Customer Reviews: Finding the Sacred Heart: Live in Philly 1986 [Blu-ray]
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on May 26, 2013
What can I say? This is magic in the purest form. For the first time we get to see a full show from The Sacred Heart Tour with an all brand new edit too. Forget the sloppy "Sacred Heart: The Video" which looks bleak in comparison with its MTV-style editing and action highlights from the show put in places into the songs were they shouldn't appear. Pyros and fire etc. This one, Finding The Sacred Heart is beutifully shot from the opening to the very end without antything missing from the show. Each song is intact and all the stuff with lasers, fire and pyro is there. The shots are long and without epileptic tendencies so you can clearly see what happens. The color and details are awesome. It has a very live feel to it and the sound is fantastic. Strong, rich and powerful, the sound is amazing and you can hear all instruments clearly. I saw this fantastic show just two months prior to this filming on the 18th of April in Gothenburg, Sweden. And this is very close to my memory of that show. It is really a shame that we had to wait for 27 years before we could see this one. Very strange indeed since this is so powerful and really captures the essence of the Sacred Heart era. I'm stunned! I recommend this one to every Dio fan out there, you won't be disappointed! I see that Wendy Dio is an executive producer too so one can only hope for more goodies from the Dio vault in the future. Anything presented this good is pure magic. A big box of cigars to Eagle Vision and Wendy for this! Kudos to you! Dio forever!
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on May 1, 2013
If you were ever a fan of the legendary Ronnie James Dio then you absolutely MUST add this to your DVD library. It captures the late Mr. Dio at one of many majestic and fine moments! The sheer sound of his voice alone is enough to awe any Dio fan! Witness Dio's legendary voice, stage theatrics and creative backdrops! Hear the thunder of the drums on classics like King of Rock n Roll to the screaming guitar of then new guitarist Craig Goldy on We Rock! Some Sabbath & Rainbow era songs are revisited as well. This will NOT disappoint! Long live Rock n Roll and may Ronnie James Dio as well through the wonderful legacy he has left us in his amazing music! R.I.P. Ronnie J. Dio and eternal thanks for the memories!
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on May 29, 2013
I have been a fan of RJD for over 30 years and attended several concerts, including this tour. IMHO this was Dio at his all time best with soaring vocals right on key every time. As the concert shows, he spent a lot of time finding an individual in the audience, making eye contact, and making a lifetime memory for that fan. Even though this was one of Craig Goldy's first shows with the band you would never know it. The music is crisp and sound mixing is excellent.

My only problem with the BluRay comes down to expectations in video quality. While I know this was filmed 27 years ago on 16 mm I thought the remastering would result in better picture quality. There are a few up close cameras that look great, but others that look like they copied it straight from VHS. Nonetheless, this is a great addition to any Dio fan out there!
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on June 8, 2013
Ever since the tragic passing of Ronnie James Dio 3 years ago, there has been a plethora of re-releases and they have all been great. I have enjoyed all the Rainbow, Sabbath and Dio 2 Disc Deluxe editions as well as the Heaven and Hell and Rainbow Live in Munich DVD sets. Even the Dio At Donnington is great, but I think the expanded re-release of Finding The Sacred Heart DVD really sets itself apart from all the rest. This DVD shows the 1986 model of Dio on fire! Ronnie sounds awesome, but I was especially blown away by Craig Goldie on the DVD. I knew he was great guitar player, but his performances are KILLER! Everything about this DVD from the sound to the visuals are pretty damn near perfect, but the CD soundtrack just misses the mark by a tad. It could have used a little more care when it was mixed and prepared for mastering. However, the audio soundtrack does sound better than the CD after I loaded it into my iPod for some reason. But do I recommend getting both the CD and the DVD? Of Course! But you might find yourself watching the DVD more than you would listening to the CD.

