Customer Reviews: Fit in Six - Nintendo Wii
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Platform: Nintendo Wii|Edition: Standard|Change
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on March 29, 2011
So I saw this game that featured the camera and after my experience with the YOUR SHAPE WORKOUT with Jenny I thought that it was going to include advanded routines for what I saw in the case. In my opinion there are a few PRO's and lots of CON's with this game...


*It's like an extended version of the Wii Fit in which you can work you upper, core, balance, aerobics, etc.

*It even includes Pilates, Latin Dance, Kickboxin and Toning Exercises.

*The idea of earning points to reach certain fitness goals.


*Why does it include the camera? The Jenny Workout uses it to tell you if you are doing the exercise wrong or to give you feedback, but in this game all it does is show a little box where you can see yourself doing the exercises. No feedback or nothing, this really dissapointed me.

*The graphics are UGLY! I prefer to see myself than the ugly characters that don't even speak (like Jenny or the ones from Wii Fit). It does include a voice that sometimes doesn't know how to count, because she tells you "2 more reps" when the avatar does like 6 more.


*It doesn't include workouts with other equipment like dumbbells, steps, bands or steps.

*Not much variety in music.

*It does have different types of workouts BUT when you keep doing them you realize that there's no much variety. You could pick for example, to do abs in 8 minutes and when you choose the "advanced" version it repeats the same exercises of the basic version all over again. This bored me really quick.

BOTTOM LINE: Might be a good workout for those who want to start doing exercices after a long time BUT if you are an experienced and in an advanced fitness level you will get bored easily.
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on April 9, 2011
I have tried almost every exergaming program on the Wii and while Fit in Six isn't a game per is a tremendous workout program.

I also believe there isn't a more comprehensive workout program. There are six main components of fitness but there are a vast amount of workout options that accompany the six.

99 different workouts varying from cardio dance, abs, upper arms, back sculpting, kickboxing, power punching, latin dance, fit for life, etc. etc. etc.

I am in decent shape and some of the workouts kicked my a**. If you are a beginner, don't sweat it as many workouts are geared to help you get started. The intensity of each workout is displayed in a "1", "2" and "3" for each of the 6 components of fitness.

I took off 1 star because I cannot find how many calories are expended in each workout. I wish this would have been included.

As far as the camera, it is not necessary in the least as all it does is give yourself visual feedback.

For those that like My Fitness Coach, EA Active, Gold's Gym Cardio and Golds Gym Dance, this program is a no brainer.
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on July 2, 2011
Fit in Six is Ubisoft's latest entry into the world of fitness games on the Wii. In many ways, it is the metaphysical heir to the original "My Fitness Coach" which helped pioneer the genre three years ago. Like that game, this one includes a large number of cardio and aerobic exercises. And like that game, this one doesn't use the Wii motion controls at all. You are "on the honor system" as to whether you're doing the exercises right (or at all).

The number of workouts you can choose from is almost staggering. You can choose from "classes" that have 10-15 minute workouts focusing on upper body, core body, general fitness, cardio, boot camp, kick boxing, cardio dance, pilates, latin dance, and dance moves. The workouts are all very good, professionally designed exercises that teach you good technique and posture. As others have written, your on-screen trainer is cartoony to say the least, but that's to be expected with the Wii.

One thing I wasn't too crazy about was how quickly the on-screen trainers move, without breaking down their moves or otherwise giving you a chance to learn them. This is especially frustrating on some of the quick "dance step" routines. But with enough repetition, you'll eventually get them.

The lack of motion controls was a deal buster for me. Granted, many people enjoy workout titles without the motion controls, but to me, if I'm going to work out like that I'd rather just pop in a DVD and watch a real human instead of watching a cartoony character I can't interact with. At the very least I would have liked to see them build-in the option for motion detection, with the ability to shut them off. But it seems that after debacles like Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy, Ubisoft seems to have thrown in the towel completely in terms of trying to get motion detection correct. Worse, the fact that this game supports a USB camera may lead some to believe that it has Kinect-like motion controls; of course, it doesn't--all connecting the camera does is show a postage stamp-sized video image of you in the corner, not even aligned with the on-screen trainer so you can't compare your steps to his or hers.

