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on February 21, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am currently expecting my second child after a long hiatus after my first. The first time around, I can tell you, I bought every baby item there was. This was pre-recession and money flowed a lot more freely -- plus, all that mommy guilt --> Don't you want the best for your child? So, I got the fancy bassinet, the Mini Co-Sleeper, baby bouncer, baby swing, crib, vibrating chair, the works.... Well, a lot has changed since then. As my daughter got older, I realized which stuff was essential and which things were fodder or luxury items that I shouldn't have bought (hint: you can't always tell by the price). Moreover, the recession put many of us into a frugal state of mind. People shouldn't be impressed by how much money you can throw away, but on how wisely you spend what you have.

So, this time around, I'm doing things a LOT more wisely and re-using or borrowing a lot of baby items--particularly when it comes to stuff baby will outgrow in the first 6 months. But wouldn't you know? This Fisher Price Snugabunny Rock n' Play sleeper has me soooo excited! And I would not hesitate to tell every new expecting mom to rush out and get one.

First, let me describe the item. It reminds me of a bassinet/sling combo. Rather than having an entirely flat surface to sleep on, the fabric is suspended from two arms to gently wrap the baby so that he/she feels snug. Moreover, the fabric is hung at a slant, so that the baby lays at a slight incline. This is AWESOME since so many babies seem to have reflux issues nowadays. My baby, despite all the expensive baby gear we stocked the home with, ended up preferring to sleep in her infant car seat. Well, this sleeper ends up mimicking that enclosed and inclined position of the car seat--only elevating it for Mom & Dad's convenient reach and making it incredibly more comfortable for baby with plush fabric and less bulky safety straps. Not only can I imagine that this sleeper replace bedside bassinets and co-sleepers, it could conceivably replace crib wedges/pillows to incline baby, reduce prescription antacid usage for babies whose reflux can be improved by positioning, and even replace swaddling (and I had ever so expensive swaddle blankets which I loved, but are still costly) for babies who need just a bit of a snug environment.

Other great features that I noticed upon second glance:
* The legs are actually curved. So the sleeper can be rocked to help baby have some soothing movement. And *potentially* replace those baby bouncers or even baby swings.
* The plush fabric is entirely removable and machine washable. (There's actually a second removable plush insert for smaller infants who need more cushioning.)
* The sides of the fabric are made of mesh, to allow airflow and prevent baby from becoming overheated. (Disadvantage: if you've ever had a baby explode out of his/her diaper, you know the mess it can make. I can imagine that the mess could get through this mesh and onto the support fabric beneath--which is not as easily removable nor machine washable.)
* A little plush bunny toy is included, which is attached to a plastic ring. You can remove this for baby to play with, attach to your car seat or stroller as a sort of mobile toy, use as a teething ring, or leave it attached to the safety strap to weigh it down when not belting your child in or hold it out of the way when putting baby in and out of the sleeper.
* The support sling is fabricated in a way that the baby still has plenty of support for his/her hips, unlike with a plain fabric swing which could hold the baby's hips too snug and push the legs together. This is incredibly important in that the risk of hip dysplasia or dislocation is greatest in the first few months of life when the ligaments are still very pliable. You want the legs to be able to spread out, rather than being pushed together and the sleeper has plenty of room for baby's hip extension. Read more on hip dysplasia and baby products here: [...]
* Portability!!! Aside from the fact that the sleeper was incredibly light and easy to assemble from all its pieces, it actually requires the pushing of just two buttons to fold up flat to store under a bed or to put in the car. I can easily imagine using this in place of a Pack N Play or travel bed when hitting the road for vacation. While the components could easily reduce into a compact space (you'll see that the package in which the sleeper arrives is very reasonable), the sleeper does not come with a carrying bag which would make it easy to transport onto an airplane (hint, hint Fisher Price) unlike the mini co-sleeper or pack 'n plays.

Final notes: The maximum baby weight for this item is 25 lbs. It's a couple feet high, so it comes up about mid-thigh on me and is even with my couch. So if you're using it as a co-sleeper, you may have quite a reach to get to baby from your bed unless your mattress sits low on the floor like mine.

Full-hearted recommendation and a deserved 5 stars. I wonder why this wasn't invented earlier?
Please feel free to post any comments or questions. If you found this review helpful, please let me know!
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on December 14, 2011
As first time parents, I think the biggest thing going into those first few nights is to realize that you're going to want to do everything you can to keep you baby safe and you sane. The first night with my son, we tried the crib, he wanted nothing to do with that. The second night we borrowed a bassinet. That would work for about an hour. Then someone mentioned our baby might have some reflux, which is very common in infants. We immediately went out to the local baby store and bought the older versions of this (Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper, Yellow)

That worked for about a week, we immediately noticed he was sleeping better and more content at night.