But as an added note, 2 more weeks until the re-release of Ronnie's 2000 release Magica!
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on May 30, 2013
I have watched quite a few DVD performances done by DIO and Company. This is the best sounding best done, best performance, best stage show I have ever seen by this group. The group is fantastic in this performance. The one and only complaint I have is that I wish the lead guitar sound was more defined like the other instruments are in this performance.
Great job DIO and lets not forget Eagle Productions for doing another fine job with this DVD. Go out and get this one it is Excellent!
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on July 16, 2013
This is the best DIO show I have seen. The show is excellent, the music selection is great and the band at the peak of their performances. Forget about those annoying cel phones and flashlights in the audience, this is the 80s and everyone is focused on enjoying the show ....period. The bluray transfer is great although there are some grainy parts, but not a big deal. One CON I did find, and understandable, is the abuse of keyboards. Of course, this is 1986 and found them great back then, but not anymore. DIO's vocals are amazing, this is a top notch performance for him and his vocals stood proud and got immortalized in this concert. This is a masterpiece, nothing short of that can be said. Had to wait 6 weeks to get it but it was worth the wait for the bluray.
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on June 9, 2013
Add me to the list of people who love this DVD!

I was not expecting the picture to look so good -- and the sound is spectacular. A friend gave me the "Sacred Heart: The Video" DVD, and I've probably only watched it twice since it came out back in 2004 because of the standard transfer quality, and something else. I couldn't put my finger on it, but something just made me go, "Eh." I've since read reviews where others have noted the bad editing and that would make sense, though, I have yet to compare the two closely. From the get, "Finding The Sacred Heart: Live In Philly 1986" is a completely different animal!

Of course, this is the first time we get to see the full concert -- and it is in proper running order. How in the world you decide to leave off "Like The Beat Of A Heart" the heaviest, and one of the standout tracks from "Sacred Heart" is beyond my understanding. Not to mention the Dio live staples of "Don't Talk To Strangers," "Stand Up And Shout," and "We Rock." A word of note: The track list for both the DVD and CD state that "Children Of The Sea" is in the "Last In Line" medley, but all this consists of is Dio saying, "Look out!," 4 or 5 times to musical bursts then, "You're all children of the sea." There is no actual music from the song played, so don't get excited to hear any of that masterpiece included.

Also included are all the solos from Claude, Craig and Vinnie. I have to say that I never really cared for Claude Schnell's board-work in the band. I know he is a great musician, but neither his style, nor sound ever meshed well with rest of the band for me. If I had to pick a soft point in the band, the first place I would look would be Claude. That said, I was impressed with what he did in his solo with some cool sounds and riffs. Also, Craig Goldy's solo, not to mention guitar work throughout the show, should raise peoples opinion about of him as musician. He definitely plays better live than on the albums. And Vinnie is... Vinnie, no surprises there.

Regardless of what people say about "Sacred Heart" the album -- and I'm one of those who feel people come down harder on that album then is necessary (people tend to forget about the equally "pop"ish moments from previous albums such as "Mystery," "One Night In The City" and even the "Heavy Metal classic" "Rainbow In The Dark" which is, by far, the most radio friendly thing on an otherwise heavy album) the tour was a standout with great versions of older songs and a cool stage show. Of course, the stage show will seem dated, and perhaps, overblown by the standards of today, but even if you were a frequent concert goer at the time, you got to see things you'd never seen before set to great music. So it helps to view it in that sense.

The thing I like about Ronnie as a performer is that he sings with his whole body, always making gestures to the audience, belting his head back, and taking dramatic stances while holding eye contact with the audience more than any other performer I've ever seen live. If you were ever lucky enough to see him in concert, he always made the show feel it was about you -- no matter where you were sitting!

The extras are nice. The interview with Dio and Goldy from the previous DVD was thankfully ported over to the new release. And we get some promo clips for the tour including a brief interview and some amusing home video of backstage-- the lesson being don't mess with Vinnie's meatballs! We also get a promo video for "Rock And Roll Children." A goofy, but entertaining video I remember being run a couple times on Mtv when they actually had variety in their programming before isolating all things Metal (and for some reason, Glam?) into a 3 hour block on Saturday nights starting at 11 or 12. I only wish they would have included the videos for "Hungry For Heaven" and "King Of Rock And Roll," but this is a bonus feature and you can't really gripe about what's not there.

