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on March 11, 2011
The blower and controls for a Heat n Glo fireplace is $240 + $17 tax from the local fireplace store. They came down to $170 + tax but wouldn't move close to the Amazon price. I went with Amazon, placing the order on a Tuesday afternoon and receiving the product on Thursday. Surprisingly excellent service.

The blower appears well constructed and substantial. I adjusted the fan to a medium speed, fast enough to move air and slow enough to be silent.

The 'five minute installation' took me about 90 minutes because I had to drive to the fireplace store and ask, "Huh!?"

The following are intended to be helpful instructions:

*****Warning: Kill Power before doing any wiring. Call an electrician if you aren't handy. Electricity kills. ******

*****Warning: The following is considered "OPINION". It is not expert advice. ******

*****Warning: I am not an electrician. I am not a fireplace installer. I am not a fireplace fan expert. ******

1. Locate a bolt on the bottom side of your fireplace. The thermo switch (thermo thingy bolts to the bottom of your fireplace using a wing nut). Don't mount it upside down.

2. Locate your power junction box. Older style boxes have two wires protruding that are most likely connected to each other. Newer junction boxes have obvious connection points.

3. Test that you have power to the junction box by plugging a light or radio or ??? into the outlet labeled 'fan'. I didn't have power to the junction box. An electrician friend said, "You may have to fish for wires, or wires are probably running to an outlet nearest the fireplace and they haven't been connected." Then he asked, "Is there a switch near the fireplace that doesn't work? If so, that's probably the problem." I flipped the switch, and that was the 'fix'.

4. Mount the rheostat (speed control) on the right side of your fire place in the obvious spot where it goes. You'll need something to tighten the nut onto the plastic thingy.

5. Attach the ground wire running from the fan to metal. I attached my ground to the thermo switch plate.

6. Attach one wire from the rheostat to the thermo switch.

7. Attach one wire from the thermo switch to the one of the power junction box wires or 'clips'.

8. Attach one wire from the junction box to the rheostat.

9. Attach the cord to the fan.

10. Plug the fan into the "fan" outlet on the power junction box.

11. Slide the fan to the back of the fireplace and then move it forward about 1/4 inch per the instructions that came with the fan.

12. Power up.

13. Turn on your fireplace and wait a couple minutes for it to warm up enough to trip the thermo switch. Adjust fan speed as necessary.
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on February 24, 2009
I ordered my Blower and was a little skeptical since it was a universal fit for several products. If looked just like the one in the Heat and Glo manual so I went for it. I did my homework before ordering and noticed that several people had complained about the installation instructions so I spent some time reading the Heat and Glo installation procedures while I waited for deliver. Once my unit arrived, I noticed their instructions were the same as the one in my Heat and glow manual.

My fireplace had the correct junction box so it took me about 30 minutes form start to finish for installation. Basically, it was hook the wires up according to the schematic, slide the unit in place and I was done.

While you are waiting for your unit to arrive study your owner's manual, look at your unit and familiarize yourself with your fireplace and its electrical connections. Determine where you will place the unit, the sensor, and control knob. My units already had locations set up for these items.

Customer support: Friendly, Responsive
I actually ordered two but they only sent one, I called and they sent the other one out the next day and apologized for the inconvenience. Refreshingly hassle free.

Quality of the Product: Well made, Tight, Solid, Quality components
I am a Sr. Product Quality Engineer so I know a little about product quality.

As of this writing none. I have had the units for about a month now and they work as expected. Now days that is great
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on January 17, 2008
The product works well, and is easy to install, provided you can figure out how to do it. The instructions are absolutely terrible and only leave you confused. I had to do my own research and rely on my knowledge of electrical circuits to complete the job. The instructions could really benefit from a picture or two, and some better labeling of parts.
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on March 15, 2014
Room Sizes; is this worth it?
We have two gas fireplaces from Hearth and Home. The one we modified with the blower was the one in the master bedroom and have not yet installed a blower in the great room since we don't use that fireplace for heat. Our master bedroom is 16-feet wide and 24-feet long with 10 foot ceilings, not the largest but good sized. The gas fireplace was not able to heat this room prior to installing the blower. After we put in the blower, it all worked very well and the fireplace put out much more heat. We have decided to install a blower in the great room gas fireplace next fall (2014).

How it Works:
The blower requires 110VAC to operate the fan motor, which is placed in the back of the fireplace. When the fan motor is turned on, it draws air through the bottom fireplace vent and pushes it up around the hot fire box, and the warmed air is expelled from the top vent on the front of the fireplace. In line with the power to the fan motor is a temperature controlled thermostat switch, which you must mount in contact with the firebox on your fireplace. When the firebox heats up to about 120F, the contacts in the thermostat switch close and if you have the blower plugged in, the blower will "blow." Alternately, when the fireplace gas is shut off and the firebox cools down slowly, at some point (I think around 90F) the thermostat switch opens... and the blower stops blowing. Another device, the speed control, is also in-line with the thermostat switch... it simply controls the speed of the blower while it is on. I have mine up about 3/4 of the way... quiet but audible.