As soon as we saw this product go up on Amazon we ordered it with overnight delivery (Love Prime!). He sleeps so much better in this that the prior one, most likely because the Snugabunny series is designed to cradle them more. This has an inset that cradles their body and their head in a nice soft padding. The older version does NOT have this.

This thing literally can be set up in minutes, It's 4 metal pieces and some fabric. Instructions are clear and the metal pieces are molded in a way that you can't put the wrong pieces in the wrong hole.

The entire fabric bedding, including the inserts can be washed on cold, gentle, and tossed in the dryer on low. This is key for us as accidents and spit up WILL happen.

This thing is light and folds with the push of two buttons. It's great to throw in the car if you're going somewhere where you might want to lay your little one down.

- Easily rocks
- Only about 30 inches tall, keep that in mind if you have a tall bed (we have a very tall bed without issues)
- Matches other Snugabunny series items such as the swing, my son loves them BOTH (Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing)
- The bedding side is a mesh and breathable, this is very nice and eases a parents mind.
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on May 16, 2012
I am writing this review with the screaming baby in the crib right now. This rock and play sleeper was super awesome for us. We bought the RNP sleeper when she was one month old and we were having hard time having her sleep.. This saved our lives and sleep. At that time we thought this was the best baby purchase we have ever made. She also has GERD and this has been a blessing for us since she can sleep in an incline. Now she sleeps like an angel in this rock and play sleeper. She sleeps through the night-sometimes over 9 to 10 hours-now and all she needs is a pacifier to fall asleep in the rocker sleeper. (She is 4.5 months now) Sounds like heaven, huh? Nothing can be more awesome, except,

Our daughter was not born with a flat head. Then her left side became flat because she would only look to one side. We made the correction by putting rolled blankets underneath the bunny flap. Then her entire head became balanced-flat. We thought doing tummy time and having her exercise her neck would help. But no, her head is still flat. I can see why this can be a problem because the older she gets, the more pressure she asserts on her head backwards, arching her back as her back gets stronger. I feel so guilty that we may have caused it because having her sleep in the rocker sleeper was so easy and convenient that we didn't think of the consequences. Her pediatrician has recommended that we transition her to the crib. The problem is, she associates lying flat as play time, since the only time she lies flat is when she is on her activity gym. She cannot rest her legs stretched out all the way comfortably when she is lying flat. The way the sleeper is positioned, she does not have to stretch her legs out flat, and I am thinking sleeping like that all the time could also be a problem in terms of her muscle development. That makes it even harder for her to sleep on flat surface. May be if we had her sleep in the crib from the beginning and endured a bit more sleepless nights, she may not have ended up with a flat head? I am not sure. It's been two weeks since we got back from her Pediatrician, but still, we weren't able to transition her because we needed sleep and we were too scared of sleepless nights. The temptation was too great. We should've done this earlier, making her sleep in her crib...

