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TOP 100 REVIEWERon November 13, 2012
This is the best. Lightweight, Strong, Good Protection! ( Synthetic Leather ) Fits tightly. You can bend front cover to the back if you want to for one hand hold. Still has magnetic closure for sleep mode. My concern is comfortable reading with my Kindle Paperwhite.. You get both durable protection and comfort. It's affordable. The color choice is nice, I have "red"...It's the color of a bright candy apple...."Very Happy" This is what I will be using........

(Update: 12/9, This case is holding up so well, the spine has not cracked from being constantly folded over, not even a fingerprint on cover from use, so I had to order another. Picked the blue my favorite color.)

(Update: 12/18, Just arrived, slipped it out of the "red" and right into the "blue", still perfect fit, no problems or defects. The blue color, is bright baby blue, not powder blue. If you are interested in the colors. I love it. )

(Update: 1/9, I finally got a smudge of somthing from my fingers on the blue cover, with some warm water only and soft cloth it easily came off. Did not remove any color from the case.)

( Update: 2/2, I highly recommend this product, since the original date from this review, I have had absolutely know problems with these cases.)

(Update: 2/10, Alot of people are sending me questions of all sorts, and I never mind answering them at all. I feel I have to make clear that I don't work for this company. When I purchased this case, I paid $29.99 for it. They were relatively unknown, and not in high demand...It was a good quality case, a great alternative for me at the time, for the heavy, plastic inserted, Amazon case, because of pain in my right hand joints....Now that they are selling for only $10.99, because of the high demand, mass quantities are produced to meet the needs. This is why, I feel bad that some people, are getting crooked magnets, not perfect threading, and they auto sleep function is not working properly. If this is a problem all you really need to do is contact this company, they will work with you. It took me 3 KPW's before I actually received one that I now can call perfection...But again at the time they were being mass produced also, to meet the Christmas needs.....So, I hopes this clears up some of the question's people have.............)
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on October 31, 2013
I purchased both this Fintie Folio (in Black) and a MoKo Cover Case for Amazon Paperwhite in Indigo because I wanted to compare both cases to see which I'd keep for my new Kindle Paperwhite.

I have decided, after trying both of these out for the last few days, to keep the Fintie and return the MoKo. Here's why I liked the Fintie case over the MoKo case.

Construction & Finish -- the Fintie cover is well made with neat stitching and the faux leather has nice textures and a nice appearance. The inside of the cover flap is soft and feels comfortable in the hand when one has the cover folded back for one-handed use of their Paperwhite. The sleep on/off feature works correctly, and the cover stays closed with the help of a couple of embedded magnets. There is good access to the ports and on/off button. Also, I found I preferred the textured faux leather finish on the Fintie. It seems the MoKo's smooth finish would be more susceptible to scratches showing on it's surface compared to the Fintie's.

User Experience: I preferred how much more comfortable it is to hold and use the Fintie case with my Paperwhite vs. the MoKo case. With the Fintie, when one folds back the cover it has a smaller overall profile and thus is easier to hold, especially one-handed, than the MoKo, where when folded back, the cover flap 'flops' around and does not stay folded back in line with the rest of the MoKo. Overall, the Fintie Folio case is much more compact and easier to hold and handle.

Conclusion: Given that these two cases are priced so similarly, I recommend the Fintie over the MoKo. Between the Fintie and the MoKo, the Fintie is slimmer, and the Amazon Paperwhite cover is even thiner, but it is much more expensive . If one would like to purchase a case that's about a third of the price of the Amazon cover, I highly recommend the Fintie over the MoKo.
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on May 17, 2013
Once I decided that I liked my Paperwhite and it was going to be the first Kindle that I've ever kept [I plan to write a review of the Paperwhite soon], I went looking for a case. I have a slim, elegant, gorgeous Brazilian buffalo-leather case that I got here on Amazon for my iPad Mini, and I wanted something similar for my Paperwhite. I find the folio-style case not only protects the device, it makes it easier and more comfortable for me to hold it. Or maybe it's psychological; it just makes me feel that I'm holding a "real" book.

After doing a little research, my criteria for the Paperwhite case were as follows:
1. Auto-wake magnetic cover
2. Slim
3. Securely hold the Kindle inside
4. Cover foldable behind the case for reading

I narrowed my search down to three cases, and ruled out the otherwise-perfect Amazon-branded case due to cost. I wasn't going to pay $40 to protect a Kindle that I got on special for $99.

My other two choices were this rooCase and the Fintie: and since I couldn't decide, I ordered both. They have a very similar design, with a tuckable flap that keeps the Paperwhite securely inside a leather "frame." The Fintie's flap secures with Velcro; the rooCase does not, but I found it equally secure, and actually prefer it without the Velcro.

The magnetic cover works well with both, they both are relatively lightweight and neither one adds much bulk to the Kindle, though it does increase the size somewhat. All ports are fully available in both cases, so there's no problem charging or syncing the device, or using the Power button on the bottom.

Ultimately, I decided to keep both cases; together they cost $22, still much less than the Amazon case. Though the one I'm using most often is the rooCase, not this Fintie. Here's why.

1. The rooCase is somewhat more slender and less boxy than the Fintie. [See the two photos I uploaded.]
2. I prefer the non-Velcro flap on the rooCase. The Velcro inside the Fintie makes it marginally more difficult to slide the Paperwhite in and out of the case.

