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on January 23, 2011
I just purchased this pitcher today at Walmart for $20 with an attached in store coupon for $5 off. Initially, I went to that aisle with the intentions of purchasing a new Brita filter but was attracted to the "5x faster" claim on the Filtrete box. I often forget to filter my water and Brita's filtration process is so slow and annoying to me that sometimes when Im in a hurry I just drink tap. When comparing it to the Brita I own, I saw that not only was it 5x faster but the filter is good for 100 gallons to Brita's 40 gallon capacity. It also holds a total of 12 cups to (my) Brita's 8 cup capacity. I took this home skeptical and determined that if it didnt meet my expectations that it was going right back to the store and to my surprise it has exceeded them. Not only is there practically no wait with Filtrete but the overall filter design is more practical. It takes up less room leaving more room for water (hence the extra 4 cups) and stays in place while pouring, unlike Brita's sometimes. It also has an automatic filter change indicator that you push to activate. This is much more convenient than the sticker that you must slide around to remember to change Brita's filter. Annnnnd on top of all that it tastes great! I'm not sure if it's better than Brita because I never did get that Brita filter. But it does have a clean, pure taste. If I had to list drawbacks which arent really drawbacks more than they are differences, it would be the fact that a new filter at Walmart is about $3 more expensive than Brita's because of the extra 60 gallons. And the design of the pitcher has an awkward fit in the refrigerator but in my opinion is much more attractive. Overall... awesome product!
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VINE VOICEon April 17, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We use a Brita pitcher at our house, but we're always up for trying something that might be better -- especially a faster filter. As most Brita users can attest, you could practically make a loaf of bread in the time it takes for the Brita to filter a half-gallon of water. So I was excited to try the Filtrete pitcher, as we generally like 3M (the parent company) and their innovative designs. My review is a comparison of the Filtrete pitcher versus the Brita pitcher.


- The Filtrete is super-fast. I mean, WOW: you can run water into this baby like there's no tomorrow, and it passes right through into the basin.
- The Filtrete filter lasts longer (3 months) and has a higher capacity (100 gallons) than a Brita filter (2 months/40 gallons).
- Single Filtrete filters cost more than single Brita filters: it's around 13 bucks for a Filtrete and 9 bucks for a Brita. However, simply taking their respective water capacities into account (and not the superior quality of the Brita filter; more on that just below), the Filtrete is cheaper per gallon.


- Filtrete's biggest downside for me is that its filter isn't even in the same ballpark as the Brita in terms of the contaminants it removes from the water. Filtrete's filter removes only "chlorine and sediment," as noted on the package. On the other hand, the Brita filter removes lead, mercury, chlorine, copper, cadmium, and benzine. This might not be an issue for some people, but it's a deal-breaker for us. (Why bother buying a filter if it doesn't actually remove contaminants from the water?) I just can't bring myself to use an inferior filter, no matter how fast it is, when I can get healthier, better-quality water just by using a different brand.

- The Filtrete's spout is totally open and uncovered. I don't understand why 3M let this detail slip by them. We like to drink room-temperature water and thus keep our pitcher on top of the fridge; I don't want dust particles floating down into my drinking water.

- The shape and size of the Filtrete is cumbersome, awkward, ill-fitted to the door of a refrigerator, and, frankly, unattractive. It's shaped like a frisbee on top of a flower pot. With a handle. That's seriously the best way I can describe it. Granted, there's not much the 3M/Filtrete designers could have done to make this pitcher fit in the fridge any better (or look any better), because the pitcher's shape is dependent on the huge filter at the top.

- The large, frisbee-sized lid doesn't feel secure. Plus, it's somewhat difficult to grip, as you can only attach/detach it by a tiny little knob. You can forget about removing the lid if your fingers are wet or oily.

- I could never get the filter-change activator to work. I pressed it just like the directions said to, and it never "activated" (even after I went back and tried it again an hour later, and then again the next day, and the day after that), rendering itself totally useless.

- Neither of us could taste a difference between the Filtrete-filtered water and the Brita-filtered water.

Bottom line: With a Filtrete, you get a faster, lower-quality filter that may not fit in your fridge, with an uncovered spout, costing less money per gallon than a Brita. However, with a Brita, you get a slower, better-quality filter that will likely fit in your fridge, with a covered spout, costing more money per gallon than a Filtrete.

