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VINE VOICEon September 23, 2006
Being a big fan of the previous Final Destination movies I knew I would love this one as long as it stuck to the formula. Not only did this movie accomplish the task, it left me squeezing my boyfriends arm a few times too many, a good sign that the disturbing scary horror parts did their job! I liked al the new characters introduced, a class of McKinnley high school seniors celebrating end of their schooling with a wild night at the amusement park. The whole movie does not take the place in the park, only the beginning, the place of unspeakable horrors and lot's of bloody bodies.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in head role as Wendy Christensen was a new face to me but a joy to watch on the screen. She had a really disturbing premonition of the roller coaster ride breaking, and while everything happened as she imagined, the remaining people who thought they were lucky had no idea what horrible things would await them. I was shocked at the gruesome death scenes perfectly set up in a cat and mouse style of a game. It reminded me of those old fashioned Dominoes games I would play, arranging the pattern on the floor for hours, then at one push one thing led to another and the whole design pushed forward slumped in a mess. That's how death worked in this movie, one misplaced object would leak onto another, push a cart then a bottle toppled over, wetting a heater which in then increased the temperature in a tanning booth while two saved girls tanned in. A coat hanger tripped by an air fan showed the bookshelf on top of the booth locking them in, that is how this movie happens. There are no bad guys, no monsters , no ghosts, just that evil draft and unfortunate coincidences that somehow brought boys and girls to bloody pulp. All of the death scenes were amazing, as much as disturbing, they were really shown in full detail, as I had no idea this movie was going to be that hair raising. The rollercoaster scene itself was incredible, totally disgusting and something I will love to see again.

The best, well the most disgusting death scene was with the nail gun, you guys who have seen it know what I am talking about, I was shocked yet at the same time I was really impressed at the effects and the poor actors. Overall a great fun movie, a blast to watch and really gory but interesting enough when you care for the characters.

I loved trying to figure out with them how to cheat death and seeing their failed attempts and small successes lead somewhere. I hope more parts will come out, as I can never get bored of this theme!

- Kasia S.
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on July 22, 2006
All throughout high school I was a devoted horror movie fan. Over the years I've lost a little of my enthusiasm for the genre as it has steadily progressed away from the edge-of-your-seat thriller that I loved so dearly, and on towards mindless gore and cheap "pop-out" scare tactics. Where's the excitement?

Final Destination 3 is certainly a thrill ride worth taking. I almost didn't watch it, but I was intrigued by a very unique feature on the soon-to-be released DVD version. It is a 2-disc special edition that has all the usual features such as commentary and behind-the-scenes featurettes...BUT the "intriguing" DVD aspect I am speaking of is the "Choose Your Own Adventure" format available on the Special Edition DVD version released Tuesday July 25.

MOVIE PREMISE: As a group of friends are about to get on a rollercoaster, one of them, Wendy, suddenly has a vision of the rollercoaster malfunctioning, and everyone onboard dying. After Wendy begins to panic and tries desperately to warn all those on board, she gets off the coaster, along with a few others. After the coaster crashes just as she predicted, strange things begin to happen to all those who deboarded the doomed coaster. Death will not be avoided for long. After realizing the pictures she had taken with her digital camera that night held clues to the terrifyingly gruesome ways in which each person was going to die...Wendy and her friend/fellow doomed survivor Ryan, try desperately to warn all those who escaped the accident. They realize that each person is being killed in the order that they sat on the the order they were meant to die.

On the DVD, once you click on "Play Movie", you will be given the option of watching the theatrical release version of the film, OR....watching the movie in Choose-your-own-adventure style (which they call "Choose Their Fate"). If you choose the latter (which certainly makes things more interesting), then the movie will pause at key points in the film and give you two choices that will directly effect the way the film progresses.

For Example:
...A flip of a coin will decide where your boyfriend will sit on the coaster. Do you A.) Call Heads, or B.) Call Tails?

...A huge sign is about to fall on top of a man and crush him to death...does he A.) dive to the left, or B.) dive to the right?

...Your friend specifically asks you *not* to look at his picture and possibly foresee the way in which he'll soon die. Do you A.) take another look anyway, or B.) do as he asks and don't look.

Each choice you make has a very specific effect. Some choices will either save a character...or condemn them to a gruesome death. Some choices can't save a character...but they alter the way in which that character dies. Some choices will even end the film early!

It's a new and very fun feature that I've never seen done before, and regardless of the fact that some people feel the "Final Destination" movies have become a little's still worth checking out and having a go at deciding each character's fate.

