Customer Reviews: Finale (Hush, Hush)
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on October 24, 2012
First I must say that I am sad to see this series end, but I have enjoyed it every step of the way. I have been enamored with Patch since we were first introduced to this charismatic and mysterious character in Hush, Hush. I have also loved Becca Fitzpatrick's ability to surprise me. Most books I read I can predict the ending, but I've never been able to predict hers which I admire greatly. In Fitzpatrick's last installment of her series, she doesn't disappoint. I was glued to my seat the whole time, and I read the book in only a day. I felt that Nora's character developed a lot throughout the book and by the end I felt that she was a much stronger person than she was in the first novel. Patch continued to steal my heart with his witty/sexual comments, his strength, and most of all his absolute love and dedication to Nora. Scott was in this novel as well, but I would have liked to see him more in the middle of the novel. However, he is still there and is especially important at the end, so don't worry fans of Scott! We also found out a secret about Vee that I never saw coming, so again bravo to you Becca Fitzpatrick you shocked me once again. The plot line of the story was well-paced and kept me interested the whole time. The ending of story was epic (once again I couldn't predict what was going to happen which made it so much better) and I even started tearing up since I have become so attached to these characters. However, it had a very satisfying ending and left me as a reader feeling happy for the characters. If you have any doubts about reading the last book of this series I must insist that you read it! It was absolutely fantastic and definitely worth the money.
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on October 24, 2012

I literally just finished reading Finale. My emotions are all over the place right now (if that's any indication of how engaging this book was), so allow me to just have a moment here: OHMYGODICAN'TBELIEVEALLTHESEFEELINGS!!!

Okay, continuing. As you can gather from the title, I do not regret buying the final book for a split second. Of course, I was so emotionally invested in the characters already from book one. You're also probably wondering why I gave it four stars rather than the full five if I was so crazy about it, and the answer is that I had expectations. My expectations were actually quite specific (I'll get to that), so it wasn't just a general thing that I could turn a blind eye to. I had an idea in my head that I was expecting throughout the whole story line.

My praise:
I was glad that, even more than she already was in the beginning, Nora had a sense of quick wit and independence. She wasn't a pathetic little teenager squealing every time her ridiculously gorgeous boyfriend looked at her. She took almost everything into her own hands.
The story line was very quick, complex and had me engrossed through out. It had my brain working wondering what was going to happen next or how something was going to play out.
As far as I recall at the moment, Becca Fitzpatrick did an excellent job, of not leaving many loose ends untied *within this book alone*- which was pretty hard, I imagine, considering this was the final book so it all had to be closed (see more on cons)
It wasn't any easy read. The story wasn't your typical happily ever after. I, personally, sobbed about three times throughout. Yeah...
The ending did have a little surprise that never crossed my mind, and I was OVER THE TOP EXCITED about it, but it did make one aspect of my disappointment a lot worse.

As far as the loose ends go for the book, Becca did well. Now as for the series as a whole... not so much. I WAS (oddly) happy to see one character that I didn't think (and shouldn't want) to see again- if only for nostalgia, but it stops there. I had a lot of questions left about other characters. Scott's mom for example, I didn't get the pleasure of seeing her again and she was very important (to the epilogue, I'd think) considering everything that happens.
Also, I believe it was in the last book, that Scott showed he had more of a romantic interest in Nora. And it seemed that Becca was headed a certain direction with that and the story but just randomly changed her mind and now it's like "oh, ok. We'll just keep feeding a little of that to them but never really comment on it". That felt like it was left unresolved. I mean, considering what happened in the end, I guess it showed SOMETHING but not really.
I was very upset that I got so attached to these characters (Scott, Vee... PATCH!!!) and it felt like the book lacked them A LOT. Especially Patch. I didn't have that feeling that I had in the first books with their relationship. The first books felt like they were mostly focused on Patch and Nora's relationship and the business with the fallen angels and all that was kind of just something to give them purpose together and keep the story flowing. In this book, it felt like a HUGE change of direction had been taken. It was all about the war and this random character Dante, leaving Scott, Vee and Patch (PATCH!) to get small amounts of time almost as if to say, "don't say you didn't get any!" I was severely pissed. I missed Vee's diva attitude, Scott's obnoxious lovable remarks and most importantly, the cocky, intense and dark ways of Patch. I felt that, for the most part, the passion between Nora and Patch wasn't there. It was all business. They felt like a boring married couple... which leads me to the expectations I was talking about.
Speaking of not tying loose ends, I will quote silence to show my expectations:

