Filters? I'm looking for quality solar, moon and city light filters for these rocking binocs. Any recommendations? (Quality is key for the solar filters; I don't want to have smoking husks where my eyes used to be.)
asked by Jesse Adelman on November 12, 2009
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I made a pair of bino filters from BAADER astrofilm. Google the Baader film -- it can be purchased from
more than one source. I made the filter cells from black foam sheets purchased at a craft store (Like
JoAnn fabrics) Cut strips to fit around the outside of the apertures; glue ends together using foam glue, to make the bands,
and after letting them dry, also take a few stitches with black thread to keep the ends together. Make sure these bands fit securely, but not so tightly that they cannot be removed from the barrels. Cut foam circles for the fronts of the cells, and cut holes in the middles, making rings, maybe 1/2" wide. (more or less, depending on aperture.) Place the outer bands down on the 'front' rings and glue with foam glue. Let dry.
A few stitches can be taken to secure the fronts in place. Cut cardboard circles that just fit into the foam cells, with center holes matching the center holes in the cell fronts. Put a layer of 2-sided tape on the cardboard circles after making sure they fit nicely into the filter cells. With the tape side down, lay the cardboard circles carefully onto the Baader film, being careful
not to stretch the film. Trim the outside of the circles and insert into the filter cell 'cups.' You can glue them into the cups if you wish. That's all. Put on and enjoy the sunspots. You could make moon filters by repeating the procedure using a neutral density (or other see-through) material that cuts the glare.
crafty astronomy lady answered on November 24, 2012
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Sadly, I've been unable to find solar filters that any manufacturer will state works with these binocs, and makes a tight, safe fit.
Jesse Adelman answered on March 24, 2010
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