatable price. Recommended.
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My wife and I picked up a "Dirty Harry" DVD and liked it very much. Good entertainment, albeit somewhat violent! In any case, we enjoyed it enough to buy all four of these movies as individual DVDs and I reviewed each DVD for Amazon. You can look them up if you're interested in my opinions. Afterwards, we discovered this 4-pack of DVDs of the same movies. What can I say? I rated all four individual DVDs highly. They were excellent! Perhaps "Sudden Impact" was my favorite (5 stars) and "The Enforcer" was my least favorite (4 stars), but only by a slight margin. Anyway, this 4 pack is a bargain over purchasing them as individuals and they're all very entertaining movies. If you like Clint Eastwood movies, and Dirty Harry movies in particular, it's a good choice.

Gary Peterson
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on December 3, 2012
Good way to pick up four Dirty Harry flicks in one shot for a bargain price, but the packaging is not suitable.

The films were each on their own DVD disc (a good thing IMO) but instead of using a four DVD case this is just a single disc case. Perhaps the inner spindle hub is a little larger than normal (I'm not sure) but in any case all four discs were just crammed together on that single spindle, rubbing into each other, and I was amazed that any of them were in OK shape. As it turned out three were fine but one is scratched up very badly.

Amazon is sending me out a new set but I assume it will be the same packaging with the same odds of the DVDs being scratched. I'm hoping that the one disc that is bad in the copy I bought is OK in the new set.
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on June 12, 2015
What's not to love about Dirty Harry? "Go ahead, make my day." "A man's gotta know his limitations." The 44 magnum speech ending with "do you feel lucky punk?" The special features on these discs were quite enlightening. Speaking with an older Eastwood about some of the criticism that surrounded the movies when they came out, of which I was totally unaware. I was like Dirty Harry, just wanted to see the criminals get what they deserved.
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on August 5, 2011
I just received my DVDs the other day and wanted to add a few comments to the list here.

First, my set included 4 single-sided DVD discs rather than 2 double-sided ones. I am not sure if that is the new way to package this set but it was a pleasant surprise for me based on the product details posted on Amazon. However, the 4 discs were stacked one on the other on a single spindle which isn't ideal. I plan to separate them somehow to keep them from scratching each other.

Second, all discs do include extra featurettes of some kind in addition to the main film. This only adds to the value of these movies.

Considering I paid less than ten dollars, this set is a great value!
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on October 21, 2015
Dirty Harry! What's not to love? This is Clint's best recurring role. The downside is Sudden Impact because of Sondra Locke. If you can overlook her, which is what I have learned to do with some degree of skill, then it's a great movie. In many ways, he is still the kind of cop you wish we had more of. These are an absolute must for any Clint Eastwood collections and a must for most other collections as well. Who can forget the classic line, "Go ahead, make my day.?" I can't help but smile just thinking about that scene. Here's to Dirty Harry, the cop who gets the job done!
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on December 16, 2011
I also bought this set from Amazon, and mine came in a standard flip-case with two double-sided discs inside. The only real complaint is that they couldn't include the last Dirty Harry movie, The Dead Pool...true, it's gotten bad reviews and would have added a disc to the set, but it still would have been nice to have. Aside from that, the set is very nice: all four films have great transfers, strong sound, and good extras (a commentary for each one!).

Dirty Harry: A rough, no-nonsense cop on the tail of a psycho-killer with changing M.O.s
Magnum Force: Cops who murder perps before they can be put to justice
The Enforcer: Harry and a young female partner against a radical group that has stolen military weapons
Sudden Impact: A woman out for revenge in a small, quiet beach community

Each movie has its merits and pitfalls (especially the middle two), but they're all fun to watch.
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on December 15, 2013
Teddy Roosevelt once said "walk softly but carry a big stick".....well, Inspector Harry Callahan did just that but traded the stick for his trademark sidearm, the .44 Magnum. Clint Eastwood portrayed a San Francisco lawman with a sense of justice that defied conventional rules of law enforcement. He is the quintessential outsider, the loner with a conscience who , in open defiance to the warnings of his inept superiors, methodically eliminated the evildoers in the most violent and vengeful ways and still managed to keep his badge. The line between good and evil is blurred at times and society will judge you harshly if you stray too far--Harry is the vigilante with whom audiences most identified with and we forgive him his trespasses....he simply took care of business! Clint Eastwood created a character that has become the Icon of the Cops n' Robbers genre; in each film he gave an unforgettable one-liner that typified the mores of the time (1960's-70's). In this era of Political Correctness it is a stark comparison indeed to look back at "Dirty Harry" in his heyday with his singular approach to law and order and one cannot help but feel some measure of vindication when justice finally prevailes. Clint Eastwood has since become one of the elite Hollywood Directors yet continues to do things HIS way........gritty, forceful and still walking that blurry line....Enjoy these four winning films---they are guaranteed to "make your day"
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on February 14, 2016
I'm not complaining about the films or the price. You get all 4 films on 4 separate DVD's for a cheap price (check out Amazon and their third parties). The films are the same as previously released on DVD, not remastered... probably leftover stock repackaged this way.

What I'm complaining about is the way the 4 DVD's are housed inside the single DVD sized plastic case. The middle spindle is extra long and all 4 DVD's are stacked on top of each other. Because of this the DVD's get scratched up quite a bit, it's unavoidable.

Many people mishandle their CD's and DVD's anyways, so it won't matter to them. Other people (like me) try to keep them in good shape, so it's not good enough. Luckily, I bought this as a gift for someone who mishandles his discs, so he didn't care. We watched "Sudden Impact" and it was still a good movie, keeps you watching. Even the wives were hooked, and they didn't want to watch it originally.

On the "Sudden Impact" DVD there was a bonus film about Clint Eastwood's film as a director. They discussed his films up to "Million Dollar Baby". It was a good documentary. Haven't watched the other DVD's, so can't comment on them or any other bonus features.

If you're into cop or vigilante or Eastwood films, then you should see all the Dirty Harry films at least once. You could rent them or purchase a cheap collection like this.
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