So go ahead. This RNP sleeper will save your sleep when the baby is still at a newborn stage. I would still recommend it because it is the greatest invention ever for newborn parents. But be aware that this could cause positional plagiocephaly. But also, maybe not everyone has the same problem. Nevertheless, I cannot bear the thought of having her wear the helmet if she doesn't transition to the crib and the flat head continues.... and of course heartbroken that she is screaming in her crib right now not being able to sleep... Transitioning the baby to the crib won't be easy for a lot of you. If you have any pointers on how you made it easier, please share. And also read the review for the other rock and sleeper, cuz out of 700 something reviews, there are some one star reviews who share the same view and some people who had to have helmet fitted and some who say that even the helmet was not able to correct the problem.
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on August 11, 2012
My baby is due in five months. But I am on a roll getting all the things ready for the nursery. Wanted to have extra time to select the most efficient, quality and reasonably-priced things. So, I did a bit of digging (I am a public interest lawyer, so digging is second nature to me) and discovered that about 85% of all baby and children's stuff is treated with carcinogenic and neuro-toxic chemicals, flame retardants PBDE and Chlorinated Tris to name just a few of the poisons they put into our baby stuff. This Rock n Play is treated with flame retardants. So, this thing would be perfect for someone who chain-smokes as they rock their baby to sleep. I am not planning on bringing poison into my home and keeping my baby on it. Pretty upsetting if you think about what they are doing to the people: poisoning us right in the crib... literally! The least I would expect the retailers to do is to put a warning label up front on all products treated with this stuff apprising the public of the carcinogenic, neuro-toxic and endocrine disruptive properties of what they sell. The information about the flame-retarding treatment is only found on the label of this Rock n Play.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on June 10, 2013
This thing is GREAT. I was VERY hesitant about buying it, after it was recommended to me. BC I was afraid I'd get out of bed, kick it, and knock it over. Totally not the case. My first born slept in his crib from day one, b/c his room was right across from ours. But the second baby came and his room was on the other side of the house. So I needed "something". Be it a bassient or pack n play. But I was told these were great, so I bought it. He was sleeping TONS for the first few months of his life. Only woke up twice a night, which was great. And he wound up sleeping in it till he was 5 months old. When it was time to move him, he didn't care for his crib too much. I would put him in the crib for naps. Just so he'd get used to it. And he slept in a crib at school. But this thing just hugs the babies, and I'm guessing it just made him feel secure. I've taken it on road trips. SUPER convenient. He's 8 months now and pretty much sleeps thru the night, but he has his moments. And if I'm too tired to get him back to sleep, I'll just bring him in our room and put him in this sleeper. And out he goes. But now that he's rolling, he does try to roll over it it. So once he started doing that, I take him right out. Even though you can buckle them in. But I certainly don't want him to roll out of the thing! He's probably too big for it, now. But this sucker is great! And I bought it when they were farely new (Back in Sept/Oct 2012). And now I see the cost has gone up about $30. I guess they are all the new rave!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on October 5, 2013
The most valuable $80 that I have ever spent. My baby did not like to sleep on her crib after she came home from hospital. She only slept in my or my partner's arms. After about 3 days, we went crazy and desperate to escape from our sleep deprivation. We have tried every thing (e.g. swaddling and The Happiest Baby On the Block stuff) and every baby gear including crib, vibrating chair, bouncer, car seat, and others (not a swing), but our baby did not sleep.... Our baby did not like this product immediately (took about two days), but she finally slept in this other than in our arms. This product was also very convenient. We could take this to friends' houses and attended a dinner party or even slept over when our baby was 2 months old. There was no head issue like some reviewers warn. We did have our baby have plenty of tummy time, however. Also, she has lost some hair caught in the head cushion. This was the single most valuable purchase for our baby. (For your reference, we did not own a swing.) Our baby moved from this to crib around 4-5 months.
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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on November 14, 2012
We have all of the Fisher-Price Snuggabunny products. How can you resist them?! While we fell in love with the style and comfort, we also read a lot of reviews on Amazon and BabyCenter about how this Sleeper helps babies sleep very well. We purchased all of the items prior to him being born, so ever since he came home from the hospital, he's been sleeping in this.

The positioning is great because they sleep elevated, which helps with reflux and as the babies get older and start spitting up, you have the peace of mind in knowing they won't lay on their back and choke. It also positions his legs out perfectly so that he's very comfortable. He's always slept great in his Snuggabunny RNP Sleeper. The design is easily washable. Be sure to wash all of the padding often and not just the extra cushion as the material is breathable and you don't want mold to grow in between (from the baby sweating during the night).

We removed the bunny from the safety harness and, as he learned to use his hands, the first thing he ever held was the bunny's ears. It helped him sleep better being able to hold the bunny ears in his bands. And it was absolutely adorable! This sleeper easily folds in half for storing. We have only folded it up once though. We enjoyed being able to move it from room to room so he can always be near us (at least while he was a tiny little guy).

We have hardwood floor, so rocking isn't always the smoothest. It is, however, very light weight. Even with a 4 month old who is almost 16 pounds, I can rock it with my pinky with hardly any effort at all!

The best thing about this sleeper was having him right next to me during the night. This is my first baby, so I wake up throughout the night and look over at him sleeping and know that he's okay. It really helps with peace of mind and makes middle-of-the-night feedings much easier.

The material is super soft and comfy, perfect for new baby skin! We did read about the flat head problem. We simply placed folded receiving blankets behind the pillow for a little extra support and haven't noticed any issues.

He sleeps wonderfully in his sleeper and we're sad that he'll be growing out of it very soon.