Honestly, I'd only recommend the Filtrete if you need a lot of "filtered" water very quickly. For us, the benefits of the Brita outweigh those of the Filtrete, so we're sticking with our Brita for now.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I wanted to give this product a fair shake, so I've used it through several cycles over the course of a couple of weeks. I have used Brita in the past for water filtration--so some of my analysis will be based on past experiences. But, I will also say that I have been a faithful user of Filtrete 3M technology as well--I think some of their air filtration products are among the best that you can buy.

From a usage standpoint, I'd say that this water pitcher definitely has its share of advantages. It advertises speed--and indeed, the process was much quicker than in my preexisting model. Water runs through at a steady pace. As with any unit, though, you've got to be careful not to overflow your filter. The filter itself is easy to install, lasts three months, and has an indicator to alert you to a needed switch out. That's a good thing if you tend to live in your own little world as I do and need a gentle reminder. The water pours out easily without technical issue such as the lid falling off.

The pitcher boasts a larger capacity, but its design is somewhat awkward and bulky. It doesn't have the same spatial flexibility when I'm trying to wedge it into my overstuffed refrigerator. Furthermore, there is no way to completely seal the pitcher. The spout is left open to pick up contaminants from the aforementioned overstuffed refrigerator. This seems counterintuitive as the goal in filtering your water was to improve taste, so I don't want to leave it exposed to the elements. As for taste, I didn't notice an appreciable difference either way--but I don't have especially pungent water to begin with. So, I experimented at my mother-in law's house as she lives on a farm with dubious water quality. We noticed an overall improvement but not a complete removal of the chlorine taste that is prevalent in her supply.

For speed and ease, this does beat the Brita. But for overall effectiveness, it doesn't rank as highly. Depending on what your primary needs are--you might go either way. I'll stick to Brita, at least for now, for my water needs and Filtrete for my air needs. KGHarris, 4/11.
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on November 28, 2015
I like this jug it fill quickly. So why the 2 star rating. No lid as clearly shown in the photo (the blue top) I've had them before so I know they come with this lid. It's far too much trouble to contact the mfg to get the lid sent and I don't want to return it for the same reason.
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on May 29, 2014
I live in southern Arizona where our water has a very high mineral content. Even using a faucet mounted filter doesn't completely remove the taste. This allows me to keep a large pitcher of already filtered water handy for coffee, iced tea, ice. The instructions state that it should filter faster after a couple uses, but it filled faster than I expected after completing the initial filter flush.
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on December 27, 2012
I love this pitcher. It only takes a minute to fill thanks to the 3M Fast-Flow Filters. The water tastes much better than what comes out of my tap (fairly hard water in my apartment that doesn't taste great)! My only complaint is that the whole pitcher does not have a lid; the spout always exposes the water to odors in the refrigerator. If I don't drink a lot of water for a few days, it starts to take on a slight freezer burn taste combined with some of the odors in my fridge (I love cheese and onions so sometimes it becomes an issue)! Other than that, it's a great product. Hope they redesign the spout.
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on February 19, 2015
Very good product. The water filters in the pitcher faster than any other filtered water pitcher I have purchased in the past. I'm glad I was able to find it on Amazon. Heck, you can find any product on Amazon!
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on July 23, 2014
This is my second Water Pitcher. Comes with a 3M Filtrete Filter, so there's no guessing. Easy instructions and very good water. I have one in each of my refrigerators. We have very hard water in our small town.
Thank you,
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on January 25, 2014
I got this for my work to replace the super-slow Brita filter that we have in our office, and it is so much faster even than my small Filtrete that I will be getting a second one for my house as well. Filter works well enough to handle even the terrible water that we have in DC.
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on July 20, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I live in an area where the tap water tastes good, so I've never looked to filtration to improve the taste. What I want from a filter is to remove the things in water that might be harmful -- heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, etc. Imagine my surprise when I read the instructions to this filtered water pitcher and learned it doesn't filter out ANY of those things. What's it good for, then?

On top of that, the pitcher is incredibly top-heavy. It takes up a HUGE amount of room in the fridge, and is very difficult for children to use because it's so awkwardly designed. Finally, because the filtered lid doesn't actually cover the spout, the thing sloshes water around in the fridge any time it gets knocked around by an over-eager rummager.

Sorry, 3M. I usually adore your products but this one needs to go back to the drawing board!
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