Customer Reviews: Fit in Six - Playstation 3
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on July 2, 2011
I admit, I came to this game with low expectations, having just played the not-very-strong Wii version of this game. But the very things that made the Wii version so weak are what makes the Playstation version strong: its use of motion controls and its beautiful graphics.

There are some similarities to the Wii version. First, the "Six" of the title refers to six core areas you need to work out to achieve full body fitness: Balance, Cardio, Core Body, Flexibility, Lower Body, and Upper Body. Every exercise you do in the program will tell you which of the six you're working on and to what degree. And you can pull up a graphical summary which tells you how much of each you've worked out, and which you need to focus more attention on.

You can choose a fitness goal, after which the system will select a number of "classes" for you to take. Unlike the Wii version, you're greeted with a very colorful, very simple and clear user interface where you can select classes. The classes fall under these categories: Cardio (14 workouts), Upper Body (7 workouts), Core Body (8 workouts), Lower Body (8 workouts), Fit for Life (9 workouts), Boot Camp (10 workouts), Kickboxing (8 workouts), Cardio Dance (9 workouts), Pilates (7 workouts), Latin Dance (9 workouts), Dance Moves (10 workouts), and Challenges (6 workouts).

Like most fitness games of this ilk, the classes are led by a computer-animated trainer. The level of detail of the trainer and the background graphics of natural environments are very good--not quite photo-realistic, but certainly done with a good attention to detail (for example, when you exercise by the water, you can see soothing clear blue skies with puffy clouds, seagulls flying gently, and even a gently moving ferris wheel in the background). I do like how you can see your own video image next to the trainer so you can match his or her motions.

You do need to have a registered Playstation Account in order to play this game--I realized later that this is so Ubisoft could cleverly slip in some DLC into your choice of classes (certain classes require payment of $1.99 to download them). I'm not averse to downloadable content in general, but I was a bit annoyed that Ubisoft seems to be charging for exercises they would have included at no cost if the DLC option did not exist.

As other reviews have said, the game does make use of the Move controller for about 50% of the classes, as identified by a blue ball icon over the menu choices. While the Move controller isn't necessary and doesn't track all of your motions 1:1, what it does is show you a colorful "swoosh" where you move your Move controller. By matching up your trail to your trainer's, you can tell if you're doing the exercise correctly. If you are, at certain points you'll get confirmation in the form of a "good!" or "great!" compliment.

One thing I really like about this game is that you can play with minimal space. While most Kinect fitness games need at least 10 feet of space, I managed to play with under 6 feet, with room to spare. I also like that you can use your own music from your Playstation 3 instead of the generic music that comes with the game.

Overall I wouldn't say this is a "fun" game (it's about as fun as a semi-intense trip to the gym). But in terms of workout value and the sheer number of exercises you can do, as well as the good graphics, it gets a solid 4 stars from me.
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on August 27, 2011
To begin, I was unsure of ordering this game due to the wide range of reviews concerning this product. Personally, I think it is a pretty good fitness game. I don't have the Move, and didn't really want to purchase one. I have played Ubisoft's other fitness game for the Xbox Kinect - Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, and to be honest, I think this one has more varied workouts.My experience with Your Shape was positive, but I noticed that the sensor often failed to read my movements, especially in the "Zen" program. Therefore, it really wasn't that important to me to play a fitness game that utilizes motion sensors. I find that it's a lot less frustrating and lighter on the wallet.

