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on February 22, 2007
We bought this site unseen online for our upcoming Feb 07 Disney Trip! We just returned home from the trip, we used it for 5 days in the park and 1 zoo trip prior to our vacation. It is great!!!

We have a 3 year old who weighs about 30lbs and our 5 year old is 47lbs, so we knew we needed to upgrade our current double stroller, as our 5 year old out weighed the seat capacity by 3lbs. We looked at double joggers as they have a higher seat weight capacity, but we found them bulkly, difficult to close up, and they have very little strorage space. Plus they are heavey to move around when folded. This on the other had is great, bacause it folds so flat, we were able to put it in the trunk of our sadan, put suitcases on top, and smaller items between the wheels and the basket on the bottom by laying it in handle down. It folds up so fast I was able to do it in just 1 minute prior to the train pulling out of the station at Main Street and I am 30 weeks PREGNANT too. It weighs about as much as my 3 year old, and again because it folds so flat, and was so easy to get in and out of our trunk, as well as the trains, and trams in Disney. We rode the train alot as it's my 3 year olds favorite thing in the world. As for strorage we were able to put two standard sized adult blankets, and avarge sized micro bead pillows in the bottom where their feet go for later in the evening, our jackets went right over the back of the seats, and the pockets were great for maps, napkins, snacks and water bottle. Additionally when we would fold it to board a ride, tram, or stick it in the car at the end of the day we never took the pillows, or blankets out it folded down with them in it, and we never worried about losing anything in the pockets. The seats are really wide, and although I have skinny boys, with no butts, I would say even heavier plumper children would be very comfy in this stroller. With a 130lb weight capacity I can see us using this for a long time, especially with us about to have 3 boys! I will say we learned in crowded areas that you have to walk slightly to one side of the front wheels, cause if someone cuts in front of your path you tend to run into the back of your heel, and that hurts. Unlike a traditional stroller where if someone cuts in front of you, it's them that gets the stroller bump, LOL! I was worried about the seats not reclining like in traditional strollers, but much like an umbrella stroller, children always find a way to sleep when they are ready, and this is ne exception, in fact with the wide seat base, it actually made it easier for my guys to curl up and pass out fast. The best part was being that it was so new, and looked so different from any other stroller in Disney, it was super easy to find when we came off or out of something. The only draw back I could say was everyone under the sun stoped us and asked about a million questions, about them, if I had a $1 for every question we answered about it in the 5 days in Disney we would have paid for our trip and ever trip we ever wanted to go on using it! We are planning to get the backpack that clips on the back seat, as it is nice to off load your day pack from your shoulders every once in a while.


I have to update this review, as it is now 11 months later, and we are still loving this product. We have used it for walks to our community pool, as well as to little league football, and lacrosse games. My now almost 4 year old can ride, and all the gear goes in the other seat, and then once we get to the field, my 4 year old has a seat to sit in. I noticed some have said that they didn't like the length of the handle. I am not sure what they are talking about I am 5 ft 3 and my hubby is 6 ft 1 and we have never had a problem with it.

