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on May 4, 2011
I had heard about this book before it was even available in print edition. Though I wasn't a big Kindle fan, I got the app for my Iphone specifically because I wanted to read this book. Am I glad I did. I have come across a lot of money books in my life but I don't think I have ever seen one like this. Not only did it speak directly to my own struggles with money but it did it in such a gentle non-shaming way.

There is a tone that this book has which lets you know she is speaking to you from her experience-- not some theory about how things ought to be-- but how things really are and what you can do to make them better.

Never once does she talk down to you. Instead, you know she has been there too and come out the other side. I have absolutely no trouble beliveing that this book's combination of wisdom and practical tools can finally help me heal the challanges in my relationship with money.

It doesn't feel like just another self help book--it actually feels more important than that. This book says something about money that we all, in these trying financial times, need to hear. OBTW- I loved reading the book on Kindle, I'm a convert to both Financial Recovery and Kindle!
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on May 14, 2011
This book offers simple (but not simplistic) insights into how so many of us struggle with money issues. It addresses what is at the core of so many people's lifelong money troubles, regardless of their level of income. Money is just one of those things (like food issues, for example) where the solutions seem so easy for those who don't suffer with the challenges. Just eat less if you want to lose weight, right? But this author understands that fixing money issues and other crucial aspects of our lives just isn't that easy. McCall gets right to the core of the problem; difficulties with money aren't simply about how much money people have, but their essential relationship with money, and that this relationship can spring from not only family history, but feelings of shame and deprivation that drive unhealthy money behaviors. By disclosing her own process of Financial Recovery, and giving many case examples of clients who have used this process, McCall inspires others to find their own path toward real satisfaction and fulfillment, at whatever income level is right for them. She offers non-judgemental observations about patterns that people have in their relationship with money as well as practical ways to break those patterns and transform their lives. This is a money book--full of lots of practical strategies--but more than that, it is a money book with heart. It helps readers to look not only at their financial goals, but at the healing process that is necessary to achieve them.
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on April 26, 2011
This is the book I was looking for! It's among my top money books of all time. Karen McCall is a true expert in her field. She sees money holistically, from an emotional as well as a practical point of view. There are many money authors that simply cover the practical side of money, giving tips and telling us that the answer is to skip the lattes, we'll be okay. There is so much more to moving forward with money... people's thoughts, beliefs, and relationship with themselves are manifested through their money habits. Because those thoughts are often negative, many people have deep money secrets. They feel shame, fear stress, guilt, and a slew of other negative emotions in conjunction with money, and are desperate to get off the hamster wheel.

Karen imparts her knowledge and her process in a caring way. Readers can identify with one of more of the examples in the book. She gives readers a chance to shine a light inward and discover the potential for a new way of being with money. Sound fluffy? I assure you, this book is anything but. It's a book of substance that encourages readers to be honest with their money history, so they can create a new relationship with money, and themselves.
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on May 24, 2011
So many books are full of financial advice, yet when we read them and then struggle implementing all their advice, we just feel worse. But not with McCall's book. The difference is that she writes about our actual relationship with money. She talks about the emotions of money. She goes into our history with money. Here is an expert who has spent decades in the trenches with real people and understands why people really do what they do with money and how they can change.

What I love the most about this book are all the stories. She shares her own very personal story of struggling with spending and debt. (She shares some of her painful money secrets that people in her life would have been shocked by at the time, if they had known.) And she shares the stories of countless clients she's helped guide over the years. Suddenly, you feel like you are not alone if you struggle with credit card debt or sometimes you spend too much, or you simply never seem to earn enough.

This book is very easy to read, and it takes the reader through understanding how and why they relate to money the way they do. She writes about being caught in the "money life drain" and how she has seen so many people simply try to work harder, only to not have it help their financial problems. She is very direct about addressing feelings of shame and deprivation and how this fuels our financial behavior. And yes, she shows you how to get out of debt and stay out of debt. She also covers how to track and plan your spending- topics that may be unpopular. But she makes a very convincing case how the new financial behaviors she advocates can truly change your life. By the time the reader gets to the last chapter called "Imagining Sterling Money Behaviors", you just want to BE that person, and you really feel like it's possible. (I've known Karen McCall for years and after I finished her book I ordered twenty copies of it!)
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on June 4, 2011
This is the book I was looking for, but didn't know it! I have not always made the best decisions when it comes to my finances. I'm very good with numbers, but not so good with money. I've read other books that go into detail about how to track or budget, but they don't deal with the "meat" of the problem: WHY we spend too much. This book does. There are exercises designed to get to the heart of your attitudes about money, and they do just that. Along with those exercises, there are good, solid ideas for getting a handle on your money and dealing with your debt. McCall's idea that you still need to have a life while you are dealing with this is just how I felt about it, and her suggestion to first stop incurring debt before trying to reduce it is a good foundation. This will work for me! That's what makes this book different--she's traveled the same road as other authors of similar books, but comes up with a better solution than they did. There are good examples, solid stories of how people were able to work her program to accomplish their goals, and I enjoyed reading them, as well as the rest of the book.

