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Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat, Red/White
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959 of 989 people found the following review helpful
I have made some unbelievably moronic choices when it comes to baby gear. This was definately not one of them!

I had originally wanted to just go with an infant to toddler feeding station set up, but then I saw and purchased a Peg Pergeo Prima Pappa out of the PennySaver. Oooooh, Peg Perego... Had to have it...

I hated hated hated HATED that chair. It was huge. The tray was too high. It had a zillion and one little nooks and crannies to get food into. I ended up shoving it back and forth between the kitchen and the laundry room for months. Once my baby really got into eating solids (which he didn't do until 7 months) I fed him in his bouncy, on the floor. I just didn't want to deal with cleaning that high chair. Even once he got to be a better (neater) eater, the space issues drove me bananas.

I sold it - at a loss - and bought the Fisher Price booster seat instead.

I love love love LOVE this little chair.

First of all, it goes on our dining room chair - so it takes up no additional space. My baby fits in it very comfortably - it is just his size. I can put Cheerios on the tray for him and he can pick them up and eat them (although it does seem he drops and sits in them about half the time, too...) No nooks and crannies so clean up is easy. We can easily pack it up and take it to a resturaunt and he is so happy to sit in his little seat, smack the tray, play with his toys, eat his Cheerios - we are able to eat out in public again. I never thought I would be a germophobic parent but I do appreciate being able to take our own seat along from a cleanliness aspect, too. This chair is inexpensive enough that if you are lazy, or just like to be prepared, you could even buy two and always keep one in the trunk of your car for going out.

I don't really see the point in having the tray insert - the tray is so easy to wipe down but, who knows. Maybe it will come in handy some time.

I do have some concerns about this chair really suiting a child from infant to toddler. It does not recline, as some of the other boosters do. However, in my experience, my child really was not ready to eat until he was able to sit up right. I think that a lot of people force solids onto children too soon, partly in hopes of getting their kid to sleep through the night sooner, partly out of deference to grandparents. You can always feed your baby in his bouncy, if he needs a reclining feeding seat.

It does seem a little small to fit a toddler into, but once the tray is removed and it is used as just a booster seat, it will probably be fine. I really like that your child can get so close to the table using this little seat.

Thumbs up, way way up, for this little seat. I plan to buy two more as baby gifts for my brother and cousin who are expecting babies in October (not with each other).


I had twins last year and we needed a second booster. I wanted to get the same one and we went to TRU to get one - but they only had the yellow and orange one. I did notice it didn't have the extra tray, but I also noticed it cost less. Since the extra tray was kind of useless anyway, I didn't mind much. So we got the yellow and orange one and took it home and then I realized the height doesn't adjust like it does for the green and blue one. Arg, I thought. Then I thought, does it really matter?? The yellow and orange one is at the same height as the blue and green one when it is in the 2nd/middle position. So I just put the blue/green one in the second position, set the chairs up next to each other, and let the girls eat. Works just fine. I was a little miffed at the cutting out of features but it's nice that the price is lower - and really these features aren't needed. I'd assumed the blue/green one was d/c'ed when I only saw the yellow but I guess that's not the case. So blue and green, or yellow and orange - they're both good.
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718 of 752 people found the following review helpful
on December 29, 2003
I originally bought the "Swing Tray - Portable Booster Seat" because it was cheaper and I thought that it would be just as good. Well, it fell apart. I got this one and have been very please. It's is like a travel version of the Healthy Care Highchair.
There is a removeable feeding tray that can be put in the dishwasher. It has a cup holder and snaps right on to the main (blue) tray.
There are three different height settings. This is great for traveling because different tables can be different heights.
The back of the car and the trays are removeable, turning the seat into a booster for older and/or larger children.
The seat is all one piece and there are no seams or crevices for food to get stuck in. It also makes the seat very easy to clean.
The seat has a three-point seatbelt that adjusts, so it can accomodate a growing baby and toddler.
The booster folds up and even has a shoulder strap to make it easier to travel with. There is a lid that snaps onto the feeding tray. It is also dishwasher safe. I like the cover you can put on the tray, just so you know it's not getting dirty.
There are straps on both sides and on the back of the seat. This makes it much easier to fit onto a variety of chairs. This is great especially when eating out.
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123 of 131 people found the following review helpful
on May 23, 2005
My son was using the Safety First reclining infant seat which was great until he got to be around 9 months old and he HATED the high back of the seat, he was always banging his head on it. Due to limited space in our house, I researched all the boosters out there and thought this one would be ideal as opposed to a highchair.

The pros to this are:

-EASY EASY EASY cleanup, no nooks, crannies, cracks or crevices for food to get stuck in.

-Very portable and compact, easy to pack up and take to restaurant, Grandma's house, traveling, wherever.

-High quality at very affordable price.

However, there a few definite cons:

-The dishwasher safe, removable plastic tray insert can be WAY TOO EASILY removed by an 11 month old. I have spent more time cleaning his meals up off the floor than I care to think about. I finally just stopped using the insert and just put his food on the tray. A little more of a pain to clean that but at least I'm not mopping daily.