Because we have this, the Cradle-and-Swing, and the Snuggabunny bouncer, we're able to transition him to different positions so he's not always laying the same way. Since the design and material are the same throughout, he just almost expects the same comfort and is able to enjoy all varieties. I also have an infant snuggle nest that I put next to me on the bed. Sometimes we'll take naps together that way so that he can also learn to sleep lying flat. I've found that being able to introduce him to a variety of options from the beginning has made it all easier. We'll be putting him in his crib soon. But for the last few weeks, we've been having him sleep in his RNP sleeper in his room for naps and night time sleep if we are awake to check in on him. This way he will gradually be introduced to everything instead of have to undergo a drastic change.

Overall, I highly recommend this sleeper! Because of the gender-neutral color styling, we plan to use it again with the next baby if we have another boy or a girl!

The only thing about this that we wish was different was the ability to play music like all of the other Snuggabunny items.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on May 14, 2015
I wish I had known about these when I had my son. This thing is a MUST HAVE for all parents! It's especially helpful if your baby has acid reflux.

This rock n play fit right next to my bed and gave me peace of mind when my baby would inevitably spit up in the middle of the night, it kept her in a "cuddle" position so she slept better and longer and if she fussed after being laid down, I just had to gently rock her and out she went!

It was also awesome for needing to transport her easily to another room like the kitchen if i needed to lay her down for a few minutes to cook.

It's very portable, very light weight and a must have!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on October 31, 2013
Parents, baby sitters, day care workers and grandparents should do themselves a favor and invest in this rock n play immediately!
I have three children and have used a number of baby sleep devices throughout the years. Swings, bassinets, a crib and a pack n play. Some things worked better than others but all had their faults. The swings ate batteries too fast, bassinets had no rocking motion and the crib and pack n play were too flat!
With this baby I really wanted to find the right baby sleeping product so after looking at product reviews all day I registered for the Fischer Price Rock n' Play. All those problems and more were solved.
It's secure because it has a deep seat so baby can't roll out of it as well as a 3 point adjustable harness. The fabric is a soft, breathable mesh.
The soft fabric that baby lays on can quickly and easily be taken out of the rocker and machine washed and dried.
We started using the Rock n' Play when our youngest baby was a newborn and have used it every day for the past 7 months. He slept in it when he was smaller and now it is used for naps and sleep before mama goes to bed. It has a weight limit of 25 lbs, although my 30 lb 3 year old recently fell asleep in it.
It folds in half and is opened by two spring released buttons on either end, this makes it easy to fold up and put out of the way. This makes it a great choice for grandparent's house or the babysitter's house!
It's extremely portable as well. The frame comes apart into 3 parts making it simple to put in the van for road trips. It's very lightweight and can easily be lifted and moved with one arm. In fact my kids tote it all around the house regularly.
The fabric is hanging on the frame in such a way that it creates an inclined sleeping space. This is great for babies with reflux or other issues requiring a more upright sleeping position. It's also great for when a baby has a cold or sinus issue.
The legs of the frame are curved so that it just takes a small push of the toe from mom to rock baby blissfully to sleep. I highly recommend this rocker, it has replaced almost every other baby containment device we used with my older kids and is the only must-have item I will always recommend to new moms!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on May 13, 2012
Our little guy has a mild case of laryngomalacia that causes him to spit up, a lot! He also drools a lot and chokes on it as well. The snugabunny has been a blessing. It doesn't stop him from spitting up or drooling (if only there were some awesome product for that!) but it keeps him at an angle high enough that I don't worry about him choking.

- It is wonderfully soft and snuggly. Baby loves the cradled feeling and sleeps really well in it.
- Incline helps keep baby comfortable after a feed and is wonderful for babies with reflux.
- Rocker lets you gently rock baby to sleep or calm him.
- It is so light that it can be taken all over the house and replaces the bouncer, swing and bassinet. I have the snugabunny in the bedroom, bath, kitchen and back to the bedroom at night. Baby can sleep in it all night.
- Can be folded as well, which makes it perfect for nights away from home. We're taking it with us on vacation.
- Has a 3 point harness for safety.
- Has a removable cover, so cleaning is a breeze.

Cons (none of them warrant a lower rating and the snugabunny still remains the amazing product it is)
- It has a weight limit of 25 lbs. My little guy is a chunker and I'm not looking forward to the day he outgrows the snugabunny.
- Being so light and because of the rocking action, it wakes baby up every time someone knocks into it, which is pretty often when you have a very active 4 year old! That being said, it is stable and will not topple over.
- The pocket at the end, although a good idea for small things like pacifiers, is too shallow and things tend to fall out. It would have been nice to have netting underneath the snugabunny to hold a few essentials but that's just me wishing for everything!
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