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on October 21, 2004
If you see an album with the words "Deep Purple" on it, you can be pretty sure it will consist of no less than 4 star material, and will most likely consist of 5 star material. Fireball is not my favourite Deep Purple album, although it has some great songs on it. "Anyone's Daughter" stands out the most, to me anyway. Maybe its just taken me longer to get into Fireball, but I'd have to say, to my personal taste at least, Machine Head, In Rock, and Made In Japan are THE essential Deep Purple albums, at least from the MK 2 line up. Still, Fireball will make an excellent addition to the CD collection of anybody who appreciates good rock music.

Incidentally, this "thinking persons rock music" idea (which I noticed in another, otherwise very fine review) doesnt really sit with me. Deep Purple were certainly one of the better rock bands of the 70's, but Zeppelin and (in my opinion) Sabbath in particular were certainly strong rivals. A holy trinity of rock, with three very different sounds and a strong sense of identity. I'm not sure that still exists in bands today.

What a nice surprise it would be to hear an album this good released by a mainstream "rock" band nowadays. Buy this CD, plug in the 'phones, and be transported back to a magical time when strong musicianship, individuality, and innovation (as opposed to image and packaging) were considered actual priorities in the music world. Hard to imagine, I know.
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on February 5, 2005
This is the LP that came betweeen 1970's In Rock, a mostly power chord metalfest and 1972's Machine Head, which was the Mark 2 line up's golden hour. Fireball, released in 1971 shows a band finding it's direction but not afraid to experiemnt with different musical genres, as shown on Anyone's Daughter with Jon Lord's ragtime piano and The Mule's psychedelic freakouts. Every song here is highly competent and enjoyable for fans of the previous LP (Fireball, Strange Kind of Woman, Fools) as well as fans of the hallmark LP to come (No No No, No One Came). I first heard this LP when I was just a kid and it has remained one of my favorite LPs!!!
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on January 2, 2000
What an album.With the exception of "Anyone's Daughter", which is amusing but not really a hard rock song, this album is flawless. Every thing works on this album, from the organ melodies of Jon Lord (which are never over-bearing), to the guitar acrobatics of Ritchie Blackmore, the musicianship on this album is exceptional; raw, yes, but still exceptional. You have got to give it to Ian Gillan for his performance here. His singing is quite charismatic, and the lyrics are often irreverent and hilarious. The whole band seems to have a really cocky attitude on this album, and that attitude is exemplified with Gillan's over-the-top vocals.All I can really say is... Goddamn the Mark 2 line up put out great music.Buy this album, or steal it if you have to.On a side note, the UK version of Fireball has the track "Demon's Eye" instead of "Strange Kinda Woman", which is included on the US and Japanese releases. This track is awesome, and worth having, so if you are planning on buying either domestic version of this CD, I would suggest also purchasing their best-of, "Deepest Purple", for that track. Or you could always get the 25th anniversary edition....
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on January 14, 2005
This is again a real hard-rock classic but it is quite different from both In Rock and Machine Head. This is where they tried to add a lot more progrock to their heavy metal drive and the result is brilliant. My personal faves are "Strange Kind of Woman", "No No No" and "Fools" but "The Mule" also kicks ass (pun intended), while "Anyone's Daughter" seems like the only deviation from the formula with its country music styled tune... but a nice one, still.
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on March 15, 2005
Fireball (1971.), Deep Purple's fifth studio album

Deep Purple, with Fireball shows the band producing hard rock at a much more refined level than their efforts with their previous album 'Deep Purple In Rock'. 'In Rock' was an powerful, underrated classic which was one of the heaviest albums you could listen to at the time. 'Fireball' is perhaps not as heavy as its predecessor, nor is it quite at the peak that Deep Purple reached with Machine Head, but none the less it is a hard rock masterpiece with 7 tracks that all give you something different, whilst still maintaining that classic Deep Purple sound that listeners have become accostomed to.

Fireball was Deep Purple's first major album success on both sides of the Atlantic, having good success in the States and peaking at #1 in the UK. This is success well earned for Deep Purple, especially when you see how far they had come since they formed in 1968. Since discovering their true sound in the c.1970 period with the new Mark II line up, Deep Purple were ready to take on the world with their music and produce some, sometimes unparalled classic hard rock. There are some stellar performances from the band members with 'Fireball'. Ian Gillan's ability as a vocalist had certainly matured since 'In Rock' and his amazing vocal range is at its best in parts of this album. Ian Paice's powerful and gutsy work on the drums is also a feature of Fireball - especially on the track 'Mule' where the fast beat he produces underpins a great track (Paice actually played drums outside the recording studio in parts for this album as remarkably it produced a better sound on the recording!!). Roger Glover again gives us some heavy bass lines and John Lord gives us some very nifty perfomances on the keyboard. In many ways it was these two just mentioned who gave DP their real heavy edge in their music as the thick lines of sound they produce so often gives DP's music that extra emphasis and power and paved the way for guitar genius Ritchie Blackmore to riff like a madman!

So onto the album itself. The great cover to the album leaps out at you at tells you instantly that a powerful musical journey awaits and this is one that is certainly not for the feint of heart. I must admit that probably 'Fireball' is a little bit less accessible that perhaps a 'Machine Head' or 'In Rock' but that by no means weakens the work - its all the more better that this album grew on me the more I listened to it. Alongside this, the edition to buy is the 25th Anniversary Rhino Edition which has given the album an even better facelift and is well worth the investment. With the anniversary edition, you get versions of both 'Demon's Eye' and 'Strange Kind of Woman' - as these tracks inclusions vary with US and UK versions. You also get some remixes, which are excellent and some extra tracks - 'Slow Train' is an undiscovered Deep Purple gem and 'Freedom' and 'Im Alone' are well worth the listen. Overall then, my advice is to get this edition although if the standard issue is the only version you can get, do not despair as you are still getting an album which truly rocks.

