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on May 6, 2009
I love this potty. I have bought every potty out there (cheap and expensive) and this one is the cutest, easiest to keep clean, keeps my childs attention, and just all round best little potty. Take it from a mom who has been through this three times when she says this one is a keeper.
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on March 30, 2009
I bought this potty chair for my Granddaughter who is 17 months old and beginning to potty train. First of all it looks just like a big potty, only it's their size. The perfect size at that. Her feet touch the ground perfectly. It has a cute smiley face on the 'tank' part, which is a great back rest. The lid easily opens and closes just like a big potty. It also has a handle so the child can 'flush' and on the opposite side of the 'tank' a retractable toilet paper holder that holds any size toilet paper roll. If you don't want to put the paper on it, just push holder in and it's gone! The other awesome feature is it fits perfectly to a big size toilet seat. At first I wasn't sure it was going to fit, I thought my seat was to small, but then I pushed it down until it snapped into place and fits nice and snug! Doesn't move around or slide at all!! AND there are NO gaps between the little seat and the big seat. It's a perfect fit. To remove it, simply squeeze in the clips underneath and take it off. On top of ALL of these great features, it also has a sensor so it sings once the child goes potty. You don't even need a lot. I poured in a very small amount to test it first to see how loud it was or how much it would take to set it off and it goes off immediately once anything touches the sensor, which is located at the center bottom of the removable bowl. It plays a little child's voice singing a happy song, tells them to use paper and flush and is not to loud or annoying. For kids that might be frightened of it, you can very easily turn it off on a switch under the unit.The product is strong and will last through several potty trainers. I HIGHLY recommend this product!
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on April 3, 2009
Buyer beware- this is not the best potty for little boys. It has a great look and concept, however, the splash guard is a problem. You def need it if your boy is sitting down at first like mine, but it is removable which of course a 2-3 year old wants to take off and on a million times. If they try to do this while sitting, they wind up with pinched skin on their inner thighs-ow! And worst of all whenever my son pees or poops in the potty, the splash guard falls off and into the potty when he tries to stand up-Gross. We bought the fisher price frog potty for $20 cheaper and it is a dream. If you have a boy save your money and your sanity!
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on March 31, 2011
I bought this for our third son. When I read the reviews I was a little leary of the "pee shield," however, after seeing this potty in the store, I thought I'd take my chances. had a fantastic price that I could not pass up!

I had potty trained my first two sons right after their second birthdays and had great success using another Fisher-Price potty. I had every intention of training our youngest immediately following his second birthday as well. As my other two boys are 8 and 10 years older than my youngest, I was in need of a new training potty. After receiving the Cheer for Me! potty, we fell in love with the adorable design! Our, then, almost-two-year-old wanted to immediately "use" the potty!

Yes, the seat does comes off very easily. In my opinion, that's a GOOD thing as it makes for really easy cleaning. And as for the "pee shield," I had absolutely NO problems with it whatsoever. I do not know why several reviewers disliked the design or why they had issue with it, but we had no problems. Perhaps it was because my son, having just turned two years, was a bit smaller than the children who were having problems with the shield? It may be dependent upon the size of your child. My two year old is just a bit over average in his weight and is average height...perhaps that will be helpful to someone??

The music is adorable and my son sang along with it. The potty has two different songs that alternate. One sings about the toilet paper, the other about being "big" and using "my own potty." The potty instructs the child to "flush the potty" when the song ends saying, "Now it's time to flush the potty!" Thus, my son would sit and wait for the instruction and proceed to "flush" his potty. He has now been trained for three weeks. While he still occasionally uses his Cheer for Me! potty, we are using the "big" potty now, especially for "#2."