HELPFUL HINT/SPOILER: When watching the film "Choose Their Fate" style...I recommend that when it comes time to make your first choice (which will be a coin toss...Heads or Tails), that you choose Heads. If you choose Tails, the movie will end almost immediately afterwards and you will not have a chance to see the rest of it play out. Choosing Heads will take you forward with the film...the rest is up to you!

Also...when making your choices...choose wisely and FAST. If you wait longer than a few seconds to make your choice, then Fate will choose for you. Good Luck!
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on February 12, 2006
Director James Wong (IV) returns to bring us the next horrifying installment to the FD franchise. The original cast from, the first and second films have been removed entirely, but we are introduced to some interesting new young faces, including Mary Elizabeth Winstead (as the main heroine). I liked the original just as much as I did with FD2, but I absolutely LOVED FD3! Personally, I consider it to be the best one thus far even if the stubborn critics disagree! Mr. Wong knows how to entertain an audience by making his movies scary, imaginative, and fun at the same time! His work is also the most original, when compared to most of the cheap, PG-13 imitations put out today. I got the opportunity to view this with my older brother and friend at the movie theatre yesterday and wasn't in any way disappointed!

Taking place six years since the tragic account of Flight 180 (See the original, "Final Destination"), high school senior, Wendy Christensen (Winstead) has a premonition involving a fatal rollercoaster accident. Before the ride is launched, she succeeds at saving herself and most of her friends from meeting an untimely demise. But death soon comes back to re-claim its victims, as mysterious and bizarre accidents begin to occur! Now, Wendy must solve death's puzzle and save everyone before it's too late! Her only clues lead to the photographs that she took of herself and her friends at the carnival, which also represent the order that they're to die in. Will she succeed, or will death finish them all?

If you've enjoyed FD1 and FD2, then you're sure to enjoy FD3 even more! The acting can drag a little here and there, but the well-written script and amazing special effects do more than make up for it! Furthermore, the death sequences are very creative and executed nicely even more so than that of the first two films (Watch out for the tanning booth and weight room scenes)! However, if you are squeamish and/or the faint of heart, then you may want to look elsewhere! You'll need a very strong stomach if you are to get through the whole movie! But longtime horror fans and gorehounds alike are sure to enjoy this third [and possibly LAST] 'Destination'!

SCRIPT: 10/10

ACTING: 7/10




...Can't wait for the DVD release!
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on December 13, 2011
I caught FD 1 and 2 before this came out, and 4 as soon as it was available, but missed this one until I rented this week. It strikes me as a good indicator that the franchise was going downhill. I was actually fairly impressed with the acting (I was impressed with Winstead since first seeing her in "Scott Pilgrim") and also with the way the script handles the characters, which gives this film a degree of emotional depth that might easily be compared favorably with the first film. Where it goes downhill is in handling the logic of its premise. It's bad enough that there's the completely gratuitous nudity in the tanning bed death scene, and the absurd exageration of the nail gun accident. (What kind of nail is long enough for an exit wound??) What bugs me is that the roller coaster accident, which is supposed to start things off, simply doesn't make sense. Was it caused by the idiot with the video camera? If so, why did it still happen when said idiot got off? And how did the track just happen to be damaged in the path of the out-of-control car, without being noticed by park maintenance OR causing another accident first? And ultimately, would it really have been any less horrifying if the whole thing had been over in seconds like a REAL train wreck? It comes down to poorly thought yet overly elaborate and drawn out storyboarding, and the same problem can be seen in much that follows.
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on December 30, 2012
Final Destination 3(2006) has some plot holes and laughable moments, but it is a solid, fun, cheesy horror film. So far, this is the only installment that I've seen. The script was written by Glen Morgan and James Wong. These two wrote scripts for The X Files. Wong also directs. The late Shirley Walker composed music for the film. Wendy(Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has a vision that she and her friends will die on a roller coaster. Wendy and her friends cheat death as the roller coaster malfunctions.
As the story progresses, our protagonists are killed in a series of mishaps! Winstead is lovely and very good as Wendy. She adds texture and charm to a character that could have been dull. Chelan Simmons(from the TV movie It) plays a Paris Hilton-ish snob. Tony Todd(Night of the Living Dead, Star Trek Deep Space Nine) lends his voice to an "animatronic devil".
There's two cool "Goth" kids in the film. The Final Destination 3 DVD has an extra feature where one can slightly alter the story. The "9/11 Photo" in the film was pretty tasteless! For a Hollywood movie made in 2006, the production values and special effects are solid. Final Destination 3 is perfect for a Halloween party.
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on February 21, 2006
It's tough to come up with a premise for a horror movie that hasn't already been done (or done to death), but the creators of the original "Final Destination," Glen Morgan and James Wong, sure had no problem back in 2000. Now, returning to the franchise they created, the respective writer and director return (after being absent for "Final Destination 2") with an all-new, exciting and invigorating sequel. Starring Ryan Merriman ("Halloween: Resurrection"), Mary Elizabeth Winstead ("The Ring 2"), two plastic bimbos who look too old to be high schoolers, and someone named Texas Battle (?), "Final Destination 3" is a lot like it's predecessors; this one isn't shy when it comes to gore and innovative and wild death scenes.