The album tracks themselves give a great variety. 'Fireball' the opener is a crashing 3 minute starter with some clever guitar work from Ritchie Blackmore and some heavy keyboards from Jon Lord. 'No No No' is one of the more underrated works on the album with a catchy riff and some powerful vocals from Gillan. 'Demon's Eye' is a bit more aggressive but blends again that Deep Purple sound. 'Anyone's Daughter' is a bit more acoustic sounding with plenty of rambling story telling vocals. 'The Mule' is a drumming masterpiece in parts with crashing guitar work over the top. 'Fools' is a slower paced 8 minute epic which blends some quiet thoughful sections with some killer verses that blast out in style. 'No One Came' is a great rocker to close out the album and, depending on which versions you have, 'Strange Kind of Woman' a well known Deep Purple classic track which rounds off with an amazing Blackmore solo.

Overall, another gem from Deep Purple. The Machine Head classic of classics was approaching and this great 5* effort shows this. This hard rock gem is well worth obtaining - and, if you can lay your hands on one, make it the anniversary edition.
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on April 30, 2016
Fireball was one of my favorite albums in the 70's. The hits are excellent and the other songs are very good. Machine Head with Smoke on the water was a very good album. But in my opinion this one was even better.
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on September 12, 2015
Is there such a thing as a bad Deep Purple album? The answer: Nope! While I was born about 5 years after this album was released, it sounds just as good, fresh, new and relevant as anything being released by bands today. In a word, timeless! And that's exactly what Fireball is.
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on May 22, 2012
There seems to be a major resurgence of interest in 1970s music as today's 15-25 year olds rediscover music from that decade. I grew up in the 70s and my friends' teenaged sons and their friends are now frequently asking me about 70s bands and looking for lesser known bands and albums from that era.

Deep Purple is one band I've told them all about.

Having said that, Deep Purple is hardly a "lesser known" band but, in my defence, I've discovered that many of the young guys asking me about 70s music are not very familiar with Deep Purple. So to help rectify that situation.......

My favorite Deep Purple album is Machine Head. I've reviewed it on Amazon with a 5 star rating and I recommend buying the 25 anniversary edition with the Roger Glover remixes and the extra tracks. Machine Head is one of the essential albums for any collection of 70s music. You need to have Machine Head in your music collection before you can claim to have a respectable collection of 1970s music.

Fireball is also one of the Deep Purple albums I recommend buying for your collection. It's not up to the standard of Machine Head but it's a good album nonetheless. I've given Machine Head a 5 star rating so, by comparison, I'll give Fireball 4 stars.

The strongest tracks on this album (IMHO) are Fireball, No No No and Strange Kind of Woman. They've all been posted on You Tube if you want to check them out before you buy this album. Amazon also has these tracks available for download on its US site. But at the current price of this CD, buy the CD rather than the mp3 downloads.

Deep Purple was a band that went through a number of personnel changes over the years. You'll see references in the reviews to Mk 1, Mk 2 etc., referring to the different personnel lineups in the band at various times. This is the Mk 2 lineup of the band, the one that released Machine Head, and IMHO the most influential lineup in the band's history.

I saw Deep Purple in concert a few months ago in Victoria, B.C. Great show! Three guys from the Mk 2 line up (Roger Glover, Ian Gillan and Ian Paice) are still in the band; they're in their mid to late 60s but they still put on a really good show. If you get a chance to see them live, GO! One track from this album, Strange Kind Of Woman, was included in their current live set.

Bottom line: Fireball is a good album and one that's worth getting for your Deep Purple collection. If you're discovering/re-discovering or exploring 1970s music, this is an album you should check out.
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on May 31, 2013
How many albums can you name that are start to finish, great, "Unblemished"? This meaning that every song on the record is strong and adds something extra to the overall quality of the album. It's a very short list. Even in the very best Classic Rock, or music in any genre, the best albums almost always have a song or two that are weak, or at least flat. Maybe "Dark Side of the Moon" is an "Unblemished" album. Every track works. Perhaps you can name a few more albums like that. I can think of only a few. "Fireball" is that rarest of Classic Albums. Every song is is terrific, and every song sounds like it has to be the best one on the album, when you are listening to it. A relatively little known record in the Classic Rock canon, the record that came out the year before Purple's iconic 1972 "Machine Head" (Smoke on the Water, Highway Star etc.). "Fireball" hits on all the right notes. It has everything: Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Psychedelic, even a half comic Country & Western song (Anyone's Daughter) and some 1971 Funk-style Rock (No One Came). This album shows Deep Purple reaching the very best of their considerable ability, and a very high level of musicianship.
I Can't Get Enough!!!
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on July 22, 2015
If someone were to ask me what in my opinion was the best Deep Purple LP/CD ever done I'd have to say without any hesitation it would have to be FIREBALL. And in 2nd place would have to their "IN ROCK" CD/ After that it was nothing more than repetitious BS. If I have to hear Smoke On The Water one more time I am literally going to throw up. That along with Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Just not a fan of redneck let's get drunk and kick somebody's a** music with repetitious guitar licks. BORING!! Never got the Southern Rock fever.
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