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on October 31, 2012
You know if you want something like this -- maybe you have an elderly parent, or kids/pets/spouse that constantly rearrange everything, or (like me) you would lose your head if it wasn't screwed on. If you've ever joked "I wish there was Google for real life, so I could Google my car keys" then you're one of us!

There are a variety of "remote-finder" or "key-finder" products, mostly from no-name brands (like this one), and they all have vaguely infomercial-like pitches. It's mostly the same idea -- a widget that beeps when you press a remote locator. I've tried several, and this is my favorite. Here's why:

* It actually works. Many of the competitors basically won't beep unless the remote is within a couple feet, which is useless. Some of the competition was DOA and wouldn't activate at all. This product works reliably (see below for range notes).

* The battery life is reasonable (see below for analysis). Many of the competitors started dying after a week or two. In many cases they died silently (instead of giving alarm chirps), which is worse.

* You get four receivers for a reasonable price, and they're not too huge. Competitors are often more expensive; some only give you one beeper.

There are definitely some limitations!

* Battery life: After 7 weeks and counting, they haven't run out yet (unlike some competitors). I work with engineers that have good test equipment, so we measured the tag's current consumption. It's normally quiescent (~80uA), and every 5 seconds there's a pulse of current (~800uA) as it checks the radio. (This is why it takes up to 5 seconds to start beeping when you first hit the button.) Measured average draw is ~130uA. The battery is a CR2032 ([...]). Typical capacity is 225 mAh. That adds up to an idle lifetime of 72 days -- of course this is a theoretical computation, actual performance will vary. Two months isn't _too_ bad, I guess. It's supposed to chirp (smoke detector style) when the battery is low, I haven't experienced that yet.

* Range: I ran a bunch of experiments where I asked my girlfriend to hide remotes in obscure spots, and then I would try to find them. (An oddly fun game!) It would consistently beep if I was in the same room, or the next room over, but wouldn't necessarily beep from the other end of my medium sized house. So realistically you need to walk through your house with your button on the remote until you hear it. In practice this doesn't take long.

* Sound: Like most competitors, you have to be able to hear the beep. It's a high pitched beep (piezo oscillator). It's pretty piercing but if you have high frequency hearing trouble (like my dad) that might be a problem. I was able to hear it clearly under cushions but I had to be in the same room. And it won't help you if you've left the object at work or something (though it will help you prove that it's not at home). It's just a beeper, not _actually_ "Google for your car keys".

* Size: The beepers (and the master) are about the size of a modern (electronic) car key fob. It's a little bit too bulky for a wallet or a phone. (Fortunately phones can be located by calling them.) Fine for a keyring, a badge, a purse, or the titular TV remote.

* Master: It comes with one master with buttons to locate the other 4. Don't lose that one, ha ha! Another product ("Find One Find All") has buttons on every remote, but I found that product much less effective in other ways.

That all said, to the best of my knowledge, no other product does better. As others have noted, the seller (clearly a small, one-person shop) tries very hard to make sure you have a good experience.

Update: They lasted 12 weeks (3 months) before the first one started running low on battery. And yes, they start beeping intermittently when that happens.
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on July 11, 2012
I got this because my wife often misplaces keys and wallets, and I thought this might help. Well, it has!

What I like about this key finder:

First of all, the receivers are unobtrusive. They are pretty flat, and not very large. One fits into the wallet we were always losing without creating much of a bulge. The ones I have put on keychains are not much bigger than most of the keys themselves, and hardly make the keychains much bigger.

Second of all, the range and volume are very good. This is critical. One time we misplaced the wallet, and when I hit the finder I thought I could barely detect some beeping. After walking around the house a little, I quickly found the wallet upstairs, in our spare room, buried in a bag with swimming gear. This was probably 20-30 feet away and through the ceiling and a wall, as well as through the wallet itself! Not only did the unit respond, but it did so loudly enough to be heard. I hesitate to think, if we hadn't had "Where's The Remote?" how many weeks would have gone by before we stumbled across the wallet again.

