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on January 22, 2013
I was very pleased with this workout. The production values of the video are just okay (sometimes the music is louder than the instructor, and in some shots you can see the other camera and also people going up the stairs behind the curtain), but the workout itself is great. I have been doing kickboxing videos for over a year and I doubt whether I could have done this workout without having tried other less challenging ones first. The cardio section has great combinations - challenging enough without being too difficult to follow. If you're a beginner and find this too challenging, then try something like "10 minute solutions" kickboxing with Kelli Roberts 10 Minute Solution: Kickbox Bootcamp, , and then after getting used to the basic moves you can go back to this video and try again. My only concern is that the instructor's arms on her hook punches look a little high, and some of the moves look a little "dance-y" but other than that I love this workout.

Some info - the workout itself is about 45 minutes, not a full 55 minutes. 5 minute warm-up, 30 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of core strengthening, and then the last 10 minutes shows short lessons on the proper form for the punches and kicks.
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on February 18, 2013
I read some other reviews about this workout before trying it myself. It was pretty funny to watch the amateurish way the video was produced. You can see people walking up the stairs in the background and it's obvious the wall hangings in the background are just sheets hung to block a window. It's hard to hear Stacy at times even though she's wearing a mic. And it's also pretty obvious they didn't practice before shooting the video since at least one of the messes up all the time.

Even with all the funny mistakes, the video was still challenging enough to get your heart rate up. This would not be a good workout for anyone with a moderate amount of kickboxing experience. This would be better for either a novice, or someone with very little experience.

I found the video fun and worth the time. Plus, it was free. Seriously, it's good enough for me with that price tag :)
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on September 4, 2013
Good FREE workout, with AmazonPrime. I used to teach kickboxing and the instructor has good form. The music could be better and the instructor is not always on the beat, but I thought it was a decent workout. Not necessarily for someone who is new to kickboxing because correct form isn't reviewed. I'll definitely use this video again!
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on April 21, 2015
I thought this was a fantastic workout.

1. I enjoy cardio workouts that engage muscles without being super high impact. This was an excellent combination of muscle engaging, heart pumping work without a lot of jumping and squatting (although there is a small amount, but minimal).

2. The audio isn't great, but it's still really easy to follow along, even when she incorporates combination moves.

3. It's fun to watch. She doesn't blather on forever and at times pokes fun at herself.

4. After the cardio, she has a nice ab workout that I also enjoyed, as well as a decent cooldown.

It's on Prime, so I will definitely be using this in my regular rotation of exercise dvds.
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on July 18, 2015
SO GOOD! It's a little hard to make a DVD play constantly like this one does, but the organization of the vid is great. It starts with a short intro, then warmup, cardio, strengthening and the basics... There is where I stop... I play this vid for the cardio and within 10 minutes I'm sweating. It also takes of my stress away so fast.
If anyone suffers from back pain, beware. I have lower back pain and some of the jumps hurt me, so I just didn't do them. :D I took the less agitated route by following the girl with the black and white bandana.
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on January 23, 2016
I scrolled through my available fitness channels and choose this one as I do recall how much I liked kickboxing class when I attended the gym.

I have not been to a physical gym in months due to an injury to my foot so a good workout for home exercises is what I need.

This workout had 4 women displaying various moves to include some demonstrating modified workouts for a lower impact opportunity.

The video starts with a slow gradual warm up and builds up to more intense moves. The instructor was easy to follow with regards to her instructions and easy to understand. She encourages you to keep your feet moving in between new exercises. When she transitions into a new exercise she demonstrates it twice before you join her with the routine.

This is a good video for people to use at home. Watching a video at home allows you some variety in your workout as well as you can pick what type of class and how long you want to workout.

I viewed this video by utilizing my Amazon Prime perks and watched this video for free. All opinions regarding this video are mine.
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on May 4, 2016
I have to say, despite the not-so-great production value of this video, I really, really, really enjoyed it. Like, I caught myself smiling and laughing during the workout, even though I worked hard enough to break a sweat and be respectably sore the next day (wasn't sure the workout was tough enough at the time, but it appears to have been). I generally like working out and do it regularly, but I don't usually *smile* while I do it. Something about the attitude of the instructor and the clear rapport she has with her fellow kickboxers just charmed me. I liked how fun it was to pretend to be actually fighting someone, and simultaneously how they all joked about how silly it is to pretend to be actually fighting someone. I liked how easy it was to follow instructions for moves and sequences that are actually pretty complicated, especially for someone not terribly familiar with kickboxing sequences. Even when I couldn't hear well because of the not-so-great production value, I could still follow along. I think the instructor does a great job of setting up the moves. (First-timers note there's a form instructions bit at the end that's actually pretty helpful for angles and "dont's" and things like that.)

I also liked how all the women seem like real women, not professional dancers or yoga instructors. They had real-women bodies, and I found myself feeling empowered by them. The lead instructor isn't super skinny like most such instructors, but she's strong and fast, and I actually felt better about my own body and goals by the end of the video. I started thinking, I want to be like her, not like some impossibly thin model, and that's really healthy for a woman to think in this day and age. (I've recently given birth to twins, so it can be tough to be body positive knowing that my body is no longer physically capable of looking like a thin model's, if it ever was.)

Overall, this was a lot of fun. And it was FREE! I'll use it again--I'm sure of it.
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on May 8, 2016
This was a good workout!

I agree with the reviews that the sound quality was not great, but the instructor does a great job with cues and often shows new steps to sequences for a few beats before she then says "join me," so you can watch and gather what's coming next.

The workout itself is a great moderate intensity blend of traditional fitness kickboxing moves and even a few tae-kwon-do movements. It's fairly low impact, and she keeps you moving steadily so you get a genuine cardio workout (rather than intervals of strength plus cardio, which are good, too, but if you're looking for a moderate-intensity, constant-movement cardio workout video, this is a great pick!). The workout ends with 10 minutes of core strengthening.
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on January 24, 2016
I really enjoy this workout. The instruction is clear and engaging, the exercises are energizing and intense. I'm already noticing improvements in my body from just a week of doing the routine (in combination with other routines -- Zumba, Women's Health Workout in Ten, and yoga). On a completely trivial and personal note, I'm curious if the folks heard from off-screen were told to be that vocal, if they couldn't help themselves, or if they just really wanted to be on the video :-).

edit: I still really love this workout, but do find the editing a wee bit annoying at times. More concerning to me, though, is that there isn't an even working of the sides. Overall, there are more repetitions on the left side than the left. Not a huge deal, but a bit frustrating, at least to me.
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on June 28, 2013
This is a great kick-boxing work-out. It's not a class in the martial art of kick-boxing, ok. But it is the moves, and includes a lot of reps, so the muscles needed for the martial art are developed. I think if a person wants to learn the martial art, they ought to consider investing in a course from a certified school. If you want to get your body ready for the course, use dvd's like this one. And this is one of the best, again, because of the number of reps. And the fact that she uses moves low to the ground that really work the legs and abs. Plus, her "girls" are spirited, fun and funky. It is a great work-out!
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