Hate to make the comparison, but "Final Destination 3" is a lot like a rollercoaster ride. It has it's ups and downs, yet totally unpredictable. Although this movie obviously feels like a retread (kinda hard to stretch this premise to far), there are still a few elements to keep this movie feeling fresh. For starters, James Wong's directing here is a bit more stylish than it was in the original, and some of the death scenes are just as, if not, more, clever and creepy as those in the first two. This time, instead of an airplane or a car crash, our main character has hallucinations of a rollercoaster going off it's rails. After successfully getting half the people kicked off the ride, she can only watch in horror as the remaining victims plummet to their grisly deaths, as predicted. Also, as predicted, the characters wise up to "Death's Plan" and quickly try to find ways to avoid it. One angle that this film had that the other two lacked was a stalker that isn't supernatural. Not to ruin anything, but out of all of the events, a main character finds themselves being stalked by another. This was a cool addition to a tried and true storyline, but I just wish they would have taken it farther.

If you enjoyed the first two movies, buckle up and enjoy. "Final Destination 3" definitely lives up to the legacy. Despite the fact that this franchise feels like it's running out of steam (and supposedly, this is the "Final" installment), the third movie delivers enough thrills to keep even the most discriminating horror junky happy. One thing is for sure, I'll definitely think twice next time I'm standing in line for a rollercoaster...
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on July 6, 2006
I saw this film the day after its release and despite being extremely ill, I really enjoyed it.

This time, the film looks at a group of teenagers enjoying graduation by going to a funfair. One of them is a photographer for the school paper and starts to notice strange things in the photographs she takes. (For instance the ride that said 'high die' instead of 'high dive') Her friends decide that they want to go on the rollercoaster and although the photographer isn't sure about it, she decides to go on it as well. I was so scared when the rollercoaster started to move. That part was really good because it definitely built up some tension and as soon as the rollercoaster went down the drop, things really started to get nasty. (In a good way though!)

The death scenes in this film are incredibly gory. There nastier than the first film. (Again, in a good way!) My favourite death scene had to be the one of those two girls on the sunbeds as that part truly terrified me and had me on the edge of my seat. I also loved the ending too but i won't say anything about that 'cause I don't want to give too much away!

"Final Destination 3" wasn't as good as the first film but its still great and all fans of horror and gore should get it!
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on September 15, 2013
I'm a fan of horror films, and I found the Final Destination movies really fun and entertaining. In this film, James Won (the director of the 1st movie) returns with basically tha same plot of the other with little differences in how you can't stop the death. Don't think too much with this kind of movies, simply horror, gore and fun, not less and not more.
The Bluray quality is great, it has really decent extra features and Mary Elizabeth Winstead looks beautiful in this one.
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on August 22, 2006
This movie was tremendously entertaining, so much so that I decided to watch it a second time. But during that second viewing, one of my friends pointed something out to me that I hadn't noticed, and apparently very few people did.

In the premonition sequence, Frankie Cheeks drops his camera and it latches onto the coaster rail, starting the sequence of events that led to the deaths. However, when Wendy gets everybody off the back of the train, Frankie is one of the people that survives, never having dropped his camera.

The roller coaster sequence could not possibly play out in the same fashion as the premonition, and theoretically the deaths might not have happened at all without the camera on the tracks.

I don't understand how this could go overlooked by the hundreds of people that produce and edit a movie. That glitch has the possibility of rendering the entire movie pointless, and nobody seemed to notice it.
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on May 27, 2015
Final Destination is one of the most creative storylines out there. I never get tired of watching any of the FD'S and when I'm flipping through channels, if it's showing, I'll watch it. The idea of "Death" coming after to you and making it look like an accident to boot is just so intriguing and awing.
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