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on January 19, 2011
If you loved Lost but thought it went out on a bad note (whether it was the finale, the season, the sideways world, etc), reading this book may bring back your appreciation for the show and see its last season in new ways.

Like many people, I felt cheated at the end of Lost when they left so many mysteries unanswered. I still liked the finale, I was OK with the purgatory twist, and I really like how the story ended. But I was still angry that the producers would throw so many mysteries out there, and just ignore them for the most part. I thought that if they just didn't know how to explain them then they were lazy and if they just didn't want to tell us, then I found that very insulting. I still bought the DVD, and like every year, bought Nikki's book.

But this year's edition has restored my faith in Lost for the most part. I'm still annoyed that we still don't know who The Others were or where they came from, and they made up a ridiculous explanation for The Numbers ("Jacob had a thing for numbers"? Really? That's the best the producers could come up with?), but I found that the episode writeups and the 50-page chapter on the finale helped me to stop caring about those mysteries, and appreciate things about the characters, their stories, and the island that I hadn't really thought about before.

Every chapter on an episode will go back through the seasons' stories on that character, for example, for Sawyer, many of his past episodes and island stories are analyzed to give context to his Season 6 episode, and you see a completed arc to their story, on the island as well as in the sideways / purgatory world. And while I liked the two "mythology" episodes this year, the chapters on these episodes makes you better appreciate the significance of events in the episodes.

The chapter on the finale gives you so much more to think about, for example the theme of The Constant is applied to each character (not just Desmond), looking at who their constants were, and what it meant to their island and purgatory lives. This is an example of a topic that seemed important in a few episodes years back, and Nikki brings so many of these themes back into her analysis of the season, that it helps you appreciate so much more of what Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse were able to accomplish in their stories over the years, that I was able to get over their lack of answers to mysteries.

There is also a chapter with her own theories on many of the unanswered mysteries. While you might not agree with all of her thoughts, it'll still get you thinking about possibilities, and she does make a point that if we just spent Season 6 having mystery after mystery explained, it wouldn't necessarily make us appreciate Lost overall, as much as the way they did wrap up the characters and the story.

Whether you enjoyed Season 6 or not, this book will raise your appreciation of Lost and help you get over unanswered mysteries. And when you think of it a year from now, or many years, if you've read this book, you probably are more likely to remember it as the greatest TV show you ever saw.
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on November 4, 2010
The six-season television phenomenon so beloved of the fandom (and dissected endlessly by fans and critics alike) aired its final episode in May 2010. It's legacy remains strong however, and with the recent release of the final season (and the complete series) on DVD and blu-ray, fans old and new will be savoring its pleasures for years to come. Author, blogger and LOST-expert Nikki Stafford has written the definitive guides to each successive season of the show throughout its run and here presents the eagerly anticipated final volume in her successful and popular FINDING LOST series.

All of the elements that fans the world over have enjoyed in her previous books are here to delight: a guide to each episode in detail with highlights, character arcs and 'easter eggs' for the dedicated fan, analysis of the overarching themes of the show including discussion of its mythology and links to world religions, insight towards the cultural impact of the series and in turn, how fan response shaped the evolution of the show itself, and in-depth examination of literature, scientists and philosophers whose influence on show-runners and writers revealed itself in character names, plot development, Island backstory and the ultimate meaning of the show as unveiled during its final season and climactic final episode.

While she is an unapologetically passionate fan of the series, Stafford is no mere sycophant; she also points out nitpicks in each episode, enumerates mistakes/continuity errors, takes issue with unanswered questions and grapples with the controversy swirling around the conclusion to a show whose confounding mysteries and narrative choices during its six-season run ramped up expectations for ultimate resolution to stratospheric proportions. Throughout, Stafford's wit and style ensure an enjoyable and satisfying read for casual fans and devotees alike. A more well-rounded treatment of the series and its fandom is not to be found among the voluminous outpouring of material generated by its popularity and pop-culture significance.

In short: buy this book (and its predecessors) and expand your understanding of the LOST phenomenon. In Nikki Stafford, you will find the friend and colleague with whom you've been dying to discuss your fascination with this singular TV series.
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on October 28, 2010
My season 6 guide arrived in the mail a few days ago, and I was over the moon with excitement, and so ready to start my rewatch of Season 6, with a fabulous guide by my side.

