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on October 12, 2011
* Supports all version of iPhone and all iPod Touch 2G and up.
* Little ones can play with little risk of device damage
* Mirror on the back
* Opened with a coin
* Soft silicone backing keeps device flush to case front
* Thin plastic protects screen while allowing touch functions to work, but is flimsy and should not be given to child without the device installed.
* May work with a case or cover, but depends on the device and case/cover type
* Home button can be completely disabled, but if it's not, it is not super-easy for little ones to accidentally hit the home button.
* Doesn't interfere with audio (at least for my iPod Touch 4G)
* Cannot access volume buttons or power button on top.
* I say it's a great deal, definitely buy!
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on September 21, 2011
This case is great for letting my niece play with my old iPhone. The following are some tips that I left as a comment, but figured everyone might benefit from.:)

So you're not constantly opening up the case to turn it on and off or change apps: I have found that flipping the phone 180 degrees in the case allows you access to the "home" button, but the film is still firm enough that it takes a little work for a toddler to press it. You can change your iPhone's settings to auto-lock "never", but I find setting it to "5 minutes" is usually enough. If my niece hasn't played with the thing in 5 minutes, she's probably lost interest. A trick for saving battery life is to put the phone in airplane mode before putting it in the case. No unwanted phone calls, no accidental internet access. Don't have a quarter handy to open the back? A standard house or car key will usually do the trick. Some plastic links from children's toys will fit the lock slot as well.

My only concerns: I wish there was a way to charge the phone while in the case without compromising the safety of the device when it's played with. A rubber stopper, maybe? And YES, a way to access the headphone port would be great, because then I could plug it in to speakers or other sources without opening the case. If you had a speaker in the case itself that could be connected to the headphone jack from the inside, that might be cool.
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on October 20, 2011
I purchased this so my 2 year old son could watch his shows Handy Manny, Chuggington, etc. while the family is out and about. It offers the BEST protection for the iPhone out of any case I have tried. I love that it covers the home button so his little thumb does not always hit it and stop the show. However on that note, at the end of a movie if the phone shuts off before you can start another, you must remove the phone from the case to turn it back on. I also wish it hand been designed with HANDLES in the widescreen position so when he is watching a show or movie he can hold on to handles. I do not think the rings on the case are needed. Buy the time it was released he was already 2 and not into playing with them. I have downloaded all 3 apps they promote with this product but found he is not interested in them, maybe for someone who is younger.

My main use of this product is to protect mt iPhone while he is watching movies.

Make sure you carry a quarter to lock & unlock this case as it is a tight fit.
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on May 16, 2014
I ordered this because I have a 17 month old who needs entertaining in the doctor's office or while we're at the grocery. I thought this would be perfect and protect my phone. The description said it fit iPhone an I have an iPhone 5s. It does NOT fit. Now I cannot even return this because my window to return has expired. Great...
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on October 5, 2012
Just got this today and LOVE it! I have arthritis and carpal tunnel and it hurt to hold my iphone or ipod very long to play games, big issue as for when I'm down in bed for very long and get bored. I couldn't find any adaptive holders, and then stumbled across this. I haven't used it long but it feels great so far! And works great for sharing the device with little ones when they visit. :) Already been kid-tested and approved by a 4-year-old.

The screen is a little harder to touch through the protective layer, and then that warped so I just removed it since I have a protective screen on the device. I had my brother use a Dremel to cut openings for the charging cable and headphone jack for iPhone and remove the rattles. When I use iPod Touch, though, the headphone jack is in different place, so I had him cut the bottom opening larger, but the cable made it hard to hold there, so I'm going to just use iPhone. Also looking at getting a new one, the pink princess themed one! :)

A nickel works for turning the opener, but would be great to have a knob like on the Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Apptivity Entertainer, which I was just thinking of getting but that would be hard to put openings for cables, so I'll stick with this one.
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on March 23, 2013
This is basically a hard case that you can put your Iphone/Ipod into so that your child can play with it without damaging your device.
Here are some pros:

#1) It's colorful and great for small hands.
The two rounded grips are perfect for small hands and they are bright and colorful which definitely attracts attention from your little one.

#2) It's plastic, easy to clean.
I love the fact that the plastic is easy to clean and appears to be good quality. However the plastic on the cover of the item is not which may be a deal breaker for you (see cons). Further, it doesn't actually *protect* your case. If this thing were to fall (or be thrown) it's going to remain intact perhaps, but your Ipod/Iphone may break.

#3) My daughter loves it! Once we downloaded the applications suggested, we put them on and my daughter (currently 10 months) loved playing with them. The applications are free by the way and you don't need to buy this item to download them. Just look for Fisher Price in the app store.

#4) This is great for her age range (see cons).