Installation manual:
I provided three links but amazon edited them out of my review... PDF copies are readily available online. I'm an electrical engineer and didn't really even need the instructions (it seemed self evident to me) but that's my skill set. Others here had a hard time with the instructions but some won't really need them.

Possible Challenges:
Your installation will vary; the things to think about. 1) Pushing the blower to the back of your fireplace may be a challenge. Mine was tight, but I did manage to wiggle it in. Be careful. 2) You'll need to mount the thermostat directly to the firebox. 3) It's nice to have a place to mount the variable speed control... mine fit under the firebox, about in the middle. Almost anyplace will do. 4) Naturally, you'll also need an outlet somewhere under your fireplace to plug it in.

Controlling the Gas:
This is a separate issue from the blower. Initially, we went with a "Smart Stat-II" remote controlled temperature controller. This worked but had issues... cat lays on top the remote and it won't turn on (cats are about 103F). Also, the remote ends up on my side or her side... anyway, it was okay but not optimal. Recently, I installed a 4th Nest Thermostat to control the gas to the fireplace. The Nest does not control the blower in the fireplace... that is heat operated as described above. In order to get the Nest to work I also had to use a 24VAC transformer and a fan relay (24VAC coil)... if you're interested, this is a very easy thing to do and I'm willing to answer questions on the Nest install. You can't control the gas directly with the nest because most gas fireplaces use a millivolt system (fancy language for saying it doesn't use 24VAC... usually 3.3V or less than 1.0VDC... anyway it won't work without the 24VAC supply; the 24VAC transformer supplies power for the nest and relay. Nest controls the relay which controls the gas... Simple.

I give the blower 5 stars. Piece of pie and works great.
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on November 1, 2014
This wasn't what I thought I ordered. The one I wanted was prewired and all we would have to do is plug it in. As it is we have to hire an electrician to install it. I am very disappointed because the product number I searched for WAS prewired. I feel like it was a "bait and switch" kind of thing.
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on March 28, 2009
My family has a gas fireplace that emitted no heat, it all went up the chimney. We ordered this fan to remedy that. It works well, turning on automatically at a certain temperature and shuts off automatically after you shut off the fireplace and it has internally cooled. It is 'whisper' quiet when set low but you can definitely hear it when set high. For our needs the low setting has been more than adequate and we can definitely recommend the fan. I should note that when we received the fan, the motor did not work. We called the company and they overnighted a new unit and sent a prepaid box to send the old unit back. Excellent customer service!
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on January 11, 2013
Not only is this product perfect, but the company selling it is flawless. EVERYTHING you need is included AND it fits like it belonged there in the first place.

At effective speeds it does sound like a calm blowdrier; but, that's neither here nor there... it is not a testiment of this product but rather that of having a blower stuffed inside a metal fireplace box. It's the sound of a motor blowing air and that's the nature of the beast. This product is no louder than the original manufactured one that came with the fireplace...

I will say however, the quality of the parts are perfect. The fit is perfect. Customer service of the company was perfect. And as my flat panel tv is above the mantel of the fireplace, with the TV on you don't hear the blower at all.

What do I think of blowers in a fireplace on a whole? It's a great concept... Midway through we turn off the fireplace and the blower continues to blow out heated air from the residual heat of the fireplace. This would be energy (and money) wasted if you didn't have a blower... Do I wish that ALL blowers were made whisper quiet; YES. Is this unit any louder than the factory; No.
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on March 3, 2015
I waited way too long to buy one of these.

This thing brings out the full potential of our fireplace. Easy to install, adjustable fan speed. Before, the fireplace would only heat just around the fireplace and when it was really cold it was hardly noticeable. With this on an blowing, it throws hot air through out the room allowing our ceiling fan to move it even further.

As far as noise, I mean the higher you have the blower speed the louder it gets, but it's a trade off. Personally ours is up fairly high and the noise is acceptable. But it can be turned down to were you can't hear it at all (yes, it's still blowing air).
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on November 23, 2015
Seems like a good heavy duty product, It fit well, and was pretty easy to install, but this fan is much louder than I expected. Even on low speed, there is a very loud high pitched buzzing/humming noise from the motor. In fact, I went ahead and turned the speed dial up to over 3/4 of the full speed because that's when the sound of the moving air/fan spinning finally starts to overcome the motors buzzing sound. I will say that this thing can seriously move some air on high speed though. It sounds like a jet engine, but it will really push some air. Much more than I could ever imagine wanting. I wish it had a smaller quieter motor that maxed out at a much lower speed to keep the motor noise down. Also, the variable speed switch came pre-broken. It sounded like a rattle and when I took it apart some broken plastic pieces fell out. I left them out so they wouldn't interfere with the dial turning and it seems to still work ok, just a little tricky to turn.
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on July 25, 2014
We purchased and installed last winter. Yes, it can get a bit noisey if running on full but what do you expect? Its a motor. It was easy to place once we got the cover off but we did have to remove the sticky pads to squeeze it through. The temperature sensor works really well. Overall, having a blower is crucial to making a gas fireplace useful and this was a great deal!
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