Overall, I'd say if you liked the original My Fitness Coach, you'll probably like this. It's a worthy successor to it in that it provides a much wider selection of exercises and doesn't let poor motion controls (or any motion controls) get in the way of your workout. A few years ago, I might have given this 5 stars, but in 2011, it's just "ok", especially when compared to other similar games on the Xbox and Playstation, or even other games like EA Sports Active on the Wii which do advanced things like good motion detection and heart rate monitoring.
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on December 14, 2011
I love this game already. It's like a workout DVD only better because you can choose your goals & what you want to work on. For instance, I was in a hurry this morning so I just did the carribean vibe (low impact aerobics) for 9 min. Obviously, I'll do more this afternoon. The virtual woman & scenery are just right for me (sort of reminds me of "my fitness coach" which I also love). (There's also a virtual man trainer on here - so far I've seen him on the kickboxing segment - which is a challenge for me). You don't need your wii remote except for selecting exercises to work on. I also clicked into options to make the encouraging comments during exercising less frequent & quieter than the instrumental music. I appreciate being able to adjust this. I'm on the honor system with this game (I did not get the camera version). It's not going to grade your movements, which is fine with me. I have plenty of those workout games that do that so this is a nice change. (I rotate my wii exercise games depending on my mood & I'm quite moody. In this game, the six elements of fitness are: cardio, balance, upper body strength, lower body strength, core strength, & flexibility. There are several goals to choose from, keeps track of your progress toward your goal. There's also challenge tests which I haven't done yet.
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on March 13, 2012
I am a huge fan and user of Wii Fit Plus. I wanted something that would give me more options though, something that wouldn't have a "break" between activities so I could keep up a certain momentum for longer than 2-3 minutes ~ but still combine activities like strength training and cardio.

Fit in Six overwhelmed me the first time I used it. It has immense options, and I didn't understand what all the legend icons meant, so amazingly (this is sarcasm) I had to stop and read the owner's manual. :) When I went back in to the game, I still struggled. I chose a few random programs to try, and was also disappointed with the views. Some of the yoga movements included a view of the avatar from above. I had NO IDEA what she was doing! Was her chest off the ground... no it was her head, neck, and legs!?! And gosh forbid you have to stop a routine mid-completion (say your kid wakes up screaming and you spend an hour calming her...) it refuses to log the activity you DID complete. That being said, I did like that there were different activities, intensities and times.

Yoga - I loved the length and variety of the yoga routines, but I had no idea if I was in the correct formation. There is no breakdown of the movements or anyone saying "you will put 2/3's of your weight on your hands" which is helpful in Wii Fit Plus (of course in addition to the Balance Board). If you have done yoga before (not on a Balance Board) thus are familiar with these positions, I think Fit in Six is a good option for you. If you are unsure of positioning and find instruction important, I would try a different game.

Cardio - Yikes. I couldn't keep up at all with the dancing. I tried the warm-up and level 1 (or beginner) routines and basically just bounced from side to side. There is absolutely no break-down of movements, no step-by-step instructions, not even an intro period where you can try to grasp what is going on. If you are unfamiliar with the movements (and their names) you are SOL. Maybe once I am more in shape and feeling more coordinated (HA!) I can try these again.

I haven't gotten much further than this. What I like about using "games" for exercise is both tracking and sensing motions. I knew when purchasing that this did not utilize the Balance Board, but I was expecting more beginner-level opportunities which I honestly don't feel that there are (and yes, I mean REAL beginners as in my exercise consists of treadmills, fixed weight machines, and Wii Fit Plus.) I wanted to shake it up a bit, but this was more than I could handle. I wasn't sure how to easily go in and track my activity time-wise so I sort of gave up. That may be a pathetic excuse, but my exercise time is slim pickings - I don't want to spend a lot of time searching for answers - I want to utilize every of my few spare minutes for actual activity.

I say three stars because I think it has potential for intermediate level users who need a change, or visual-learning beginners. I also like that for a pretty reasonable price, you get a lot of different activities in one disc - which is hard to find in a DVD workout video.
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on April 12, 2012
I love exergames. I loved My Fitness Coach most of all, though there's no "game" in that title. Alas, I had to give it up due to an injury.