Third, battery life is around six months, if memory serves. This is pretty decent considering the range and volume. The package comes with four spare batteries, and we are starting to use them now. When the battery starts dying on a receiver, the receiver very helpfully starts beeping to let you know.

We have used "Where's The Remote" to find the wallet and the keys several times each now, and each time with no problems. Believe me, when you are looking for the car keys, it's nice to be able to find them in less than a minute instead of running around the house in frustration. This system works great.
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on June 21, 2013
Lets get something straight from the start.....Nothing made today, and I mean NOTHING, is made to last forever, or take any abuse for that matter....I am a big guy and an avid gym rat (even at 67 yrs old)....I have broken rake handles, twisted off door knobs, snaped broom handles, etc.
The point being, is that everything you buy today, especially electronics, has to be used with care....You can't pry the back off with a screwdriver, rip the piece of plastic behind the battery, and then shove the battery back in like its the clip in a rifle....You WILL break something in there.

Received the product, well packaged, and promptly.....The plastic covering the product was open (I would imagine to put the two extra batteries into it)
Removed the individual receivers and and transmitters....CAREFULLY removed the back of the transmitter and removed the plastic strip that keeps the battery from coming into contact with electrode and then carefully reinstalled it.....

Took the back off one of the receivers and removed the plastic insert covering the bottom of the circular battery (you can't see this plastic insert until you actually remove the battery), reinserted the battery and got 2 beeps (instructions say 4 or 5, but I only got 2 or 3 on all of them), and I then hit the corresponding color on the tramsmitter...A few seconds later the receiver beeped twice....remember the unit isn't an IMMEDIATE push and tone application

It appears that each receiver has its "own" specific beep, or should I say, series of beeps.......So at first you might get the impression that they aren't working correctly, or that the beeping isn't consistent.

The loudness was more than adequate, and I have poor hearing....I could hear the beeping on my set of keys two rooms away with the TV blasting....even with the keys stuffed under a cushion, or underneath a newspaper...Just remember that delay time when you push the color button.

Now in all fairness, these are expensive, but you get 4 receivers and a seller that seems to be 100% behind her product....Contact her if there is a problem with your unit....

And to put things in perspective, I purchased this product because my keys to my Eclipse got misplaced....Spent a long time trying to find them and literally tore the house apart before I did... Had only one set... Mitsubishi wanted $275 for a replacement...AND it had to be towed to the dealership.....
Plus, when you are a slob like ME, god only knows where I leave things....(I do find my things eventually, but it may be a month or so. lol)

In conclusion, if it lasts a year, it is worth every penny.....And I have three other receivers to play with....and they are portable so you can use them on multiple items.

Just don't give them to your Rottweiler to play with.
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on July 10, 2011
There is no reason to look for another key finder. THIS ONE IS GREAT! I repair and detail boats for a living, and was CONSTANTLY losing keys inside the boats or forgetting where I put them. I have tried a number of different key finders, and this is the ONLY ONE that works anywhere around the office and on any level of the boats, and is loud enough to be heard easily. This product truly performs as advertised, and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is interested.
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on September 14, 2011
The jury is still out on this product. My son is always losing his wallet so that is the main reason for this purchase. Most of the time we find his wallet buried in the sofa. We put one in his wallet and my husband put it in the sofa we had to actually be in the room for it to start beeping. My husband's hearing is not the greatest so he could barely hear it. I have very good hearing I heard it but it was not very loud. If you don't have very good hearing than I would skip this product.

I only rated this 5 stars because of the company. They sent me an email prior to receiving the product telling me how to work the product and they set up the batteries for me. The company definitely goes out of their way to make sure you are happy with the product. The extra batteries you receive are a definite plus.
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on September 11, 2011
I got the remote finder to place on my key chain and on my TV remote. The one attached to the TV works fine. I was able to use the remote to find it and it was loud enough to hear. The only thing I do not like about it is they can beep on its own. One day I was driving and something kept beeping. At first I thought it was my car, after a few minutes I figured out it was from the remote finder on my key chain. I took it off my key chain because I did not want it to beep all by itself while I was at work in a meeting. All of the remote units has beeped on its own without me pressing on the finder at one time or another.