-The actual seat is VERY small and if your baby is even average size it won't last you very long. My son is only 12 months old and he is already started to look absolutely ridiculous sitting in it and gets uncomfortable quickly. He is 23 1/2 pounds, a little above average, but we put my friend's petite 1 year old in it and she even seemed uncomfortable. I was hoping to use this booster until my son was ready to sit at the table in a regular chair but I don't think he'll be able to use it for much longer than a few more months. I have no idea what I'll do at that point.

So overall the seat would be perfect if it was a little wider and the tray insert wasn't so easy to remove.
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222 of 251 people found the following review helpful
on August 3, 2008
2013 UPDATE: I changed my 1 star review to 5 stars. Hopefully this will be more helpful to people. I'm not going to edit any of my original review below. It seems like they've sorted out the issue with the similar types of seats. The awesome, adjustable version is the Healthy Care DELUXE! We loved it. As I'm typing this, this review appears under the listing for the Deluxe, and all the versions shown in the pictured options are height adjustable and show the snap-in tray and tray cover. This wasn't the case previously, so just check the options before you buy!

Amazon should not be sharing the reviews for the old blue booster with the new yellow & orange one. The blue one gets 5 stars from me; it was perfect. We had to replace it so I bought the new yellow one.

The yellow one DOES NOT ADJUST up or down for height. My son's legs no longer fit under our table because we can't adjust it down far enough like we could with the blue one.

In addition, the yellow one comes with only the main one-piece white tray. The blue booster comes with a main blue tray, a white snap-in tray with a molded cup space, and a green tray cover. It's perfect for travel. The yellow and orange booster DOES NOT have these extra pieces.

I'm totally irritated that I was led to believe that this was the same booster, simply with a different color scheme.

2009 UPDATE: As of mid-2009, the names seem to be sorted out. The booster called "Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat" (currently still in yellow), is a stripped down, non-adjustable model. It really has no advantages other than price, maybe (depends on the day!). It's not more portable even though it's smaller. The better seat, with adjustability, extra trays, etc. is now called the Fisher Price Healthy Care DELUXE Booster Seat, and appears to come in two colors at the moment. The Deluxe gets 5 stars!
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43 of 46 people found the following review helpful
on May 26, 2004
...and this seat is AWESOME!! We have the Healthy Care High Chair at home, but needed something to take with us to friend's houses, Grandma's house, and especially RESTAURANTS! We just keep it in the car so we have it whenever we need it (almost every day, it seems)
The straps are a generous length, so you can adjust to fit ANY CHAIR. The whole thing folds up and is easy to carry either by the back strap over your shoulder, or, our preferred method--by the handle on the seat back. We have been using this seat for about 3 months now (Anthony is 8 1/2 months old) and got our money's worth the first day! He couldn't sit up very well when we first got it, so using a high chair at a restaurant was out of the question (I still don't like the idea of him leaning forward and chewing on the wood of most restaurant highchairs). The high seat back on this booster chair and the built-in waist strap has kept him upright and secure since the beginning.
The best features for restaurant use are:
1. Getting a table with chairs is much easier because the booths are always seated first.
2. Your baby isn't hanging out in the aisle of a busy restaurant with hot food and drinks passing by. He/she can feel like a grownup being in their own chair right up to the table next to you.
3. The tray is always clean because it has the cover (just wipe off when you're done so it's ready for the next trip)
4. You can bring books or toys and the tray makes a nice "play" station--which keeps little hands off the main dinner table.
5. It seems to be comfortable-- Anthony has never complained.
and finally...
6. It's just more sanitary. You know where your chair has been, who has been in it, and when you last cleaned it. Plus, the wait staff think it's pretty cool because they don't have to round up a chair or deal with cleaning up when you're gone.
My advice:
Get this chair as soon as your baby is eating solids. I noticed that a lot of reviews were from people with older babies/toddlers, which is great because I know I'll be using it for A LONG TIME, but why wait?! This is one of the most practical, most used, and most favorite baby products I have purchased. Enjoy!!!
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179 of 206 people found the following review helpful
on July 3, 2004
I recently got rid of my very expensive Peg Perego high chair and replaced it with this. The high chair was impossible to clean and feeding time turned into a huge mess and left me with a major clean up job every time my 10 month old son ate. I don't know why I ever got a high chair to begin with. Just save yourself the hassle and get this booster instead. I can't think of anything bad to say about it!
The tray fits perfect in my dishwasher and comes out looking brand new after every wash. I love the fact that the tray has 3 different positions when attaching it to the seat; on the closest setting I can get it right up next to my son's chest so that any food he drops falls onto his BIB and not into his LAP (which is what happened with the high chair, I had to change his clothes after every feeding). There are no cracks or crevices for food to fall down into. I also love the fact that it folds up into a neat little square so that I can take it with me when we go to visit Grandma. It's lightweight and takes up much less space than a full size high chair. When not in use, I just slide it under the table so you can barely see it. I love the fact that there is no cushion or seat cover to wash. This booster seat wipes off so easily, I never spend more than a minute wiping it off and it looks brand new. I wish someone had told me about this product before I wasted money on a full size high chair!
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42 of 45 people found the following review helpful
on August 27, 2004
My recommendation on high chairs - especially for parents of multiples like us: Forget them unless you have an enormous kitchen! Ours take up WAY too much room, were expensive, and they are difficult to clean. What we got instead (and I wish I had gotten first, I never would have bought the two pricey high chairs) were these Healthy Care Booster Seats by Fischer-Price.

