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on July 12, 2012
The last book in The Last Dragon Chronicles satisfyingly pulls together the many threads of "reality" created by author Chris D'Lacey.

The previous installment, "Fire World", may have left many readers confused and even angry with the sudden shift to the world of Co:pern:ica. Where were the beloved Pennykettle characters and, most importantly, dragons? A bold move by D'Lacey, "Fire World" created just that - a new world. Or was it? For those who thought that in this final book he'd just pick up from there and bring the parallel characters of David and Rosa to join with David and Zanna to save the day at the Battle of Isenfier, D'Lacey boldly (again) takes the story in a different direction. Or does he?

"The Fire Ascending" immediately jumps in to the tale of Agawin, a novice seer, set many years in the past of Earth. Dragons are a part of this world, not yet myth. He meets Grella, the kind-hearted girl who raises the Sibyl, Gwilanna, after her "unusual" birth. It also introduces an Ix/Darkling villain, Voss. Intent on poisoning the last dragon, Galen, with the evil Ix, Voss instead is destroyed (or is he?) and Agawin catches Galen's fire tear. Agawin illumines with him and his role in the history of dragons (and the Pennykettles) is begun.

Agawin experiences shifts of time and dimensions, and becomes the means to wrap up all the different storylines and worlds from Earth to Co:pern:ica to Ki:mera. He meets Guinevere, the famous red-haired ancestor of the Pennykettles. He encounters David and Rosa from Co:pern:ica, who Travel to the Earth dimension to try to stop Gwilanna (Gwyneth in the Co:pern:ica dimension), who is trying to unravel the timeline by helping the Ix/Darklings triumph. The complete story of Gwilanna and her importance is revealed. Alexa (the winged daughter of David and Zanna) is finally explained. That is a most interesting plot twist and will not be ruined by "spoilers", but it involves Joseph Henry, the human child of Elizabeth Pennykettle and her husband, Arthur, who chose to be born as a dragon. Eventually, through the efforts of Agawin and Joseph Henry, as well as David, Zanna, Lucy, the ice bears (of course) and the rest of the original Pennykettle characters and dragons (yes, they're back), the final battle of Dragons vs. Ix is waged, if not in the where and when that might be expected.

D'Lacey himself described the whole process of writing the books as "organic". He allowed the story to grow and develop as it needed to, and it worked. What might have appeared irrelevant when first read turns out to be significant and D'Lacey weaves all the threads together as completely as the Isenfier Tapestry. There will no doubt be readers who will be somewhat confused with the resolution and upset over the loss of a beloved character at the end. That should be viewed as a tribute to D'Lacey and his ability to create a world (or worlds) that became so endearing to its readers that they were willing to invest themselves so strongly in the story. At the end, and perhaps in a nod to these readers, he adds a scientific twist to the concept of "reality", which, should the reader choose, gives them the hope that, maybe, it all could be possible. Sometimes...
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on May 10, 2012
The Fire Ascending is a surprising and amazing coda to The Last Dragon Chronicles, the mind-blowing fantasy/sci-fi story by Chris D'Lacey. In this volume, D'Lacey weaves together the stories of the alternate universes he has developed over the first six volumes: Earth, Ki:mera, and Co:pern:ica, and another timeline (or two) that I don't want to say too much about so as not to spoil it for those who have yet to read it. He starts the book, however, not with David, Zanna, the Pennykettles, and the dragons, nor with David, Rosa, the Librarium, and the firebirds, but instead with Agawin, whose legend we have been getting in bits and pieces throughout the series. Now we get the back story, and some bendings of that story, as D'Lacey explores paradoxes and the implications of the butterfly effect: if you change one thing in the past, do you change everything?

The things that make this volume and the entire Last Dragon Chronicles series special are the memorable, unconventional characters and the philosophical sophistication of the series. I like the way this author does not assume that kids can't handle anything but a happy tale about dragons. There is philosophy and physics in this volume as well as a rollicking, well-plotted fantasy narrative. There is also an awareness that every choice one makes comes with a cost. There are those who will not like the final sections of this volume because of those costs, yet I think the ending fit, and pulled everything together while leaving just enough of a question at the end.