I ended up throwing all of them away after a few months. They didn't work after a while and was tried of them beeping in the middlw of the night.
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on December 26, 2012
I purchased this item as a gift for my mother, who is a pack rat and spends much of her time looking for her keys and other objects. When I first opened the package and removed the plastic discs that protect the batteries, they didn't work. I removed all of the pre-installed batteries and replaced them with the new ones included with Where's the Remote. All worked except the white receiver. Per the instructions that accompanied the package, I called Debby and not Amazon. She answered immediately and patiently walked me through some simple troubleshooting that took only a few minutes. She even instructed me to use the original batteries --- the ones that I thought were DOA -- and they worked perfectly. When we finished, everything worked perfectly and I love the fact that this system was shipped with an extra supply of batteries. So far, I am a very satisfied customer!
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on February 6, 2012
I am one who constantly sets their keys down and forgets where they put them. I am a store manager in a large retail company and I need my keys to approve returns and get product for customers. I have misplaced them so many times that I finally said I have to do something about it. I bought a key finder at a local electronics store and found that I could not hear it over the piped in music at work. I researched allot of other companies. I found that none other than "Where's the remote" could say they had a loud enough beeper so that I could be assured I would hear it at work. I finally ordered the Where's the remote finder" and Wow! I am so glad I did. It really works and is loud enough for me to hear all the way from the back of the store to the front of the store. This product works extremely well! If you want something that works, buy this!
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on December 18, 2013
This item works great! I am always misplacing my car keys. With this remote attached to my keys, I can get the base remote in the drawer and then start pushing the button to find my keys. They are usually in the strangest places, but I save lots of time. I can find my keys quickly - with a lot less stress.
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on December 13, 2012
I needed a product to keep track of remotes around my house, and an old iPhone my 4y.o. and 9y.o. play games on. With 1-month old, 4y.0., 9y.0., and 16y.0. kids, remotes/phones have a tendency to go missing, and I got tired of searching different rooms, couch cushions, etc... So my criteria were: (1) A product that worked as a remote finder; (2) A product that was small enough to not be cumbersome attached to a remote; (3) A remote that had enough distance to find a remote in a different room; and (4) Not too expensive. This product has met every one of those.

I've had the remote finders for 3 months now, and they are spectacular. When you receive them, they have detailed instructions on how to pair the remote sensor to the corresponding button on the remote - it took about 1 minute to do all four finders. In addition, the seller includes a ton of extra batteries with the finders - after three months, I haven't had to change the batteries once yet, but I have plenty of batteries in case I do. Definitely some of the best packaging/instructions/inclusion of extras of any product I've purchased.

In terms of function, for me they've worked flawlessly. I have an 1800 sq. ft ranch style home with a finished basement. Wherever the remote's have been on a single floor - from the kitchen on one side to the bedrooms on the other - as soon as I hold down the remote on the button, I hear the finder start beeping. It beeps loud enough to be easy to find, but not so fast that it causes a headache. Sometimes it works between floors into the basement as well. Sometimes the floor will get in the way; but all I have to do is walk one circuit from my kitchen, downstairs and to the other side of the house while holding the button, and I'll hear the finder as soon as I'm within range.

In terms of attaching the finders, both double-sided table and key-rings are included. In my case, on most of my remotes I simply drilled a small whole in the corner of the remote and used the key ring to attach the finder. On one remote I used the double-sided tape, and it hasn't fallen off yet. The finders are about 2" x 1" - they don't interfere at all with using the remote. They would certainly easily fit on a key chain and work for keys without any trouble.

Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase - the finders work perfectly, the instructions are great, the seller is great about following up with to make sure you're happy, and the extra batteries will come in handy when the batteries finally die. Definitely recommend. They just work, unlike a lot of others I've seen.
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