I need to rebuild strength without much impact, and there are more than enough good exercises to meet that need in this game. There are also fun and/or punishing workouts that DO involve impact: kickboxing, boot camp, dancing, you name it! I'm loving the workouts for balance, strength, and "return to fitness after break."

My greatest complaint about the game is that the organization is weird. There's a section that's easy to get to which contains about 30 or so different fitness segments (ranging in length from 6 to 15 minutes for the ones I've loaded and looked at), but if you really hunt through some weird menus that link off of the profile page, you can get to dozens and dozens more, including beach bunny workouts and dance. I suspect the limited number of workouts is matched to your goal, but that isn't clear.

Weird organization aside, I find the workouts challenging, well-tailored, and easy to understand how they mean you to do them. I'm learning new exercises that will help me strengthen and heal. You know the drill - if you're injured, too, or have other specific fitness or health needs, your doc is the person to talk to first.

This doesn't take any biofeedback from you, so you could potentially run it and sit on the couch. I know that disappoints some people, but it works for me.

Comparisons with other games:

I find Wii Fit (Plus) more gentle, less effective for traditional fitness,* and more of a "party game," Gold's Cardio Fitness (boxing) more fun and less complete, My Fitness Coach more tailored to your daily and overall needs (unless you're trying to avoid jumping around and other impact exercise). Enjoy your fitness - at this price point, I'm very pleased with the new title.
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on May 2, 2011
The best video game workout ever! Yes, it doesn't track your calories or how well you're following along (you actually don't need to hold the remote at all) but the workouts are really good. The music is also good (The first workout I did had Matrix sounding music behind it) & I really love the scenery (Grand Canyon, a city penthouse deck, a zen garden, etc). I have pretty much every good workout game there is and this is the only one that has consistently caused me to lose weight. With doing about 20 minutes a day, approx 4 days per week I've lost about 8 lbs without modifying my diet at all! Friends having the same results. Love the kickboxing! Highly, highly recommended.

Update: Lost 16 lbs and counting so far using this game :)
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on May 18, 2013
I bought fit in 6 on a whim thinking it might give me another workout to add in. Over the last 8 months I had lost 20lbs on my own doing 'just dance' and cutting back, but not too many people noticed. But since I started doing fit in 6 choosing the areas to work on...well in 3weeks my body has tightened up so much it is a drastic difference. though I've only lost 5lbs people come up to me all the time asking what I'm doing. Highly recommend this workout. It is fun and you can switch it up everyday.
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on April 19, 2012
Best part of this game? It's not a game. It's basically just a collection of exercise videos that you can pick and choose to do according to your goal and go from there. They range from 3 minutes to 30 minutes or so. They also give a doable goal, nothing out of reach of most people.

The dangerous parts:
-no REAL stretching warm-up. The closest is 'cardio warmup' which has you immediately start moving then ends with a few token stretches.
-Absolutely NO cool downs! AT ALL. Some are incorporated into the longer workouts, but for the most part there's no cool downs that you can choose on your own.

It wouldn't have taken much to have a "stretching". Just a good 5-10 minutes of simple stretches that you do at the beginning and end of the workouts.

The bad parts:
-no explanation of the move you're about to do, which can mean you have to watch before trying (especially when it's a move that you have to put your head down for...)
-no warning when you're changing from a lay down position to a stand up position or an all four tabletop position. Just a white screen for a moment, and the character is on the ground. This leaves you rushing to catch up.
-It's hard to find a low-impact exercise regime. Some of the exercises (like body core) show an exercise ball but that's not part of the actual exercise, however an exercise ball could be incorporated to make it lower-impact and more achievable (whoever invented crunches while holding your legs in a seated position was pure evil.) Many of the exercise programs ask for hopping or jumping, and that's not low-impact in the least. They would have been better incorporating stairs instead of hops.
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on April 23, 2013
On the plus side - lots of choice of routines, and the menus are clear and attractive. On the minus side, the routines are just straightforward "follow the video" type - there is no real-time feedback, and some of the avatars - particularly the females - are odd looking and difficult to follow. It's a game that is good for a change once in a while, but there's not much to keep you going back to it.
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