"I hesitated, one big question looming in my mind. Sex was a big deal I wasn't sure I was ready to complicate our relationship-or my life- that way, and that was only top on a long list of repercussions. If a fallen angel who slept with a human created a Nephil- a being that was never meant to inhabit the Earth- what happened when a fallen angel slept with a Nephil? Based on what I'd seen of the icy relationship between angels and Nephilim, it probably hadn't happened yet, but that only made me more leery of the consequences."

All throughout the book I was waiting for this but it never happened. And in the end, with the huge surprise about Patch, I wanted it even more- it just made sense for it to happen. But when we were just given a vague, closing description of something... it just felt like a slap in the face. As much as I could tell Patch truly loved Nora, it just didn't feel right. It felt like the spunky relationship they once had- that made me fall in love with them- was absent... And in the last book! I just didn't feel like I got proper closure.
But, I still rated it 4 stars because I was CONTENT with what I got.
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on October 30, 2012


This book suffers the exact same "unnecessary fourth book syndrome" as Breaking Dawn, in all the wrong ways.

I enjoyed the first three books of this series. They weren't the best written stories ever, but I got attached to Nora and Patch and Vee and Scott. Then came Finale. As a side note, this book also might earn the "Worst Title Ever" award.

Reasons why this book sucked:


1) Nora gets everything she ever wanted. The same thing happened in Breaking Dawn where Bella basically gets it all, no matter how impossible it should have been. See rest of this list for details.

2) Vee has been Nephilim this whole time, she just didn't know it. What? Seriously? This is so beyond stupid and completely ruined Vee's character.

3) Patch gets to "feel" forever. Apparently Detective Basso was an archangel in disguise! Because Patch has been such an awesome fallen angel, he lets him stay immortal AND he gets to "feel" now! WOO. Sorry, but this is dumb.

4) Patch turns against his own people. He and Nora talk another angel into gathering every fallen angel feather so that every single fallen angel will be chained in hell forever and ever. He does this because he is so in loooove with Nora that he will destroy the lives of all of his friends. Apparently he is the only "good" fallen angel out there.

5) Dabria and Patch and cheating allegations. Again. Nora, being the immature and overly jealous teenage girl that she is, thinks Patch might be cheating on her. Again. Haven't we been through this before?

6) An immature teenage girl is the leader of an army of Nephilim. This might be the #1 most ridiculous part of this story. Their former leader was an imposing older man. He went completely bonkers and did a blood transfusion to turn Nora Nephilim so he could make her leader of his army. What army is going to follow a high school girl in to war? Seriously? Nora attends her high school classes (sporadically), and then goes to war meetings after school. It's so beyond dumb.

7) Nora's training sessions. She does 15-mile sprints before school every day! Does this girl ever sleep? The training sessions are boring as hell. And so overdone in these YA Paranormal books. Every YA Paranormal these days has tons of "training" sessions and they're almost all boring. She also spends one day learning sword fighting with Patch and suddenly becomes a samurai ninja girl. Nice.

8) The epilogue. There's a hint of a relationship starting between Scott and Vee during this book. But then Scott gets killed (boohoo). Then we get this epilogue of Nora at Vee's wedding, where she's marrying some character we've never met and for some strange reason I DON'T CARE.

So basically, Nora gets Patch. Patch gets to feel. All the fallen angels are dead so Nora doesn't have to swear fealty, ever. Vee is Nephilim, so Nora doesn't have to keep hiding stuff. Vee gets married to her true love (some guy named Gavin that we never meet). Everyone lives happily ever after (except Scott who died, but he was barely a blip in this book anyways so I didn't even care).