My now 4th grade daughter introduced me to this series last year and we have immensely enjoyed reading them together. There is an interview with the Chris D'Lacey at the back of the book and it is clear that he thought long and hard about the importance of having a good ending to a long-running series. I think he delivered!
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on July 21, 2015
This is the conclusion of the Last Dragon series.

Everything is finally brought together--Co:pern:ica, Earth and the Fain's Ki:mera. We finally learn where Gwillanna came from and all the history of Gawain, the last dragon.

Time has halted at Scuffenbury Hill, with the battle between the dragons and the Ix stopped. But something is trying the change the past and the future, something that is changing the timelines. Will David Rain, with Rosa, and Alexa with Joseph Henry be able to keep the timeline correct and not go from good to evil? Will the dragons of Crescent Cove survive?

This is a great ending, and a little sad perhaps for I will miss all the dragons of the story, especially Gadzooks, and Bonnington the cat (I'm a cat lover). If you like dragons, this series is worth reading.
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on December 27, 2015
This is a great book. My 12 year old read it when he was 9, and couldn't put it down. I bought him the next one as soon as he was done to keep him reading. He read it with ease and said it was a really good story. I couldn't tell you what it was about cause he didn't go into details, just said he really like it and wanted the next one, right away.
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on April 16, 2012
Like all other wounderful stories, this one, to, must end. I had fallen in love with this story from the start and didn't want it to end. I was hoping for more on Gwilana's ilumination and I'd love to hear about co:pern:ica's history. So i am hopping that D'Lacy will write on this. Not only am I interested in the history of co:pern:ica, but also, like most fans and readers, I'm not ready to let go of the characters. I want more on Agawin as well. How is he tide to co:pern:ica? How did he come to be respected as the statue in the tower in the Tower of Agawin?(I do not remember the proper name of the Isle the tower is located, nor the right nameof the tower) Their are so much that gose unanswered. Mr. D'Lacy should have done what he had originaly planned and made two books. Trust me they would have saold like no tomorow.
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on April 13, 2014
Some possible spoilers ahoy!

The epic conclusion to the series. Finally, we get to see how the battle at Scuffenbury turns out. We get to catch up with David, Zanna and all the others. Or not. Well, not exactly.

This book instead tells us how it all began. The back stories of Gwilanna, and in turn Agawin, who was not supposed to be in the time line to begin with, if I'm not mistaken. This turns out to be a very engaging story and Gwilanna, which I really couldn't stand throughout the previous books because she was such a nuisance and I could never fully read her motives (yes, I know, of course every story needs a villain, bla bla bla), turns out to be perhaps the most complex, diverse and interesting character in the whole series. Chris D'Lacey, how do you manage to come up with such intricate stories? It is truly fascinating, even though sometimes there can be too many confusing elements and the main story can be hard to follow.

I have enjoyed this series and I am really going to miss David, Lucy, Zanna, Liz and even Gwilanna. Not to mention Gadzookz, Gretel, Gruffen, Gauge, Grace, Gollygosh Golightly (that is such a cute name!), G'reth, Gwillan, Gwendolen and all the others. I want adorable little house dragons, too!
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on September 27, 2012
Still in the process of reading this book, I'm about half way through it and cannot "get into" it like the others. The whole time travel thing is a bit confusing; as well as the "Is" and the "Ix". I have read all of these books and find that from Fire World on, I have lost interest.
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on September 13, 2012
I have admit, over the course of the seven books, I have not always liked how much work I had to put in to follow the story. I have also occasionally been bored. Despite this, I enjoyed this book tremendously and I liked how all of the characters grew and changed over the various books and the story came together. Of the seven, this was my favorite book.
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on July 1, 2013
I love this book!!! I have read the others, except for the one before this one, in hard back versions and loved them. The Fire Ascending is a masterfully writtenj ending to this series and a real joy to read. :)
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on April 18, 2015
I love this series and all that it brings. Chris d'lacey really knocked the ball out of the park on this one! Everyone should read these books. They are a interesting read. But beware, if you don't like dragons, this is NOT the book for you... HRRR.....
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