I still think if we had a $1 for every question we have answered about this over the last 11 months, we would be able to pay for our next Disney trip in 2 years!
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on February 20, 2008
We just purchased the wagon for our trip to Disney with our 1 1/2 and 4 1/2 year old boys. It was great for getting around the airports and folds down nicely. Here's how it worked at Disney: When we got to the park, we were told by the greeter that no pull wagons were allowed but we could still use it if we pushed. We pushed it through the gate (a struggle) and went on our way pulling. No one stopped us for the rest of the day. At the end of the day, we agreed the wagon worked pretty well - no major complaints but it seemed other guests were passively annoyed by its length and width - it was the only wagon we saw at the park so I suspect others weren't ready for it and in congested areas the maneuverability was not optimal. The second day, we opted to rent a 2 kid stroller and that worked much better. For the remainder of the week trip we rented strollers at all parks because they provided the same or more utility and were more convenience.
That said, we are still quite pleased with the wagon. We plan to use it all the time this summer. It is not hard to pull and the kids love it. We also purchased a matching cooler that attaches to the back and that has come in handy.
All in all, if the only reason for the purchase is for a Disney trip, I would pass. However, for general use, its a winner.
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on May 20, 2007
My Family thought this wagon was great I have a 6 and 4 year old boys, both around 40lbs and we bought this wagon to take to Hershey Park so if the kids got tired of walking they could get a ride without looking like a baby in a stroller. It was pretty easy to pull when they were both in it except going up hills but what can you expect when your pulling 80+ lbs. Other than that we thought everything else was pretty good about it.
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on October 8, 2007
We decided to purchase this wagon after considering all the available two-child transportation systems. Our 3.5-year-old, and shortly thereafter of course her 18-month-old sister, had begun to refuse to get in our double stroller. We live in the city, and walk everywhere, so it was becoming difficult to get around (I would end up having to carry one or both of the girls and push the stroller!). This wagon has fit our needs very well, with just a few cons.

Pros: (1) Kids love facing each other and its set-up as a wagon is definitely more appealing to them than the traditional stroller design. We facilitated this by building it up as a "wagon" and always referring to it as such. (2) It folds very quickly and compactly, which is great for day care stroller parking area, public transportation, and the car. It's a little awkward to carry (especially if you are also carrying a child) but definitely manageable for short distances. (3) The seats are wide and roomy so comfortable for the girls, and they are low enough so that my older daughter can easily climb in and out as she wants. (4) The wagon maneuvers forward and in a circle very smoothly...which is a necessity because it doesn't back-up very well. (5) Last but not least, it looks unique and sporty...We have also been stopped by many people (24 over one weekend on the boardwalk in Ocean City NJ!!) asking us about it. Even passersby (especially men!) who don't stop us will comment on what a "great" or "cool" stroller it is, and wonder why you don't see it more often. So many people have asked us about it that I am considering keeping information sheets on me to hand out ;) It seems to me that Fisher Price should market this more, because people do seem very interested in it.

Cons: (1) As others have noted, the seats don't recline and are quite upright, so when my 18-month-old falls asleep, her head has to tilt awkwardly to the side...but I did know this when purchasing it. (2) Pulling the wagon does take some getting used to, but I have taken some rather long walks, even uphill with no problem. I do wonder why they couldn't make a version that you could push like a stroller, because it seems like this option would appeal to even more people (perhaps more the adults than the kids). (3) The lack of storage was potentially an issue, so from Fisher Price website, I purchased the attaching Active Gear backpack (which holds an amazing amount of stuff) and the matching cooler pack (which carries lunch for 2 kids well). Note that the points of attachment for the bags are only on the back of the rear seat, not both seats (as I had seen in the product description somewhere). However, the strap for the cooler pack does fit over the back of the other seat, so both bags can be carried together. (4) I love that it has detachable canopies, which do provide some shade from sun, but these tend to detach rather too easily, and they are a little flimsy....often now we will simply leave them off unless we will be out in the mid-day sun. (5) The only relatively major complaint I have is that, as noted above, it does not back-up very well (the wheels seem to awkwardly turn inward when you try to back-up), so I have gotten into some tight spots (e.g., elevators) that require some maneuvering to get out of....the maneuvering is much easier if I ask my older daughter to temporarily get out of the wagon, but of course this is not always convenient. Also, the wheels do extend the width to somewhat wider than a single stroller, but in most doorways and shopping aisles this has not been a major problem (though sometimes when making a turn, the wheel will get stuck on something in the turn). This also just takes some getting used to.

