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on February 16, 2007
I'm up and down ladders all day long. I'm working in the rain or snow or heat. I was always breaking pens and making a mess or sharpening a pencil every time I needed to write.

Then came the Space Pen, the perfect pen, the only writing instrument I'll ever take on the job with me again.

The size is perfect. Closed, it comfortably fits in my pocket and never jabs me, never breaks, never leaves a mess. I've been using my space pen for 3 years and it's not given me a bit of problem. It writes anywhere, anytime.

Opened, the cap fits right on the back and it's a full-sized pen, writes well and looks good. I can hand it to a client and they always look like they want to keep it for themselves.
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on June 18, 2007
I've never written a review online before, and I'll probably never write one ever again. But this product "shiny chrome Fisher Bullet Space pen" compelled me to write a review for all those who are currently debating whether or not to spend the money to buy a Fisher Space Pen.

The short answer is Yes, I definetly do recommended it! If you are a gadget freak, if you are a 'perfectionist', if you are an engineer, busy-person, doctor, lawyer, soldier, spy, President, or maybe even astronaut, or simply the average person who needs a pen to perform every single time without exception, this pen has its use for you.

I bought my fisher pen online partly because after reading these reviews it swayed me to be more inclined to 'give this a try'. Today I received my very first fisher space pen and my first impression of it was that it was such a tiny, (and 'tiny' is the correct word here) pen! I knew the bullet pen wasn't going to be full size, but honestly I had really expected something a little bit 'larger' and more substantial than that 'little' thing!

I proceeded to test it out. It writes and writes upside-down for as long as you can write upside-down, which is more than I can say for even the most fanciest of other ball point pens. The claim that fisher pens write upside down and at any angle is 100% absolutely true!

I submerged it under a tub of water and it wrote a full page. And I suppose it would have written another page and yet another, as long as the page lasts that long under water. Every other pen I tested stopped writing after about the first 5 words.

I smeared vegetable oil over college page and it wrote 'poorly' (I wouldn't recommend writing over grease, the words can be made out but it looks really bad, jerky,etc) for about the first two sentences and then quit on me. So in this sense, I don't think it can write on grease. But it performed significantly better than all other ball point pins I tested, all of which stopped writing after about the first 8 characters.

This pen is awesome in every way! It's a little too small, but I guess that comes in handy when traveling and putting it in your pocket all day long without hurting yourself or making you uncomfortable.

So this is my down to Earth review of a pen that went to space. If you can afford it, this pen is one of the best on the earth and even in space for its designed purposes.

It's a lot smaller than I thought, but it does write underwater, it is waterproof, and it does write upside down and at any angle.

Bo Chen
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on June 20, 2006
I have been looking for a nice pen to get back into longhand writing for day to day notes and journaling. I was concerned primarily with smoothness and ease of writing. Second was length because I would be carrying it in jeans, dress pants, coat pockets, etc and in dress pants particularly a long pen falls out easily.

I've wanted a space pen for a long time just for the fun factor. I hesitated for a long time to purchase it because I was worried about how nicely it would write and how the ink would look. Now that I have it I'm very please and relieved.

It is short enough to sit in any pocket. It writes smoothly and has a nice feel to it. Like others said, I find myself twiddling with it while sitting around because of the nice weight, length, and heft. I think this is a great pen.
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on April 9, 2012
The pen is everything it claims to be. But many of the reviews miss what I believe are the greatest selling points.

Visual: It is stunningly cool to look at. The elegant curvy shape and smooth stainless steel finish - just a great, sophisticated looking thing - like a space alien dropped it and you were lucky enough to discover how things will be made by an advanced civilization.

Tactile. The bullet shape feels good in you hands and fingers. If you ever fidgeted with car keys or coins in your pocket, they will need to step aside. It seems to emit positive energy into your fingers.