As of now, this is the best representation of the (near) classic lineup available on DVD, which makes it a must have for Dio fans. Hopefully Niji will get to produce proper discs for the currently chopped-up shows on the "We Rock" DVD put out by Universal, and add some nice extras. I'm also hoping Niji doesn't forget about their original plans to produce the Super Rock Japan '85 show with Vivian Campbell on guitar, and the expanded "Time Machine" DVD with ALL the Dio promo videos.


I knocked my rating from 5 to 4 stars because I forgot about the altered format. This is a big deal with me and slapping black bars on the top and bottom of the screen to simulate widescreen is totally unnecessary and ends up ruining the framing.
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on September 23, 2013
Well let's try this again. I thought I had done this already, but I may be a bit too drunk for reviewing and for some reason it wasn't saved! But hey, this is a DIO recording, so I should be a bit screwed up to be watching/reviewing this.

The good: The video is excellent. From the time period and since it's metal, not pop, to have a 16:9 video is awesome. I don't think it was originally 4:3 and changed because it's not stretched or chopped at the top. I wish they could have had a better angle on the drummer, but that's probably more to do with the stage setup than anything else. Way too much keyboard player which was annoying.

The bad: The DTS-HD surround track is awful. No bass and no band in the surrounds. Unacceptable. Iron Maiden's recordings from the decade have more surround. Listen to the LPCM track rather. Has more bass and doesn't have the disconnected sound the DTS-HD does.

For an historical piece it's worth the buy. I love the back stage cut that has everyone passing a doob and cracking jokes. Awesome. It seems like a bit of cash grab. If Ronnie as still alive, a no brainer purchase. To fund the lifestyle of his ancestors..... well....
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on September 16, 2014
Dio was one of rocks most prolific heavy rock lead singers! His stage presence was second to almost no one. This BluRay used an entirely different master tape than the original crappy quality DVD, which was mastered from a VHS tape as I recall. HA! This BluRay was very good in the video quality on a 60" plasma, almost excellent. Completely satisfying, and I saw the actual concert to compare the two. The audio is 5.1 DTS-HD and is also very good, clean, powerful, good bass signal, clear sharp lead and bass guitars, and the organ with it's range sounded full and immediate. The 5.1 channel mux is sweet.

GOOD all the way around. Some of the concert videos have embarrassing sound quality but not THIS one. Played through a large McIntosh Labs system and coming out 4 K-Horns from Klipsch. Yessir. We Rock.

Heaven & Hell rolls into the Sacred Heart via a couple solos --- and still at my advancing age gives me a tingle. POWER ROCK!!! They don't make THAT any more. The laser fight scenes were mostly but not entirely cut out, and in the live show I attended was really neat. The dragon and stage were dramatic and fit the music perfectly! If you like Dio but were disappointed with the original DVD, have faith and buy THIS BluRay, and your Rock prayers are answered. (Waxing poetic here tonight, I guess.......) :)

All in all, VERY well done and overdue. Once you see this, you'll give your DVD to your nephew. Also special is that Dio's wife was in charge of this production. May Ronnie RIP.
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on October 15, 2014
Ronnie James Dio, in my opinion, is one of the best rock vocalists of all time. He was a member of Rainbow, Black Sabbath and his own band Dio. songs from each of those periods are represented here on this video. i wold have to say that the song selection is a good one and well performed.

On the down side, it did not have Vivian Campbell as the guitarist. apparently, he just recorded the Sacred Heart with Dio and they replaced him with Graig Goldy for the tour. the quality of the music after the departure of Vivan Campbell was never the same, in my opinion. also, Craig Goldy's guitar solo did not impress me much. much of it was just going crazy with a delay pedal on, making flying saucer and spaced out sounds more so than actual music. that was a big disappointment to me. I would have given the video 5 stars if it were not for that. Sorry Craig.
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