Customer Reviews: Final Fantasy XIII-2: The Complete Official Guide
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on February 6, 2012
This is an awesome guide that tells you everything you need to know about the game. There are very few spoilers and it is written wonderfully. It takes you step by step through the game and leads you to 100% completion. It also states all the values for weapons and accessories and when to equip which items. The only problem I have with this review is that it's slightly inefficient in my opinion. It breaks up the walkthrough, completion timeline, and tour guide into three separate sections. Coming from Final Fantasy XIII and it's guide, I find that by separating things it is creating more work for me. I wish they had given me the timeline first and then combined the walkthrough and the tour guide so I could see the maps while I'm being told the strategies for the bosses. It's not a big deal, but as a lazy college student I feel that it would be easier to combine things. Plus it would save paper. Overall an excellent guide and a must have for 100% completion.
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on January 31, 2012
I have not yet spent a great deal of time, roughly 3 hours, playing the game with this guide, but it has so far impressed me more than the game itself. First, the guide is divided into separate sections, each with a different amount of spoilers. If you want a simple guide to get you through the game quickly with little spoilers, this is it. If you want a guide with a good balance between completion and simplicity, this is it. And if you want a guide that goes into great detail about every aspect of the game, this is also it. And those are just the different parts of the walkthrough! The guide also includes item, fragment, and trophy checklists, as well as an in depth bestiary. Aesthetically, the guide also succeeds. The collector's edition is a plain, white padded hardcover with the logo of the game. Absolutely beautiful. Every page of the guide is also filled with high quality screenshots from the game. The collector's edition also has an extras portion with interviews with key staff from the game. In short, this is an amazing guide with could also easily serve as an artbook if you chose to use it as such. I for one, will display it proudly.
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on February 2, 2012
As an owner of the original collectors edition XIII guide you'll notice several things.

1. The pages are thinner. (thinner book compared to the original, even though this one has more pages)
2. The books are not numbered by their print run.
3. Those with a keen eye for book bindings will also notice the binding is glued and not sewn like the original.
4. The "hard" covers are rather mushy and soft to the touch. (recycled cardboard?)

Piggyback definitely cut some corners here. Although with thinner pages it stays open without the pages flipping by themselves. However, due to the heavy ink use on graphics, the thinner pages are wavy throughout. (Although they will flatten more over time)

The major issue I have with the build quality is the binding. Sewn bindings will stand the test of time, whereas glued bindings will inevitably fall apart with use or with age as the glue dries out. Between this and the thinner pages, it feels like I could rip a page out by accident if I'm not careful, whereas the original book felt much more sturdy and higher quality.

Other than that, this book has much more beautiful page layouts and artwork than the original - it really blew me away how beautiful it is when I first flipped through it. The graphs are fantastic and the foil logo on the cover is really shinny and reflects in the light.

Regarding the actual content...

1. Layout sucks. It's structured more like an encyclopedia, having you flip through various sections. It's easy to miss something.
2. All-encompassing Inventory and Bestiary not so all-encompassing; doesn't include extras like the Serah costume, Genji bow, or Omega boss information.
3. Seems to be very wordy and dry on information you can already find in-game. It's an information overload at times. I wish they'd just cut to the chase most of the time.

The layout is a completionists bane. The main walkthrough is barely 40 pages and doesn't include ANY maps or treasure information. It's just a go here do that, fight this boss type of thing with the occasional overly wordy Primer/tutorial sections which you can already read in-game. All of the maps, treasures, and monster info are in their own section; the "Tour Guide". Not to mention the wakthrough and tour guide sections don't provide you with LIVE triggers and rewards. That info is all the way at the back of the book.

So in short, this book has you flipping back and forth from the Walkthrough to the Tour Guide, to the LIVE section, then to the crystarium section. They should have included four ribbon bookmarks and not two because of this silly layout, why couldn't they just include this all in the walkthrough instead? Does anyone really buy a guide just to play the game like a movie and skip every treasure and bonus? completionists are their main audience and I think Piggyback has lost touch with that. People buy guides so they don't miss any missable items and/or to get a 100% completion. Getting a 100% completion with this book is a job in of itself due to the layout.

And regarding the tour guide section, they only mark treasure on the maps for the first time you visit a zone.

Okay I know this really sounds overly negative but this book really is a joy to hold in your hands and own because of how beautiful it is. but that's about all it's good for... have on a shelf for maybe a decade before the glued binding falls apart and the pages come loose... real collectible eh? I'm so tempted to go online and look for a better walkthrough. However, with that said, the sections on character crystarium and monster crystarium are really pretty good with easy to read tables and graphs. I found the crystarium pages especially helpful, except for being located at the back of the book and having Noel's picture on Serah's page.

