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on February 13, 2014
This is the best movie I have seen in a long time . The story kept me guessing what would happen next. Loved the characters. Great life lessons. Just an awesome feel good movie that leaves you better than you were before! It's a movie that gives you such a great feeling. Can't wait to watch it again! Wish they would make more movies just like this one!!!! Thank God for Candace Cameron Bure. So grateful she is starring in wholesome, family movies!
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on February 14, 2014
Very cool little movie...Hollywood would do well to pay attention. We don't want the trash you're trying to shove down our throats. We want good. We want morally good. We want things we don't have to cringe at. We dont need sex, dirty language or over the top violence. What we want is movies like they did in the thirties and the forties... thats when America knew how to make movies!
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on March 23, 2014
This is a great movie about a woman doctor who makes big money and hopes to marry the doctor she's been dating for years, but hasn't asked her yet. She leaves California and heads to Long Island where he's waiting to see her. Every time they talk on the phone he reminds her of all the money they're losing by her not being there. However, she runs into trouble in a town called Normal and has to spend some time doing community service. In the process, she finds not only herself, but God & the man who really loves her.
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on March 4, 2014
I loved the truth and humor in this film.
It is very inspiring and true.. Good for the family
especially with older children.
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on March 30, 2014
Clean story from a Godly view. Solid acting. Love movies with great messages that do not resort to violence or world view to get their message out. Good for the whole family!
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on February 25, 2014
I greatly enjoyed watching this movie and appreciated that core Christian values presented in it. I like that this movie focuses on growth and awareness. I will say the description above is slightly misleading (I'm pretty sure this movie is set in Louisiana). I don't think that matters in the grand scheme of things though. I'm glad I own this movie! :-)
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on February 25, 2014
Great movie and hope to see more like this one. We think we are happy until someone else makes it plain to us, we are not.
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on June 30, 2014
I resisted watching this movie because I thought it would be a "road" movie. I've seen some on Hallmark and it isn't my favorite story line, so I have passed this movie by for weeks and weeks. Today, bored and trying to stay out of the oppressive heat, I rented it. I am so glad that I did.
Candace Cameron Bure plays a doctor from the big city who lands in a small "middle of nowhere" town. Because of prior bad acts (not paying parking tickets), she finds herself doing community service for three days. No surprise as a plot device, the town needs a doctor. As the main characters, who represent town folk, seek to win her over, we see the usual country fare. God, church, and community are mentioned, and a dance isnthrown in for good romantic measure. Meanwhile, materialistic doctor-boyfriend is waiting in the Hamptons for Lisa, (Cameron-Bure's character) to complete her journey. He call periodically to remind her that she is costing them major bucks by landing herself in this predicament. I was glad that the film makers didn't complete that typical story arc and make the boyfriend, Steve, a total jerk. He was kind of a jerk, but really, he just didn't get it. The film stays less mean spirited that way.
Cute, sappy, contrived, predictable are some of the adjectives used, or at least the thoughts conveyed in some other reviews. All of it is true. If you're not a Christian, and you try really hard, you'll be offended. You'll just have to get over it or ask Amazon for your money back. However, if you're reading this review, you were warned.
I thought this was one of the sweetest, freshest, movies to come out of...where? This didn't come out of Hollywood! I'm thankful that someone put down on film and integrated it into a believable story line just how stupid it is to protest a cross in a community where everyone agrees that it should be there.
I'm thankful that someone put on film that a woman who "just wants a good life" can find one in this "backwater" setting. One reviewer said that the romance story was contrived, but it's not. I lived it to a degree. I'm a city girl who married a country boy. I looked at the goodness and honesty of his life and left my Beemer dreams behind. And after reading and working and living in a society where it seems no one shares my belief in God, it is so nice to see a Christian film that celebrates belief, that treats belief with respect and shows people with faith as ones to be admired, not mocked.
So often in these films, the acting in stilted at best. The locations are contrived, the music is bad. The whole thing just makes you cringe because you want good, Christian entertainment, but you want all of the "Hollywood" stuff as well. This movie delivers! You won't find any of them up for an Oscar, but that's getting to be a secular joke too, isn't it? No, this isn't the best movie I've ever seen. These aren't the best actors. But, this movie made me smile AND I didn't browse the internet while I listened to it, either. As soon as I finish this review, I intend to buy the DVD. Why? Because the next time I'm bored and it's too hot (it'll be too hot tomorrow and the day after, and the day after...) I'll have it here and I can watch it again.
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on April 1, 2014
Outstanding clean movie. ;;;It makes you reflect and defines what happiness is all about. This movie is for the whole family.
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on September 25, 2014
The reviews of this are surprisingly uncritical, mostly due to a pro-Christian bias among its fans--as if one has to support the movie, no matter what, just in order to get more like it made. Maybe that is the case, and if so I hope that future movies from this studio are better written. If looked at objectively, this is a rather clumsy--and sometimes un-Christian--movie. Yes, I really mean that. Warning, there are spoilers below.

