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on August 14, 2012
Let me start off by saying that I really do hate writing negative reviews, but I after being scammed I feel an obligation to warn others about this product.
The product looked good when it first arrived, besides the absurdly awful "instruction manual," which contained no information that could not be gleaned from looking at the scope itself. Getting any mounting information was a huge hassle; contacting Firefield for mounting information brought back an email telling me that the mounting information could not be given out and a link to an unrelated forum. I had mine mounted by a gunsmith specializing in the mosin nagant and had high hopes taking it to the range, but that was a disappointment as well. The mounting screws loosen quickly, leading to an extremely wobbly scope. Besides that the main large thumbscrew that is supposed to hold the scope onto the mount loosens quite quickly as well, exacerbating the problem.
The elevation and windage knobs are also sub-par, when I tried to adjust the reticle I found the elevation knob unresponsive, with grease having gotten in between the threading.
I must also assume there is a great variety in between scopes, as the manual instructed me to be prepared to grind or shim the scope, as it will most likely be off. That didn't bother me until I actually started the shimming process, in the end I've had to put on quite a bit of material to make up for how far the scope is skewed horizontally. The shimming process doesn't even touch how skewed the scope is vertically; I've spent quite some time fiddling with the elevation screws only to have a gun that shoots far from the reticle, even after careful boresighting with a laser.
While some may be tempted by the price (like myself) please be warned that this scope is a very shoddy product and you can expect no support from Firefield. As someone who has had it professionally installed and then tried it out at the range, carefully adjusting it over and over, I can tell you that this scope is extremely bad and is a waste of money. It might look like a real PU scope, but ultimately it just turns out to be a very expensive display piece.
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on August 7, 2012
I have a real sniper and was a little disappointed with this one. No instructions for installation and no drawings that show hole measurements or required drills or taps. I had to sit down with a caliper and figure all this out my self. Luckily I had my real sniper to compare placement. The next bummer was after I installed it I looked down at the scope from the top and noticed a severe warp in the bracket to the left, I had to take my torch and heat it up and bend it back straight. It is cheap when compared to buying the real thing but be prepared for a major installation, I used a milling machine and can't imagine how someone could ever drill the holes properly without it. The dowels have to be placed exactly and drilled then reamed to get the proper fit. Don't plan on buying and installing with a hand drill unless you are very desperate. The small screws are a joke and serve no purpose on this scope, they are supposed to have a larger head and lock the main screws in place, I guess the boys in China didn't know what they were for. If you want to do it right you will have to buy larger head screws and then notch the main screw heads. Good luck, I hope this helps. Travis
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on September 5, 2012
At first look the scope seems reasonable in cost, but this has not been true for the complete job. Getting it mounted has turned into a real challenge. The 4 individuals we know with good mechanical skills and gun knowledge all recommended to find a gun smith. Of the four we contacted only one seemed will to do the job. Once he started he gave us a call in about 4 hours to tell use that the Fire field Scope receiver mount would not mount to the 91/30 Mosin properly. It appeared that the receiver mount is cut for mounting to a hex barrel and would keep the mount to far away from aligning the scope properly for shooting. We then ordered a mount only, from a Polish company through SARCO inc., located in Easton PA that will align with the round barrel that our 1937 mosin has. Expected cost to get a PU scope mounted will be in the order of 300 to 400 dollars when it's all said and done.
Some specifics about the Firefield scope mount kit are: the mount and receiver bracket are cast mounts. The kit does not come with any mounting instructions, or even references as to where and get good reference material to mount. The mounting bolts do not appear to be case harden steel and the threads are course threads, where I felt they should have been fine thread, kit does not come with a drill and tap which would be a good thing. I did send Firefield a email requesting better hardware but never heard back from them. I will say this about Amazon the first scope we received the mount was warped or cast badly. We made arrangements to return and Amazon delivered a second one the same day we sent ours back. I was pleasantly surprised At this point we are not sure what were going to do with the Firefield, if the scope fits the new mount ill probably keep it if not will contact Amazon to see about returning.
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on January 28, 2013
This scope mount is intended for a hex receiver, there is also a hammer and sickle emblem highlighted with white paint on the scope its self. I felt that the cross hairs used for sighting were somewhat larger than I expected. The over all quality of middle of the road, you get what you are paying for. I would not use this for a real sniper restoration, but to modify a run of the mill Mosin-Nagant it is fine.

There are no mounting instructions worth speaking of.