Onto the actual game, while I can't speak for the Move features, I find that it is very helpful. The workouts range from easy to strenuous, and there are many different programs for you to choose from. The voice-over is encouraging and positive. It is much better than a fitness DVD because you can customize your profile, and the program will keep track of your progress and allow you to choose from different goals. When I ordered the game, it was $14 - a lot cheaper than the standard fitness DVD, and with much more customization and many more workouts and options. A lot of DLC is available, including a ten session yoga program (for $10 - still a lot less than the avg. yoga class at $80/mo!), if you're into that. I also like that many of the exercises require very minimal equipment - many use your own body weight and gravity to work everything out, and you definitely feel your muscles working. Compared to some other fitness games (including Ubisoft's Your Shape!) which more or less require you to purchase resistance bands, dumbbells, etc. to really get a decent work out, but don't tell you that up front, this is a nice change. Also, unlike the typical motion sensor powered fitness games, this game requires virtually no space. Just several feet of space gives you plenty of room to do all the exercises, which is great if you live in an apartment.

There are only two real drawbacks to this game. First, there is no calorie-counting function, which is pretty important! With the calendar, statistics, etc. features they have for your profile, you would think that a simple calorie-counting equation would be included. This customized feature is available in Ubisoft's Your Shape for the Xbox and they should have included it here. If dropping pounds is your goal, you'll need to estimate the calories burned yourself. Second, some of the paid DLC is a bit ridiculous. For example, the "arms" workout is not included, you need to purchase it. It is something that should have been packaged with the game, period. This is Ubisoft taking advantage of the PlayStation store. I have never seen a fitness game that charges you for a complete arms workout, that is usually standard, even in Ubisoft's other fitness games.

Aside from those gripes, Fit in Six is a pretty solid fitness game and I would recommend it if you have a tough time motivating yourself to get to the gym, but don't care about (or want to use) a Wii, Move or Kinect.

EDIT (8/24/12)
I've done pretty much every exercise the disc offers, so I purchased the yoga add-on pack. I tried looking for reviews on it online before purchasing it, but couldn't find any. Therefore, I'm sharing my experience here for those who are thinking about getting it. Included in the pack are ten different "yoga fusion" workouts. Half of workouts are well worth the money and have varied poses, but three of the ten workouts are approximately 5 minutes and consist of repetitive, recycled moves. A couple of the workouts also incorporate some poses from the pilates exercises that come with the game (like bridging). Basically, half the workouts are rearrangements of moves from other ones and aren't particularly new or different. The yoga pack is only $10, but the pack would have been more appropriately priced at $5 or $6. That being said, I find the yoga workouts useful and they stretch out muscles that the other exercises seem to miss. I was definitely sore for a couple days after doing the "Vinyasa Complete" routine. Just not sure if the price tag is commensurate to the variety and quality of the add-on. I hope this helps anyone considering the game and/or add-on.
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on May 9, 2011
Have had this game for 2 months. First of all, this is the sequel to My Fitness Coach (the European version of this game is called My Fitness Coach - Club. I'm not sure why they chose a different name for the American version).

The workouts are leaps and bounds better than any other fitness game out there and significantly better than the original My Fitness Coach. You will never get bored of the workouts as there are so many and offer lengths from 5 mins to 30+ mins. If you stick to a routine and do the exercises the right way you will absolutely see results.

The only drawbacks are that unlike the original, the instructor doesn't explain how to do every exercise, but watching them do it the first time is all you need. The game also lets you add your own music but it doesn't accept every track and speeds up some of the tracks for reasons I don't know. The game also includes all the necessary stretching and guides you through it at the end of each workout.

Bottom line, the game is fun and it works. It far better than games like Wii Fit and the Playstation Move is really not needed for any of the exercises.
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on April 12, 2011
I bought this game today, and found the workouts to be challenging, but for the most part, achievable. It's not as negative as WiiFit (calling you obese if you're not an anorexic Japanese girl, accusing you of wobbling on balance exercises, general negative reinforcement). It will rate the exercises you complete with the PS Move, with bonus points given if you get "Great"s or "Good"s. It's got a great variety of workouts, ranging from 3 minutes to over 30.
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on February 13, 2012
If you're looking for a true PS Move game that tracks your progress with the controller this isn't the game for you. If you're looking for a workout video that allows you to use the move camera and see yourself then this the perfect game for you. Basically this game is a high tech workout video that doesn't even utilize the controller. I will say that the workouts are worthwhile but I was expecting something that would more accurately track my progress. Luckily this game wasn't that expensive.
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on May 15, 2012
The best feature is being able to know in advanced how long each set will go and how intense it will be. The warm-ups are also very good and use your whole body. Both of these are far better in Fit in Six than Your Shape Fitness for XBox.