In sum, I think this wagon was the best option for us, and despite some minor design issues that could be improved, it's working out great!!
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on January 10, 2008
I wanted a "wagon" for my 18 month old son who is very tall for his age, and liked the idea of a seat and belt. I bought this online as it was not sold in any stores locally. I am no wimp believe me but this thing is SOOO heavy its ridiculous. The specs listed it as being 40 pounds, something I did not catch prior to my purchase or I would not have bothered with it. It certainly doesnt look like it should weigh so much considering the basic design. It is very difficult to pull (my son only weighs 25 pounds) and could really benefit from a redesign specifically a lighterweight frame and quality bearings that allow it to be pulled easier. The pulling handle is also not adjustable, I am only 5ft 4in and the handle was too short and to low for me and impossible for my husband to pull without stooping down. There is also no storage on the wagon just two seats, you can purchase a bag that snaps on for an additional $40, in my opinion for the price it should come with the bag included. Unfortunately the huge cost of shipping it back made it not worth returning. I felt the price was excessive considering the quality of the product. It sits unused in our garage. We purchased a radioflyer ATW wagon with the rubber wheels wooden sides. Its not light weight either but it is so much easier to pull, the quality significantly better, and the handle long enough to be pulled comfortably.
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on October 5, 2009
Saw a family with one at a mall and stopped and asked where to find it. Only place we found it was here online, so we ordered. It does take up some room, but no more so than a large single or double stroller. Compacts fairly well and only takes about a minute to get ready for use. With the generous weight rating, I can even pull my 9 and 6 year old together (without a great deal of effort). Very stable.

In the past couple of days, at least 5 people of stopped me to ask about it and countless others have remarked things like "cool", "awesome" and "look at that" as we go by.

My only real complaint is that, unlike a wagon, the pull-handle does not turn the wheels - you must apply pressure in the direction you want to turn for the front wheels to head that direction. Works fine while moving, but not too well when trying to turn it sitting still. The only other "negative" is that I have long legs and sometimes run into my own heels while pulling. I would like it if the handle were longer, but it so, wouldn't fold as compact.

I would highly recommend this for anyone with multiple kids, especially younger kids that don't like a stroller. My 2 year old can't wait to ride in it, something that we used to have to fight about for the stroller. A fantastic product.
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on May 11, 2008
This wagon has some great features...the best one being that my twin daughters LOVE riding in it. Happy kids = Happy Mommy! They can climb in and out themselves and are very content in it. I like that it folds up very compactly and quickly. It does seem sturdy and rides pretty well.

Now for the drawbacks, it can be hard to pull in rough terrian (but strollers can be hard too). The sunshades are awkard to install and there is no place to store them. It can be a little hard to steer, but I've noticed that the more we use it the better it maneuvers. It is quite heavy, but it does fold fast and compactly.

People often stop us and ask us about the wagon. My twins are 18 months old now and I anticipate we'll get many more years of use for it. It's not perfect for every application, but we're really enjoying it and it's a great value for the money.
review image
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on March 26, 2007
I just received my "KUV" and I LOVE IT! After a couple of times of putting it up and down, I got the hang of it. Both of my kids are quite tall for their age, so the weight limit of 135 pounds is wonderful! Both my kids love riding in it, and now I look forward to going to the zoo and other places with them in tow. When it is folded up, it's no bulkier than the average mall stroller, and it really doesn't weigh that much more. I am SO happy with this product, and I hope others are just as happy when they purchase one. I highly suggest getting one, especially if you have taller/larger kids like I do.
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on July 19, 2009
My Husband and I bought this Vehicle over a 3 years ago for our twins who are now 5. Since that time, we have added a third child (2 years old). They all love it. Everytime we go somewhere we get asked about it. Yesterday we had 5 people ask about it and today at the zoo, it was more popular then the animals. It can be a bit tough to pull, but no harder then regular wagons. Believe me, my son is 50 plus pounds and my daughter is 30lbs, not even factoring the little guy in. If I can pull them up and down hills...anyone can. Worth the investment for us, especially since it folds up nice and compact. Worth every cent for us!!
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on August 31, 2007
I like the look and the colors of this wagon. I think that it is nice. However, think that it is hard to pull. It would work better for me if you could push it instead of pulling. The concept of it very nice for lager children.
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