Carry-ability: This is my favorite asset of the space pen. If you like having a pen on you, but don't want to carry the long thing we generally think of in a writing instrument, this is perfection. It is so short when folded, it will naturally ride deep in your pockets, or even in the little coin pocket you find in jeans, and you won't even know you have it with you. And the smooth shape means it won't mar other objects or your clothes. The way it seals, there is zero chance it will leak ink onto your clothes.

I've had two for roughly 20 years, and besides a scratch or two, they're like new. They've taken a number of rides through the washer and dryer, have both been lost, then found numerous times to my delight.

Bullet-style space pens are bomb-proof, waterproof, beautiful, can write wet or upside-down, have a fascinating historical legacy, will be the coolest pen at your meeting, and will pretty much last your lifetime if you can keep from losing them. And for well under $20 are the best writing tool investment you will ever make. Buy one!
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on April 18, 2007
I love the space pen. Period. It just plain works.

I keep mine in the little change pocket of my jeans, and that plus a Moleskine Cahier, I have a pen and paper at all times. Non-jean days it slips right in with my change. Some folks may prefer the gel inks, but they are far too smudgy for writing in a tiny book. I had a Cross Ion that I used before this, and all I got was smudge. These don't leak, they don't dry out, they always work. Each ink refill lasts alot longer.

It also is just the right size and shape to use as a worry stone. If you have fidgety hands, meet your new best friend. I often find I have subconsciously taken it out and started twirling it or playing with the cap. The chrome feel smooth and reassuring, the size fits perfectly in your hand.
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on November 2, 2007
Great Pen! Originally saw this chrome bullet pen on the Jerry Seinfield show. (Take the Pen!! episode) Some people have said that the ink blobs. Actually the ink is the thickness of chewing gum, -- it isn't liquid like most pens. There is a burst of nitrogen sealed behind the ink and enclosed within the cartridge, which pushes the ink out when writing. This is why the pens writes at any angle, including upside down. The small insignificant ball of ink on the tip of the cartridge noticed every now and then, when you pull it out to start writing, is actually a self sealing mechanism so that the pen does not leak in your pocket or shirt. It actually seals the end of the ball. At any rate, I love the pen. It is always handy.
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on October 12, 2011
This is probably the last pen you will ever buy. Unless you lose it.

This has been to Iraq, multiple field exercises, washed and dried in clothes. Even through the washing and drying the pen didn't leak at all. It's written in rainstorms, subfreezing temperatures, and all manner of other ridiculous scenarios.

The pen does become full size when you open it and attach the cap to the non writing end of the pen. It's about four inches long when closed and about 6.5/7 inches when open. Additionally, you can buy refills for the pen (for around $5, I think).

The writing quality is that of a standard medium ballpoint pen. However, it ALWAYS works where cheaper ballpoint pens sometimes have to be coaxed into working.

This pen is truly amazing and very durable.
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on November 12, 2010
I have this pen and it is a very neat design. Extremely portable and handy.
However, the formulation of ink has a fairly long drying time and any left hander knows that will lead to smearing. If only there were other inserts with faster drying inks. I realize I would not be able to write underwater or upside down with the other insert but then I would not have a blue finger either.
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on April 23, 2008
This thing will write on a wet glass, I kid you not. Comfortable in your pocket, albeit a bit thin for my hand when writing. Always works, looks slick, worth the money.

Merlin Mann was right. Perfect for you hipster PDA.
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on May 7, 2007
I found my PDA a pain to enter information into, and replaced it with a Space Pen and a pocket notebook. If you are a writing dork and want to carry a pen with you everywhere you go, perhaps in your back pocket with your jotting notebook, then you need the bullet Space Pen. It's small - about 3 inches long with the cap on - so it fits in your pocket. When you remove the cap and secure it to the bottom of the pen, it lengthens to a more comfortable size for writing. The chrome cap and body keep it from bending and bursting in your back pocket, and ruining the driver's seat of your car, not to mention some very comfy jeans.

Aside from all that, it doesn't clog and it writes immediately, every time. And it's not expensive compared to far fancier and less functional pens. Overall it's a great piece of gee-golly technology from the space age, that is also fully functional and practical.
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