I have all 5 of Nikki Stafford's fantastic Finding LOST books. They are a great companion to what is one of the most brilliant, and complex, shows ever made for television. Her books are informative, well researched, even more well-written, and a lot of fun. This one is the best yet! LOST may be over, but fans old and new, are still talking about it, and I have a feeling we will be for years to come. With the help of Nikki's guides, we will be talking about it, its characters and themes and mysteries, in a highly-informed way. Thank you, Nikki, and Namaste!
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on October 29, 2010
I've been following Nikki's blog and reading her other LOST books since the beginning. If you have a lingering question about the final season, or the entire series as a whole, this is the book for you. Nikki is one of "us," us being true fans of the show, as shown by her extensive research and her ability to find things within episodes that we may have missed.
Her uncanny insight has revealed things to me that I would have never picked up on. Her in depth observations connect things from this final season to things that have happened in the past. Her write ups on books and pop culture references that appear on the show let you know how they are interrelated.
Nikki knows her stuff. She's always been my go-to authority on the show, and will continue to be. If you love LOST, you need this book. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
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on November 12, 2010
If you were a fan of the amazing, groundbreaking TV show, LOST, you will love Finding Lost - Season Six: The Unofficial Guide by Nikki Stafford. Informative, detailed, full of astute observations, written with humor and insight, it is the perfect companion for LOST fans. If you ever found LOST to be slightly confusing (?!?), Nikki lays it all out in a way that is easy to follow. She is also honest, and doesn't shy away from bloopers, nitpicks, and things that didn't sit well with her. Finding Lost was written by a devoted fan, for fans. If you think you will ever rewatch the series, by yourself or with a group, this is your indispensable guide. I can't recommend it enough!
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on November 23, 2010
I must say, this book is amazing from cover to cover. If you are a true fan of LOST or even just a casual viewer, Finding Lost - Season Six is a must read for you. The episode synopses enhance the viewing experience of this amazing show. The chapter on the series finale is so well written, that it is worth buying the book just to read that section. I am one of the LOST fans who truly loves 'The End', and after reading Nikki's observations and analysis on it, I now enjoy it even more than I did before. Thank you Nikki for keeping me interested and entertained with your thoughts.
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on November 4, 2010
I'm the owner of all of Nikki Stafford's "Finding Lost" books and I find them indispensible companions to the show. Now that the show's over, I'm having major withdrawal symptoms, and her books keep the story alive for me. I love that she reads all the books referenced in the show so I don't have to (I can't get through "Ulysses", but think I might give the Salman Rushdie a try). Yet another reason to be sad "Lost" is over: no more of Nikki's books to look forward to.
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on February 15, 2011
Nikki Stafford's books on LOST are the best guide to the show you will find. All of her books offer insight and intelligence for a show that expected much from it's viewers but at the same time Nikki does not give a free pass to it's errors or inconsistencies. I loved her books so much I gave her Buffy the Vampire Slayer companion guide to a friend for her 40th birthday and she said it was her favorite gift!
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on February 20, 2011
As a fan of LOST, I like to think that I catch all the clues in the show as I watch. But, I don't. This book is a great guide for all the little (and sometimes big) moments I missed. It also explains the literary references in a way that anyone can understand. She writes with a tone that never talks down to the reader and sometimes inserts humor. This book makes a great show even better!
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on November 3, 2010
I have two pieces of advice for visitors to this page: First, GET LOST!, that is, if you haven't already. Buy or rent the whole series and watch with careful attention to detail. Second, if you have already immersed yourself in the most satisfying work of television art of our time, you need Nikki's books. They are meant as companions to viewing and that's the best way to use them. Nikki is always careful to word her summaries so as not to spoil the episode, so it's best to read her episode discussion first, and then view the show with her tips in mind. LOST is rich in meaning and attuned to literary culture, so it's a good idea to read all the books referred to in the show. Impossible? Of course, but Nikki does it for you, and the book reviews she includes after episode summaries are excellent, and greatly help with understanding the deeper meaning intended.

All the guides are wonderful, but Season Six is quite big and especially content-laden. The size is roughly the same as the first in her series, but then again, that first book covered two seasons. Throughout the guide are discussions that relate back to and illuminate happenings in seasons past. She thoroughly explains major characters, their back-stories and motives. Especially important is the long, thorough analysis of the finale -- so controversial, yet even diehard fans will be reading it and saying, "Oh, now I get what this or or that was about," from time to time. (Really, I wish the finale naysayers would take the trouble to read Nikki's book before posting their tiresome critiques). Also useful is the section near the end that tackles some unanswered questions. As per usual, there are quips from interviews with writers and cast, and lots of pictures.

Nikki's writing is scholarly, readable, and often laugh out loud funny. And while she never holds back from sharing her nitpicks and moments of disappointment, she is always respectful of this wonderful show. Buy this guide. At this moment it's pretty cheap and well worth more than twice the price.
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