The Cheer for Me! potty is a wonderfully fun training tool that was immensely successful in assisting us in potty training our 2 year old. I found nothing negative about the design. I can absolutely say it ranks with the best training potties!
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on January 2, 2012
So the first time around I thought "the cuter the better." WRONG! First of all the hole is way too small. Yes girls also need a pee guard, so if you do get this don't throw the guard away. Even so the pee will probably still come out. There are also WAY TOO MANY parts to this thing. Take it from me, with potties, the less parts and crevaces the better! What they don't show you is what the underside of the seat looks like. And after a few uses even when you clean it regularly the dried yellow pee gunk is EVERYWHERE. Maybe TMI but it is important for you to know! Potty training is NOT easy so why add to the issue by making it hard to clean? Yes, my daughter liked the songs, but the "pee sensor" only worked some of the time so it didn't always "cheer" for her. Luckily I did! Also the flusher stopped working after a while so she would get frustrated when it didn't flush. Plus, while they are sitting and "waiting" they just want to turn around to play with this thing... not good either!
We just recently started training my second daughter. I was wise this time and purchased a very simple potty with a built in guard (ones that attach separate get the "pee gunk.") I do love fisher price so we went with the froggy friend potty. My daughter went right to it and sat down! It still has the cute factor- she went pee and poo in the frog the first day! The new frog is orange which has a small difference in the size of the guard. The orange is the perfect size for girls- stops the pee from going on the floor but they don't have to spread their legs too wide. I am reading that the frog with the blue insert has a wider guard which is a little better for boys. I would reccommend the frog or maybe the bjorn for simplicity reasons, however I've read reviews that state their child sat on the guard of that one and hurt themselves. It is a little more abrupt and "out there" than the frog.
I did also review the awesome frog potty for those who would like to compare! Yes this one is cute, but it is gets gross and so hard to clean. Really what is the point?
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on January 8, 2010
I actually purchased two of these potty's because I am a mother of twins (boy and a girl.) so I wanted to get them their own potty's. It is a GREAT potty if you have a little girl. My daughter absolutely loves it and it is very easy to clean, however I had to get my son a different one because the splash guard does not work at all. Everytime he went it slpashed EVERYWHERE including his face at one point!!! So yes, it is an EXCELLENT potty for a girl... I couldnt be any more happier with it, either could my daughter but does not do well if you have a boy!!
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on September 8, 2010
I have 2.5 year old little girl.

Point of Comparison: I had previously bought the Bjorn potty, which received rave reviews on here. My daughter did not much care for that one and we had little to no success on that one. I don't find my daughter particularly large but the other potty would leave a red ring on her bum and sometimes the white insert would come up with her. The Bjorn just seemed a little too narrow for her and, frankly, had no interest for her. So I bought this one up at a local store one day. I brought it home and she absolutely loved all the songs it sang. We have no problem with the ring around the bum on this one.

LIKE A MINI TOILET: It looks like a real toilet but it's just smaller and has a cute face on the back. It even has a fake flush knob and a roll for toilet paper, which I ignore and do not use, because I don't want my daughter distracted and playing with toilet paper. Also, it has the lid, which has never been a problem or led to an accident, because she couldn't get up fast enough. Also, my understand is that the top part could be used a potty seat to transition to the big toilet. Unfortunately, my toilet is oblong so it doesn't fit, but it's nice to have versatility.

SUCCESS: My daughter was potty trained really in a matter of days on this potty. In fact, in the beginning, I think she stood up too soon when she tinkled because she wanted to dance to the song. Not a big deal, just meant more trips to the potty because she was never quite done. We have no problem with the ring around the bum on this one.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK: She knows the songs by heart and really looks forward to that positive feedback on her accomplishments. Of course, her Daddy and I did the potty dance with her and made a big deal about every time she did her business, but it's nice that the potty keeps up the positive feedback even when Mommy and Daddy forget.

POSSIBLE ISSUES:I really have nothing negative to say about this potty. I will say though that with any sensor/battery operated thing you're going to get wonky results from time to time. For example, I think if water gets on the sensor after washing the basin, it can cause it sense action where there is none. On one or two occasions, I've had the phantom "toilet paper, toilet paper, on a roll, next to me..." going off in the middle of the night, which wasn't ideal since my daughter was sleeping in the next room. Also, sometimes it doesn't do a great job of picking up #2, but overall, the sensor is pretty good and I'm very happy with the potty.

