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VINE VOICEon December 5, 2007
I have not been in shape for quite some time, but having once run marathons and been in top physical form, I was yearning for a way to get back in the swing without jarring my knees and feet with jogging, running or jumping rope. I spotted a print ad for this machine in a local retailer's catalog, and immediately was drawn to the way it gently and without harsh impact, works your thighs, butt and legs. I have several herniated discs, suffer from double plantars fasciitis, and degenerating knee cartilage, so I was not about to invest in a machine that would keep me in pain from Day One. This is no such machine. In fact, I was able to keep up a pretty steady routine from the first week, provided I warmed up first, as the instruction manual states. It stores nicely in the corner, is not too heavy, and is sleek and attractive, even if you have a small space in which to keep it. I have not experienced any excessive pain in my back or feet, so the motion is not negatively impacting my health conditions. I work up a good sweat within minutes, so the cardio benefit is excellent. I am totally happy with this purchase and recommend it to anyone who wants a good aerobic workout and lower body exercise machine for their home. The instructional DVD is to the point, no fancy flipping acrobatics, and very easy to follow. Also includes diet and nutrition guideline booklet. Well worth the investment.
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on April 1, 2008
I can't believe I am saying this... this product actually works!!! And it works wonders! I have only been using it a week and already am seeing results. I did the video every other day and tried doing it as much as I could on my days off during the commercials on t.v. It's harder than it looks! Sixty-second bursts aren't something you can typically do on day one, let alone longer than that. The video can be challenging but I just take breaks in between. I certainly can't do the full length video yet! Not only does the leg magic tone your thighs and butt, it strengthens your core too. You have to stand up straight to keep your balance and hold your abs in strengthening your core muscles, and thats definitely a plus! I would recommend this product to everyone because it really does work!
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on August 5, 2008
My thighs are my problem area and I bought this machine because it specifically targets those areas. I think of the Leg Magic as doing something similar to what crunches do for my abs - firming and toning. Just like I wouldn't expect to lose weight by only doing crunches, I didn't really expect to lose weight doing the Leg Magic, but I wanted to tone an area that doesn't really get worked out much. I do cardio workouts most days per week, but usually running, stair-climbing, or the eliptical, which all work the fronts and backs of your legs but not the sides. This machine is a perfect supplement for your other exercises because it gets at those areas which most other exercises miss, and some people do seem to lose weight from doing it (more power to you!). I don't do the DVD (because it works muscle groups that I feel I work out in other ways), but I do 1000 reps almost every day - 500 inner thigh reps and 500 outer thigh reps. I just do 5 sets of 100 for each. I don't do them straight though; usually on commercial breaks or something. I found that the inner thigh workout was really good - challenging but not overwhelming. I didn't find the outer thigh workout as challenging, so I bought a resistance band and tie it around my ankles when I do it, which really adds some resistance and makes the exercise more effective. I've only had the Leg Magic for three weeks and I already notice a big difference in the toneness of my legs and I've lost over an inch on each thigh. Overall, I'm really happy I purchased it because it is really effective for specific areas. I would be much less likely to recommend it if someone was going to only use this as their main source of exercise, but if you just want to supplement your workout or if you're happy just getting specific areas worked, than this would be good for you. I'm extremely happy with my results so far and I hope to see more in future. Just make sure to use it regularly (having it out at all times serves as a good reminder) and make sure to use correct form so that you don't hurt your knees.
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VINE VOICEon February 22, 2008
Let me start by saying this, I'm no newbie to exercise - I work out several days a week and I still found this to be very challenging! This machine does a great job of reaching that elusive inner-thigh area. I can only use this for a few minutes at a time, but I still feel the burn in my thighs the next day. Also, because you need to stablize your upper body, you also get the added bonus of an ab workout.
I don't think you get much of an outer-thigh workout as you do inner-thigh, so I would recommend incorporating a resistance band with the exercises or bending your knees to work your inner-thigh as well.
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on May 14, 2008
I love this machine...I have purchased many pieces of fitness equip. over the years - most are used for drying laundry.

I noticed some concern with short people - I do think the manufacterer should consider an additional setting to put the handle lower. I am 5 ft. 3 in. and I just make it - best with sneakers on.