All this is wrapped up in hundreds of pages of terribly boring dialogue, boring training sessions, even more boring dialogue, and a scant few action scenes (that aren't particularly well done).

To say I'm disappointed in Finale would be an understatement.
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on October 27, 2012
I wasn't sure I wanted a fourth book to a originally planned trilogy, but now that I've finished Finale, I'm so happy that the author decided to conclude this series this way! The ending was perfect and fitting; I really couldn't have imagined it any other way. The plot was almost without any faults and though many sad things happened, I loved the conclusion.

The Plot: Fitzpatrick's Finale never slows down. You don't ever get a pause and that's what was so captivating while reading this novel. There was so much happening at the same time and I couldn't put Finale down for a second. Nora's problems were piling up and I loved how everything that could go wrong, almost ever did. It gave the book a new edge. Furthermore the whole thing with the devilcraft was a side story that didn't bore but entertained. However the thing that I didn't like at all was that Nora's problem with devilcraft was actually a huge deal and it was resolved like it was nothing? I mean, then why put this in the story anyway? (please read the book to understand what I'm talking about!)

The Characters: Nora shows us a new side to her. She is tougher and less whinier than usual. Although sometimes she could still get on my nerves, I really started to like her! Yet I think that her emotions could have been a lot more on edge than Fitzpatrick showed us, she was in a really crappy situation and sometimes I felt that she was too calm. Patch was his usual perfect self, no problems there, at all! Vee's secret was completely out of the blue and I didn't think it fit the story somehow; it was too fitting to be what it was. Scott, I love you!

Finale was a wonderful conclusion to one of my favorite series. Not everything can be perfect and I didn't expect it to be, either. It was good enough for me and hopefully, others will think so too! If you haven't picked this series up yet, do it now that you can read all of it in one sitting :)! And if you had mixed feelings about a fourth book, trust me, it was worth it!
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on October 23, 2012
Knowing that release day in my country (New Zealand) was at 5pm, I kept hitting refresh on my kindle as I was so excited to start reading this book. When it finally came through, I literally put the kids to bed, put aside the book I was currently on and began reading....I did not put my kindle down till I was finished well after midnight....

I loved this book.....I thought it was a fitting end to one of the best series I have ever read..... I liked how the story continued right where the last book ended, and how the writing kept me devouring it right till the end.....

I was a little upset about one part towards the end of the book, but the Epilogue more than made up for it.....

I am going to miss my Patch addiction so much and thanks to Becca Fitzpatrick for this wonderful series and these wonderful characters that have kept us entertained and delighted for the last couple of years!!!!
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on January 13, 2013
!!!!!!!!!!!!~*SPOILERS AHEAD-READ AT OWN DECISION*~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so eager to read this book I had it on my Amazon wishlist since last August, waiting for it to come out so I could buy it! Well, I never ended up buying it but my town library had a new copy on hand that I could borrow for FREE--who would refuse that? So naturally, I borrowed it and read this book in a day and a half. It took me a while to remember what had happened since the last book, so I re-read online summaries of Crescendo & Silence. Then I began excitedly reading Finale.

After finishing it today, everything came to full circle. The plot line was as banal and unoriginal as Becca Fitzpatrick's title for her final (pun intended) book, Finale. I thought that since all the previous books built up this dramatic and thrilling war between the fallen angels and Nephilim, Becca Fitzpatrick would bring on some real destruction and havoc. Unfortunately, the book trudges slowly for a few hundred pages about Nora's annoying,immature personality and constant fear and whiny attitude about leading the Nephilim army. If I was Nephilim, I wouldn't want some immature teenage girl to lead me to my 'promised' freedom when she clearly has no idea what she's doing at all.

The parts about Nora being able to freely skip out of her school and drive off school property? Unbelievable, and just utterly ridiculous. How can any student just walk off school property without being chased by some security? Becca Fitzpatrick makes school seem like an optional, open campus thing with no repercussions whatsoever. Nora playing hooky so easily was just not real to me and I couldn't believe that part of the book.