That said, I've not been thrilled with the response to a request for information from her website. Still waiting after almost a week. So I will stick with the book and it's exercises and instructions, and skip the website stuff. Do give the book a try, though.
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on July 7, 2011
This book is brilliantly written and is hands down the very best book I've ever seen that combines the inner healing work that needs to be done along with the outer practical steps and tools that are equally important. The insight I gained just from the one chapter on deprivation and how this is the underlying core issue for anyone with money struggles was invaluable. Clarity is power and this book certainly delivers the clarity and insight needed to heal our inner wounds. How can we heal something if we don't even know what the actual issue is? Of course nothing changes without the corresponding action and this book also offers the practical steps, tools and systems that create a solid foundation in our finances. When we combine healing the core issue within and we also take dramatic and empowering actions, our money relationship goes from being dysfunctional to healthy and empowering and we are then finally able to live our best lives. Even though I have read dozens of money books over the years and successfully implemented many actions that brought me positive results on my money journey, this book offers profound value to anyone wanting to heal or change their relationship with money. Thank you Karen!
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on May 31, 2011
The author begins with a context for readers, showing how it is crucial to understand your relationship with money. She outlines the details of knowing what you need, want, and desire as one of the most critical factors in choosing the work we do. I found strength in the kind of details that her methodology enabled me to see. Every since I began practicing and understanding Karen's concepts on money, I have experienced emotional and spiritual growth. Today, many accountants, financial analyst, debt counselors, take a variety of approaches in dealing with money...depending on the need... Karen's model is somewhat different. For her, getting in touch with what is really important to us is a major part of designing a financial life that is stable and fulfilling. It is the ability to understand our deepest needs, wants, and desires. To understand the Money/Life Drain and the strategy of "Saving Your Way Out of Debt", is one way to not repeat the same cycle over and over again. Like a good author, Karen talked a great deal, about how work has a lot to do with earning enough money. For the novice, there is much to be learned here.....But the book does not stop there, in many ways it is just beginning. Here is where you will begin experiencing transformation and begin to live the financial life you have always dreamed.

Financial Recovery is more than about money. It is about healing, growing, and achieving peace and financial well-being!!
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on August 4, 2011
I started using Karen's method about 17 years ago, when I had a toddler, another baby on the way, and a husband in law school. Using the spending plan process, we were able to live without going into debt. Sometimes it was hard to look at the numbers when we did our monthly spending plan, but infinitely better than trying to guess our way into figuring out our finances. An example of how this works-we realized we would be short about $500.00, (even with Karen's advice about periodic savings, we were not good at it in the beginning). Having the awareness of what we needed made all the difference. I took some action, and in a few days received a call to do a gig for-you guessed it-$500.00! This process works on the practical, emotional, and spiritual level. I highly recommend the book!
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on April 8, 2016
I've read all the literature on becoming an entrepreneur to help get me out of an endlessly deep hole of debt and overspending, but have not made a cent on any of it. I realized that I truly need a fundamental shift in my relationship with money over some entrepreneurial scheme as the pathological emotional schemas I enact are endlessly self-destructive, financially.

This book is very different from other money books. It's not a kick in the ass to be some overachieving entrepreneur, or a boring left-brained book on pragmatic money behaviors (emotional money schemas will undo any behavioral approach anyways).

Great book for living the examined life in relation to finances. Recommend to anyone who is a "space cadet" with money like I am.
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on April 4, 2013
Karen McCall's Financial Recovery book offers a wonderfully different, self-reflective view into money! This book helps you uncover your own personal beliefs about what you think money can and cannot do for you, allowing you to widen your perception. And because Karen opens the book by sharing her own story of financial failure, you immediately identify with her struggles and feel the truth of her experience. It was fascinating to see how our own negative beliefs about money create (and perpetuate) our need to self-sabotage our finances. And the written exercises make you mentally walk through your financial history, uncovering triggers in your own belief system. In my opinion that "mental walk" from your childhood into the current day, is one of the things that makes this book SO much more than just a get out of debt, budgeting book!
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