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on December 14, 2010
Just received these and I must say I am impressed. I understand the complaint about the action of the shears due to the power notch, but I didn't find that it impacted the precision of my cutting at all. (Reducing the width of pivot slightly did remove this effect too, so the one and two star reviews seems harsh). I am a gadget guy, so I love these all-in-one solutions and I would still call these ingenious scissors a well designed product.
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on August 15, 2014
I'm very confused... Maybe i got an updated pair of these compared to all the reviews I've read? Ok... So let me tell you why that would be. First, I've read multiple times that people thought having a knife on one side was a horrible idea, that when you hand them to someone like you should, handle towards them, holding the ends, you would leave a mangled bloody stump... How? the outside is not sharpened, the awl point is actually blocked by a curved edge on the other side of the blades. So that's a null and void thought. Second, They come apart under "normal use" because of the notch that holds them together doesn't allow you to open them wide enough... I sat here and played with them, and i had an impossible time getting them to come apart under use as scissors, even using the power notch.. The only way i can imagine this happening is if you take your hand off both sides and try to really open them up for something very thick you are trying to cut... Go get a pair of pruning shears, not scissors, you are using these wrong. VERY APPARENT. Third, this "sharp, dangerous" tape cutter on the sheath.... Kidding right? It's a plastic notch made to slice tape... Theoretically this could cut someone, but really, you have to try hard to do that. Other item constantly mentioned. A belt loop or something on the sheath. While i DO believe it could benefit from a small grommet to run a paracord lanyard through, the belt clip is something totally unneeded... Any EMS personnel have a pouch that goes on their belt for scissors, plus they don't and wouldn't use a pair like this. This is meant to go in your camping bag, kitchen drawer, car, etc.. I can't imagine carrying these every day (EDC) they are big, unweildly and honestly i'd rather have my Swiss tool... they do all this plus more, compact and fit on your belt. Don't try to makes these more then what they are. A very decent, inexpensive replacement/addition to your home scissors, or as backup tool when camping. They are plenty sharp, tough and loaded with features, but are they ready to be taken into a zombie apocalypse setting? I don't think so.. I like these, just as i have like many Fiskars products over the years... They seem legitimately handy, i look forward to Christmas, as i think these will open gifts like a champ...

One month update

These are still fantastic scissors, no issues.
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Size: 1Pack|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a very versatile product, likely one of the most versatile tools I have ever used- and it's `just a pair of scissors'. Really, the Fiskars scissors makes my Swiss Army Knife cry itself to sleep at night. On the other hand, due to a design flaw, the Swiss designers overseas won't be staying up late.

These are very sharp, very well made (except...) and you have many functions such as a wire cutter (my SO has made me replace at least one pair of her "good scissors" for cutting some wire, so this is a great idea!), a little box opening tool (meh), a bottler opener (nice!) , and a little sharpener. And you can take them apart to use as a knife! Not to mention they have a sheath, etc..

Therein lies the rub. The ability to take them apart, combined with the"power notch" makes the come part when you really don't want them to. Oops!

I have a feeling a little tweaking by the design team will fix that. Until then- watch out for that when using.
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Size: 1Pack|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Well, I never really thought of scissors as anything to get to excited over. I thought they were pretty much all the same up until now. These Fiskars scissors are about the best I have used, in terms of a pair of general scissors (as opposed to hair scissors, or specialty fabric scissors).

I love that they have a protective sheath to store on the blades. It locks into place too, so there is no chance of it falling off. It will only go onto the blades one way, so there is also no chance of putting it on wrong.

The scissors are sturdy and feel solidly built. The blades are sharp and glide right through paper. I have used them for simple fabric tasks, like cutting the legs off a pair of jeans etc and they cut very smoothly, fluidly. I have used them to cut open those annoying clear plastic packages that some items and small electronics come in and they worked great for that as well. I have trimmed flower stems with them and they make perfect slices in the stem - it won't shred or fray them. I used them for cutting wire and for slicing off the rubber coating of electrical wires when I installed a ceiling fan - again they worked great.

I have not used these yet in the knife function by transforming them, but I am sure it would work perfectly well, given how sharp the blade seems now and it is definitely very handy to have this feature right in your scissors. I have used these
as a knife/blade without transforming them and just using one blade egde to slice open packaging tape and that worked perfectly well.

I have not used the bottle opener, as I have had no need to, but again I am sure it works fine.

The built in sharpener is is one of the best features.