The Fintie does look handsome, like a book with a spine. And it works well, though I wasn't always confident that the magnetic cover was actually putting my Paperwhite to sleep. The major advantage the Fintie has over the rooCase, at least in my experience, is the lack of chemical odor. The Fintie had a faint odor when I opened it that dissipated almost immediately. The rooCase, on the other hand, had a strong and unpleasant odor out of the box, so much so that I wiped it down with a damp cloth and set it outside in the sunshine. The odor did dissipate quickly, however. Within an hour, it had decreased significantly, though it took a few days before it was all gone.

I don't think you can go wrong with either case, but I hope this review helps you make up your mind which one will be best for you.

[Note: I have cross-posted this review under rooCase as well.]
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on December 6, 2013
Unfortunately, Amazon combines reviews here for two different products. The earlier Flintie, which I bought on eBay a couple of weeks ago, is an excellent case - light, sturdy, and reasonably well made. I would give it 4 1/2 stars, easily.

But the newer case looked more elegant, particularly in solid black. So I ordered one. Still not real leather, but softer and more "real-looking". But the magnets DO NOT WORK. The older case closed quite securely, and this one is not secure, and doesn't even close completely. I believe that the flap for holding papers, cards (which is pretty much unnecessary in a Kindle case) prevents complete closure.

So if you can find one of the older ones (I think that this is the link: Fintie Folio Case for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and All-New Kindle Paperwhite (6" High Resolution Display with Next-Gen Built-in Light) Book Style with Auto Sleep/Wake Feature - Dual Color), it's a very good case. But avoid the newer one (Fintie Kindle Paperwhite and All-New Kindle Paperwhite Premium Folio Case (6" High Resolution Display with Next-Gen Built-in Light) Book Style with Auto Sleep/Wake Feature - Solid Black).
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on October 28, 2012
Good alternative to the Amazon case because it has auto sleep/wake function. Weighs and costs much less. I have the green cover which is not quite as bright as depicted in the picture but still nice.
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on March 22, 2013
I was pretty excited to receive the Fintie cover in the mail. I've been using a sleeve and reading with no cover. While I love the Amazon leather cover, I find it extremely heavy for a paperwhite. I thought the Fintie, at 3.6 oz (102 g) on my scale and at it's new lower price would be a better choice than the 5.6 ounce Amazon leather cover, especially given the leather cover's $40 price tag, fully 1/3 the cost of my wifi-only Paperwhite. Now I'm not so sure. The dark purple color looks really good (slightly darker than what I see on the web) and the stitching appears to be done pretty well except for some loose threads on the top inside center (just above the kindle). The cover appears a bit thicker than the Amazon version (I'll have to compare the next time my son has his home). There's a large lump that appears to be a foreign chunk of something underneath the faux-leather exterior on the rear. This clearly should have been picked up in quality control and I'm sure it will eventually lead to the material ripping. I've uploaded a product photo showing both the lump the lump and the loose stitching.

Without the lump and loose thread issue, I'd be starting at 4 stars, using it for a week and writing a review.
With the problems - both of which indicate a poor job of quality control, I feel I'm being generous giving 2 stars. I'll see how it holds up over time as it might go down to 1 or possibly up to 3 if the issues don't get worse.

Since returning an item this inexpensive is such a hassle, I'll probably just live with it and replace it with an Amazon heavy leather case if they ever go on sale. Definitely very disappointed that a brand new item came with such a noticeable blemish.
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on December 6, 2012
I'm on my 4th Kindle & 3rd case. This is the best one I've ever had. I chose the purple color & it's a tasteful purple that doesn't scream teenager. The case is made to fully surround the Kindle. At first I couldn't figure out how to put the Kindle in it. In the area where the binding would go if this were the cover of a book, there is a Velcro clasp that can be lifted up so the Kindle can be fit in. You then re-fasten the clasp & the Kindle is completely enclosed & protected. There are appropriate openings to get to the Paperwhite's minimal controls (most of the controls are touch screen). When you close the cover, there is a very well hidden magnet that keeps the cover in place. So, no band that can get stretched out, no little fasteners that the Kindle can pop out of and go flying just when your hands are full, no bulky zippers or overly tight pouches. I am so happy with it I gave it 5 stars even though I would ordinarily withhold a star because it came without instructions (a pet peeve of mine!) Very few products induce me to clap my hands in pleasure. This one did.
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on July 26, 2015
I wanted the "perfect" cover for my new Kindle Paperwhite (6/2015) and loved this "antique book" look offered by Fintie. I had seen several faux leather covers in stores that I did not like so wasn't sure what to expect from this cover. Wow - it looks and feels like real leather! Best "faux" ever! :-) If you are a book lover and want that "old school" feel and look when you are reading, this is the perfect cover for you. I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to happy reading!
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on November 4, 2012
For less than $11 bucks, I got a case that had the same quality compared to the more expensive cases. Does everything the $40 case does and fits great in the Kindle Paperwhite.

Recommend if you are trying to be frugal on various Kindle goods.

UPDATE: HOLY CRAP this case is popular! However, I got a tad annoyed of the magnet part of the case. I want to shut it down but it ends up going into sleep mode because of it. Other than that, still a great case!
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on February 18, 2013
I am kind of impressed by this cover. I thought it would be a little flimsy. It is not. It's actually quite well made and sturdy. The color is vibrant. The stitching seems very well done. My Kindle Paperwhite fits snugly in--you kinda have to push it firmly in. So it sits in there very well and is very secure feeling. It has a small flap that curves around the side of the kindle and velcros just underneath it. Sounds a little awkward but it is easy to fix. I haven't compared it to many others, as I am in a rural area and it is hard to find accessories for gadgets, but this one I am very content with!
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