I returned the item because I did not want to mess around with putting a mount intended for a hex receiver on a rounded receiver. You will also need to inlet the stock for the mount to fit properly.
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on November 15, 2014
I received my scope yesterday. It came in the original packaging but somehow looked as though it had been returned before. Scotch tape was wrapped around the box to hold it shut. When I opened the box and unwrapped the scope, I noticed rust on the heads of the screws as if some one had already mounted the scope or was going to mount the scope and gave up. The body of the scope is painted black and had scratches by the front from someone obviously twisting the scope to pull it from the base. Extremely unhappy with this purchase, the item was not only damaged and used but it was clearly shoddy and cheap. Save your money buy the real deal especially if you plan on spending the money to have it mounted professionally.
review image review image review image review image
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on February 12, 2014
They're lucky this is such a piece of garbage because it also mitigates the likelihood of them being nailed on the way to their cars by rightfully pissed customers. You'd be better off mounting the bayonet and trying to javelin them from across the parking lot.
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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on May 23, 2013
So I have had a 91/30 Nagant for a while now & have been considering a scope but wanted a more "authentic" look. This scope delivered & was well within my price range (Original Russian scopes I found were roughly three times the cost of the actual gun), After the cost of the weapon, scope, drill & tap, & bent bolt, I was able to create a fair scoped 91/30 for cheaper than whats typically sold in shops.

The scope looks a little cheap (not helped by the gaudy Soviet insignia casually printed on the side), but works pretty well. It was a little hard to sight in the first time, but after a fun afternoon honing, I was able to pick off water bottles at 150 yards pretty reliably.

Shooting with this scope is a little awkward at first since the positioning is very much unlike contemporary mounts. Though I'm right eye dominant, I found it much easier to shoot by resting my cheek on the stock & looking through the scope with my left eye, rather than try to position myself to use my right eye (which left my cheek completely off the stock). While a little unusual, after a few shots, shooting with my left eye was completely comfortable & just as effective.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on May 4, 2013
The guy below me hit the nail straight on the head. After making 5-8 phone calls all around where I live i finally found someone that actually knows how to mount the scope. About a hours ride to and back so that is already annoying, but hey it's a PU scope!?!? Totally worth it. After 5 weeks he finally tells me it's ready, people keep sending him wrong parts bla bla bla, im so pumped to shoot this thing. My bolt jams in safety? Weird...pry it lose. Fire one shell and jams....Well....He messed with the scope not my rifle? Surely it's not that bad... Thumb screw won't stay on once we fix it, scope easily moves around the mount, we are hitting all over the target and only at 50 yards. The smith laser sighted this rifle in....After all kinds of messing. I hit high and to the right. Turn it a little left and fire 3 more rounds. I don't even hit the target...This scope is a jip, and wasted 2-300$ total on it.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on July 21, 2012
Product arrived in very short time. I didn't give a 5 star rating because the instructions that came with it were not good at all. Here's what they say (Install mount to receiver). That's it, no more instructions. It's going to be a challenge to install. The locking screws that are on the mount serve no purpose but to look real as they don't even touch the mounting screws.
If you don't have access to a drill press and other metal tools, buy it and have a gunsmith install it for you.
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7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon May 12, 2013
O.K. I was lucky and got this from a guy who was selling this very model at a discount. If you get a hex receiver Mosin-Nagant for about $150 then you can make yourself a sniper version for about 60% of the cost of sniper sold by Mitchell Mausers or other companies. Note, a Mitchell-Mauser Mosin-Nagant sniper will cost you over $800. Guess what? You get what you pay for.

Now, I had to take this mount & scope to a master gunsmith. I wanted a match grade rifle barrel on my Mosin so was going to pay the cost anyway (post December 2012 and both rifles & ammo are becoming rare). The individual was able to swap out the barrel, inlet the stock, and mount the scope. That being said I had him set the scope mount so it could not be moved. I didn't want the problem of the scope coming lose from the one screw that holds it in place.

Here is the product: it's crude, very crude. I've seen the actual scopes from WWII. They are fine, well crafted (considering the conditions made it's a real wonder), and very stout. Instead of fine line in the reticle one sees two lines that would be better painted yellow on Russian highways as dividers, thick they are. I'm serious, they are about 2 to 3 MOA wide at 100 yards and they would serious impact a shooter at ranges greater than 300 yards.

The scope does hold its zero, surprising. It almost needs a set of wrenches to adjust the "cross hairs" (cross logs?). The scope is stout, it's give it that. If you miss a deer on a shot you could beat it to death as heavy as this thing is.

This mount would fit the standard Mosin-Nagant scope and eventually I'll run across one somebody is getting rid of at a yard sale or reenactment. Also, most of my hobby shooting is only done in the 100 to 300 yard range. This scope is good enough for that.

I didn't want to spend the money on a Mitchel-Mauser. So, I used this kit to convert a very cheap Mosin-Nagant to a sniper rifle. The end result is I now have a rifle that's worth $400, the sum of it's two parts. Note, you'll need a sniper bolt and there is a guy who sells them on ebay(dot)com for about $25, keyword mosin-nagant sniper bolt.

Still, now I have a rifle that shoots the fairly inexpensive 7.62 x 54R Soviet ammo at ranges of more than 250 yards, not good but fair. It keeps it's zero and make both a fair deer hunting & target weapon. It cost me $25 for 60 rounds, a nice way to spend a few hours.

It's O.K. I would actually give this review 2.5 if Amazon allowed. You're getting something cheap.
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