NOT ANNOYING OR UGLY: Also, the songs are not incredibly annoying.And although I initially bought the Bjorn becuase of the positive reviews and fact that it's not a giant elmo toilet in the middle of our main bathroom, I think although this potty appeals to children because of the face, it's really not an eyesore.
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on February 28, 2011
I bought this for my daughter a couple of months ago when she first started showing an interest in potty training. And she loved it...but only because it sings. Unfortunately, she soon figured out that all she had to do was touch the sensor to get it to sing, and now she can't be bothered to sit on it. Instead she climbs over and in it, making it sing with her foot.

However, it is cute. And looks like a real toilet. So it might be a worth a try for you...just not working for me.

Also worth noting is the fact that this cheerful little potty sings at random intervals...when no one is around it. Being woken at 2 a.m. by a potty singing about toilet paper is just wrong.
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on November 30, 2012
I had tried potty training my 20 month daughter with the big toilet using the child's toilet seat. Didn't work so well.
After much deliberation, my husband and I decided on and bought this potty chair for her to feel more independent. When the package came I opened the box and was surprised at how easy it was to set up. You do need batteries, but it's worth it. She was so excited about her new potty chair. I let her play with it for a few weeks to get use to it and let the excitement wear off so we could get down to business (no pun intended) and focus. I had also planned to stay home the week so we could do nothing but potty train all day. I waited until after Thanksgiving and I had no plans to go out. I'm now on DAY 3.

Let me explain how this has gone down. (also, I bought her training pants, which I highly recommend!!)
DAY 1: I made sure I told her about a 1,000 times "NO PEE PEE IN PANTIES. PEE PEE IN POTTY!" We had quite a few accidents but a couple of successes which I was more than satisfied with. When she was able to go, she was excited when the music played after she had a successful tinkle. :) (I gave her a "potty treat" (aka fruit gummies, and she got to put a sticker on her potty chart. Then we would take her purple potty chair cup into the bathroom to flush it away. "bye-bye, pee-pee". I don't know why, but she liked doing this. This was day 1.
DAY 2: more successes than accidents! She even went by herself when I wasn't looking to try all by herself when she got the urge to pee. Granted, her panties didn't make it all the way down before she sat down to go...but she was beginning to grasp the concept.
DAY 3: TODAY, so far, we have 5 successes and 1 accident. She tells me " Potty" and signs when she needs to go....and takes care of business. Simple and easy.

PROS of potty chair:
It sings when you go potty (which my daughter loves!)
It's cute and fun looking
you can move the potty seat to the big toilet when the child is ready
It sits low so my child could sit down easily. Her feet touch the floor.
It has a toilet paper roll holder that extends. completely optional. We don't use it, though, since I don't want her toilet papering the house. :)

When I first set it up, it would make the flush sound when you pulled the handle. I'm not sure why, but it stopped doing that. ??

Otherwise, this has made potty training SO EASY and FUN! It's easy to clean. I wanted to leave a good review about our good experience. People complain about ridiculous things. Like how it's difficult to clean. It's not. Expect to clean up a lot of messes when you're potty training. That's life. Another person said that the hole was too small. It is if your child isn't sitting on it properly but that's with EVERY other toilet, big or small.
I think this is a great product and I recommend it! worked for us!

Thank you for taking the time to read this long review.... :)
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on January 4, 2012
This seat is cute, but if you like to clean things easily this is not the potty seat to use. There are too may nooks and crannies for feces to seep into. This is not an easy wipe down clean. I find myself spraying it down in the shower with the shower attatchmet to get this clean. Then cleaning the shower. A smoother design like the bjorn potty seat would be easier to clean. I found myself phasing out this seat and using something else that took less time to clean up after use.
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