Setting: On the surface, it is a story of a big-city doctor who finds her spiritual center and happy ever after in the last place she would have looked: small-town Louisiana, where she happens to get into a spot of car trouble. Sound like Doc Hollywood? Yep, but not as good, unfortunately. The town is not as charming as Doc Hollywood, and in fact can be downright creepy in the way it is artificially constructed. The judge-slash-doctor-slash-pastor of the town is a highly-respected older black man, breaking stereotypes of the South (good!). However, he is the ONLY black man in the entire town, it seems. He has not married and brought black children into the world; instead, he has adopted two white orphans and raised them instead. To be fair, he has raised them well, but it just seems contrived. Why bother? Give him a nice Christian black family. The romantic hero does not need to be this man's son, if you are unwilling to consider an interracial romance. He can be a neighbor or a friend.

Characters: If you are going to keep the oprhan plot line, then give real depth to the characters. What happened to the orphans' parents? The grown orphan woman was a single mother, and I wanted to know her story. The odd-duck sheriff who seems rather dull-witted but plays the sax with soul--did he really need to be such a dolt for half the movie? If we're challenging stereotypes of Southerners being bumpkins, then don't make them bumpkins. The best Southerner in the whole movie was the federal court judge, who was sharp and thoughtful. In general, the clunky character development felt like the script was a college film school project.

Plot: The idea of bringing the ACLU in as the big bad wolf is rather amusing, and the way these Northern Liberal Elite (headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts) are defeated hardly qualifies as clever. One of the biggest mistakes in storytelling is to underestimate your audience, yet the directors here do not seem to believe that their viewers will understand the "complicated" legal hopscotch without hitting us over the head with it several times. Better yet, could the hero, Lucas, have found a better way to defend his public display of the cross? Giving up on the issue of free speech--and forcing him to buy the land under the cross--almost smacks of giving into the Liberals. And, once again, if you're trying to prove that this self-taught lawyer is so smart, why have the female doctor character point out to him the difference between public and private land, which ends up being the key to the case? Did he really need her to explain it to him after the judge pretty much laid it right out? If so, he really is not that bright.

Acting: The male hero was well cast, and he acts the part well. I liked him, and I found the doctor's attraction to him, his lifestyle, and his faith very believable. However, the rest of the casting was pretty uninspired. The doctor herself is too unlikeable in the beginning. She has no charm from which to build up a rapport later. Her edges soften, but she is never fun to like. This transition is the toughest balance in a romance like this one, and this movie does not quite get it right.

Message: So, what's un-Christian about this movie? Two things struck me. First, the fact that the judge-slash-doctor is also the local preacher is somewhat insulting. I know many reverends, pastors, and chaplains, and they work hard all week long. You don't just get up in front of people and say a few words off-the-cuff. Even if your doctor and judge duties are not too taxing, being a spiritual guide in a town of faithful people is a full-time job. You spend hours writing sermons, you work with families in need, you lead youth groups, you counsel couples getting married, and on and on...In other words, you work hard. To make it seem otherwise is frankly not fair to Christian leaders everywhere. (I did like the parable of the pecan tree, by the way.)

The second worrying thing is the fact that Lisa, the female doctor, heads off with her slick city boyfriend Steve after he proposes. She is falling in love with Lucas, the self-made lawyer (does he have another job?), but she still goes with Steve (to build up tension, presumably). Now, Lisa and Steve have been dating for five years, apparently, and they were a typical urban secular couple, so let's just agree that they have had premarital sex. Are we supposed to suspend belief that she does not have sex with Steve in the interlude between their engagement and marriage? Come on. Maybe I am the prude here, but it feels an awful lot like cheating on Lucas, at least in her heart. Lucas says he values promises people make to each other, but she breaks two--one to Steve when she walks out on her wedding day (really?) and one implicit one to Lucas when she comes back to him and does not apologize for making the mistake of sleeping with another man. Maybe she doesn't owe that last apology to Lucas, but I felt like the happily ever after scene needed a little more depth to it.

Just because a movie (seems to) follow one's religious beliefs does not make it a good story. Fans of inspirational Christian fiction should demand intelligent stories with layered characters. Why settle for less?
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