A) As others have stated, the home button, sound buttons, well basically ALL the buttons are blocked so really you can't do ANYTHING to your Ipod/Iphone including turning it off when your child is done playing with it. You have to take it out of the holder each and every single time. Okay I guess this case is not for the lazy. Oh then there's the way it's secured in the back, it's done by a little locking mechanism that's not exactly easy to turn unless you have a screwdriver or key or coin handy. Every. Single. Time. Ugh. So much for making our lives a little easier. I should mention that you have to enable your phone's/Ipods auto-lock feature to get it to turn off on its own. Another step you'll have to do.

How to fix this issue? We turned our Ipod upside down so that home button is actually on the other side and able to be used. My daughter hasn't figured out how to hit the home button yet (and hasn't hit it accidentally) but even if she did, it takes less time to go back into the application than all of the steps above. Whew. I've outsmarted the tries-to-be-awesome-but-isn't feature!

B) The plastic that "protects" the screen on the other side is flimsy, icky, and scratches easily. So if your child were to put this in their mouth (as mine does) you'll have a heck of a time cleaning it and then you have to be careful because the smallest thing scratches the screen. Let's just say it's not the highest quality plastic. I wouldn't actually call that a "protector".

How to fix this issue? Honestly, my solution is to get rid of the plastic and just buy a really good quality screen protector for the Ipod. That will prevent scratches, drool mishaps, etc.

C) Description is misleading.
Honestly, I'm glad I read the reviews before I bought this and you'll be glad you read them too. It calls this a "Apptivity Case" but here's the thing---those applications are free anyways. So really, what would prevent you from just getting say an Otterbox for your Ipod and then downloading the apps for free? Really it seems like you're paying for a plastic box that holds your Ipod/Iphone that blocks the buttons and looks pretty. Blocking the buttons seems like it should be useful, but is honestly more annoying than helpful in my opinion.

D) Age group?
So the age group that I feel could find this useful is limited. If the child is too old, they may have the tendency to throw this and I guarantee this will NOT protect your Ipod/Ipad from breaking. It seems like the window for enjoyment of this is really small. So what age range might this be best for? Possibly 8 to 14 months. After that, I would suggest buying a different case. My daughter loves it however and that leads me to my conclusion.

In the end, I'm giving this 3 stars because despite what a pain in the you-know-what it is, my daughter loves it. I have to supervise her closely, and I have to clean it daily as well as take the Ipod out to adjust volume, etc. but because she looks for it whenever I bring out my cell phone, I'm glad I got it.

Honestly though, I'm glad it was as inexpensive as it was. I should note that there's a bigger version of this that costs wayyyy more money and I would suggest you skip that one and just invest in a really nice case for your phone/ipod/ipad. That will probably work better and last longer than this thing. Oh and download the Apps for free.
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on April 4, 2012
We all know how much babies LOVES our cellphones. I have to say the iPhone is great to keep the little ones happy when you are in the car or just to keep them busy for a little bit. This was a great concept when I first saw it in the stores, babies r us was selling this for a lot more so I ordered mine on Amazon but it didn't work for us.. and here's why:

1. If you already have a case for your iPhone, you would have to take that off and then squeeze it into this case (which makes sense I guess so that when babies drop them, it doesn't damage your phone) But I struggle a bit with it and put it upside down many times.

2. I think you use a coin to open and close the case? I used the edge of my mailbox key to do so because I'm nervous about leaving change around for chocking hazard.

3. This might be better for an iTouch or old iPhones you don't need because it was annoying having to take off my case, put it in this case, and then take it out when I need my phone to use it... I don't know about you but I use my phone for everything (google maps, email, txt, etc) so it got really annoying after a while.

4. Also, if they got bored with one game -- you will have to take it out of the case and switch it (or if they click on ads or something they are not suppose to) then you would have to keep taking it out to fix because the Home button is blocked... so i think this case might be better for older babies that knows how to use the phone better than not for little babies...

I like the concept... but it didn't work out for us
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on February 26, 2016
This was great when I had an iphone 4S. It fit perfectly, and I didn't have to worry about my little one breaking the phone when I let her watch her fisher-price laugh and learn puppy apps. It survived being chewed on, smashed around, spilled on, and even spit up on once. It is washable, and very durable. It was a great case while we had it!
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on November 20, 2015
They say our phones have more germs than a toilet seat. This was perfect for my infant niece. Easy to hold, bright, fun additions like the rings and safe to chew. Great protection too! You can easily put the phone upside down to keep them from hitting the home button and save you both frustration when they accidentally exit their app or video.
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on February 17, 2016
This is so great for toddlers! I love this iPhone holder- we use with our old iPhone 4, and my daughter loves it! I like that it was improved and allows the iPhone to be put in so that the home button is disable or is accessible to the user. I think it would be frustrating to only have the option to disable the home button, as it can be inconvenient when you need to push it. Nice new feature.
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