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on October 14, 2011
This review for the Wacky Tacky variety is essentially the same as I gave for the Dark wax by Firehouse. The biggest difference between the two is this stuff is VERY tacky. Brother, this is some heavy duty wax, and I mean that in a good way. If you're wanting a great wax for shaping your whiskers, this is it. My personal preference is for the Firehouse Dark which is just a tiny bit softer wax. Both equally good.

I've been using Firehouse Moustache Wax for a couple of years now and it's great. It lasts through the day and has good staying power unlike a lot of wimpy waxes. It has a great "man" scent and comes in Dark, Light, and Wacky Tacky. This wax won't darken your whiskers, it's like using a neutral finish on them.

One thing about this wax and they tell you this on the Firehouse website. Carry the can in your pocket. Your body heat will keep it at the proper working consistency. It tends to be a little to stiff at room temperature so I poof it with the blow dryer to warm it first thing in the morning and then carry it in my pocket in case I want to do a touch up later. I like to brush it into my moustache a little with an eyebrow brush first to even it out and then shape it with my fingers.

P.S. Guys, it's time to embrace your manhood and grow a big gorgeous set of whiskers on that mug of yours. Maybe start with a big ole cookie brush, flip the tips, and slap some Firehouse Wax on it. And if you're facial-hair-challenged, then just try growing something unique. Colere barba!

Firehouse is tops. Now what I need are a couple of little tiny hair rollers..........
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on February 6, 2014
Having an impressive set of top lip whiskers sets you apart from the usual, unshaven beardy cretins and Firehouse have a great product which will transform a droopy soup-strainer into world class handlebars (or any other style you fancy) in a matter of minutes.

First of all, upon receiving ones shipment of wacky tacky (preferably having bought it direct, it's about five dollars less) slip the tin into your trouser pocket, next to the old chap, and let it warm over the course of the day or at least a fine luncheon and a couple of cocktails.

When it's good and warm, take it out - the wax, not your old chap - and push your finger through the warm mixture until you've pushed up a little ridge. Comb your tash and apply wacky tacky all over until it feels a bit weird.

Then, get out your hairdrier, or your significant other's and give it a quick blast of heat and then, when liquefied, comb it swiftly to the side in one well practiced and decisive motion which when done right will make other gentlemen envious of your skill and any ladies will feel the need to sit down for a moment to recover themselves.

Having satisfactorily tamed the wild beast, you might want to give each tip a little twirl for that touch of finesse.
Heads will turn, eyebrows will raise and you may walk with your head held high safe in the knowledge that even if you forgot your trousers, your freshly waxed tash will more than make up for it!
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on August 16, 2013
This stuff stays on after a 50 mile bike ride in 80 degree weather at 80% humidity. It's tuff stuff.
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on January 29, 2015
if you are looking for something that will keep your 'stache in tight order, look no further. This stuff is VERY tacky, it almost has the feeling of pine tar on your fingers. I have pulled out some of my upper lip fur more than once while applying! I have found that I don't like to use this every day, but more as a 'nuclear option' when my mustache is being particularly difficult hence the 4 stars. The smell is fairly heavy and will make you feel as if you are in the Oregon back woods, with axe and chainsaw in hand on a crisp autumn day; that is to say that it has a musky pine smell.

I would recommend it to anyone whose beard and mustache can sometimes just be a crazy pain sometimes.
review image
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on November 28, 2012
This wax is very very tacky and so I use a hair dryer on hot to soften the wax before applying to mustache. It holds my mustache in place very nicely. The only I have to get used to is when I touch my mustache it will feel.....well tacky, so that is the only thing I have to get use to
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on June 11, 2013
Firehouse Wacky Tacky was the first mustache wax I tried when growing my first handlebar. It takes a little effort to get out of the tin. You've got to scrape it with a fingernail then work it between two fingers. It is in fact very sticky and thick and has a pretty firm hold, though I would often find my curls unfurling throughout the day and find that I would need to readjust or reapply some wax at least once throughout the day. When my tips were much shorter and I just swept them upward while waiting for it to grow out to curling length, this wax did not hold very firmly and had to be reapplied about 3 times a day. The tin I got had a paper printed sticker, which is unfortunate considering that one of the recommended methods of heating the wax to make it easier to apply is to run it under hot water. This destroys the label and makes it look faded, chalky and unappealing. I scraped what was left of it off and put some elbow grease into getting all the adhesive off for a blank tin.

As of now, I've tried two other waxes and this one. It has a firmer hold than Skippy's of Norway, and less firm hold than Cowboy Stache Wax, but is the easiest of the three to apply.

Currently, however, my best mustache styling substance of choice is something much cheaper and that holds all day without needing to be adjusted, and washes out quite easily... Scotch Wrinkle-free Glue Stick by 3M. It is a clear washable glue stick that has very little scent and only costs a few bucks for a box of two sticks. Unfortunately none of the mustache waxes out there have given me the desired look and strong hold that this simple glue stick has, though I may need to start trying them in combination.

UPDATE: Just wanted to update and say I've gone back to using the Firehouse as my primary wax. The glue stick was working great for an all day hold but on a humid or rainy day it unfurls quite easily. The wax holds up throughout this, and I have found that I do not have to reapply my Firehouse more than once throughout the day, even with a shorter handlebar now that my hair is trained in the proper direction. Hope this helps some people. I still prefer this to the stronger Cowboy Stache wax because I couldn't apply the Cowboy wax without heating it with a blow dryer and it still seemed really difficult to apply.
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on September 23, 2015
A buddy of my recommended this stuff to me and it will step your handlebar game up 9 floors!(see picture comparison to "Mo Wax" by Uppercut, what I was using before
review image
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on May 21, 2013
I have gotten older and have developed the dreaded "old man crazy eyebrow". I have used this mustache wax to tame the wooly caterpillars on my brow. It must be applied as directed using the top of a fingernail to push a small curl up and then rubbing that into the hair. The complaints I've read are, I believe, not using this technique as recommended.
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on December 11, 2015
This stuff is great for training your mustache out or if you have a really long one keeping it under wraps. It does take practice to get it heated up just right usually a hair dryer worked for me. I've recommended it to everyone in the mood to grow a mustache out. Keep it in your pocket for quick touchups if needed. Worked great for holding my rougher courser hair into place. Didn't change the color much either. The picture is of early stages of growing it out, now I just brush it and blow it dry and it stays put.
review image
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on February 24, 2014
With this wax in my stache I feel confident. I feel handsome. I feel alive. I am a man. There is an unspoken understanding with other mustachioed men I pass on the street, a silent nod, a raised glass. They know as much as I that a mustache isn't a trend or a statement. Its a lifestyle. Walk with your head held as high as your waxed tips, brilliant as the sun and serene as the moon. Join the club.
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