They quickly strap on any regular chair and have two trays plus a cover. (We use them on PVC outdoor-type chairs so that we can clean them off easily). The trays go in the dishwasher and the whole thing can be wiped down quickly. The trays are adjustable so that they fit the child MUCH better than the ones on our high chairs. The chairs can also be packed up and taken to restaurants and used for booster chairs, or even set on the floor to be used for little play chairs. They're great!! We get a LOT of use out of them!

The only disadvantage is that the babies really have to be able to sit up properly to use them, whereas with our high chairs we were able to use them slightly reclined for a couple months until our girls got strong enough to sit up straight.
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29 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on August 22, 2013
Do not buy the Brown/Tan version of this booster seat - it's dangerous. I've used the blue/white/green version for months and had no problem with it. When I got tired of dealing with a high chair, I decided to order a second booster seat so I could keep one at home and use one for travel. I liked the colors of the Brown/Tan, so I ordered it. For some reason, the straps to hold the child in the seat are different on this booster than on the other color combinations. Rather than the waist straps being anchored to the back of the seat (so they go around the child's waist), they're anchored to the seat part of the seat, so they're under the child's rear-end and come across the thighs (don't touch the waist at all). This design flaw means you must rely completely on the tray to hold the child in place, rather than having the safety straps serve as the primary securer. Aside from the potential dangers to the child if the tray is not properly secured, my daughter started to fall out of the seat (while still strapped in) in the 1-2 seconds between me taking off the tray and reaching to undo the straps. Fortunately, I was right next to her and there was no harm or injury done. However, I immediately boxed the seat back up and exchanged it for the red/white version, which has the same proper strap design as the blue/green/white version.
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45 of 49 people found the following review helpful
on July 27, 2004
...when you can have a seat this neat?

Upon the advice of a mommy friend, we decided not to buy a highchair. We waited until our daughter was ready for solids at six months to even think about whether we were going to buy one or not. When the time came, we looked and I did my usual research on amazon and epinions. First of all, I couldn't find a highchair that got good across-the-board reviews. Second, I kept going back to the advice of my friend, which was to buy a booster seat instead.

Reluctant to add more baby gear clutter to our house, we shopped for a booster seat and this one got high marks. However, we went for another brand first because this one does not recline. Like another reviewer here noted, though, your baby really shouldn't be eating solids until she/he can sit up on her/his own anyway (my opinion and my pediatrician's opinion).

The brand I bought (The First Years) does not fold compactly, though, so on a trip we took via airplane I bought the Fisher Price Health Care Booster upon arrival to our destination, my parents' Florida vacation home. We loved it so much that my mother and I fought over who would get to keep it and where. They ended up taking it back to their permanent home in Tennessee, where it is now. We have it there for visits and whenever we are there I am reminded of what a great product it is.

Here are the features I love:

1) The tray has a cover, so when you take the highchair with you places you don't have to worry about cleaning it when you arrive to your destination (germs from transporting it) and again when you leave (mess from the baby eating).

2) It folds up relatively compactly. Imagine trying to take a highchair with you.

3) It is easy to put together and install on any chair that has a back.

4) The tray and tray cover are dishwasher safe.

5) There is no padding to deal with, and no crevices that you just can't clean.

6) My child loves it! She likes it at 10 months and still at 14 months. Even my nephew, who is almost 3, liked using the seat/booster part of it. After they reach a certain age or size, you can just use the seat portion as a booster without the tray.

Excellent Product!
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78 of 89 people found the following review helpful
on November 16, 2005
We love this Booster Seat. It's reasonably priced and has every feature that parents in the real world demand.

The good:

1) It travels well, as it can be completely folded in and it's straps used to carry it over a shoulder like a pack.

2) It can be set at 3 different heights for different tables and for your growing toddler.

3) It straps on securely and most importantly - QUICKLY!

4) All straps adjust, both to the chair and to your child.

5) It doesn't have any cloth or nasty nooks that are hard to clean... Just a quick wipedown is all that's usually necessary.

6) Has a detachable tray with a food tray that comes with a cover. So you can play with playdough for 5 minutes before dinner on the main tray, and then break out your covered dinner when you are ready! Very convenient and sturdy.

7) Solid construction. Our VERY strong 2 year old can't get out of it or break parts off.

8) The straps will come off (with a little work) so they can be tossed in a washer

9) The food tray is dishwasher safe

10) It will grow with you as a booster seat even if you don't use it as a stand alone "high" chair.

I can't think of anything bad about it and that's saying something in the parenting world. Buy it and never look back. In fact, we just put in an order for our second one so we can leave one in the car so we are never without. It's simply fantastic. Our little one has started requesting this seat instead of his (soon to be retired) high chair. He loves eating dinner at the same table with his Mom and Dad.
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