Patch, like many other reviewers noted, virtually has no character depth in this book. Patch follows Nora around and because their relationship is 'forbidden' most of their exchanges are through phone or sneaky meetings where Becca Fitzpatrick would try to squeeze in some fumbling and awkward teenage kissing, which always gets interrupted somehow. When I was reading the parts with Patch, I got so fed up and almost expected Nora to tell Patch, "Jump!" and Patch would reply, "How high?"

Vee, is also virtually absent in this book except for scenes where her character is utilized to further Nora's goals. Basically, Vee is a pawn and Nora's insecure best-friend/sidekick/apparent Nephilim? <-- WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT!? "Oh hey Nora, by the way, thought you should just know. I just cut my finger the other day and it magically healed. I also had major PMS and found out I'm Nephilim." Really, Becca Fitzpatrick?? REALLY? Vee-a Nephilim? That was the stupidest plot twist/addition I've ever heard of! And it made me even angrier than those authors/producers that make their characters realize that whatever reality they thought was real, actually was all a dream.

To me, the book was just a jumbled mess and it was clear that Becca Fitzpatrick had trouble explaining all the plot and tying up loose ends so she just decided to off Scott, have Nora miraculously defeat a powerful Nephilim, and somehow Detective Basso is actually an archangel--that grants Patch FEELING! I mean come on! That is so cheesy, the one thing between Nora and Patch was that Patch could not feel physically, so for Basso to grant Patch feeling, is just a giant, tacky arrow pointing to: Sex, and more making out.

Marcie is mentioned abruptly at the rushed epilogue (3 years later) to have randomly died because she, as the offspring of two pure Nephilim, could not survive for long. What was the point of introducing her in Finale? I feel like she was stuck in there just to push the unmoving boulder of writer's block through the story. Also, I just love how Vee gets married to some guy named Gavin--actually I hated it.

I would have preferred an epilogue where Nora and Patch discuss their future and possibly Heaven. However, none of that happens as the main characters rush off to have sex in the end.

THE END. Literally. A fight happens, but it was just anti-climatic and kind of lame. Why did no archangels interfere with Dante's crazy plan, or even some even higher ups in Heaven? Well Becca Fitzpatrick doesn't want to open that can of worms because religious debates would fly everywhere so she keeps it simple and contained to just... Angels. Corrupt angels, strict angels, angels that don't really seem to care.

Feel free to read the book if you want, but in my honest opinion, it was a bit of a let down and I only read it to quench my desire to know what happens in the end and to the characters. I wish the story was written better, but it was really rushed and I still had many questions left unanswered, as I'm sure lots of others readers did, as well.

Sorry for the long review! I had to get my frustration out! Haha
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on April 13, 2013
Contains spoilers

I'm a little bit sad to write this review. I really enjoyed the Hush Hush series, but this book failed on so many levels. I went from being bored, to angry at Nora (who I really didn't like for most of this book), to somewhat engaged in the story, and to ultimately annoyed at the author for rushing at super sonic speed over the big finale. Pivotal things happen and are explained so quickly and then you're given a one sentence explanation and expected to swallow without question. Quite frankly, I think her time would have been better spent fleshing out the ending and making it more memorable and epic than wasting pages in the beginning on stuff that felt like superfluous fluff.


And it wasn't even clever. The synopsis says that someone's going to betray Nora so I was like "who will it be?" And then I started reading and it was all Dante, Dante, Dante and it became totally obvious that he was the traitor. You can't introduce a character like that in the last book and give him no purpose. And making Vee a Nephil? That was the biggest joke ever! How ridiculous! And poor Scott. The author didn't even give us a chance to mourn him before moving straight on to Nora and Patch's HEA. And Vee's hubby, Gavin better tread lightly as her last three boyfriends ended up dead. What a joke. I hate Vee. At least she was barely in this book.