At least this book was cheap, but I'd much rather pay extra for a real high quality collectible. Please don't cheap out on us again Piggyback!
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on February 16, 2012
This book covers everything. Nice strageties to defeat the toughest enemies and shows you how to unlock the paradox endings as well as the hidden ending. Without this book I would not have been able to even come close to realizing what this game has to offer. (Typical RPG)

Usually, I don't get hardcover guides but this one was actually cheaper than it's paperback counterpart when I purchased it.

The "Tour Guide" section was what I ended up using the most. This section gives you hints, tips and tricks on how to aquire fragments, and shows enemy data, for any given map.
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on February 15, 2012
Honestly it's more a 4 and a half stars review. I like the guide and how the pages feel solid. I also like the padded cover because I think they were trying to recreate a feeling of leather bound or something like that (I don't know much about book materials). To my eye they tried to give you something similar to the Collector edition of the game , which kinda feels closer to a leather bound cover(but is not). A few pages came torn at the side but not a big deal, I don't care enough to send it back in even if they gave me replacement. The questions with development team at the back of the guide is a very nice touch with some good art and screen shots from the game. It helps to make up for the poorly short artbook that was included with the Collector edition of the game. If your thinking of getting this and only a regular copy , feel free to do that because some of the art from game's collector book is included so collector edition of the game is even less enticing. In terms of content it's really well done , I had only one issue during play , which was I was reading the walkthrough and was told to go to 'x' place and and then 'y' place and I was bothered because it was a confusing level and the book didn't have a map or screen shot. The next even I found out , that you should go to the section "Tour Guide" in order to get a detailed quest list along with maps and waypoints and screenshots, very handy stuff, would of been nice if it included referenced page numbers though ( had to check Table of Contents). Honestly at this price point you shouldn't even worry about it, just buy it. It's worth it if your even considering it.
Also There are some nice large screenshots/artwork through out the book that are there purely for looks and they are really nice.
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on May 13, 2012
Want to platinum this game. Then make sure you buy this to save you a lot of time and frustration. I bought the guide after I had already beaten the game but reading through it made me facepalm a few times. I missed so many things I could have done through my first playthrough. Guide was really helpful and I got my platinum trophy so I am real happy. Can't compare it to any other guides but it you just want that platinum, just buy this.

Trust me, I usually use forums with online trophy guides to beat a game but even the forums recommended getting a guide. There are so many fragments and side quests that it's just so convenient to have a guide instead of a laptop next to you.
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on February 4, 2012
This is a very unique guide book right here. Very sexy and clean look to it. The double book mark ribbons are a nice touch. Super high quality paper and printing. EXTENSIVE amount of content. Don't expect this book to play the game for you though. It will tell you everything you need to know whilst allowing YOU to play the game and not the guide book. I have read many guides and this is one of the finest. If anything buy it just to have on your shelf it's so pretty.
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on February 11, 2012
We just got our book today and I did a little read through it although it can be a little wordy at time its definitely a great guide. If you actually read it, it tells you that to use the tour guide as you use the walk-through so that you do some extras here and there. I noticed some people complained because it was separated like so but i personally like it that way. It's set-up so that you can choose how you feel like playing the game; which i liked. only down fall is the pages should have been sewn not glued. The cover is actually really nice, almost like a plush feel not necessarily hard.

note: The page's aren't see-through they are of a decent quality. If someone is complaining about the thickness its probably because they was trying to stick in a copy machine.
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on January 19, 2014
The rating is on how well the book was put together, not the contents. I wouldn't recommend buying this book if you actually plan on using it. It will fall apart on you.

I normally don't use guides I buy (I'm a collector) but I did use this one and I really regret it. I didn't mind how the book was organized, though I think it was how it was organized that caused the book to fall apart on me... I was Flipping back and forth from the story section to the "travel guide" section. After a couple of days of using it, a couple of sections of the book started coming undone. And then eventually the whole sections came out.

I really hate Piggyback now and I wish another company would pick up on making Final Fantasy guides.

As for the contents of the guide, it is thorough and will get you through the game as well as get all trophies/achievements if you really wanted to.
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on March 7, 2012
I thought this was a pretty good guide. The skill progression information was quite helpful. I did not follow everything they wrote, but it was nice information to have. I use the walkthrough maps after I run around each area on my own, that way I can get what I missed.

Anyway, the Collector's Guide is nice and heavy and well put together.
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