The only significant problem is the audio. The narrator/trainer is misused. The verbal cues are poorly implemented/timed so you can miss changes and/or have to rush to get into the next position. There's also verbal encouragement which provides a boost, but is too automated.

Also, many routines and workout-model animations are meant to be in sync with the music, but not always - which makes it tricky to stay in sync. Between this and the off narration, you'll find yourself often awkwardly watching the screen to keep up.

My only other criticism is that most the routines target the lower body, yet most of the goals do not. I end up having to do a lot of unrelated routines just to fill up my daily goal points. Not sure if that's intentional or a disconnect between conception & production.
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on January 7, 2013
To start off, I absolutely loathe going to the gym or outdoors to do any form of exercising. However, due to the fact that I spend more than 10 hours a day sitting at a desk, my back started to hurt and my posture just got so terrible. Since I had a PS3, I thought about trying out this game, thinking "What's to lose except $15?" After getting the game the next day and setting up my profile, I started on some of the exercise "classes". I found the overall game to be extremely easy to navigate and simple to understand. The avatar instructors are perfect in my opinion since they don't look like those macho instructors in those real person exercise videos. The music and voice-over were both great, with exercise classes simple to follow but very effective.

I haven't had the game for very long so I'm not sure how much each additional classes are, but most are free or around $1.99. All in all, this is a great game for beginners who are not regular work-out-ers, who dislike the gym, and who likes to exercise at the comfort of their own homes.
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on May 28, 2012
Couple negatives.

It can be difficult to navigate to a workout you want to do. Finding an exercise you maybe looked at previously can be a hunt. The program 'plans' are presumptuous. None quite fit what I want.

Also. It bothers me when I see exercises I am to pay extra to download. Not impressed with that marketing ploy. I bought the program. Put all the exercises in or don't make them, but don't be sleasy.

The good.

There are some seriously effective exercises here.

The clock showing how long is left to the entire workout and the progress bar showing how long is left to the exercise in progress is very cool.

Pleasant and encouraging voice as you exercise is nice.

I read a neg review about the move and lack of calorie counter.
The move controller is best left unused. It will just get in your way and I do not see it helping anyway. The camera, however, so you can see yourself next to the virtual instructor is very helpful. You can see what you are doing without looking away from the screen.

Calorie counters are useless. They cannot know about your muscle/ fat ratio, metabolism, and so forth. Know this. Get the muscles in shape and they will burn more calories all day long. It is the mirror and scale along with your bodies performance that matters and some of these exercises I have tried so far are brutal and I am getting good results in my leg strength to prove it. Alot of us guys ignore the lower body. One leg and butt cheek has about as much muscle mass as the entire upper body (arms, chest, stomach, back) so this is where you will burn the most calories. This is also where you will work out the ticker the best.

In the near future, you can look for my book on getting back in shape for those of us over 40 and especially those of us that have had orthopedic surgeries. (Knee, back, shoulder)

All in all, there are some good exercises with which you can compile a nice routine. Enjoy.
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on March 8, 2012
Im at work all day and stoppded doing excersise a long time ago because of the gym time was not my free time. At first i felt kind of embarased and was skeptical. but while i was joking and giving a try, i started sweating and then took it more serius. Now is a great daily excersise routine and must say the results now starts to show.
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on November 9, 2015
We love working out in the gym but with this we can always work out in the comfort of our home. All we need to do is to follow the steps and procedures depending in the type of intensity and amount of muscles we want to build. It is so enjoyable and also for healthy purposes at the same time. It comes with a camera to record your moves and the ps3 cd .
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