This is one handy pair of scissors and I definitely recommend them. The price is great and the quality is excellent.
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VINE VOICEon July 9, 2011
Size: 1Pack|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I like that these scissors are nice and big. Lots of cutting with minimal effort. However I find the "multi-purpose" functionality more gimmicky than useful. It's too big and bulky to wield comfortably as a bottle opener, and the shape of the handle is just plain awkward for using it as a knife. The built-in sharpener is a nice little toy but is not going to do a serious job of sharpening the blade. I don't like the design of the sheath at all. I find there are too many exposed areas on the sheath that make it easy to slice a finger if you are not careful about how you hold it when pulling the scissors out. Also the tape cutter notch on the sheath handle can very easily get snagged on things.

Despite all these shortcomings, it works well as a pair of scissors. But I think they tried to do too much and all the extras actually serve to diminish the overall usefulness.
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on November 29, 2010
UPDATE: They fixed it!!
I officaly retract my old review. I tried these again and they are excellent. My only real complaint (The double contact in the power notch) has been fixed and these are now probably the best utility scissors you can get. I wish I had tried again sooner. I also wish they had gotten it right the first time, but oh well.

I love the design of these. They manage to add a massive amount of functionality with out hindering the scissors, or would have if they had thought it through just a bit further. The problem is the "power notch" this is intended to give you more leverage on a straighter sheer so you can cut rope etc. Unfortunately the profile is all wrong. It does not add as much torque as it should, and more importantly makes the blades double contact at the end of the stroke. Rather than have one sheer point travel smoothly down the blades, when you get to the end of the notch the tip on the black side of the blade slams into the edge of the silver side. This add a noticeable bump in resistance, throws off cuts, and wears down the blade ridiculously fast. I hope that they fix this soon (or that I got one from a bad batch). It is a genuinely stupid mistake which should be simple to fix, and it greatly reduces the value of an otherwise excellent tool.
As for the rest of the tool: The blades are decent steel and fairly sharp (the titanium coating is marketing BS but it does not hurt anything). The pivot is secure, detaches easily and tightens easily. The sharpener in the sheath is brilliant. And the wire cutter will inevitably save the blades at some point (I am an engineer, every pair of scissors I own has been damaged by cutting wires). The handels may be a bit small, but I have big hands. The only other complaint I have is how easily the screw that holds the pivot strips, but that can be replaced.

In terms of concept potential: 5 stars, I would knock one for a few finish issues (The screw and titanium BS) but the geometry on the blade is unforgivable. I will be sending these back, and intend to try again in a few weeks (incase it is a bad batch) and if not again in 6 months, at which point I hope they will have fixed it. I will update if and when it gets better.
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on August 12, 2013
Everything others have criticized about this product is true, but the biggest bummer, as has been noted, is that they can't be used as a scissors. That notch makes it virtually impossible to cut anything, as whatever you're cutting will get hung up in the notch.

Based on Fiskar's reputation and previous Fiskar products I own, I bought TWO if these. How could they put their name on this junk?? Really wish I had my money back.

DON'T buy this product!
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on April 26, 2011
My wife originally asked for the Fiskars Cuts+More scissors. When I saw them on the WEB site I immediately knew I had to have a pair also. The sheath is a little hard to remove and the tape slitter is positioned ackwardly when re-sheathing. Other than that they are the Swiss Army Knife of scissors. Plenty of leverage for all but the toughest cutting chores, and the wire cutter option is great because my dear has ruined several lesser scissors cutting floral wire and such. I appreciate having the sharpener handy to put a quick edge on, and if one does it regularly the really neveer get dull and require a lot of work. Great tool, fast delivery, Amazon is the bomb!
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on November 9, 2014
if you're dyslexic, have ADD or arthritis.....stay away from this product. it will drive you crazy or hurt your hand. however, if you think that you have dementia, these scissors are a great brain teaser! they come apart at the wrong time with lots of fumbling to put them back together.
they require a large, strong hand to use effectively. do not cut well on thin paper or fabric. great on packaging wire etc., but very limited in how often they are an improvement over standard scissors or clippers.
i would say: if you have giant hands and need to open heavy packages while popping a beer in between.....this is your product!
i have owned and practiced using these scissors for several months. sorry that i did not return.
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on June 17, 2011
First time I went to use these on anything other than paper they broke and will no longer close. It was on a thin piece of plastic, I do not recommend these to anyone that wants to cut anything but paper or cloth.
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