Over all - you see results fast. Easy to jump on for a few minutes in the am and again before bedtime. I can handle that since I am always on the run and have a hard time putting in an hour exercise tape - or even a 30 min. one. If your problem is inner and outer thighs - this is your ticket. Thanks to everyone who writes a review. It's because of you I tried it.
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on March 1, 2008
I am so happy that this exercise thing-a-ma-jig has made it to the market! It replaces something which I used to do for exercise in my hotel rooms,when I was still a flight attendant,trying to get a good, quick workout before meeting my crew in the lobby. I used to get a "crazy-carpet" that I'd roll up in my crew bag (a semi-stiff,slippery, glossy piece of plastic,used in the winter time for sliding down snowy hills,kind of like a sled) then I would put double socks on my running shoes,position the crazy-carpet onto a carpeted surface, place myself in the center of the plastic, then slide my legs towards the center, using my feet, without lifting them off the plastic. After hundreds of reps, you'd feel the burn...and it would definitely give you legs looked svelt, my clothes were looser...the problem...I'd sweat so much, that the sweat would land on the plastic while I was sliding, causing the "gliding" motion to cease, and the plastic to bunch up! Crazy idea, but hey, I did

The leg magic is the SAME MOVEMENT as what I did back then, only without the annoyance of sweating on the plastic, thereby making it foolproof, and assuring an effective workout. This is what I have been waiting for in a long,long time...and believe me, if it existed back then (in the 90's) , I would have gotten one IN A HEARTBEAT! I have been using mine for almost a month now, and I can see my legs getting more and more svelt...a great workout, very efficient, not hard on the legs at all...just remember to bend the knees ever-so-slightly, and it will be your best friend!And stretch before and after your workout.It is so good, that I am planning on bringing it back to Europe with me!I love this leg magic thing!Dynamite device! :-D
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on April 14, 2008
I bought this machine because I wanted something that would target the inner thigh muscles and it does. The day after I used it the first time I had trouble walking and I work out every day. It definitely targets muscles that other exercises and exercise machines don't work.
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on August 5, 2008
I really like this machine-another reviewer said it was flimsey but I totally disagree. At least the one I received is high quality and easy to assemble-no hidden problems putting it together, and it had very few parts to assemble which all came in the package. I can really feel it working-I already am in good physical condition, but this seems to be targeting inner thighs and buttocks even better and very quickly. I do agree with another reviewer that the machine probably is not good for a person who is under 63 inches tall. I am 5'4" and it is a slight stretch for me, but not uncomfortable. I think anyone under 5'3" would have a difficult time-unless you have very long legs and a short torso. I love it!
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on June 1, 2008
Okay, let me just say that this has by no means transformed my body..but it does do what it claims, how well depends on just how much you use it..what a concept!

First, the assembly. Speaking as someone who is shall we say NOT proficient when it comes to putting things together, this was not bad at all..if you have the picture in front of you and follow the straightforward instructions. The Leg Magic sits in my dining room permanently and does not take up much space. It can also be easily folded up an moved into a closet.

Back in the days when I actually used to work out (before I worked a 60 hour a week job), I would have scoffed at "As seen on TV" exercise equipment. Now, here I am, older and out of shape, Ill try anything where I have a chance of some benefit (with minimal effort of course). This appealed because, my lower body needs help..and it was cheaper than a treadmill. I have yet to make a committment to a rigorous workout routine, but I do manage to get on the Leg Magic for at least a 2 minute (timed) "session" each day. At the end of it my muscles ache and I swear that Im going to start doing it twice a day...and I will evetually.

My point is, even with just this short burst each day, I do feel a difference. Though I'm at a reasonable weight for my height and age..gravity is taking hold in many areas, especially in the rear and upper inner thighs are looking a little different..and my legs look different in shorts. Like anything, your results depend largely on what you put into it. That said however, this machine does provide great return on investment for the amount effort involved..particularly for that inner thigh area to above the knee. In my opinion if I were willing to put in even 5 or 10 minutes a day broken into say 3 or 4 sessions (which I will eventually!), it will make even more of a difference in a relatively short period of time.

P.S. Workout DVDs annoy me, so I dont bother with them even if they do come with equipment so cant review that piece
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on December 23, 2007
The Leg Magic Machine is east to set up, can be conveniently placed in any room and used at any time. Careful though - you can easily use it too much when you first start out.
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