Maybe being so bored with the plot had something to do with it, but I wasn't feeling the chemistry between Patch and Nora this time. Maybe my irritation with Nora had something to do with it too. I dunno. There were aspects that I enjoyed, but on the whole, I was underwhelmed. My opinion of it might change on a second read through - assuming I ever decide to read it again. Honestly, I feel like this series was a trilogy that got stretched into four books. That very rarely works. You usually end up with two half stories - like Silence and Finale. While I did enjoy Silence (but let's face it, not a lot happens in that book either), I can't say the same for Finale. It was an unimpressive finish. A whimper, not a bang.
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on May 21, 2015
Well, where to start.
I stayed away from this series for a long time because of all the comparisons to the Twilight series (In hindsight, I should have listened to my instinct). I was so bored one day that I was like what the heck, and I read the sample for the first book in the series--and man, was I pleasantly surprised with the humor and dialogue. The characters were likable, the dialogue witty, the plot interesting and with twists, and even Nora who isn't necessarily you're most kick ass heroine (actually she's quite the damsel in distress) -- was still endearing as a very classic teenager.
Then came the rest of the books. They took a serious turn for the worse. Nora got excessively bratty and jealous, to the point of ridiculousness and it seemed she never learned from her mistakes. She couldn't do anything right -- she had to be saved every time by a guy. Listen, I'm not looking for thought-provoking literature here but there's only so many hits my poor feminist soul can take. On top of that, the romance lost its comedy and witty dialogue - it just became ridiculously sappy. The books just became paragraphs of Nora describing how much she was melting with desire (Just moments after she decided she hated Patch and that he was a sick psychopath, mind you). Even Patch, who was fun to read about got boring. Dude, you're only allowed 1 or 2 max monologues confessing undying love per book before it becomes contrite. I don't know how times I read "he looked at me with an intensity he had never before." Ok, well, he just did that like two seconds ago and it was apparently never-before, earth-shattering then too.
The best characters like Scott and Vee took a huge backseat. Their stories were rushed in the end and not given a fair conclusion. I expected to see them more involved in the last book; but Nora and Patch's relationship seemed to suffocate everything else in the book - like Scott, Vee, or her mom might be in mortal danger and Nora will mope for about a millisecond until she sees Patch and that's it her world is complete, everything that matters to her is there. What a douche.
And worst was the conclusion which was rushed and oddly anticlimactic -- Nora gets some "training" over three days or something and suddenly she's like an expert in fighting. Then, the author does some drastic things but honestly by that point I didn't really care. Fitzpatrick showed in her first book that she can come up with a decent mystery and tie up loose ends - but in the finale it was just a s*** show. She just throws in some dramatic events and then hopes that will make it an intense ending.
Given the ratings out here, I guess the author did what she needed to do to deliver what her audience likes; but I think she did her story a disservice. I really wish I had just read the first book and stopped there. The rest were a drag, and like another reviewer mentioned, it was more a relief when I was finished with the series.
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on October 25, 2012
I fell in love with the hush hush saga from book one and this was a perfect ending to the saga . it tied up loose ends from book one! it left all the unanswered questions answered and  wrapped up in a nice little bow. the ending was so amazingly beautiful i cried for a good five minutes! i didn't think it was possible but i fell more in love with patch!
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on November 8, 2012
The finale of a 4-book series was the same, materially, as the other three. Nora Grey in Portland, MA had met Patch, the 'friendly' fallen angel. His nickname for her has always been 'Angel.' She has gone from average human to an in-sworn pure-blood Nephil since the third book, Crescendo. For clarity, a pure-blood nephil is born when a fallen angel seduces a human woman and their child is born a Nephil. Nephilim is the age-old Biblical term for many Nephils in the plural.

The thing I do not understand is the idea behind the titles. Hush, Hush was about learning Patch was a fallen angel, and there it ended; Silence involved Nora's inability to remember past the last school year and regaining that memory. Crescendo likely referred to the uprising heat of emnity between fallen angels & Nephilim. Finale cinches the deal where battles are fought and peace made as the curse of the fealty vow that bound Nephil forever to fallen angels in the month of October, Jewish Cheshvan, is ended for good.

These Nephilim are likely tied to the Biblical naming of their existence in the antediluvian (pre-Flood) days. It is interesting that Ms. Fitzpatrick saw fit to revive this race of people in her stories. THe titles seem half-way phrases to make someone quiet and musical terms. Okay, it was an okay book series but it never truly gripped me.
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